Carroll Co Pensioners
Contributed by John Sharp

I remembered that our national observation of Memorial Day began in Illinois with General John A. Logan, Logan a distinguished veteran of the Civil War was born February 9, 1826, in what is now Murphysboro Illinois. After the war, Logan was elected to Congress but his concern for veterans led him to take part in Illinois' first organized veterans memorial services at Woodlawn Cemetery in Carbondale in 1866. In 1868, he helped found Memorial Day as a national holiday. My mother in law Lucile Whitmore was born in Shannon Illinois in 1909 and remembered that as a young girl each May she would join her grandfather Alfred Whitacre and great uncle Edward Adlum Straub and help them place flowers on the graves of the Civil War dead. These two old soldiers would dress up each Memorial Day in their GAR uniforms and join other aging comrades and march (later ride) to the cemeteries there to pay tribute to their fallen brothers. The other day while looking through our local library I came upon the five volume set of List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 188 and thought of Lucile . Here I found a list of Civil War pensioners (their are also some from 1812 & 1848! But not from Carroll County).

My curiosity led me onward and the result is the attached transcription of the U. S. Pension Bureaus List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883. This transcription is from Volume # 3 which covers Illinois and Carroll County. . I hope to transcribe all of Carroll County The rest should be completed by next month, (I am an awful slow typist). Since we are coming up on Memorial Day I thought I would send in the attachment thus far which is for the Townships of Shannon and Savanna. I think the List is a great source for historians and genealogists as it gives sufficient information for Carroll County researchers to order copies of pension folders from the National Archives and Records Administration.

The key item for researchers requesting a folder is to include the pension certificate number and, name of the pensioner. Pensions from the U.S. Government were issued to Union veterans and their widows and orphans. Pension files are maintained by the National Archives in Washington, DC These files have not been microfilmed nor are they available online. Currently they are available only through in-person or by mail research. Pension files may be obtained for a fee (see web site below) from the National Archives and Records Administration at the address below.

Requests should be submitted on NATF Form 80, which can be obtained from:

General Reference Branch (NNRG-P)
National Archives and Records Administration
7th and Pennsylvania Ave, N.W.
Washington, DC 20408

To obtain NATF 80 Forms, researchers should go to the National Archives' web site

The List also contains the cause of for which the person was pensioned, their Post Office Address, their Rate of Pension per month and the Date of their Original Allowances. I found this information at our Stockton CA Library, so I guess many large libraries or genealogical collections will have similar volumes in their collections. The List was originally published by the Government Printing Office in 1883 as called for by the U.S. Senate Resolution of Dec. 8, 1882. The List only covers pensioners alive (not all Civil War veterans) as of 1882. Many other Civil War veterans were added to the pension rolls l ater as the criteria for Civil War pensions were liberalized in the succeeding decades.

Our Civil War was the most devastating in our nations history. The 620, 000 Union and Confederate soldiers and sailors who lost their lives almost equals the 680,000 Americans who died in all of the other wars the nation fought combined. About 250,000 men served from Illinois the exact number of Illinois dead is unknown but the number exceeded 100,000. This ghastly toll however does not cover the thousands of soldiers and sailors who returned wounded or maimed nor does it include their widows and orphans. The List will give readers some idea of just how all encompassing the war actually was. Reflected in the List for Illinois is a comparatively large number of pensioners from then largely agrarian and rural Carroll County. In such small Carroll County cities as Elkhorn Grove, Fair Haven, Lanark, Milledgeville, Mount Carroll, Shannon, Savannah and Thomson almost everyone was affected by War. The List I think eloquently documents that even the inhabitants of these small hamlets continued to suffer decades after the peace at Appomattox Court House.

What is in Civil War Pension Records and What can we learn from them?

Civil War pension folders offer a unique view of our nation‚€™s military and family history. These records were for the most part filled out by the veterans themselves or people who knew them well. They also provide us insight into how the war continued to affect Carroll County and the nation. Union army soldiers or their widows (in 1882 there were nine widows from Lanark alone!) or their minor children could apply for a pension. As can be seen in the attachment in some cases, even a dependent mother was eligible to receive a pension.

For genealogists and family historians Civil War pension folders will often contain considerable information about what the soldier did during the war, and will contain much medical information if the veteran lived for a number of years afterwards.

For example, in his pension file, Christian Yordy of Cherry Grove Illinois (certificate number 91394 VA file # XC 2-655-186) Company D, 93rd Illinois has an original letter with his request for change of assignment:

"...As I have not fully recovered from the wound I received at Altoona I would be grateful if you could detail me in your department. I have had 26 months active field service and am not feeling able to duty in the field."

There is also an accompanying certificate from his former Commanding Officer attesting to his wounding and from his regimental surgeon listing his wound as gunshot wound left shoulder and extensive descriptions of his general physical condition.

After Christian's death in 1911 to obtain a widow's pension, Christian's widow, Mary Kohr, later had to provide the pension office proof of their marriage that is a copy of the record kept by the minister and a list of their children. Typically, Civil War soldiers were also requested to provide data on any previous marriages. In Christian Yordy‚€™s pension folder he acknowledges his first marriage to Francis Whitmore of Carroll County in 1866 and gives and approximate dates of their marriage and her death in 1876. Since many documents contained in the folders were written by the veteran or his widow their opinions, thoughts and feelings really become evident and for those of us interested in family history this is probably as close as most of us will ever get to hearing our ancestors authentic voices.

Civil War historians routinely use pension records to get a soldiers perspective on the big events and learn first hand from the participants what they though and believed. For two excellent examples of how historians use these documents to illuminate our past see: James M. Mc Pherson, For Cause & Comrades, Why Men fought in the Civil War and Warren Wilkinson‚€™s Mother may you never see the sights I have seen The Fifty- Seventh Massachusetts Veteran Volunteers in the Last Year of the Civil War.

All in all Civil War pension records are generally a treasure throve of information and well worth the effort to secure.

Carroll County Pensioners

Mt. Carroll Pensioners
Certificate# Pensioner Name P.O. Address Disability Monthly rate Date of original allowance
1,238 Healy, Pamelia Elkhorn Grove widow 8.00 Aug 1871
110,628 Dains, Wm. A. pith. pul 8.00 Aug. 1871
169,998 Ensley, Peter wd. r. thigh 4.00 Jun. 1880
126,215 Bennett, Chas. H. dis. of heart 18.00 Apr. 1881
186,410 Williams, Charles Fairhaven chr.reum 4.00 Apr. 1881
172,213 Gill, Susan Lanark mother 8.00 Feb. 1876
173, 498 Aldrich, Martha mother 8.00 May 1875
136,430 Roland, Mary mother 8.00 Nov. 1869
58, 014 Grant, Althea widow 8.00 Nov. 1869
39,278 Steinman, Elizabeth widow 8.00 Jan. 1865
29,749 Willis, Lucy widow 8.00 June 1880
66,832 Misner, Elizabeth widow 8.00 Mar. 1866
76, 323 Beers, Sarah M. widow 8.00 Mar. 1866
26,374 Heath, Francis widow 8.00 Mar. 1866
42, 629 Hellar, Elizabeth widow 8.00 Mar. 1866
66,244 Keyser, Mary J. widow 8.00 Mar. 1866
222,926 Howell, James R. chr. diarr. & dis. rectum 12.00 Dec. 1882
88, 992 Palmer, John S. sunstroke, result dis. heart 12.00 Apr. 1881
..... Keister, David g.s.w. left thigh8.00 Apr. 1878
164,629 Wheat, James C. asthma 4.00 Feb. 1880
171,441 Ray,Willis dis. of gums&legs fr. scurvy 4.00 July 1880
50,067 Mizerno, Wm. H. amp. l. leg 18.00 July 1880
108,311 Lego, Henry wd. l. side 2.00 July 1880
141,133 Snyder, Daniel H. loss sight r. eye & effects 10.00 July 1880
169,760 Lowell, Ira dis. of liver 6.00 June 1880
178,066 Mc Ilhattin, John L. ch. diarr 4.00 Oct. 1880
195,923 Whieler, Victor inj.of head& result. epilepsy 18.00 Sept.1881
........... Gear, Mary A. widow 8.00 ..............
186,481 Hunter,James P. Milledgeville dis. of eyes 8.00 ..............
115, 589 Chambers, Jacob L. wd. l. leg 4.00 ...............
162, 861 Holly, Leonard injury to abdomen 4.00 Oct. 1879
175,755 Estabrook, Decatur dis. lungs 2.00 Oct. 1880
148,512 McPherson, Hannah E. widow 8.00 Mar. 1871
102,573 Lampman, Amasa g.s.w.r.shoulder6.00 ..............
61, 439 Beeler, Sophia Mount Carroll widow 25.00 ...............
154,437 Keil, Elizabeth mother 8.00 Nov.1871
53,483 Sherry, Joseph w.l.arm 6.00 .............
176,219 Yeakle, William minor 10.00 ..............
184,895 Grim, Otis 2 g.s.w.l. thigh4.00 Mar. 1881
168,039 Appel, Balser dis. of stomach 4.00 May 1880
197,755 Embrick, Daniel dis.l. side & back6.00 Nov. 1881
193,442 Eckhart, Geo. Sunstroke& diseaseof liver 2.00 July 1881
181,890 Myers, Henry inj. l. leg 8.00 Jan. 1881
205,158 Fargusson, James D. g.s.w.r.leg & scurv.& res'g 8.00 Mar. 1882
172,366 Forbas, Josiah C. wd. l. arm & shell w. of head 8.00 Aug. 1880
192,501 Frazer, Don R. rheum 2.00 July 1881
166,446 Williams, David wd. rt. hip 33.33 Apr. 1880
184,981 Homedew, Nathaniel H. g.s.w.thigh & chronic diarr 6.00 Mar. 1881
103,556 Sister, Benjamin wd. head 4.00 Mar. 1881
18,476 Smith, David B. wd.l. shoulder 6.00 Mar.1881
111,594 Mathison, Archibald wd. l. thigh 8.00 Mar.1881
84,658 Williams, Robert A. loss right leg 24.00 Mar. 1881
27,156 Queckborner, Phill wd of spine & c.16.00 Mar. 1881
119,852 Beattie, James P. wd. r. thigh 8.00 Mar. 1881
102,858 Shay, John wd. l. shoulder 8.00 Mar. 1881
59,726 Sager, John wd. r. arm 18.00 Mar. 1881
69,326 Schant, Julius wd. l. leg 8.00 Mar. 1881
116,088 Lichel, Henry wd. r. arm 5.00 Mar. 1881
116,215 Gill, Phillip C. wd. of the chest6.00 Mar. 1881
29, 750 Galligher, Hugh wd. r. hand 6.00 Mar. 1881
93, 605 Powers, John wd. abdomen 12.00 Mar. 1881
92, 074 Allison, Joseph F. amp. l. hand 24.00 Mar.1881
24,766 Hartman, Henry wd. r. ankle joint 10.00 Mar. 1881
51,901 Gelwicks,John C. wd. face & left arm 8.00 Mar. 1881
110, 629 Phillips, Augustus wd. l. hand & r.arm 8.00 Mar. 1881
104, 551 Schultz, Wm.H. dis. of the heart 8.00 Mar. 1881
70,581 Saunders, Wm. wd. face 12.00 Mar. 1881
107,986 Overheim, Daniel L. dis. of the lungs 8.00 Mar. 1881
66,896 Clevidence, John F. wd. r. hand 8.00 Mar. 1881
147,571 Kearnaghan, Henry wd. l. knee 4.00 Mar. 1881
24,993 Robbe, Wm. P. wd. r. side 18.00 Mar. 1881
31, 111 Frederick Conrad wd. r.shoulder 10.00 Feb. 1881
164,919 Russell, James P. injury to abdomen 6.00 Feb. 1881
77,193 Klirger, Jacob W. wd. l. side 6.00 Feb. 1881
211,916 Wood, Jacob g.s.w.head 4.00 June 1880
190,166 Nase, Rebecca T. widow 22.00 Oct. 1880
27,611 Dumbolton, Jane widow 8.00 Nov.1875
........... Howard, Sarah M. widow 8.00

Shannon Pensioners
Certificate# Pensioner Name P.O. Address Disability Monthly rate Date of original allowance
134,696 Chapman, Kezia Savanna d'pt mother 8.00 Sep 1869
173,929 Hieburg, Franz J " minor 10.00 Sep 1869
67,664 Kruger, Emilie " widow 8.00 Sep 1869
17,629 Walker, Rachel " widow 8.00 Feb 1879
57,558 Stetson, Jennie A " widow 20.00 Feb 1879
39,632 Greening, Barbara " widow 8.00 Jan 1865
194,439 Vorce, Wm. R " injury to abdomen 6.00 Aug 1881
167,974 Startzman, John M " dis. of liver 8.00 May 1880
161,689 Smith, Jas. " dis. of heart 6.00 July 1879
191,135 Carpenter, Jas. E " g.s.w.r. side 4.00 June 1881
203,102 Clark, Ira " chr. diarr 4.00 Feb 1882
187,990 Reed, Gurden " wd. l. thigh 4.00 May 1881
108,570 Conigan, Bernhard " wd. r. should 10.00 May 1881
141,489 Allen, Samuel " chr. diarr 3.00 May 1881
29,299 Robison, John H " loss r. arm 24.00 May 1881
180,725 Chapin, Lewis L " injury to abdomen 4.00 Jan 1881
122,633 McRae, John " wd. l. arm 4.00 Apr 1873
182,153 Shadle, Levi " dis. liver 8.00 Feb 1881
187,641 Turner, Calvin " dis. lungs 4.00 Apr 1881
184,827 O'Daniel, J. Chas. S " ab. 8.00 Mar 1881
23,850 Wright, Joseph " --- 8.00 Aug 1878
138,947 Atkins, James " dis. of heart,lungs 14.00 Aug 1878
44,842 Cram, David Shannon, IL gen'l anasarca 8.00 Aug 1878
75,061 Rubendall, Daniel R " wd. r. hip 6.00 Aug 1878
90,754 Perry, Uriah " wd. r. sho. 8.00 Aug 1878
87,831 Bistline, Balser " wd. r. leg 6.00 Aug 1878
45,308 Smith, John I. " g.s.w. left elbow 12.00 Aug 1878
127,375 Swisher, Jacob H " wd.hand/amp.thumb 2.00 Aug 1878
29,902 Hayes, Russell A " wd.shoulder & spine 12.00 Aug 1878
37,938 Garrison, Miles " 4.00 Aug 1878
31,106 Hayes, John R " wd. l. foot 8.00 Aug 1878
134,123 Moyer, Wm " wd. l. thigh 6.00 Aug 1878
36,438 White, John D " wd.shoulder.lower jaw 10.00 Aug 1878
17,295 Thomas, Michael " wd. r. thigh 24.00 Aug 1878
86,088 Kramer, Benj. F " wd. l. leg 6.00 Aug 1878
114,376 Knost, Mathias " wd. r. hip 2.00 Aug 1878
178,916 Sizer, Thomas J " Dia. dis.liver 6.00 Nov 1880
157,841 Payne, David " wd. r. hand 1.00 Mar 1879 Geralghty, Ann B " widow 8.00 Aug 1869