The Hair Album

Created by Elizabeth (Chatfield) Hiserodt 1862
Contributed by Mary Vanderburg Stone her Great Great Granddaughter

Please let me know about your family and how the information has assisted your genealogical search. Perhaps your information will assist me, in my work, as well Mary Vanderburg Stone

The Original Album

Mrs. E.C. Hiserodt
Album Hair Book December 15, 1862

                Elkhorn Grove
                  Carroll Co Ill.

Edward D. Hiserodt           E.C. Hiserodt Elk Grove 11 years

(at the top) J. Etta Hiserodt age 5
middle) Mother, Zipporah Chatfield (Step-mother)
(bottom) Father     Ezra and E. Chatfield     Mother

Ann M. Chatfield died October 17, 1851 aged 21 years
Dear Sister is gone, but her memory will ever be sweet

(top) Brother and Sister
Simeon Chatfield Harriet Chatfield
A very pleasant visit of three weeks is now come to a close and
on this 6th Day of February 1865 our beloved sister leaves us again
for her own home in Illinois having been absent nine years. May
the Blessings of God attend her through the journey of life.
Rollins Mich February 6, 1865

(Bottom) Brother and Sister
William Chatfield
Jerutia O. Chatfield

(Above) Brother and Sister
Ezra Chatfield Jr. and Livonia F. Chatfield

(top) Grandma and Grandpa - William Orton & Jerutia Orton
(Middle)Phebe A. Orton -- Maria J. Orton
(Bottom) Charles Allen -- Livonia Allen

J. Maxfield and M.A. Maxfield
Daniel H. Orton and Andrew J. Orton

The Knight Family -
(Middle) Jessee Knight & Nancy Knight
(Bottom) S.C. Knight -- Burnett

(Top)Cousin David Knight Co F 8th Cav N.Y.
(Middle) William H.W. Knight Co D 111 N.Y. Inf. Killed in battle at Harpers Ferry
(Bottom) P.W. Hiserodt, Michigan

Aunt Libby
Remember me ever, with kindness, I pray
Forget me, Oh never, though far far away
Elkhorn Grove --- Ellen M. Hiserodt
Jan 9th 1863 -- Saginaw City, Mich

(top) William P. Hiserodt
A soldier of Co A 32 Iowa Inf This union must and shall be preserved For ever
Berlin, Hardy Co. Iowa

Carroll Co Ill Sept 12th, 1864

(below) Sarah L. Atkinson
Union Grove Illinois

Geneseo Mar 4th 1863

(top) Joseph B. Hiserodt Co Y 15th Regt Ills. Vol Inft.
(middle) Allen F. Hiserodt Co I 17th Reg. N.Y.V.
Wounded at the Battle of Bull Run August 30, 1862

(above) James E. Hiserodt Co K 15th Regt. Ill. Vol
Killed at the battle of   Shiloh   April 6, 1862 25 years old
( Click on Shiloh -- I have the 15th IL posted -- This is the exact spot where the 15th fell)

Lines written by our Dear Nephew before leaving us after joining the army in 1860, which he left in his Bible.
My Dear and Beloved Sisters. Farewell forever; for when you receive this I shall be numbered with the dead. This Bible I give to my Dear Sister Ellen which she will always keep for my sake. Dear Sisters, I shall go with my Countrymen in defending the flag which our forefathers fought and bled for, that flag has been trodden under foot at the south which it is mine as well as every other Patriotic mans duty to raise and let it float again over the walls of Ft. Sumpter and the streets of Charleston. So here is my last Farewell. Farewell to all of my friends & connections, one more Farewell, From your Absent Brother.
James E. Hiserodt
Dear Sisters one more good bye Forever

(above) Mrs. Libie
In later years, when I am fare away and though art still the same
Wilt thou not think of J.F.C. as he of Libie E.C.
John F. Childers Woodbine Ill. Jan. 8, 1863

Lieut. Daniel L. Norton Co Z 98th Regt. N.Y.V. Sodus, Wayne Co N.Y.

(above) Aunt Libbie
I will not say farewell to thee
Farewells are never spoken
However deep the grief may be
Tears are the truest token
Though sad and long this parting be
I cannot say "farewell" to thee

Rollin Mich Feb 6, 1865
Mary and Rosa Chatfield

(below) Adelia Bloomer - Dear Friend

Case Family
(above) Libbie H. Case Sodus, NY
(below) Almone Case --- Harrison Case

Granger-Allen Family
(top) Inez Granger --- Alvira Granger (Cousin)
(bottom) Frank H. Granger --- Flavel K. Granger -- Sodus NY

(above) Sidney Allen --- Apama G. Allen Sodus, Wayne Co NY
(below) John M. Granger - Sodus NY

(above) Jennie Ednah Brown Sodus Center NY --- Margret Hughsoon Sodus NY
(below) Dear Friend - Matilda A.A. Irwin

(above) Thaddeus Fellers Sodus, N.Y.
(below) Libbie Miller South Sodus N.Y. - Dear Friend

(top) You ask of me, dear Libbie a tribute to yourself
Say dearest shall I wish you fame happiness or wealth
Fame is but empty honor, uncertain fickle too
Today you think you grasp it tomorrow where are you

Wealth is but sordid treasure the miser's highest aim
Then bid me not dear Libbie to wish you wealth or fame
But could my love insure it true happiness I'd crave
A Christian's life a Christian's death and hope beyond the grave.
Your friend

(Bottom)Friend Libbie
May your Album be the emblem of your life
May no ---- blots upon its pages appear
Each page a day speak lines devoid of ------
And spotless ------ be thy polar star
Ethlyn Phaff

To Libbie H. Jan 1864
Here's a sigh to those who love me
And a smile to those who hate
And whatever skyes above me
Here's a heart for every fate
--- Capt. W.H.U. 6th Miss. Vol.

My Friend Mrs. H.

My Friend Mrs. H.
You ask me to pay a tribute in your album, you know not what you are asking, for I am unlearned, and having never written in such a book I pray you to understand all mistakes and only look at me, and think of me as your friend. When you return to that far off western home of yours, and greet that friend of yours that is dearer than all others, you will not care to think of near made friends here in this rustic hamlet perhaps for quite a while. But after you get settled once more into common every day life it is then perhaps that you will turn to these pages to while away a dull hour. I seem to see you now, in your cozy little sitting room, almost dreaming over your short sojourn here with us. I would that you could prolong your stay with us. It seems that we have only met to part. Although our acquaintance has been short, it has been pleasant and may it be our happy lot to meet again. May your journey home be safe and pleasant and your journey through life be long and prosperous and happy and may you be blessed with a happy entrance into that haven of eternal rest; that is prepared for those that love God, is the prayer of your unworthy but sincere friend.

Mrs. Abbie C. Baker
Rollin (Mich), Feb. 5th 1865

Mrs. Libbie Hiserodt

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