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Carroll County G.A.R.

The Grand Army of the Republic was formed in Decatur, Illinois, shortly after the ending of the Civil War. From the “Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois”, printed in 1913, is found the following;

“Dr John Hostetter Post G.A.R.”

“The following information was obtained through the assistance of Comrade Fred Diehl, late Commander of the Post”, “ Dr. John L. Hostetter Post, No. 785 was organized at Chadwick, Illinois, August 18th , 1897".

“Captain W. . Widley, P.C., of Mount Carroll, with authority from the Department Mustering Officer, assisted by Captain E. T. E. Becker, mustered the following named ex-soldiers and they selected their first officers as follows: Commander, M. H. Judd; Senior Vice Commander, D. N. McLaughlin; Junior Vice Commander, Conrad Frederick; Chaplain, Henry Sack; Quartermaster, J. R. Lamb; Surgeon, Adam Koehler; Officer of the Day, Henry Hohnadel; Officer of the Guard, John Schreiner; Adjutant, Harrison Keckler; Quartermaster Sergeant, Nicolas Miller; Sergeant Major, Henry Dambman”.

“Other charter members: Fred Diehl, P. C.; Samuel Nettleton, John Davis, John Schleining, Jesse Hill, J. H. Green, Balser Appel, David Wressell, Henry Traum, Charles D. Camp, David H. Grim, Christian Bauchman, Henry Hartman, Peter Rahn, W. B. Delano, R. H. Foster, John Everhart, George Bittner, Jerry George, Robert Graham, Conrad Schleining”.

“Past Post Commanders: M. H. Judd, Henry Sack, Harrison Keckler, Charles D. Camp, and Fred Diehl”.

“The Post was named after the late Dr. John L. Hostetter of Mount Carroll, Surgeon of 34th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, in which regiment many of the comrades served through the war”. “Dr. Hostetter afterward became surgeon of the Brigade”.

“This the youngest post in the country, has had regular monthly meetings for many years, but as their numbers have decreased and the infirmities of advanced age have prevented some from attending, the meetings are held quarterly, on the fourth day of the months of January, April, and October”. “Special Meetings are held in anticipation of Decoration Day, which is always fittingly observed with appropriate services”. “Ten survivors are all that are left of the original thirty seven members”.

Membership statewide in 800 Posts in this staunchly Republican organization peaked at more than 409,000 in 1890. There were at least seven Posts within Carroll county; # 80 Mt. Carroll, # 85, Lanark, #406 Savanna, #575, Milledgeville, #597, Thompson, #646, Shannon, # 785, Chadwick. The last member from Illinois died in 1955, and the G. A. R. was discontinued in 1956.

From Karen Fyock -- Information was taken from:
800 Posts of the Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Illinois: Re-organized after Chicago Fire October 9, 1871 destroyed earlier records. Listings by Florence Hutchison, President of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical Society in September 1974.

The storage boxes for the records of the GAR posts are kept in the Manuscript Division of the Illinois State Historical Society Library - Adjutant General's Quarterly reports for these posts listed. (1974)

"While many of the Posts were named after the town in which they met, some were named after battles. The majority of them, however, honored some esteemed member of their group, or war officers who were probably deceased, as a memorial to their service for their country"

Information on the Quarterly reports could contain the following, if properly filled out:

Post Information:
a. Name and number of Post
b. Quarter and year of report
c. Roster of officers

Personal information for members
a. name and age of Civil War vet at time of joining G.A.R. Post
b. birthplace (state)
c. residence at time of membership application
d. occupation
e. date of entry into war service
f. rank and company, regiment or ship
g. date of final discharge
h. length of service in months
j. cause of discharge
k. sometimes date of death and cause

Carroll County Illinois

Post #785 - Chadwick - Dr. John L. Foster
Post #085 - Lanark - Shiloh
Post #575 - Milledgeville - George Kridlin
Post #080 - Mt. Carroll - Nase
Post #406 - Savanna - R. M. A. Hawk
Post #646 - Shannon - Holden Putnam
Post #597 - Thomson - Holman

JoDaviess County Illinois

Post #614 East Dubuque - W. R. Rowley
Ppst #532 Elizabeth - David Hill
Post #502 Galena - E. D. Kittoe
Post #399 Hanover - John O. Duer
Post #520 Stockton - J. A. Maltby
Post #315 Warren - Warren
Post #076 Warren

Lee County Illinois

Post #065 Amboy
Post #572 Amboy - Amboy
Post #390 Ashton
Post #299 Dixon - Dixon
Post #398 Franklin Grove - Geo. W. Hewitt
Post #308 Paw Paw - Wm. H. Thompson

Ogle County Illinois

Post #316 Byron - Coling
Post #658 Forreston - Henry Hiller
Post #383 Leaf River - E. B. Horner
Post #720 Mt. Morris - J. M. Smith
Post #116 Oregon - Oregon
Post #084 Polo - Polo
Post #043 Rochelle
Post #546 Rochelle - Rochelle
Post #551 Stillman Valley - W. C. Baker

Stephenson County Illinois

Post # 098 Freeport - John A. Davis
Post # 747 Freeport - W. J. McKim
Post # 258 Lena - Goddard
Post # 365 Orangeville - John Musser
Post # 498 Winslow - Porter Stiles

Whiteside County Illinois

Post #460 Albany - Capt. A. F. Knight
Post #553 Erie -
Post #556 Fulton - Robert Hale
Post #739 Lyndon - Orson K. Hubbard
Post #118 Morrison - Alpheus Clark
Post #543 Prophetstown - John A. Parrott
Post #729 Rock Falls - Will Enderton
Post #010 Sterling - Lincoln
Post #274 Sterling - Will Robinson
Post #491 Tampico - Saml. Steadman

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