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Photo: Dr. Abraham Hostetter and Family. Linneaeus (center) eldest of nine children, was editor of the 1913 Carroll county history

The Hostetters ancestry dates from Mennonite exiles who arrived from Switzerland settling in eastern Pennsylvania in 1710. Abraham is a family name kept alive by a succession of Abraham Hostetters including the Dr. Abraham who studied at Pennsylvania Medical College, married Catharine Bowman who lived on a farm near Harrisburg, and came west with his wife and son, Linnaeus and his brother, Dr. John, early in 1845. The two physicians brought a stock of drugs with them, arriving in Mt. Carroll in April, and engaged in the practice. Their sister, Anna, joined them later and married into the Halderman family. Her husband died leaving Anna with two small sons. She became acquainted with John Addams, a state senator from Orangeville, a widower with a small daughter, Jane. They were married and Anna Halderman Addams raised little Jane, age 8, with her two sons, Harry and George. Jane Addams later went to Chicago and founded Hull House, a landmark, on Chicago's near southwest side. Jane Addams became nationally famous as a pioneer in settlement work among the poor.

Dr. Abraham and Dr. John had their office opposite the Mt. Carroll Seminary, later Frances Shimer Academy. Dr. John Hostetter stayed a short time, married and moved to Iowa. Dr. Abraham became more interested in farming and banking than in medicine, acquired approximately 1,000 acres of land before his death. He built a saltbox home in Salem township along the Sucker trail and in 1861 erected the stone house known as the Wilderberg place on Carroll Creek near Mount Carroll.

Abraham and his wife had four more children who survived them, Abraham, Ross, Sarah and Susan. The parents died before these children were of age, and Linnaeus assumed the responsibility of their further care, education and share of the father's estate.

Linnaeus became the pupil of Miss Wood of the seminary for his early education. He entered the University of Chicago as a junior and graduated in 1865. He attended the Union College of Law in Chicago and was admitted to the bar in 1867, returning soon to practice here. During this period he also responded as a volunteer to serve in the Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Because of his responsibility to his brothers and sisters he remained single until 1885 when he married Mary Peart of Philadelphia. Prior to that time his sister Susan managed the home.

Linnaeus continued active management of the Wilderburg place throughout his life and was known as a gentleman farmer and attorney. He introduced Shorthorn cattle to the area and drove to Mt. Carroll daily for his law practice. Linnaeus and his wife had one son, Heber Peart, who married Florence A. Scofield, a teacher in the U.S. Government schools in the Canal Zone, Panama. They had four children, Heber Peart, Jr., Marilene Evison Schofield and John. The older son and daughter married and have children.

Heber lived at Wilderberg during his life, sold insurance and enjoyed life along the little river where they had a deep pool and a cave. The young people of Mt. Carroll enjoyed many outings there. Mrs. Hostetter worked with groups of girls serving as leader both in her home and at the library during the '30's.

Abraham owned land east of the stone house, built East Wilderberg, married Harriett Irvin, and later moved to Springfield. Ross continued at the first home of the family, built the brick "Grouseland" home and maintained a dairy farm, selling milk, butter and ice cream. He took an active interest in state and national farmers problems and was a delegate to several conventions.

Ross married Elizabeth Barber who came to Mt. Carroll as a student at the Seminary. They had three children, Abraham, Angeline Beth and W. Ross, Jr. Miss Beth Hostetter continued teaching and other duties at the academy for fifty years, loved and feared by the students. Her avocation was painting and sketching. She died about a year ago. Ross II continued the Grouseland farm until his death. His son, W. Ross III, lives with his family in Freeport, a banker, with Ross IV and daughter as children.

Sarah, a maiden, returned from teaching to keep her brother's home after his wife's death. She started the science department at Frances Shimer Academy. Henry Mackay, son of Duncan F. married Susan as a young lawyer in 1883. They put all their money into "Northland Home." He died in 1916 and their son Robert farmed the land.

Mrs. Heber Hostetter, living now in Califor­nia, maintains Wilderberg as her residence and spends summers in this stately home which they all love.


Compiled by Alice Horner
The Hostetter's were a Pioneer Family of Carroll County IL. Abraham Hostetter, the son of Jacob & Barbara (Funk) was born 2 January 1777 and died 13 April 1833 in Lancaster County PA. Abraham was married to Magdelena Neuenschwander Lichty. Together migrated to Mt. Carroll, Carroll County IL, 15 April 1845. Their children were :

The Children of Abraham and Catharine (Bowman) Hostetter -

1. SUSAN HOSTETTER born about 1813

2. JACOB HOSTETTER, b. 21 Apr 1814, East Hempfield, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; d. 23 Jan 1879 in PA. Jacob married MARIA WITMER Abt. 1833 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She was born 25 Oct 1812 in Pennsylvania, and died 20 May 1897 in Pennsylvania. Jacob and Maria are buried at Reformed Menn., Landisville, Pennyslvania. Their children were Amos, Anna and John all born in Lancaster PA The oldest child Amos born 1838, Lancaster County, PA died 26 Jul 1864, Was killed while reconnoitering on the picket line before Atlanta, GA. He married ELIZABETH SHIRK, daughter of JACOB SHIRK and SUSAN STAUFFER. She was born Abt. 1841 in Pennsylvania. They had a son names Amos W. born about 1865 in IL

3. ABRAHAM HOSTETTER, b. 26 Sep 1818, Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; d. 13 Jul 1873, Carroll County, Illinois. He married CATHERINE BOWMAN in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, daughter of SAMUEL BOWMAN and SARAH GORGAS. She was born 09 Jul 1822 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania1, and died 02 Apr 1872 in Carroll County. Abraham and Catherine are both buried at Oak Hill cemetery, Mt. Carroll. Abraham attended Pennsylvania Medical College, Philadelphia, in 1841. He was a Doctor and farmer in Carroll County, established the first drug store in Mt. Carroll, Illinois; sold the drug store after 7 years. In 1861 - 1862, he built a beautiful stone residence on one of his farms, 2 miles directly east of Mt. Carroll, Illinois, naming it Wilderberg. Catherine was educated at the Harrisburg Female Academy, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Children of ABRAHAM HOSTETTER and CATHERINE BOWMAN are - SUSAN HOSTETTER, d. Aft. 1913; m. HENRY MACKAY a graduate of Illinois State University and was an Attorney in Mt. Carroll, CHARLES LINNAEUS HOSTETTER, b. 18 Nov 1842, near Harrisburg, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; d. 09 Jun 1919, Carroll County, SAMUEL BOWMAN HOSTETTER, b. Bef. 1845, near Harrisburg, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; d. 21 Oct 1846, Carroll County, Illinois. buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, ABRAM BOWMAN HOSTETTER, b. 01 Jun 1847, Illinois18; d. 12 Oct 192119; m. HARRIETT STACKHOUSE IRVIN b. 18 Sep 1848; d. 18 Aug 1903, WILLIAM ROSS HOSTETTER, b. 1851, Illinois; d. 1918, SARAH HOSTETTER, b. 17 Jan 1856, Illinois; d. 15 Mar 1938, EMMA HOSTETTER27, d. 26 Oct 1845, Carroll County, Illinois buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll Illinois, ALICE MARY HOSTETTER27, b. Abt. 1849, Illinois28; d. 20 Aug 1850, Carroll County, buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, FRANK GEORGE HOSTETTER29, d. 17 Jan 1859, Carroll County, Illinois, buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll Illinois

4. JOHN L. HOSTETTER, b. 1821, Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; d. 13 Mar 1877. He married MARY IRVINE, daughter of JOHN IRVINE. She was born 1828 in Pennsylvania, and died 22 Mar 1867. Both are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll Illinois. He was a Doctor in Mt. Carroll, IL

Children of JOHN HOSTETTER and MARY IRVINE are: MARY JANE HOSTETTER, b. Abt. 1848, Illinois, ANNIE HOSTETTER, d. 04 Apr 1856, burial - Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll Illinois & HELEN HOSTETTER, b. 1860; d. 19 Jun 1875, burial- Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll.

5. NOAH HOSTETTER b. abt 1823

6. ANNA HOSTETTER b abt 1826, d. Aft. 1913. She married (1) WILLIAM HALDERMAN. She married (2) JOHN H. ADDAMS 1868, son of SAMUEL ADDAMS and CATHERINE HUY. He was born 12 Jul 1822 in Berks County, PA. WILLIAM HALDERMAN is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll in the vault on the hillside, visible from Mt. Carroll. he ran the Halderman Mill's store at Stag Point, Mt. Carroll, IL. JOHN H. ADDAMS came to Stephenson County, Illinois in 1844, locating in Cedarville. He was a Miller, flour and grain dealer in Cedarville, Stephenson County. Elected to Illinois State Senate as a Republican 1854-1870 The children of Anna and Wm. Halderman were Harry & George.

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