Carroll County Calendar
Contributed by Alice Horner
Printed by The Carroll County Review, and has an American Revolution Bicentennial logo on the front

This makes an interesting webpage. If any of you have some of these old calendars laying around.....
please consider sharing them with us.

January 1976

No location for this barn was given by

the unknown artist but it is a good

example of some of the structures which

could be seen on area farms in the past.

February 1976

Apparently a sketch of a mill building

once located on Elkhorn Creek at the

East edge of the present village of

Milledgeville. The mill is said to be

responsible for the name of the village.

March 1976

Presumably a sketch of the old stone arch bridge located in Lima Twp. about a mile and a half north of Brookville. The bridge is listed as one of Carroll County's most historic sites. It was on the Galena Trail. A few other stone arch bridges of similar appearance remain in the county but few continue in use.

April 1976

Prairie Castle - Located southwest of Shannon, this building is not centrally located and not always noticed or remembered, but it has historical value in that it once was a popular relay station along the road from Galena to Dixon. It is one of the last remaining in the area. It once was the home of Elijah Northey, who with William Shannon, had much to do with bringing a railroad to Shannon. He was a director of the Western Union and of the Northern Illinois Railroads before these were consolidated.

May 1976
The Delta Queen - One of three remaining ships of the "paddle wheel" steamers that once plied the Mississippi, hauling freight and passengers. She is listed in the National Register and makes tours each year to give passengers a taste of "the old days". Built in 1926 for use on California rivers, it was purchased by the Greene Line of Cincinnati Ohio about 1947 and revamped for use on the Mississippi.

June 1976

Sketch of the old Robbe Blacksmith shop in Mt. Carroll, formerly operated by Leo Robbe, a blacksmith for more than 50 years. The shop has been given to the Carroll County Historical Society and is being reconstructed at the Oakville Museum Site southeast of Mt. Carroll

July 1976

A Shannon House - The artist says, "I chose this house because it was one of the oldest houses in Shannon. It is also one of the few stone houses still in this area. I also like the unique architecture of the house." Denise Zettle

August 1976
Oakville School - A brick country school building in Salem Townshp now used as a museum of the Carroll County Historical Society. It was given to the Society by the Donald Mackays who purchased the site and building after its use for school purposes was discontinued. The brick structure was erected in 1856 to replace a frame schoolhouse which had been in use for about ten years. The artist signature on this sketch is Frances Lego

September 1976

The Erisman House

Located in the east part of Lanark this house is now occupied by John Erisman. This drawing shows the home as it appeared in 1901 and the house shows few changes in exterior appearance at this time.

October 1976

Thomson Post Office - Yes it was used as Thomson's Post Office in 1910 - and after many years of use as a store building, it once more houses the Thomson Post Office, although the front has had a face lifting and the entrance now is the right corner.

November 1976
Carroll County Courthouse

Shown here is the north portion of the courthouse complex. This part was erected in 1856. The county board recently decided to have this structure renovated to bring the interior to modern standards, although leaving the exterior resembling as nearly as possible its original design.

December 1976
The Kingery House

Located in Chadwick, this was the residence of the late Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Kingery. The home now is occupied by the elder daughter of the Kingery's, Mrs. Helen Meyer. Extensive renovation has been done during the past year.