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The Thirty-fourth Infantry Illinois Volunteers was organized at Camp Butler, lllinois. September 7, 1861, by Colonel E. N. Kirk. Moved, October 2, to Lexington, Kentucky, and from thence to Louisville, and then to Camp Nevin, Kentucky, where it remained until February 14, 1862. Marched to Bowling Green, and thence, via Nashville, Franklin and Columbia, to Savanna, on the Tennessee River. Arrived at Pittsburg Landing. April 7. 1862, and was hotly engaged in that battle, losing Major Levanway and 15 men killed, and 112 wounded. Front thence moved to Corinth, and was engaged on the 29th of May, losing one man killed and five wounded. From Corinth, moved to Iuka and Florence, Alabama. Crossed the river at that place, and moved to Athens, Huntsville and Stevenson Alabama. Was encamped over a month at Battle Creek. From thence marched via Pelham, Murfreesboro and Nashville, to Louisville, Kentucky, arriving September 27, 1862.

October 1, 1862, left Louisville for Frankfort. Regiment cominanded, by Lieut. Col. H. W. Bristol, Brigade, by Col. E. N. Kirk, and Division, by Brig. Gen. Sill. October 4, was engaged in a skirmish at Clayville. Kentucky. From Frankfurt. moved, via Laurensburg, Perryville, Danville, Crab Orchard, Lebanod and Bowling Green, to Nashville. November 27, skirmish at Lavergne. Regiment remained in camp five miles southeast of Nashville until December 26, 1862.

December 27, Right Wing moved to Triune, and. after a sharp fight, drove the enemy from town. On the 29th, moved, via Independence Hill, toward Murfreesboro. On the 30thm took position as extreme right of Union lines. On the 31st, the enemy attacked the regiment in overwhelming force, driving it back on the main line. Following the advantage gained by his infantry, the enemy's cavalry charged the line, and captured many of the Regiment. Loss-killed 21, wounded 93, missing 66. Gen. Kirk was mortally wounded.

While at Murfreesboro, the Right Wing, Fourteenth Army Corps, was organized into the Twentieth Army Corps, and Major Gen. McCook assigned to command.

June 24, 1863, the Twentieth Corps moved by the Shelbyville Pike. toward Liberty Gap. On the 25th, the Second Brigade was ordered forward, and advancd across an open cornfleld, eighty rods in width, lately plowed and softened by the rains which fell the day and night before, until the men sunk half way to the knee in mud at every step. Without help, and in the face of a rebel brigade advantageously posted, they drove the enemy from his position - the Second Arkansas Infantry leaving their battle flag on the hill, where they fought in front of the Thirty-fourth. The regiment losing 3 killed and 26 wounded.

Moved, on 26th, via Beech Grove, to Manchester, entering Tullahoma on the morning of July 1.

August 16, moved via Larkin's Valley, to Bellefonte, Alabama. The Thirty fourth was here detailed as Provost Guard. On the 30th, moved to Caperian's Ferry, on Tennessee River. Here the regiment was left to guard the pontoon bridge.

September 18, moved the boats to Battle Creek. October 20, 1863, moved, under command of Brigadier General J. D. Morgan, to Anderson's Cross Roads, in Sequatchie Valley.

November 8, moved to Harrison's Landing, on Tennessee River. November 14, ordered to report Brigadier General John Beatty, commanding Second Brigade, Second Division, Fourteenth Army Corps. Jeff C. Davis commanding Division. Arrived at Chattanooga 15th, and camped on Moccasin Point.

November 25, ordered to join the Brigade on the battle field of Chattanooga. Arrived 11 o'clock P. M. Moved at 1 o'clock A. M. of 26th, and moved via Chicamauga Station.

On the 28th, moved back to Chattanooga, where those unable to march were put in camp, the remainder of the regiment moving on the expedition into East Tennessee, as far as Loudon, where the Thirty-fourth were detailed to run a grist mill, grinding corn and wheat for the Division. Returned to Chattanooga, arriving December 19, 1863.

December 22, the Thirty-fourth was mustered as a veteran organization, and January 8, 1864, started for Springfield. Illinois. for veteran furlough.

Received veteran furlouch, and rendezvoused at Dixon, Illinois. February 28, moved, via Chicago, Louisville and Nashville, arriving at Chattanooga March 7, 1864, and moved out to join the Second Brigade, Colonel John G. Mitchell, One Hundred and Thirteenth Ohio, commanding, in camp near Rossville, Georgia.

Mustered out July 12, 1865. at Louisville, Kentucky. Arrived at Chicago July 16, 1865, for final payment and discharge.

Quarter Master Abram Beeler, corn. Aug. 15, 1861. Resigned March 21, 1863.

Company A

First Lieutenant Richard J. Heath. e. as sergt., Sept. 7, 1861. Re-enlisted as vet., Dec. 23, 1663. Promoted first sergeant, then second lieutenant, April 2, 1864. Promoted first lieutenant, Sept. 13, 1864. Mustered out July 12, 1865.

Bradley Robt. e. Sept. 7, 1861, kld. at Shiloh, Apl. 7,'62.

Miller Samuel T. e. Sept. 7, 1861. vet., m. o. July 12, 1865, as sergt.

Company B.

Gardner Geo. W. e. Sept. 7, 1861,vet., m.o.July 12, '65

Company I.

Captain Lewis Heffelfingcr, com. Aug. 15, 1861. Resigned April 18, 1862.

Captain Amos W. Hostetter, com, first lieutenant, Aug. 15, 1861. Promoted captain, April 18, 1862. Died of wounds July 26, 1864.

Captain Jos. Teeter, e. as corporal, Sept. 7. 1861. Promoted first sergeant, then second lieutenant, June 29, 1863. Promoted captain, April 20, 1865. Mustered out July 12, 1865.

First lieutenant Jackson Beaver, e. as first sergeant, Sept. 7, 1861. Promoted first lieutenant, April 18. 1862. Resigned Jan. 29, 1863.

First Lieutenant Mason C. Fuller, e. as sergeant, Sept. 7, 1861. Promoted first sergeant, then second lieutenant, May 4, 1862. Promoted first lieutenant, Jan.29, 1863. Honorably discharged, Feb. 25,'65.

First Lieutenant Jas. A. Wells, com. May 5, 1865. Died of wounds. May14, 1865.

First Lieutenant Israel Solt, e. as corporal Sept. 7, 1861. Re-enlisted as veteran, Dec. 23, 1863. Mustered out July 12 1865,as sergeant.

Second Lieutenant Jas. Watson, com. Aug. 15, 1861. Resigned April 28, 1862.

Sergt. Jas. Wills, e. Sept. 9, 1861, vet.

Sergt. Willis Ray, e. Sept. 7, 1861, vet.

Corpl. Jos. McKee, e. Sept. 7. 1861, vet. July 12,'65, wd,

Corpl. John C. Gelwick, e. Sept. 7, 1861, vet.

Corpl. John H. Scott, e. Sept. 7, 1861, disd. as private.

Corpl. S. D. Walley, e. Sept. 7, 1861, trans. to invalid Corps, Aug. 22, 1863.

Corpl. Isaac Scott, e. Sept. 7,'61, vet. m. 0. July 22,65, as Sergt.

Corpl. James Masters, e. Sept. 7, 1861.

Musician Henry Lego, e. Sept. 7, 1861, m. o. July 12,'65, as corpl.

Solt Israel e. Sept. 7,'61, vet. m.o. July 12,'65, as sergt.

Wagoner Philip Queckbranner, e. Sept. 7, 1861, right thumb defective.

Backman Christian, e. Sept. 7, 1861, vet., m. o. July 22, 1865, as corpl.

Benefield Geo e. Sept. 7, 1861.

Border David M. e. Sept. 7. 1861, vet.,m. o. July 12,'65.

Clark Thos. e. Sept. 7. `61, vet., died June 27, `64, wd.

Crab C. e. Sept. 7, 1861, disd.

Carr Mark, e. Sept. 7, 1861, vet., missing in action June 27, 1864.

Farrell Peter, e. Sept. 7, 1861.

Fleming Geo. e. Sept. 7, 1861.

French Wm.H. e. Sept. 7,1861, vet., m.o. July 12,1865.

Forsyth Wm. e. Sept. 7,1861, died at Camp Wood, Ky.

Grinfield M. e. Sept. 7, 1861.

Gregison Levi, e. Sept. 7, 1861, died at Louisville.

Harold D. P. e. Sept. 7, 1861, m. o. Aug. 12, 1865.

Heglem Jacob. e. Sept. 7, 1861, vet, m.o. July 12, 1865.

Heglem Jno. F. e. Sept. 7, 1861, vet., m.o. July 12, 1865

Heath W. H. e.Sept.7,'61, vet. m.o. July 12,'65, as corpl.

Harvey Chs,. W. e.Sept. 7, 1861, vet, trans. to 1st U.S. V. V. Eng., July 30, 1864.

Hager Wm. e. Sept. 7. 1861, vet. m.o. July 12, 1864.

Hartman Henry. e. Sept. 7, 1861, disd, Dec. 27, 1863, as corpl. dsab.

Houghtailing Henry, e. Sept. 7,1861, m.o. Sept. 12,'64.

Ikeman F. e. Sept. 7,1861, vet., m.o. July 12,'65, corpl.

Johnson S. e. Sept. 7 1861.

Kinyon J. B. e, Sept. 7, 1861.

Kuhler Adam, e. Sept. 7. 1861, vet., trans. to Vet. Res. Corps, Dec. 21, 1864.

Knox Robt.S. e. Sept. 7, 1861, died at Naahville,Tenn., Feb. 11, 1864.

Lauver Adam, e. Sept.7, 1861, vet., m.o. July 12, 1865.

Lagrant Wm. e. Sept. 7, 1861, vet,, in. o. July 12, 1865.

Lump John, e. Sept. 7, 1861.

Lower Levi, e. Sept. 7, 1861, m. o. Sept. 22, 1864.

Maynard Hiran, H. e. Sept. 7, 1861.

Miller Chas. H. e Sept. 7, 1861, vet., disd. Sept.29, 1864, as sergt. disab.

O'Donnell Edw. e. Sept. 7, 1861, deserted June 30, `64.

Ortman John, e. Sept. 7, 1861, vet., trans. to U. S. V. V. Eng., July 30, 1864.

Robbins Geo. e. Sept. 7, 1861.

Russell Jas. P. e. Sept. 7, 1861.

Ransom Caleb, e. Sept. 7, 1861, left eye defective,

Rice Wm. II. e. Sept, 7, 1861, died at Louisville.

Sauer Peter, e. Sept. 7,'61, vet., m.o. July 12,'65,corpl.

Smith Elias W. e. Sept. 7, 1861.

Sawer Jos. e. Sept 7, 1861.

Stormer Sam'l, e. Sept. 7, 1861, disd. at Chicago.

Traum Henry, e. Sept. 29, 1861, disd. Oct. 16, 1864.

Wood John W. e. Sept. 7. 1861, m. o. Sept. 12, 1864.

Wilson Henry S.e. Sept. 29, 1861, m. o. Oct. 12, 1864.

Wallace Isaac, e. Sept. 29,'61, died at Camp Wood, Ky.

Willis Austin, e. Sept. 7, 1861, vet., m.o. July 12, 1865.

Ward Alfred,e. Sept. 7, 1861, vet., m. o. July 12, 1865.

Yonson Nels, e. Sept. 7, 1861 vet., m. o. July 12, 1865.

Zimmer Peter, e. Sept. 29, 1861, vet., m.o. July 22, `65.

Corning N. R. e. March 19, 1865. n. o. July 12, 1865.

Dinehart Wm. H. e Feb. 10, 1864, vet, recruit, died at Atlanta, Oct. 29. 1864.

Forsyth Thos. e. Feb. 10, 1864, vet, recruit, kld, at Reseca, May 14, 1864.

Gallup Andrew, e. Jan. 27, 1864, m. o. July 12, 1865.

Meisner Wm. H. e. Feb. 10, 1864, vet, recruit, disd. June 16, 1865, wd.

Manning N. W. e. March 19, 1865, m. o. July 12, 1865.

Sullivan C. e. Dec. 30, 1861, m. o. July 12, 1865.

Scott Samuel, e. March 9, 1865. m. 0. July 12, 1865

Wells Geo. W, e. March 9, 1865, m. o. July 12, 1865.

Willis Leman, e. March 2, 1865, m. o. July 12, 1865

Brooks Jas. e. Dec. 23, 1863. m. o. July 12, 1865, as first sergeant.

Canady H. F. e. Dec. 23, 1863, m.o. July 12.'65. as sergt.

Clark Thos. e. Dec. 23, 1863. died June 27, 1864, wd.

Gelwicks John C. e. Dec. 23, 1863, disd. March 19, 1864, as sergeant, wd.

Hills T. e. Dec. 23, 1863, m. o. July 12, 1865, as corpl.

Johnson A. A. e, Dcc. 23, 1863, m. o. July 12, 1865.

Marion Geo. W. e. Dec. 23, 1863, m.o. July 12. 1865.

McKee Jos, N. e. Dec. 23, 1863. m. o. July 12, 1865.

Smith Geo. W. e. Dec. 23, 1863, kld, near Marietta, Ga., June 27, 1864.

Willis Jas. A. e. Dec. 23, 1863, m. o. July 12,'65, corpl.

Winchester H. C. e. Dec. 23, 1863, m. o. July 12, 1865.

Carroll County History 1878

Additional Information From Civil War Flags

The volunteers of this Regiment came from northwestern Illinois, the valley of the Rock River; thus they mainly came from Whiteside, Lee, Ogle, and Carroll counties, but some came further south from Christian, Morgan, Randolph and Edgar counties. Edward N. Kirk, an attorney from Sterling in Whiteside County raised the regiment and became its first Colonel when the regiment mustered in for three years service on September 7, 1861. On October 2 the Regiment was sent by rail through Illinois, Indiana, Cincinnati, Ohio and down through Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky to Camp Nevin which was situated south of Elizabethtown near the Nolin River. In December they marched further south to Munfordsville, Kentucky and remained there until February 1862 when they marched north through Nashville to Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee. The regiment arrived on April 7 in time to engage the enemy at the Battle of Shiloh. From Shiloh they moved south, fought at Corinth, Mississippi and at the end of May, moved to Iuka, crossed the Tennessee River at Florence, Alabama and were in operations along the line of the Memphis and Tennessee R. R. in June, July and August. In August they marched to Nashville then pursued Bragg into Kentucky in September and October resulting in actions at Floyd’s Fork near Clay Village and at Perryville, Kentucky. They returned to the Nashville area and remained there until December 26, 1862 when they advanced to Murfreesboro, Tennessee and fought in the Battle of Stone’s River in December and January. It was at this battle that the colors of the Regiment were captured.[1] They remained at Murfreesboro until June 1863 then moved south toward Liberty Gap, fighting there June 24-27. On July 1 the Thirty-fourth marched to Tullahoma, Tennessee, in August to Bellefonte, Alabama and in October to Anderson’s Cross Roads. In November they were at Chattanooga and fought in the Battle of Chattanooga, at Tunnel Hill, Missionary Ridge and Chickamauga Station. December 22, 1863 the Thirty-fourth was mustered as a veteran regiment and in January 1864 started home on veteran furlough. Upon return in March they went into camp at Rossville, Georgia and subsequently fought at Rocky Face Ridge, Buzzard’s Roost Gap, Resaca, Rome, Dallas, New Hope Church, Allatoona Hills, Big Shanty, Kenesaw Mountain, Pine Hill, Lost Mountain, Chattahoochie River, Peach Tree Creek, and the siege of Atlanta. In September they led a charge on the rebel works at Jonesboro, Georgia then pursued Forrest across Tennessee to Florence, Alabama. The Thirty-fourth returned with the army to Atlanta and joined Sherman’s “March to the Sea.” This campaign included the siege of Savannah, actions at Averysboro, Bushy Swamp, and Bentonville, North Carolina and occupation of Raleigh. Following Johnston’s surrender the regiment marched to Washington, DC via Richmond for the Grand Review on May 24. They moved to Louisville, Kentucky and were mustered out July 12, 1865