Savanna Telephone List 1901

From the Lanark Gazette 3 July 1901 / Contributed by John Sharp

To Our County Wide Subscribers

We will give you lists of our subscribers who now have phones in the city of Savanna. 
All the parties wishing to do business with any of them, can do so by calling them up. 
All subscribers can cut this out and paste it in your directory or hang it up by your 
phone, and then you will know who you can call in Savanna. There are phones being 
put in every day.

No                                                 Name

38                                     Adams Express Company
30                                     Anderson, J. F.       Hotel

74                                     Bowman, J. S.         Livery 
54                                     Brown, G. D.          Office
10                                     Burton, Dr. R.C.      Residence
84                                     Burton & Hanson       Meat Market

94                                     City 		     Meat Market
93                                     Craig, H.             Residence 
72                                     Craig, H.             Drug Store
65                                     Connell, J.R.         Star Grocery
64                                     Collins, D.J.         Boat House
44                                     Cottrall, W.E.        Tea Store
63                                     Colebaugh, J.M.       Boat House

56                                     Dalacker, Mike        Residence
59                                     Dauphin, Julius       Residence
37                                     Dale &Sulliven        Saloon

77                                     Eaton, Orin            Residence
42                                     Elliot, A.G.           Residence
49                                     Elliot, J.L            Boarding House

52                                     Fulrath, J.D.          Feed Store
 7                                     Fuller, G.E.           Grocer
88                                     Fry, B.F.              Residence
41                                     Greenleaf, F.S.        Journal Office
 9                                     Greenleaf, F.S.        Residence
80                                     Gillette, Dr.          Residence
55                                     Greensward, Jim        Residence

43                                     Hass, Geo.             Furniture Store
53                                     Hoffman, John          Hotel
33                                     Holland, A.C.          Grocer
34                                     Hammerschmidt, E.      Furniture 

29                                     Jones, Y.E.            Saloon
85                                     Johnston, Dr. G.W.     Office
71                                     Jenks Bros.            Dry Goods
76                                     Jenks, Thomas          Residence 
 3                                     Litchenberger, B.F.    Law Office

40                                     Maloney, Dr. L.R.      Office
78                                     Maloney, Dr. L.R.      Residence
60                                     Mullen, John           Saloon
13                                     Miles, C.K.            Residence
70                                     McGrath, Dr.           Residence

54                                     Planing Mill              
 4                                     Pulford, J.C.          Drug Store
50                                     Pulford, B.            Residence 
82                                     Plattenberger, J.P.    Residence 

 8                                     Ridnour, Wm            Residence 
45                                     Rake, August           Saloon
35                                     Rhodes, W.P.           Lumber Office
12                                     Rhodes, W.P.           Residence
51                                     Rhodes Bros& Co.       Hardware
95                                     Rhodes, J.B. jr        Residence
47                                     Rake, M.C.             Hotel 
61                                     Rhodes, R.G.           Groceries

57                                     Savanna Junk Co. 
75                                     Squires, J.W.          Gund Brewery
73                                     Savanna State Bank

06                                     Trader, E.E.            Restaurant 
91                                     Trader, E.E.            Residence

 5                                     Withart & Nesbitt       Hardware
92                                     Water Works             Pump House

36                                     Zinell, Frank           Residence



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