Caroll Co Illinois
71st IL Infantry
Civil War


Company B

Second Lt. Emanuel Stover, Com. Jul 22, 1862 - Musterd out
Sgt. Matthew F. White e. July 9, 1862
Corpl. Jas. K. Howell e July 9, 1862
Corpl. Jas. W. Humphrey e July 9, 1862
Corpl. Geo. W. Zook e July 11, 1862
Badger, Wm. e July 9, 1862
Bean, Alanson e July 1, 1862
Boyd, George e July 9, 1862
Bundy, Chris e July 9, 1862
Chasm, Thos. e July 9, 1862
Everhart, Jacob e July 10, 1862
Granger, Chas. e July 9, 1862
Grant, Hiram e July 9, 1862
Green, John L. e July 9 1862
Lindsay, Wm. O. e July 8, 1862
Lovelady, H.W. e July 8, 1862
Meredith, Wm. e July 9, 1862
Noel, Jacob J. e July 11, 1862
Owings, G.C. e July 10, 1862
Renshaw, Alfred e July 9, 1862
Renshaw, Elisha e July 9, 1862
Renner, Isaac e July 9, 1862
Ritter, Franklin e July 9, 1862
Slew, John A. e July 14, 1862
Sturdevant, Wm. e July 14, 1862
Swartz, Sam'l W. e July 9, 1862
Umphrey, S.B. e July 9, 1862
Wilson, Taylor e July 9, 1862

71st Illinois Infantry In May 1862 a call went out to the governors of the northern states for troops to meet a rumored attack on Washington, D.C. by Confederate forces. The Seventy-first Illinois Infantry was one of five regiments raised for three months service to meet this threat. The seventy-first was organized at Camp Douglas in Chicago and mustered in for three months service on July 26, 1862. The men of the Regiment volunteered from Company A-Vermillion County, Company B-Carroll and Stephenson counties, Companies C, F and H -Champaign County, Company D-Fulton, Henry, Livingston and Rock Island counties, Company E-Hancock, Knox and Peoria counties, Companies G-Edgar and Menard counties, Company I-Effingham County and Company K-Perry, Franklin and Hamilton counties. The Regiment was transported to Cairo, Illinois and left two companies to guard the Big Muddy Bridge on the Illinois Central Railroad north of Cairo. The remaining eight companies were detached to guard railroads and bridges: two companies at Mound City, Illinois, three companies at Moscow, Kentucky and three companies at Little Obion bridge in Kentucky. After completion of three months of service the Regiment returned to Chicago and was mustered out on October 29, 1862

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