By Robert T. McGrath, Originally Written March 16, 1959
Printed in “Carroll County, A Goodly Heritage,
Supplement No. 1 Published Spring 1975

Transcribed & Contributed by Alice Horner - I do not know this family nor did I consult with people whose Rootsweb.com family trees I used as sources, nor with those who contributed Craig family tombstone photos to Find A Grave.com. I have added the Boone and Doty families (and families associated with them) to my family tree, Downing, Bickelhaupt & Preston Families of Carroll Co., IL,

Mt. Carroll Descendents of Daniel Boone

From left, standing: Mrs. Kent Shefferd (Patricia Allen), Ashland, WI; Charles Meyers and Mrs. Robert Allen (Harriet Meyers), Mt. Carroll.

From left, front row: Mrs. George Meyers (Elva McGrath), Mt. Carroll; Sarah Sheffert, Ashland, Wisconsin; Winsell McGrath, Mt. Carroll.

Not all of these descendents are identified in Robert T. McGrath's text.)

Daniel Boone was born November 2, 1734 and died at the home of his son Nathan who lived near Saint Charles, Missouri on September 26, 1820. Daniel married Rebecca Bryan on August 14, 1756. Rebecca died March 13, 1813. There were children in the family, one of whom they named Nathan.

Nathan Boone was born March 2, 1781 and died on October 16, 1856. He married Olive Van Bibber on September 26, 1799. Olive died November 12, 1858. Among the children in this family was a daughter to whom was given the name Delinda. She was born February 7, 1802 and died September 18, 1877. On April 29, 1819 Delinda married James Craig, probably near Saint Charles, Missouri. James Craig was a minister. In this family there were children, one of whom was given the name Harriet Jane Craig. This daughter became in time Grandmother Doty, wife of Timothy Doty.

Harriet Jane Craig was born March 17, 1831 and died September 9, 1903. Harriett married Timothy Doty December 25, 1847 in the old Stone Hotel which still stands on a business corner in Mt. Carroll, Illinois. In this Doty family there were twelve children.

Timothy Doty was born August 19, 1820 in mid-west Canada. He died April 30, 1890. Grandfather Doty was partially of French descent. He migrate to the United States as a young man at about the age of 18 years. He and grandmother were farmer folk and lived on two different farms at one time or another. One of the farms was near the trading point in their day of Zion, Illinois, north of Savanna. This farm was known as the Hodge farm. Later they moved to a farm five or six miles south and east of Savanna, Illinois until they both passed away. Grandmother and Grandfather Doty were laid to rest in the cemetery at Savanna, Illinois.

The Boones, Craigs, and Dotys

There were three George Boones, namely George the first, George the second, and George the third. Each was a forebear of the other. It is with George the third that this story begins. When a small boy my mother would say to me again and again that I was related to Daniel Boone the pioneer of Kentucky. This meant that I am sixth removed from Daniel Boone the frontiersman. In other words he was my great, great, great, great grandfather. I propose to trace the relationship back to his time and his generation.

George Boone the third was born in 1666 in the little village of Stoak near the city of Exeter in England, not far from London. George Boone was a weaver by trade. He married Mary Maugridge who was three years younger than George. Mary was a native of Bradnich, a community eight miles or so from Exeter. Into this family were born nine children. One of the sons was named Squire Boone. With the others we are not concerned.

The Boones were an adventurous folk. They were in a sense travelers, for on August 17, 1717 George Boone the third, the grandfather of Daniel Boone, with his family went to the shipping port of Bristol and took ship for America. The Boones were Quakers having lived among them in England. The family landed in Philadelphia on September the 29th. However three of the children, George, Sarah, and Squire had been sent ahead to look over possibilities in the new country and especially the land in Pennsylvania. The three made favorable report, for the Boones settled in eastern Pennsylvania. Here the elder Boone acquired land for himself and sons, some of them at least in Oley Township in Berks County, near Reading. It was here that Daniel Boone was born on November 2, 1734. The father was not only a farmer but a blacksmith as well. Indeed he taught Daniel and Squire his brother the trade of blacksmithing. Squire took to the trade but Daniel was more interested in hunting and fishing. He loved to hunt.

Settlers moved in rather rapidly and the land filled with many families and gradually the soil became depleted. As a result in the spring of 1750 father Boone sold his holding and started south and westward across Pennsylvania. He learned of the fine land with rich soil in the valley of the Yadkin River in North Carolina which was being settled by many families from the East. Here the father took up a claim at Buffalo Lick. It so happened that many of the settlers were from eastern Pennsylvania. One family were the Bryans who originally came from Ireland. The families took to the Boones and the Boones took to them at Buffalo Lick. In time however settlers pushed further west into Kentucky. The Boones were among these.

Daniel Boone was now a young man and naturally had begun to cast eyes askance at the girls. He began to pay special attention to Rebecca Bryan. Daniel surely read his fate in Rebecca’s dark sparkling eyes for ere long they were married by Squire Boone - farmer, blacksmith and Justice of the Peace, on August 11, 1756 in this frontier community.

In the Daniel Boone household there came to be in time nine children. Four of these were girls and five were boys. The youngest son Nathan was born March 2, 1781. Nathan lived to be 75 years old and died on October 26, 1856. Nathan married Olive Van Bibber. Olive was a native of Greenbriar County in Virginia. She died in Missouri on November 12, 1858 not far west of the present city of St. Louis. In the Nathan Boone family there were several children. One of the daughters was given the name Delinda. She was born on February 2, 1802 and died September 18, 1877. Thus it is clear that Delinda Boone was the granddaughter of Daniel Boone the pioneer of Missouri.

In a few years Delinda attained the age for marriage and low and behold there was on hand a young man by the name of James Craig. Delinda and James were married probably near Saint Louis on April 29, 1819. James Craig was a minister and interested in other activities as well. He swerved under Colonel Zachary Taylor in the Black Hawk War in 1832. He was born on November 21, 1785 and died March 31, 1847 at the age of 62 years, 4 months, 10 days. (Transcriber’s Note: The original text gives his date of birth as November 31, 1784, which is impossible since there are only 30 days in November. Find A Grave.com shows the date of birth as November 21, 1785, and that he is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Hanover, Jo Daviess County, Illinois, but it does not provide a photograph to confirm this date. Both this account and Find A Grave give the same death date. The age would now be 61 years, 4 months, 10 days.)

James Craig moved from Missouri to the community of Hanover in northwestern Illinois in June 1822. Mrs. Craig and the children did not make the move to Hanover until 1826. She lived in Hanover until her death on September 18, 1877. Mrs. Craig survived her husband by 18 years. (Transcriber’s note: Obviously, this figure is way off. She survived him by 30 years.)

There were many children in the Craig family. It was a large one. One of the daughters was given the name Jane. Jane was born March 17, 1831 and lived until September 9, 1903. (Transcriber’s Note: Online sources show her as Harriett Jane Craig, with the same dates of birth and death. I have added her to my Downing family tree using this name.) Several of the children in this family married and two daughters died in infancy. The writer is not certain of the date or death of the sons and daughters except Grandmother Doty. The names which follow were obtained by correspondence with a Mrs. McKenny who lives near Springfield, Missouri. If any one who may read this genealogy finds errors I will be more than pleased to have the corrections:

Daniel Boone Craig. Nathan Boone Craig, buried in the cemetery at Hanover (Transcriber’s Note: this is Evergreen Cemetery, Hanover Township, Jo Daviess County, Illinois.) James Craig, Junior. Jesse Craig. Lionel Craig, who married Anna Goss. Nancy Lucas Craig, who married Isaac Giles. Edward Milton Craig. Leonard Craig, who was a twin of Lionel. Jane Craig, who married Timothy Doty. Minerva Craig, who married Robert Campbell. Elizabeth Craig. Emma Craig, who married Samuel Cutler. Melcina Craig, who married Levi Morris. Clinton C. Craig. Laura Craig, who married Preston Hall.

Jane Craig married Timothy Doty. He was born in mid-west Canada on August 19, 1820. Grandfather Doty was of French descent and perhaps some Irish as well. He came to the United States as a young man about the age of 19 years. He died on April 30, 1890. Grandfather and Grandmother Doty were farmer folk and lived on two different farms. One of the farms was near the community trading center known as Zion, seven or eight miles north of Savanna, Illinois. This farm was known as the Hodge farm. At least that is the name my mother used in talking about the farm. Later Jane and Timothy moved to another farm southwest of Savanna five or six miles. (Transcriber’s Note: This would almost have to be southEAST of Savanna, since any place west of Savanna is in the Mississippi River or Iowa. Checking, the History of Carroll County, Illinois published by Kett in 1878, it shows Timothy Doty living in Section 30, Mt. Carroll Township. This property is five or six miles southeast of Savanna.) Here both lived until their deaths. Grandfather died ten years before grandmother, who passed away September 9, 1903. Both are buried in the cemetery at Savanna. They were married on December 25, 1847 in the Old Stone Hotel in Mt. Carroll, which stands on a business corner in this County Seat town.

In the Timothy and Jane Doty family there were eleven children, none of whom are living. The given names are as follows. However if there are errors I will be most pleased to have corrections mailed to me by any relatives of the family. If you should write me, indicate where or how the correction may be verified. (Transcriber’s Note: Robert T. McGrath, the author of this piece, was born February 12, 1884 and died in December 1968 in Hays, Ellis County, Kansas, according to the Social Security Death Index. However, please email me, Alice Horner, with corrections and additions.) Joseph Doty, Wellington Doty, Edward Doty, David Doty, Jesse Doty, Emma Doty, Hattie Doty, Abbie Doty, and James Doty.

Two daughters died in infancy. Laura D. Doty lived but eight months and died January 28, 1853. Likewise, Nettie D. Doty lived but eight months and died on December 27, 1868. The date of birth and death of this family of uncles and aunts is not given except for my mother. However, burial is in the cemetery at Mt. Carroll, Wacker, Savanna, and Greeley, Colorado. (Transcriber’s Note: Obviously there are at least 4 cemeteries alluded to here: Oak Hill Cemetery in Mt. Carroll, Hickory Grove Cemetery in Wacker (Carroll County), Savanna City Cemetery, and whatever they have at Greeley, Colorado. Robert T. McGrath isn’t specific as to who is buried where, but I have some of them in my Downing family tree on Rootsweb.com.)

Hattie Jane Doty, my mother, was born on June 8, 1865 and died February 4, 1939. She married James Edward McGrath on July 4, 1883. My father was born at Derinda Center, Illinois north of Savanna in Jo Daviess County on April 23, 1858. He died on April 29, 1932. Father and Mother are buried in the cemetery at Mt. Carroll. In their family were six children, four sons and two daughters. Four of the family are living and two are not living. Esther Jeannette Moore and Bion are buried at Mt. Carroll. The four children living are Robert Timothy, Elva B. Myers, Winsel C., and Doty.

Thus we bring to a close the genealogy of the family from Daniel Boone up to the present. The sources we have used were many and obtained over a long period of time. In fact ten or more years. The sources used were Court House Records, historic sources believed to be reliable, newspapers such as the Kansas City Star, State Historical Society of Kentucky, correspondence and visits to certain cemeteries.

Robert T. McGrath
411 West 6th Street
Hays, Kansas
March 16, 1959

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