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Upon the theory that a rolling stone gathers no moss the subject of this biography continues to reside near the place of his boyhood and youth. He is the owner of 350 acres of prime land, and has followed agricultural pursuits all his life and made the most of his opportunities and experience. Of late years he has given his attention largely to stock-raising, making a specialty of Norman horses, Galloway cattle and Poland-China swine. Although comparatively a young man, he has accomplished much since reaching mature years, and was at an early period brought into prominence in local affairs by his evident business capabilities and good judgment.

Mr. Slick was elected Justice of the Peace at the early age of twenty-one years and has held the office up to the present time. He represented Freedom Township in the County Board of Supervisors from 1879 to 1888, inclusive, was Township Clerk a period of seven years, and has been Notary Public a number of years. A Republican in politics, he has been a signal service to his party, officiating as Chairman of the County Committee and is at present time (March, 1889) Chairman of the District Senatorial Committee. He has always taken a warm interest in the success of his party and exerted a sensible influence among local affairs in connection therewith. Socially, he belongs to the I. O. O. F. Lodge No. 50, at Mt. Carroll. He is of that temperament and disposition which allows no halfway measures, and in whatever he takes an interest he gives to it that whole soul and generous attention which in all enterprises is the secret of success.

Our subject is the offspring of one of the best families of Maryland, his father having been Jeremiah Slick, who was born in Washington County, that State, and married Miss Elizabeth Ledy, who was born in Franklin County, Pa. After marriage they settled in the latter county, but in the spring of 1853 came to Illinois and located in Freedom Township, this county, where they lived until 1869. The father then retired from active labor, and with his estimable wife took up his abode in the village of Lanark, where they now live. They are the parents of five sons, all of whom are living, making their home mostly in this county.

The subject of this biography is the eldest child of his parents, and was born in Carroll County, Md., May 10, 1847. He was six years old when his parents came to this county. He spent his boyhood and youth in Freedom Township, receiving his education in the common schools. A few months after reaching his majority, he was married, Oct. 8, 1868, to Miss Kate Ditsworth. This lady was born in Mifflin County, Pa., June 14, 1845, and is the daughter of Jacob Ditsworth, who was a native of Pennsylvania, and who is now dead. The young people commenced their wedded life together at the old Slick homestead in Freedom Township, where they lived until the spring of 1879, when our subject purchased the farm which he now owns. His farming operations are characterized with the same enterprise and activity which he displays in whatever he is interested in. He is steadily making improvements in his property, increasing its beauty and value, and takes a commendable pride in his chosen vacation (sic). He is a man looked up to in his community and one with whom it could not very well dispense.

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