Carroll County Illinois Biographies


One of Mineral county’s best and most prominent citizens, and most enterprising merchants, a member of the Creede Lumber Company, and a man of influence in the fraternal and public life of his community, William Clinton Sloan, of Amethyst, has built his own fortunes and ranks high among the self-made men of the state. He was born at Laceyville, Pennsylvania, on November 13, 1863, and is the son of David and Phoebe Sloan, the former a native of New York state and the latter of Pennsylvania. They were successful farmers in the latter state, where the mother died in February, 1871, and the father in August, 1881. Five of their children survive them, Edna, Margaret, Carrie, Lucy and William C. The father was a Republican in politics and belonged to the Knights of Pythias. The educational advantages of Mr. Sloan were limited, and after the death of his mother in 1871 he began to work for himself, and by saving his earnings and applying them to securing a more advanced education, he made of himself a well- informed man. In 1882 he came to Colorado and located at Pueblo for a short time. The next year he went to Platte canyon in the employ of John Morris, and there he remained until the fall of 1888, when he went to Novelty, Missouri, and attended school, passing through a business and a classical course. In December, 1889, he returned to Colorado and had his headquarters at Leadville until 1892, when the boom at Creede led him to that town, which has since been his home. While at Leadville he sawed lumber, and on his arrival at Creede he started a lumber enterprise, afterward becoming a partner of Albert W. Derrick, of Amethyst, in the Creede Lumber Company. This company carries an extensive stock and is prepared to meet every demand in the line of its trade. Since July 19, 1903, Mr. Sloan has also been serving as postmaster at Amethyst, having been appointed on the resignation of M. G. Woodruff, and he was one of the county commissioners of Mineral county from 1897 to 1903, and a member of the twelfth general assemly of the state. He is a Freemason in all the degrees of the York rite and thirty-two in the Scottish rite, and a member of the Mystic Shrine; also an Elk and a Woodman of the World. Politically he is an earnest and active Republican. On December 26, 1889, he was married to Miss Nellie E. Hunter, a native of Carroll county, Illinois.
- [Source: Progressive Men of Western Colorado, Publ 1905. Transcribed by Nancy Overlander]

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