In Christ

Lima Township

Carroll Co IL

Carroll County Township Map

This is an apparant abandoned cemetery. The Library Cemetery records indicate that it is/was on N. Grange Road, East of Lanark, just off Rt 64 and 52, Section 8 in Lima Twp. There is a monument stone still standing (1980) which reads. Brethern in Christ Cemetery 1880. Reserved in 1914; 4.5 Rd. E & W 5.8 Rd N & S. Grantee of Church yard to keep fence in repair.

Only two stones were found - everything was covered in weeds and everything broken.. The one stone was unreadable except for an age -- 1 yr 2m 5 days.

The other stone read
Emery V. Bricker died 11 Dec 1884 age 4 days. Son of J. & A. Bricker.

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