Researched and Contributed by Alice Horner   with Leroy Getz

Samuel Preston was one of the earliest settlers in Carroll County, Illinois. He was born in South Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts on November 22, 1818, in the same house in which his father and grandfather were born. His parents were Samuel Preston (who was born August 20, 1790 in South Hadley, Massachusetts and died August 16, 1850 in Mount Carroll, Illinois) and Elizabeth Ingram Gunn (who was born in 1793 in Montagne, Massachusetts and died December 25, 1873, probably in Carroll County, Illinois).

On June 1, 1835 Samuel Preston left South Hadley with his parents and siblings and emigrated to Bureau County, Illinois. They traveled by private conveyance to Albany, New York, then by rail to Schnectady, New York, then traveled by boat on the Erie Canal and the Great Lakes to Chicago, Illinois. They spent July 4, 1835 in Mackinaw. They traveled from Chicago to Bureau County by ox team, arriving before August 25, 1835, when their youngest child, (Samuel Preston’s brother) Asahel, was born.

The family lived in Bureau County until January 1836 when he and his father made a trip by four-horse coach to the northern part of Illinois and took up the first claim in what is now Mt. Carroll Township, Carroll County (which was then still JoDaviess County). This part of Carroll Township became known as Preston Prairie. His father returned to Bureau County for the rest of the winter, leaving Samuel to watch the property and cut timber for building. In the spring of 1836, his father returned to Carroll County and together they built a large log cabin on this new claim. This log cabin was located on what seventy years later became the Mt. Carroll - Savanna Highway. They returned to Bureau County in December 1836 and moved his mother and siblings to Carroll County."

Sarah Ann Garrett became the bride of Samuel Preston on December 11, 1844 in Bureau County, Illinois. She was born in Washington County, Ohio on April 16, 1824. Her parents were Horace Garrett and Abulah Meade. Samuel Preston and Sarah Ann Garrett Preston had five children, all born in Carroll County: Ellen Eliza Preston, born June 7, 1846; Harriet Aurilla Preston, born January 6, 1851; Ann Maria Preston, born December 16, 1854; Arthur Garrett Preston, born April 26, 1858; and Laura Preston, born September 8, 1865. Samuel Preston was a farmer and he and his family owned a farm on a prominent location in Section 14 of Mt. Carroll Township, across the road and east of the original log cabin. He was a student of events and an able writer on general topics, and political, moral, and religious subjects. He wrote numerous articles in the Mirror Democrat Newspaper, including a History Of Carroll County, which he wrote in the 1890s.

Genealogy was an active interest for Samuel Preston all his life, and he kept careful records of his family and ancestors. He was a founder and president of the Carroll County Old Settlers Society, and the largest contributor to its literary and historical interests.

Samuel Preston died October 16, 1897. His wife, Sarah Ann Garrett Preston, died September 8, 1896. His father, Samuel Preston, died August 16, 1850 and his mother, Elizabeth Ingram Gunn Preston died December 25, 1873. All died in Carroll County, Illinois and all are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Illinois.

The original photo and drawing above are what is referred to as "the old grout house", but is really Samuel Preston's home on what was called Preston Prairie. This is the area west of Mt. Carroll along what is now Highway 52. This particular property is a landmark because of the pond and the fact it's visible from the road. The old grout house fell apart, maybe even before the cyclone of 1898, and the house that is on the site now is from the late 1940s. There is another house on the same property that is older, maybe from just after the cyclone. Alice doesn't know exactly when the photo was taken but probably sometime in the 1880s. The negative is huge and may be an original but could have been copied from the orignal photo. Alice has the original photo, which is mounted on cardboard and is battered because it went through the Cyclone. There are at least 2 people in the photo; the man with the pony is Samuel Preston. Harvey Loomer Downing I, raised ponies and was married to Ellen Eliza Preston, who was Samuel Preston's daughter. They lived across the road, and south maybe a quarter of a mile, from Samuel Preston, and it's their farm which was mentioned in an old Lanark Gazette article stating the loss of $10,000 worth of ponies and other stock, as well as structures in the Cyclone. There is at least one other horse and maybe another man up in the butternut trees. There is a dog in the picture, on the lane leading to the house, which is up beyond the butternut trees and barely visible.

The pencil drawing was made by Grace Bawden, a local artist of the 1890s-1930s, who was a cousin of Harvey Loomer Downing. Her grandmother was Jemima Downing, who was a sister of Sumner Downing, Harvey Loomer Downing's father. It probably dates from the late 1880s or early 1890s. Grace Bawden was born in 1873, but this is probably an early sketch.

The modern, up to date color pictures which sit beside the originals were taken by Leroy Getz from the the identical position of the old photo and the old painting. The buildings do not show up because of the trees that are growing there now and we need to remember that the road elevation is somewhat different than it was in the original photo/drawing. The new up to date modern pictures that compares to old drawing was taken from Preston Road looking north which would have been the view that Grace Bawden had when she did her painting. You can get the idea from this how the buildings sat and the proximity to the pond. The spring house would have been some where near where the wooden bridge is now located. The pond has had some work done to it and has been reshaped from its original configuration.

Grace Bawden probably sat along Preston Road, and did her sketch from the southern end of the pond, looking North. In Leroy Getz' photos of the Samuel Preston farm, as it is today, you can easily see the clear beauty of the Carroll County Countryside which is truly awesome.

From Left to Right:Sarah Ann (Garrett) Preston, Lillian Preston (on lap), Rosa May Hatten Preston, Margie Tie,
Samuel Hatten Preston, Arthur Preston, and Samuel Preston. Dated about 1896
(Margie Tie was the hired girl who later became Mrs. Spealman of Chadwick)

The Old Grout House
Written December 25, 1983 by Florence Downing Horner
Transcribed June 29, 2004 by Alice Ann Horner, her daughter

My great great grandfather, Samuel Preston, and his wife, Elizabeth (Gunn) Preston came to Illinois from South Hadley, Mass. In 18325. They lived in Bureau County until the fall of 1836 when he and his son Samuel, then 18 years of age, made a trip to the northern part of the state and took up the first claim in what is now Mt. Carroll township in Carroll County. He built a large log cabin, 18 x 28 feet, on his new claim and later built a frame addition as in 1836 and 1837 this cabin was the only habitation along the road travelers. Settlers from Elkhorn Grove and elsewhere going to Savanna for supplies stayed there overnight. My grandmother, Ellen E. Downing, was born in this cabin. She said it was built a half-mile north of the present Mt. Carroll-Savanna road -- the road at that time going past it. When the drawing of the section lines was completed, the road was changed to its present location. She also said the log cabin stood near the corner where four roads met. One went north to the top of the hill, then northwest to the Mill, perhaps two miles distant. At that time the road to Savanna was mostly through timber.

In the Downing-Preston Ancestry book, it states that Samuel Preston, Sr. Died on his homestead, August 16, 1850, in his 60th year, and this part of the county has long been called Preston Prairie in memory of its first settler. It also states that his widow died at the home of his son, Samuel, near the old homestead, on Dec. 25, 1872, aged 80 years. They are both buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Illinois.

I, therefore assume the Old Grout House was built by Samuel Preston, Sr.’s son, Samuel, my great-grandfather Samuel Preston, probably in the early 1850s. It was located about three miles west of Mt. Carroll on the south side of the present Mt. Carroll-Savanna highway. It stood on a knoll directly east of a spring-fed pond. This spring had been a factor considered by Mr. Preston in selecting the original claim as it would furnish water for family and livestock. I remember that my father, Loomer Downing, and my Grandmother Downing both spoke of the spring house which stood at the east end of the pond, but I do not remember it. I do remember that in my childhood days my father cut ice on the pond, hauled the large cakes of ice home in a bobsled and stored it in sawdust in our ice house until summer when it was used gradually for refrigeration and for making homemade ice cream.

In the front of the Grout House was a low stone retaining wall and reaching from that wall to the road was a small grove of butter-nut trees. I remember hearing my great-aunt, Laura Preston Williams, tell how she raked that butter-nut grove in her childhood.

Arthur and Steve Bawden mentioned to me one time that they remembered seeing Great Grandma Preston (Sarah A. Garrett Preston) sitting and sewing by lamp light in the Old Grout House at night.

The following notation came from a letter Samuel Hatten Preston, who was a little boy pictured in the photo of Samuel Preston and his family sitting out under the trees in front of the Old Grout House. He wrote the letter to Florence L. Downing Horner (Alice Horner's mother) on August 19, 1961. He wrote ..."At Christmas at Samuel Preston's Old Grout House, Loomer (Harvey Loomer Downing II) and (his brother) Clifford Downing dressed up as Santa Clauses and came in a sleigh with horses wearing sleigh bells and delivered presents." (Loomer and Clifford would have been in their 20s at the time.)

The Preston Prairie School was located on a knoll directly south of the pond and on land that my Great-Grandpa Preston had given from his farm for that purpose. The first school house was erected there in about 1852. Since the pond was so close to the school we sometimes skated there at noon but more frequently in the evenings. My parents and grandparents also spoke many times of the skating parties they enjoyed there in their younger days.

Great-grandma (Sarah) Preston died September 8, 1896 and Great-grandpa Samuel Preston died October 16, 1897. They are both buried in the same lot in Oak Hill Cemetery in Mt. Carroll with his parents. I think Grandpa and Grandma Downing (Harvey Loomer and Ellen Eliza Preston Downing) lived in the Grout House from the time of the cyclone, May 18, 1898, until they moved to Mt. Carroll in about 1910-12. Grandpa Downing had previously bought the homestead from his father-in-law, Samuel Preston. My father’s brother, Uncle Clifford, and Aunt Jennie were married October 1, 1902 and lived in the new farm house which had been built just across the drive east from the grout house. Soon after Uncle Cliff passed away in 1914, Aunt Jennie and their daughters Hazel and Eleanor moved to Mt. Carroll and lived with Grandpa and Grandma until Aunt Jennie remarried. The farm house was rented and the grout house stood vacant. It eventually deteriorated and was razed.

(Note from Alice) - The Old Grout House was probably razed about 1926. Possibly the only living person to have been in it, Georgia Downing Stubbe, told me recently (May 2006) she was in it with her sister, my mother, Florence L. Downing Horner, in when she was about 10 years old right before it was demolished. The photos I have of it looking derelict may have been taken at that time. The Lanark Gazette’s account of the Cyclone of 1898, written May 25, 1898, says the "old Samuel Preston farm, now occupied by William Wires, was devastated. All buildings down except one." It must have been the Old Grout House that wasn't down. I don't know whether William Wires just farmed the land or lived in the house too. The house wasn't very big and he wasn't a member of the family. He'd married in 1890 and by 1898 had 3 children. He and his family were living in Mt. Carroll Township in June 1900 but that was 2 years after the cyclone.

Grandpa Downing died January 15, 1925 and when Grandma Downing passed away in January 19, 1948 the Preston homestead was inherited by Aunt Jennie, Hazel, and Eleanor. Within a short time they sold the property to Web Wagner, who built a ranch-type home on the same location where the Old Grout House had stood. The property has been resold. The pond appears much as it did in my childhood days.

(Note from Alice October 2008) - The "new house" just east of the Old Grout House location was not new; Carroll County Court House records show it was built in 1862. It’s an oddly built structure. Situated on a small knoll above the highway and facing north, the front of the house is 2-story, massive but plain, and rather imposing for a farm house. It’s obvious to nearly anyone that the front was built well after 1862. But the back of the house, facing south, looks like several plain structures joined together at different times One of them is only 1-story, and it looks much older than the rest of the building. This indicates to me that the original house may have been only 1-story or possibly 1 1/2 story. I believe I found a document stating that there was a fire in the earlier house, and the bigger addition was built as a replacement, but I cannot find this source. I have no photos of the earlier house; please email me if you have any.

Note from Alice Horner, October 2010: I've found the best description I've ever seen of how grout houses were made in the 1800s. The source is page 163 of "The Farwell Family" by Jane Harter Abbott and Lillian M. Wilson, written in 1929. They were describing a house built in Iowa in 1852. "They quarried the stone, made a lime kiln, burned the lime and hauled gravel and sand from the river, and made this home of a substance similar to the cement of today, and yet different. It was poured in tiers not more than sixteen inches high at a time, one on top of the other to required height. The walls are a foot and a half thick, the partitions inside the same and built from the cellar up, and it stands today (1926) as solid as when built."

Incredibly, Hazel Downing Stiteley, Clifford Downing’s daughter, wrote my mother in 1989 asking her about this house. Even though Hazel had lived in the older house from the time she was born (June 1903) until she was about 8 years old, she couldn’t remember what the old house looked like. She believed the old house was remodeled (her words) around 1911-1912. She and her parents and younger sister lived in the Old Grout House during the remodeling. Hazel doesn’t mention the fire at all.

The legal description of this property is Plat NW 1/4, Section 14, Township 24, Range 4; it is 0.66 acre.

This black and white photo was taken of the south side of the house in 1935.

This photo of the south side of the house, taken August 2004, also appears on the
Samuel Preston Farm As It Appears Today part of this website.
Unfortunately the weeping willow blocks much of the view. But notice how small
the back of the house looks in comparison to the front.

House at 15696 Highway 52, Mount Carroll, Illinois; just east of Old Grout House location.
(This photo was taken in 2007.)

Sources: Downing-Preston Ancestry

Articles entitled History Of Carroll County by Samuel Preston (published in 1894 by the Mirror Democrat in Mt. Carroll, Illinois)

Log Cabin Days - by Ellen E. Downing

My own recollections, Florence Louella Downing Horner

Descendants of Samuel Preston

Generation No. 1

1. SAMUEL5 PRESTON (SAMUEL4, SAMUEL3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born August 20, 1790 in South Hadley, Massachusetts, and died August 16, 1850 in Mount Carroll, Illinois. He married (1) ELIZABETH INGRAM GUNN Abt. 1812 in South Hadley, Massachusetts, daughter of MOSES GUNN and ELEANOR INGRAM. She was born 1793 in Montagne, Mass., and died December 25, 1873. He married (2) ELIZABETH INGRAM GUNN 1812, daughter of MOSES GUNN and ELEANOR INGRAM. Per Lavissa Ferrin Hollinger's Genealogy on the Prestons, Samuel Preston left South Hadley with his family for Bureau County, Illinois on June 1, 1835. They traveled by private conveyance to Albany, New York; thence by rail to Schnectady, New York, then by way of the Erie Canal and the Great Lakes to Chicago, Illinois, having spent the fourth of July in Mackinaw. They went from Chicago to their destination by ox team, arriving previous to August 25, when Asahel, the youngest child, was born. They lived there (Bureau County) until the fall of 1836 when Samuel Preston with his son, Samuel, made a trip to the northern part of the state and took up the first claim in what is now Carroll township, Carroll County (then JoDaviess). Mr. Preston built a large log cabin on his new claim, and later, built a frame addition. A miniature model of this log cabin made by Cyrus Preston is in the historical room of the village library (was there in 1916) at South Hadley. Samuel and his wife Elizabeth Ingram Gunn are both buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mount Carroll, Illinois


i. SOPHRONIA6 PRESTON, b. 1813; d. Bef. December 1814.

ii. SOPHRONIA PRESTON, b. December 30, 1814; m. REZIN EVERTS, October 15, 1839.

iii. MOSES GUNN PRESTON, b. 1816; d. 1836, At Sea.

2. iv. SAMUEL PRESTON, b. November 22, 1818, South Hadley, Mass. ; d. October 16, 1897.

3. v. ELIZABETH PRESTON, b. October 08, 1820, South Hadley, Massachusetts; d. September 28, 1857, Mount Carroll, Illinois.

vi. LEVI PRESTON, b. Aft. 1820; d. Bef. 1833.

vii. ELLEN MARIA PRESTON, b. May 08, 1827; m. HOWARD FEWSMITH, September 16, 1846.

4. viii. MARY PRESTON, b. November 12, 1828.

5. ix. CLIMANDA PRESTON, b. June 07, 1830.

x. LEVI PRESTON, b. 1833; d. 1855, West Union, Iowa.

6. xi. ASAHEL B. PRESTON, b. August 25, 1835, Near Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois; d. May 01, 1925, Mapleton, Blue Earth County, Minnesota.

Generation No. 2

2. SAMUEL6 PRESTON (SAMUEL5, SAMUEL4, SAMUEL3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born November 22, 1818 in South Hadley, Mass. , and died October 16, 1897. He married SARAH ANN GARRETT December 11, 1844 in Bureau County, Illinois, daughter of HORACE GARRETT and ABULAH MEADE. She was born April 16, 1824 in Barlow Township, Washington County, Ohio, and died September 08, 1896. In 1835 Samuel moved from South Hadley, Mass. to Bureau County, Illinois. He held 6 or 8 terms of Office of Supervisor, Carroll County. Samuel and his wife Sarah are both buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mount Carroll, Illinois SARAH ANN GARRETT PRESTON was an arden Prohibitionist. She had throat trouble for many years, which made it difficult for her to swallow. In 1838 she moved with her parents to Bureau County, Illinois


i. ELLEN ELIZA7 PRESTON, b. June 07, 1846, Mount Carroll, Illinois; d. January 19, 1948, Mount Carroll, Illinois; m. HARVEY LOOMER DOWNING, December 08, 1869, Mount Carroll, Illinois; b. April 06, 1844, Mount Carroll, Illinois; d. January 15, 1925. Ellen Preston attended Mt. Carroll Seminary and later the Frances Shimer Academy. She was a school teacher in Bureau & Carroll Counties, Illinois HARVEY LOOMER DOWNING Farmed until 1907, then moved into Mount Carroll, Illinois. Both Ellen and Harvey are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mount Carroll, Illinois.

ii. HARRIET AURILLA PRESTON, b. January 06, 1851, Mount Carroll, Illinois; d. July 05, 1940, Mount Carroll, Illinois; m. (1) ALEXANDER JAMES ELDER, August 31, 1879, Boulder, Montana; b. January 01, 1828, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Boulder, Montana obituary says Indianapolis, Indiana; d. November 01, 1888, Boulder, Montana; m. (2) WILLIAM VANCE MYERS, November 07, 1896, Boulder, Montana; b. February 1839, Washington, Ohio; d. February 12, 1902, Boulder, Montana. Aurilla Preston's mother's obituary (Sarah Ann Garrett Preston's) indicates Aurilla's given name is Harriet Aurilla, but she never used the name Harriet and it is on no legal documents, or on her tombstone. The dates of her residence in Kansas City are approximate dates of 1907 - 1929; Here addresses in Kansas City were: 515 Brighton Ave, Kansas City, Missouri, 810 Elmwood Ave. Kansas City, Missouri and 2321 Farrow Ave. Kansas City, Kansas. In 1905 Aurilla received a Degree in Music (piano playing) from Francis Shimer College, Mount Carroll, Illinois. From about 1879 - 1888 she taught country school in Boulder, Montana. ALEXANDER JAMES ELDER was Ambassador To Uruguay Under Lincoln during Civil War. He is buried in Boulder Montaina. Between 1858 - 1859, William Vance Myers worked in Colorado in mining with Senator W.A. Clark He had 2 brothers who were living in Greenfield, Iowa at the time of his death (1902). Harriet is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Mount Carroll, Illinois

iii. ANN MARIA PRESTON, b. December 16, 1854; d. August 09, 1935; m. WILLIAM W. ARNOLD, July 10, 1878. They lived in Kansas City, Missouri. Both are buried in Fulton MO.

iv. ARTHUR GARRETT PRESTON, b. April 26, 1858; d. November 28, 1904, Redlands, California; m. ROSA MAY HATTEN, October 02, 1889, Tacoma, Washington3; b. 1864; d. 1945. Arthur worked as a cook in a silver mine in Elkhorn, Montana. He lived for several years on his father's homestead and at Elkorn Montana. Then moved to Redlands, California, where widow and children live. Per Lavisa Ferrin-Hollinger, 1916. He is buried at Hillside Cemetery, Redlands, California

v. LAURA PRESTON, b. September 08, 1865; d. March 02, 1940, Rockford, Illinois; m. ORREN MONROE WILLIAMS, September 27, 1893; b. February 26, 18594; d. December 28, 1942. His college roommate was William Jennings Bryant

3. ELIZABETH6 PRESTON (SAMUEL5, SAMUEL4, SAMUEL3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 08, 1820 in South Hadley, Massachusetts, and died September 28, 1857 in Mount Carroll, Illinois. She married JOSEPH FERRIN5 May 12, 1842 in Savanna, Illinois, son of FRANCIS FERRIN and ALICE EATON. He was born April 25, 1816 in Plymouth, Vermont. Elizabeth is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mount Carroll, Illinois



ii. SAMUEL FRANCIS FERRIN, b. 18446; d. 1867. Buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mount Carroll, Illinois

iii. MARY ALMIRA FERRIN, b. Bef. 1854.

iv. HORACE MARSH FERRIN, b. Bef. 1854; m. VIOLA. Mr and Mrs Horace Herrin toured the US around 1910-1920 with their mules Kit and Fly and a covered wagon (square modern design). He'd been told to travel for his health. He stopped at Harvey Loomer & Eva Belle Bickelhaupt's house when Grace, Florence, Harvey, Eva, and Preston were little children and there are photos of them all. Horace is buried in Cherokee, Iowa

v. JULIA FERRIN6, b. 1850; d. 1863. Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Mount Carroll, Illinois

vi. CLARISSA FERRIN, b. Bef. 1854.

vii. LAVISA FERRIN, b. Bet. September - November 1854; m. UNKNOWN HOLLINGER.


ix. UNKNOWN FERRIN, b. Aft. 1855.

x. SYLVESTER FERRIN, b. September 28, 1857; d. October 15, 1857, Mount Carroll, Illinois. Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Mount Carroll, Illinois

4. MARY6 PRESTON (SAMUEL5, SAMUEL4, SAMUEL3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born November 12, 1828. She married HOWARD FEWSMITT7 June 20, 1853. Notes Florence L Downing Horner took while visiting Georgia (Arnold) and Howard Lang in Columbia, Missouri July 1963. These notes are in the Ferrin Family three-ring binder. Georgia Lang was Grandma Downing's sister Maria's daughter. Stella Fewsmith was Mary Preston Fewsmith's daughter. Mary Preston was a sister to my Great Grandfather Samuel Preston. Joy Fewsmith, a teacher, was Stella's sister. Their mother died and Howard Fewsmith married another sister of my Great Grandfather, Samuel Preston. According to my ancestry record, it must have been Ellen Marie, but if so, the dates must be wrong for he married Ellen Marie September 16, 1846 and Mary in June 10, 1853. He later married their niece, Alice Ferrin, Joy and Stella's first cousin. HOWARD FEWSMITH'S occupation was a miller in Guthrie, Missouri

i. STELLA7 FEWSMITH8, b. March 01, 1874, Rock Falls, Illinois; d. Abt. February 1967. Notes under Alice Ferrin Fewsmith, written by Florence L Downing Horner July 1963. Source is Georgia Arnold Lang in Columbia, Missouri. Another sister, must be half sister, of Stella and Joy Fewsmith's had a baby, married a man Davis, and had Howard Davis, a miner who has a daughter in California. Alice adopted Howard and he spent a lifetime trying to find out about his parents. STELLA FEWSMITH is buried at Columbia, Missouri Cemetery. She received a nursing school in Chicago, Illinois. She was Head Nurse at Phipp's Tubercular Sanitorium in Denver, Colorado Sometime after 1942 moved to Columbia, Missouri


5. CLIMANDA6 PRESTON (SAMUEL5, SAMUEL4, SAMUEL3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 07, 1830. She married GEORGE JENKINS BLISS November 26, 1851. He was born August 10, 1829 in Springfield, Massachusetts, and died July 23, 1908 in Oak Park, Illinois. Climanda Preston's husband's obituary (George J Bliss) shows her name as Amanda Preston, but haven't seen it that way anywhere else. NAs written in George J Bliss' obituary, "he (George Jenkins Bliss) located Huron, South Dakota, and many towns in the northern part of Iowa. He made a treaty with the Sioux Indians, and bought the right of way from Pierre, South Dakota, to the Black Hills in the winter of 1882-1883. During war times, he was a prominent speaker at mass meetings in Boone County, where he lived at that time. He was a rank Abolitionist and enlisted as the chaplain of a regiment, but was rejected on account of physical disabilities." George Bliss is buried at Forest Home Cemetery, Oak Park, Illinois. In 1835, he moved to LeMoile, Bureau County, Illinois from Springfield, Massachusetts. After 1868, he worked for the Land Department of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway, a town site agent. Between 1857 - 1868, he was a Methodist Minister in Rock River Conference of Methodist Church, preached in Pecatonica, Belvidere, and Amboy. His residence in 1875, was Oak Park, Illinois.


i. CHARLES L.7 BLISS. Residence in 1908, Chicago, Illinois, per his father's obituary

ii. LEVI P. BLISS. Residence in 1908, Buffalo, New York, per his father's obituary


6. ASAHEL B.6 PRESTON (SAMUEL5, SAMUEL4, SAMUEL3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born August 25, 1835 in Near Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois, and died May 01, 1925 in Mapleton, Blue Earth County, Minnesota9. He married HANNAH B. JARMAN December 01, 1859 in Princeton, Illinois. His obituary says he did his own farm work until a week before he died. He died as a result of a fall through the loft floor of the barn, and he died from the injuries several days later. He was a staunch Prohibitionist. Burial is in the Rural Cemetery 6 miles south of St. Clair, Minnesota In 1855 moved to Winona County, Minnesota


i. GEORGE B.7 PRESTON, b. Aft. 1859. Resided St. Clair, Minnesota

ii. SAMUEL PRESTON, b. Aft. 1860. Resided in Alexandria, Minnesota

iii. HOWARD PRESTON, b. Aft. 1861. Resided in Haynes, North Dakota

iv. UNKNOWN PRESTON, b. Aft. 1862; m. M. W. BABCOCK. Her father 's obituary (Ashahel B Preston) names her under her husband's name only, without giving her first name. Resided in Edgewater Colo.

Samuel Preston
History of Carroll County
Originally written for the Carroll Co Mirror in 1894
Transcribed & Contributed by Alice Horner
From the Reprint in the Mirror Democrat 1930

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