Caroll Co Illinois
7th Cavalry
Civil War

Mount to horse, mount to horse. Forward battalion!
Gallop the gallant force; Down with rebellion!
Over hill, creek and plain, Clatter the fearless.
Dash away, splash away, Led by the peerless!

Hark to the rifle crack! 
Wild conflagration 
Marks where the brave bear The flag of the nation.
Down on the rebel hordes, Gaping in wonder.
Dash they with gleaming swords. And war cries of thunder

The Seventh Illinois Cavalry was organized at Camp Butler and mustered in for three years
service on October 13, 1861 under the command of Colonel William Pitt Kellogg. The men of 
the Regiment volunteered from the following counties; Company A from Edgar County, Company  
B from Carroll, Ogle and Stephenson Counties, Company C from Lee County, Company D from 
Knox County, Company E from White County, Company F trom Fayette County, Company G from 
Gallatin and White Counties, Company H from Christian and Saline Counties, Company I from 
Macon County, Company K from Fulton County, Company L from Fulton, Henry and Mc Donough 
Counties and Company M from Randolph County. At the end of October Companies A, C, G and I 
were ordered to Bird's Point, Missouri; the remainder of the Regiment remained at Camp 
Butler until ordered to Bird's Point in late December. In January 1863 Companies B, C, L and 
I remained at Bird's Point while the reminder of the Regiment moved to Cape Girardeau, 
Missouri. In March, 1862, those Companies at Cape Girardeau joined the Union forces commanded 
by Brig. General John Pope at Commerce, Missouri and led the advance against New Madrid, 
Missouri. The Regiment captured a battery of steel breech-loading artillery from Confederate 
forces commanded by Jeff Thompson. The Regiment was reunited at New Madrid and operated south 
of New Madrid on the banks of the Mississippi River until the fall of Island No. 10 on April 8. 
The Seventh Cavalry then boarded steamers for the trip up the Mississippi River to the Ohio 
River then up the Tennessee River and landed at Hamburg Landing, Tennessee then along with the 
forces commanded by General Pope the Regiment moved toward Corinth, Mississippi. Between April 
29 and May 30 the Regiment took part in the siege of Corinth and saw action at Sharp's Mills, 
Iuka and Tuscumbia Creek. The Confederate forces abandoned Corinth on May 29 before the arrival 
of the Union troops; the Seventh Cavalry was then ordered to guard the Memphis & Charleston RR 
from Tuscumbia to Decatur, Alabama. While guarding the railroad the Regiment also participated 
in the battle of Iuka in September, the battle of Corinth October 3-4 and Grant's Central 
Mississippi campaign; a portion of the Regiment skirmished with Richardson's enemy forces 
near Somerville, Tennessee in late November. In December the Seventh was assigned to Colonel T. 
Lyle Dickey's command at Holly Springs, Mississippi. Dickey's forces pursued Price to Coffeeville, 
Mississippi where Price  made a stand and repulsed Dickey's Cavalry with severe losses. 

In late December a detachment from the Seventh Illinois Cavalry and the Second Iowa Cavalry marched 
from Oxford to Pontotoc to Tupelo, Mississippi destroying stores and portions of the Mobile & Ohio 
Railroad. In early 1863, at La Grange, Tennessee, the Sixth and Seventh Illinois Cavalry and the 
Second Iowa Cavalry were brigaded together under the command of Colonel Benjamin Garrison and 
foraged western Tennessee for horses and supplies. On April 17 the Brigade left La Grange on 
"Grierson's Raid" arriving at Baton Rouge, Louisiana on May 2. The Regiment next moved north to 
invest Port Hudson, Louisiana. Following the fall of Vicksburg, Grierson's Brigade was ordered to 
Memphis to guard the Memphis & Charleston RR The Regiment had numerous skirmishes with enemy forces 
in the Fall of 1863 including significant actions at Byhalia, Mississippi and Collierville, Tennessee. 
On December 26 the Seventh Cavalry, commanded by Colonel Edward Prince, met Forrest's command near 
New Castle, Tennessee. However, the Seventh did not receive expected support and was forced to retire 
in the face of superior forces. In February 1864, the Regiment marched with General William Sooy Smith's 
expedition from Collierville, Tennessee to West Point and Okolona, Mississippi. While at Germantown, 
Tennessee in March the Regiment's three-year term of service expired and 289 officers and men re-enlisted 
and were granted an April-June furlough. While the veteran's were on furlough, 120 non-veterans served 
with General Samuel Sturgis and suffered defeat by Forrest at Brice's Crossroads (Guntown, Mississippi) 
on June 10. When Forrest attacked Memphis on August 21, seven companies of the Seventh Cavalry were 
present and were instrumental in repelling Forrest's attack. In late September, the Regiment left 
Memphis, moved eastward through Bolivar and crossed the Tennessee River at Clifton, Tennessee in 
pursuit of Forrest. The Seventh remained in that general area until ordered further east to Pulaski, 
Tennessee on October 26 and then on to Shoal Creek, Alabama in November. During Hood's retreat from 
the Atlanta Campaign, the Seventh saw action against Hood's forces at Lawrenceburg, Tennessee on 
November 21 and was nearly surrounded by Forrest's army at Campbellsville three days later. The 
Seventh covered the rear and flanks of the Union infantry as it moved north through Columbia to 
Franklin and skirmished with the enemy at the Duck River, Hurt's Cross Roads and Mount Carmel. 
At the Battle of Franklin, November 30, the Seventh charged an enemy infantry Division and drove 
it across the Harpeth River. In the Nashville campaign the Regiment fought at Brentwood Hills and 
in the Battle of Nashville. Following Hood's route the cavalry followed him to the Tennessee River. 
The Seventh Cavalry was at Gravelly Springs, Alabama in mid January 1865 but the officers and men 
fit for duty had declined to 199 compared to 450 in mid December 1864. The Regiment was dismounted 
and sent to "Eastport, Alabama to receive new recruits. With the strength of the Regiment at 1,600 
and after the surender of the rebel armies the Seventh Cavalry moved to Okolona, Mississippi and then 
Decatur, Alabama where it was mounted. The Regiment returned to Camp Butler and was mustered out of 
service on November 17, 1865.

Seventh Cavalry.

Was organized by Col. Wm. Pitt Kellogg, at Camp Butler, and mustered into United States service, 
Oct. 13, 1861, having 1,141 officers and men. Its operations were at Cape Girardeau. Birds' Point, 
New Madrid, Mo., and Island No. 10. after which it moved by Tennessee river to Hamburg Landing, Tenn. 
It participated in the siege of Corinth and battle of Farmington. After the evacuation of Corinth, 
it guarded railroad. It was at battles of Iuka and Corinth. It was in pursuit of Price on several 
occasions, capturing prisoners and having skirmishes, several of which amounted to real battles. 
The Seventh was on Grierson's celebrated raid through the enemy's country to Baton Rouge, La
After capture of Fort Hudson and Vicksburg, moved to Memphis, and thence into Tennessee, having 
several encounters with the rebel Gens. Chalmers and Forrest. Sept. 3, 1864, was assigned to Gen. 
Hatche's cavalry,  and for months was on the most active duty in central Tennessee and northern 
Alabama, first against Forrest's cavalry, and thence against Hood's fleeing army. Jan. 13, 1865, 
199 men and officers only reported for duty. Thirty days before 45 men reported for duty. In three 
weeks the regiment was swelled to 1,600 men by recruits. Oct. 2O, 1865. was mustered out at Nashville. 
Discharged at Sprihgfield, 111., Nov. 17. 1865.

Major Geo. A. Root. e. as sergeant, Sept. 5, 1861. Promoted second lieutenant. Jan. 16,1862. Promoted 
adjutant. Oct. 1, 1862. Promoted Major, May 10, 1865. Mustered out Nov. 4, 1865.

Musician Harvey Fisher. e. Sept. 8, '61, m.o.July 21,'62. 
Musician Sam'l Moore, e. Sept. 8, 1861, m.o July 21,'62. 
Musician Sam'l Sprecher, e. Sept. 8, 61, m.o. uly 21,'62.

	Company B.

First Lieutenant Jos. O'Kane, e. as private, Sept. 5, 1861. Promoted first sergeant, then second lieutenant, 
Oct. 1, 1862. Promoted first lieutenant. Feb. 10, 1863.  Honorably discharged as second lieutenant,  
March 1O, 1865.

First Lieutenant Chas. Cross, e. Dec. 30, 1863 Promoted sergeant, then first lieutenant, April 20, 1865.
 Mustered out Nov. 4, 1865.

Second Lieutenant H. A. Van Epps, e. as private, Sept. 5, 1861. Re-enlisted as veteran. Feb. 10, 1804
 Promoted first sergeant, then second lieutenant, April 20, 1865 Mustered out Nov. 4, 1865

Corpl. W. M. Sturdevant, e. Sept. 5, 1861, m. o. Oct. 15, 1864. as sergt.

Buffington Wm. e. Sept. 5, 1861, kld. by guerrillas April 24, 1863. 
Bennett Chas.H. e. Sept. 5, 61, disd. July 20,'62,disab.
Cramptain Martin. e. Sept. 5, 1861, died at Mound City, Ill.
Campbell Geo. W. Sept. 5, 1861. m.o. April 25, 1865, as corpl., prisr. war.
Cross Edwin, e. Sept. 5, 1861, died July 18, 1862. 
Davis Theo. e. Sept. 5,1861, m. o. Sept. 21, 1864
Dennis Cornell A. e. Sept. 5, 1861, m. o. Nov. 4. 1865.
Fraker John W. e. Sept. 5, 61, vet. m. o. Nov. 4, 1865. 
Hughes Levi e. Sept. 5, 1861. kld. Dec. 26, 1863. 
Hemmingway Chas. T. e. Sept. 5, 1861, disd tor promotion Jan. 26, 1863
Halt Geo. S. e. Sept. 5, 1861. died Oct. 27. 1864. 
Lockhart Jos. C. e. Sept. 5. 61. m.o. Oct. 15,64. sergt.
Moulding John. e. Sept. 5, 1861. vet. sick at m.o.
Noble Chas. B. e. Sept, 5, 1861. trans. to V. R.C.. Feb.15, 1864
Robinson Isaac E. e. Sept. 5, 1861, m.o. Oct. 15,  1864.
Shorpe Andrew, e. Sept. 5, 1861. died in Miss. June 28, 1862.

Allen Thos. e. Sept. 30, 1864. m. o. July 12, 1865
Bartley D.  e. Oct. 15, 61. disc. Oct. 1862 disab.
Birge Robt. e. Nov. 17, 1863, m.o. Nov. 4, 1865. vet.
Butron Sylvester. e. Jan, 4, 1864. m. o. Nov, 4, 1865.
Boyer Dan'l W. e. Dec. 29, 1863. m. o, Nov. 4, 1865. 
Baker Geo. W. e. Jan. 5. 1864  m. o. Nov. 4, 1865.
Buffington Jonas. e. Sept. 26, 1864. m.o. July 12,  1865.
Bowman John e. Oct 4, 1864. m. o. Oct. 19, 1865
Cady Sam'l P. e. Nov. 17, 63. vet. m. o. Nov. 4, 1865.
Carmony Abraham e. March 9, 1865, m.o. Nov. 4,6?
Dyer Edgar A. e. Sept. 9, 1861. disd. for wds. rec 	March 28, 1863.
Dorman Christian. e. Nov. 5, l861. disd. for wds. rec'd. Nov. 5. 1862. 
Davis Jos. M. e. Oct. 4, 1864. m.o. Oct. 19. 1865
Day Squire. e. Sept. 30, 1864. m. o. July 12, 1865.
Dyer Edgar A. e. Dec. 30,63,vet. died in prison  MS
Everhart Jacob. e. Dec. 31, 1863. m. o. Nov. 4, 1865
Fifield John C. e. Jan. 4, 1864, m. o. Nov. 4, 1865
Ferrin Alber e. Dec. 30,  1863, deserted.
Herrington Marshal e. Jan. 5, 1864, m. o. Nov, 4, 1865 as first sergt.
Herrington Ellsworth. e. Jan. 5, 1864. m. o. Nov. 4, 1865 as sergt.
Hodgdon Isaac H. e. Oct. 30, 1863. m.o. Nov. 4, 1865 as corpl
Harner Elias. e. March 9, 1865. m.o. Nov. 4, 1865 
Hough James. e. Sept. 26, 1864. m. o. July 12, 1865
Johhson Jas. B. e. Nov. 5, 1864, m.o. Dec. 17, 1864
Johnson Jas. e. Nov. 5. 1861, kld. Aug. 20, 1862
Keeney Ira W. e. Jan. 4. 1864. m. o. Nov. 4, 1865
Lines Wesley F. e. Dec 31,63. disd. May 22, 65 disab.
Jigo John, e. Dec. 29. 63. dscd Nov. 4, 65. as sergt.
Miller Saml E. e. Dec. 30, 1863. disd. Nov. 4, 1865 
McCauley Pat'k. e. Dec. 29, 1863. disd. Nov. 4, 1865.
Miller Henry. e. Oct. 4, 1864. m. o. Oct. 19, 1865. 
Monroe Henry. e. Sept. 26, 1864. m. o. July 12, 1865.
Pratt Calvin. e. Dec. 30, 1863. m. o. Nov. 4, 1865.
Pratt A. B. e. Dec. 30, 1863, m.o. Nov. 4, 1865
Rogers D. e. Jan. 5, 1864. m.o. Nov. 4, 1865
Rose Warren C. e. March 4, 1865. m.o. Nov. 4, 1865. 
Rowland M. D. e. Dec. 29, 1863. m.o. Nov. 4, 1865
Rhan Peter e. Oct. 4, 1864. m. o. June 30, 1865. 
Smith Uavid e. Dec. 29, 1863 deserted July 23, 1865
Shultz Abraham e. Feb. 22, 1865. m.o. Nov. 4, 1865
Stull Wm. e. March 4, 1865. m. o. Nov. 4, 1865 
Selemier Henry, e. Oct. 6, 1864. m. o. Oct. 19, 1865
Schriner Fred'k, e. Oct. 11, 1864. m.o. Oct. 19, 1865
Tibbetts Theo. e. Dec. 31, 1863. m.o. Nov. 4, 1805
Tiffany David. e. Sept. 26, 1864 m.o. July 12, 1865
William Wm. T. e. Jan. 5, 64, m.o. Sept. 27 65, sergt
Zuck Jno. e. Jan. 5, 1864. m.o. Nov. 4, 1865. 

Company H.

Fordeck Lewis B. e. Feb. 27, 1865. m.o. Nov. 4, 1865. 
Hely Fred F. e. Feb. 27 1865. m. o. Nov 4 1865 
Horton Retzemond. e. Feb. 27 '65. m. o. Sept. 23 65
Jenkins Jas. H. e. Feb. 27 1865  m.o. Nov. 4 1865
Rogers Geo. A. e. Feb. 27 1865 m.o. Nov. 4 1865
Smith Garlant F. e. Feb. 27 1865 m. o. Nov. 4 1865

Company M.

Ayres Wm. S. e. Feb. 27 1865  m.o. Oct. 6 1865. 
Dupue Wm. H. e. Mar. 15 1865 m.o. Nov. 4 1865. 
Gaylord A. C. e. Mar. 4 1864. m.o. Nov. 4 1865. 
Winter Isaac. e. May 4 1864. m.o. Nov. 4 1865
Divelbliss Jas. W. e. Dec. 29 1863
Donnelly Bernard. e. Sept. 26 1864
Gore Jno. e. Feb. 22 1865
Heiner Elias. e. Mar. 9 1865
Moore Wm. J. e. Feb. 22 1865
Martin Francis, e. Mar. 8 1865
Nelson Andrew J. e. Jan. 5 1864
Rice Wm. e. Oct. 7 1864
Steele Wm. e. Mar. 4 1865

8th Cavalry.
Company A.
Downing Chas. A. e. Nov. 17 1863 m.o. July 17.'65. 
Dunning N. H. e. Nov. 17 1863, died July 1 1864 
Long Porter. e. Nov. 17 1863, m.o. July 17 1865
Renshaw Elisha, e. Nov. 11 1863. m.o. July 17. 1865


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