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Farm Equipment
Information provided by Leroy Getz and Alice Horner

The above photo is the old Threshing machine on the Morris Horner Farm, contributed by Alice Horner the grandaughter of Morris Horner

The photo above is Morris Horner himself, grinding feed with a sweepgrinder on a farm south of Lanark.


Leroy Getz supplied the photos below

They were taken on the Harvey Loomer Downing, II farm some time around 1920, judging by the other photos they were with.
The thresher/separater was made by J.I.Case and the old steel wheeled tractor is also a J.I.Case   

The teams of horses were made in America!


Miller Family working in the fields on the Threshing Machine - In the forefront is John W. and his wife Jane


These are of the day-to-day activities of Great Grandma Jane Miller and her husband John during "Thrashing" season.
I remember it through a child's eyes, just before the combine replaced it. Probably in the 1915-1920 time frame, but could be later.
It is undoubtedly on the "Old Home Place" in Fairhaven Twp.

Threshing scene probably about 1900.
My mother's notes say that it was probably Clifford Downing's farm, which was where the Old Grout House was.

All this postcard states is "Donald M. Simpson picture, Believed Mt. Carroll, Illinois."  

  farm scene in carroll county

This photograph was probably taken on the Horner farm in Rock Creek Township , south of Lanark , Illinois.
It may have been taken around 1925. Both men are preparing a field for planting corn.
The 4-horse hitch is pulling a harrow (or drag) to smooth the soil ahead of the planter.
The man with the 2-horse team, probably H. Reid Horner, is riding a corn planter that is drilling in the corn seed.
Farmers continued to use horses in farm operations well into the 1940s. Wide spread use of tractors did not occur until after World War II.



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