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Contributed by Karen Fyock
December 28, 1893

The organization of the Milledgeville Baptist church was founded June 19, 1857, and was formally recognized as a regular Baptist church at a meeting held for the purpose, August 1, 1857. The constituent members were as follows: Ephraim Brock, David Bushman, Eva Bushman, Hannah Brock, Miranda Bushnell, Elizabeth Brock, Annis S. Brock, Levi Jones, Ephraim F. Brock and Annis Brewer.

This society was known as the Bethel Baptist church, the name being given June 23, 1860. Not having any church of their own, the occasionally met in the Hazel Green School house, five and one-half miles southwest of Milledgeville, with A. A. Carpenter, their first pastor in charge.

Rev. J. V. Allison, as their second pastor, continued to add to the membership until 1865, with a membership of about 43, they built a house of worship 1 1/2 miles south and west of Milledgeville. The dedicatory services took place Feb. 20, 1866. The church continued its worship here. with a wonderful revival in the fall and winter of 1876, which resulted in forty-two conversions.

Oct. 5, 1887, the church was taken from the foundation and moved to its present site in Milledgeville, where at a meeting held September 16, 1888, the name of the organization was changed to the First Baptist church of Milledgeville. On December 2, 1888, a meeting was held, and the church then extended a unanimous call to Rev. H. J. Davis to become their regular pastor. The call was accepted and the charge held until October 12, 1892, when he resigned.

During Rev. Davis' pastorate, the membership was increased from a few to more than eighty members, and the present parsonage built. The church then extended a call to Rev. N. B. Wood, who served as pastor from october 12, 1893, until Sept. 1, 1893. Since then, the church has been without a pastor, services being conducted by students from the Morgan Park Academy, but with the new year, our new pastor, Rev. J. E. Noftsinger will begin regular services.