Carroll County Fair August 29 - 31, 1923


General Advisor -                                  G. R. Bliss
Author and Executive Advisor--------------------Nina B. Lamkin

             Mrs. Thomas Smith, Neighborly Welfare Club, Mt. C.
SECOND DAY------------------------------Harry S. Lowman, Lanark
THIRD DAY------------------------Mrs. John Connell, Mt. Carroll


FIRST DAY------------------------------------------Savanna Band
                     Irvin Benedict, Director
SECOND DAY------------------------------------------Lanark Band
                      Harry Rahn, Director
THIRD PAY------------------------------------Milledgeville Band
                    C. A. Meadechall, Director


        Mrs. Loomer Downing-------------------Mt. Carroll
        Mrs. A.S. Babb------------------------Shannon
        Mrs. Jennie Nipe----------------------Mt.Carroll
        Prof. R.T. McGrath--------------------Lanark
	  Mrs. David Courts---------------------Lanark
	  Mrs. Fred Spaulding-------------------Chadwick
	  Roy Fritz-----------------------------Mt.Carroll
        Mrs. Dr. Runnels----------------------Milledgeville
        J.H. Shirk----------------------------Milledgeville
	  Mrs. Albert Getz----------------------Mt. Carroll
        Mrs. Chas. Moore----------------------Mt. Carroll
        Mrs. John Connell---------------------Mt. Carroll
        Chas.Gordon, Ch.----------------------Mt. Carroll
	  Roy Fritz-----------------------------Mt. Carroll
	  Chas.Kingery -------------------------Chadwick
        Harry Linskill, Ch.-------------------Lanark
        Rev. Studebaker-----------------------Mt. Carroll
        Clarence Doty-------------------------Savanna
        Chas. Kessler-------------------------Mt. Carroll
        Dan Fierheller------------------------Milledgeville
        Mrs. Ferd Spaulding, Gb.--------------Chadwick
        C. M. Feezer--------------------------Mt. Carroll
        Prof. McGrath-------------------------Lanark
        Miss Bertha Corbett, ch.--------------Mt. Carroll
        Mrs. Jennie Nipe----------------------Mt. Carroll
        Miss ZelIa Corbett--------------------Mt. Carroll
        Mrs. Fred Alianson--------------------Mt. Carroll
        Mrs. Dan Eckman-----------------------Lanark
        Mrs. Frank Vanderheyden---------------Lanark
        Mrs. Oral Chisholm--------------------Lanark
        Mrs. Dwight Fickes--------------------Mt. Carroll
        Miss Bertha Courts--------------------Lanark
        Miss Maude Blough---------------------Mt. Carroll
        Charlotte Moore-----------------------Mt. Carroll
        Margaret Campbell---------------------Mt. Carroll
        Grace Coleman-------------------------Mt. Carroll
         Chas, Kessler, ch.-------------------Mt. Carroll
         George  Morris-----------------------Lanark
         Chs. Moore---------------------------Mt. Carrol
         Mrs. Chas. Diehl---------------------Lanark
         Mrs. David Courts--------------------Lanark
         Chas. Casselherry--------------------Mt. Carroll
         Sen. J.E. Turnbaugh------------------Mt. Carroll
         Dan Hurley---------------------------Mt. Carroll
         Thos. Jenks--------------------------Savanna
         Mrs. Guy Putorbatgh, Ch.-------------Lanark
         Mrs. Vernon Todd---------------------Milledgeville
         Rev. Bremicker-----------------------Savanna
         Mrs. Harry Lowman--------------------Lanark
         Miss Ruth Sennff, Ch.----------------Chadwick
         Mrs. Lucy Puterbaugh-----------------Milledgeville
         Mrs. Oscar Daehler-------------------Chadwick
         Miss Alice Coleman-------------------Mt. Carroll
         Harry Linskill-----------------------Lanark
         Albert Dresbach----------------------Mt. Carroll
         Henry Fehler-------------------------Savanna
         Chas. Dresbach-----------------------Mt. Carroll
         Elmer Kinney-------------------------Mt. Carroll
         Chris Handel-------------------------Mt. Carroll
                Stage Direction and Stage Management
	Members of Committees from each Center as given in
                the Cast list for each day.

                  CARROLL COUNTY HISTORY
1778. Two years after signing the declaration of Indepeodence
George Rogers Clark captured Vincennes of the British 
and the County of Illinois was organized 

1809. Illinois Territory was divided into two counties by 
proclamation of Governor Pope.

1818.  Illinois territory became State of Illinois. 1823 to 1828 
United States Government makes treaties with the Indians
by which they agreed to give up their hunting grounds to the 
white man.

1827. The County of Jo Daviess was organized embracing
what are now the Counties of Lee, Ogle, Carroll and Whiteside 
with the county seat at Galena.

1828. First Settlement in Carroll County at  Savanna,
known as the Council Bluffs of the Upper Mississippi. It was
made by three families of George and Vance L.  Davidson, Aaron
Pierce and Wm. Blundel, from Galena  lead mines, who moved
to Savanna with ox teams. They lived in the  Indian Counci1
House until cabins could he built.1829 Aaron Pierce and son
brought the first herd of cattle and homes into the county.

1830.  First settlement made in Cherry Grove by Thomas
Crane on what is known as Laird farm and was called Crane's

1832. Black Hawk War broke out and settlers moved their
families from Savanna to Galena for protection. The men built 
a block house on the point of bluff where the residence of Mr.
Dupuis stands. This fort stood off an attack by the Indians in
which Bob Upton had a narrow escape, hiding in a cave until
nightfall when he and other men escaped in a boat to Galena.

1833. The County Commissioners of Jo Daviess County
ordered Levi Warner to lay out the road between Galena and
Peoria.    This route went by way of Crane's Fort in Cherry

1834. First permanent settlement was made by     George
Knox in Elkhorn Grove.

1835-1839. Regulators or vigilants were organized to stop
horse theiving and other lawlessness which was threatening the
property and  lives of settlers.

1835.  Hon. Norman  D. French filed claim for land in what
 is now York township.     He was engaged in the first 
government survey and helped block  out Carrol1 County into 
government townships, was first tax collector and member of 29th
General Assembly of Illinois legislature.

1836. The first settlement was made at Preston Prairie by 
Samuel Preston.

1839. Carroll County was organized out of part of Jo Daviess
by act of legislature.   The first church services were held
the same year by a Presbyterian minister by name of Whipple, 
on Preston Prairie.

1841. The Mt. Carroll  Mill Company was organized by 
 Nathaniel Halderman  and the first log house
in Mt. Carroll was  erected on Stagg Point and occupied by David
Emmert and  family.

1849. Carroll County settlers leave for California in quest
of gold.  Many follow later.

1850.   The first newspaper in the county, the Mount Carroll
Trbune, was started by Dr. John L. Hostetter.

1852.   Mt. Carroll Seminary received Charter and in 
following year  was opened by Miss F. A. Wood (afterwarth Mrs
Shimmer) and Miss Gregory.

1853. Agricultural Society organized.  Held its first fair
in 1854 on the farm now owned by W. D. Golding, one-half mile 
east of Argo-Fa.

1860-64. Carroll County raised $250,000 and 1498 men
enlisted for the Civil War and not a man was drafted.

1867. Mt. Carroll received City Charter from Legislature

1873-'74. The Grange movement swept over the county as a
protest by the farmers against the low prices for farm products,
corn being worth 15c per bu. at that time and other grains
in proportion.

1880. Organization of Nase Post No. 80. G. A. R   and of 
the Woman's Relief Corps were the first in Carroll Conunty.

1884. The Soldiers and Sailors Reunion Society of Carroll 
Co. was organized at Lanark, Illinois.

1888. A County Mutual Fire Insurance Co.  was organized 
by the farmers to obtain their insurance at reasonable rates
This company today has an assembled capital of over seven
million dollars and is the third largest in the State.

1890.   Carroll County erects monument to the memory of
the soldiers and sailors who fought in the War of the Rebellion.

1893.   At the World's Fair in Chicago,       Carroll County
ranked first in its exhibits of Grains, Grasses, and Dairy 
Products, due to the efforts of A. B. and W. R. Hostetter who 
prepared the exhibits.  A. B. Hostetter afterwards became  
Secretary of the Illinois Farmers' Institute.

1898.   A very destructive cyclone visited Carroll County;
its path extending from a point near old Dyson's Lake, north
and eastward through Mt. Carroll Township destroying from
eight to ten farm steads, including the County Farm.      There
were several fatalities, besides a number injured.

1898.   Carroll County furnished a number of men in the
Spanish-American War.

1917.   The World War gave Carroll County an opportunity
to show her patriotism.   She furnished more than her quota in
both  men   and  money.    A     total of 658 men in all branches
of service, besides quite a number of women in the Red Cross
enlisted in our nation's service.  The number who were killed or
died in service was 25.

1919.   The Carroll County Farm Bureau        was organized
with a membership of 325.   Work was begun in February 1920,
and a re-organization campaign conducted in June of that year
resulted in a membership of 1368 being secured.

			 A Century in Carroll County
            	 A County Historical Pageant
                    	 PROGRAM FOR
     			 Wednesday, August 29, 1923
                         2:00     P. M.

	            "OLD INDIAN TRAILS"

Music by--------------------------------------------------Band
Prologues written by---------------------------Harriet N. Connell
Prologue Reader--------------------------------Rev. E. Y. Knapp
Bugle Call

Prologue-------------------------"A HUNDRED YEARS AGO"

The mists of the morning cleared away,
And the sun shown warm and golden on an awakening
The great forests were alive with the song of birds;
A chorus triumphant;
The  south wind  blew  gently o'er the long grass of the
Rippled it into waves, like a mghty sea,
Flowing on toward the distant horizon.
The wild flowers, sweet with dew, lifted their faces,
To be kissed by the rising sun.
Softly the furry beasts crept forth in search of food,
Crept from the forest deep and dark,
To the edge of the prairie,
Little beasts dwelling in peace together.
The streams sang gayly as they flowed on between the
    rocky walls,
Flowed on to the mighty river,
Where the deer came down to drink,
steppong softly in the yielding sands;
And the fish leaped in a shower of silver spray;
No strife, no hate, no turmoil,
The sweet peace of the morning,
One hundred years ago

The Prairies and the Wild Flower  Children bring us the
story of the beauties of Nature.

Prologue  ------------------"THE   INDIAN TRAILS"

Far above the laughing water, on the towering cliffs of
Were the  tepees of the Foxes,
Of the Sacs and Winnebagoes,
Indian  braves and happy maidens,
In the glorious land of promise;
Here the harvest and the hunting,
Feasts and dances by the waters,
Of the mighty Mississippi,
Here was moonlight, love and laughter,
Here the weddings, here the sorrows;
Until one night there came the signal,
Signal fires upon the hilltop,
Shining through the moonlit valley
Tell the story of the coming
Of the white man to the valley;
In the council house they gather,
Mighty braves, the old, the maidens,
Faces dark with pain of parting;
Farewell to the rocks of granite,
Farewell to the mighty river,
Farewell to the blooming prairie,
To the birds within the forests;
Silently the tepees vanish;
Nevermore the camp fires burning,
Nevermore the dance and singing,
Nevermore the signals rising,
In the glory of the autumn,
On the Long Trail are they passing,
To the land of the Tomorrow,
Silent are the singing voices.
Low their heads are bowed in sorrow.
On the cliff where lies the ashes
Of the carnpfirt~, ~tdnd~ e figure,
Of a man trinrnph~nf,    n,.i,-sr,~
To the west, into the sunset,
In the glory long he gazes,
In his hand a wondrous banner,
Red and white and blue its color;
On the hilltop he implants it,
While below   the sound of voices
Echo back from o'er the river,
And the birth of Carroll County,
On the mighty Mississippi,
On the page was then recorded,
In the Record of the Ages,
Long, long years ago.

In Order of Their Appearanee with Leaders

Characters or Group~-Organization or Individual      Town

Prologue Reader. Rev. E.Y. Knapp-----------------Milledgeville


Voices of the Prairies, High School--------------Mt. Carroll
        Alice Coleman----------------------------Mt. Carroll
        Mrs. H.P. Hostetter----------------------Mt. Carroll

Wild Flower Chi1dren-----------------------------Mt. Carroll
        Mrs. H. P. Hostetter---------------------Mt. Carroll
        Mrs. Jennie Nipe-------------------------Mt. Carroll

Indian Trails. C. C. Circle----------------------Lanark
        Mrs. Guy Puterbaugh----------------------Lanark
        Mrs. David Courts------------------------Lanark
Indian Scout, Rex Rahn---------------------------Lanark
Fire Lighter, Gerald Kessinger-------------------Lanark
Medicine Man, Clarence Champion------------------Lanark
Black Hawk, Chief of the Sacs, Ray Bowers--------Lanark
Keokuk, Chief of Foxes, Floyd Zuck---------------Lanark
Indian Men, C. C. Circle-------------------------Lanakr
Indian Women, C. C. Circle-----------------------Lanark
Chief of Winnebagoes, Henry B. Strauch-----------Thomson
Chief of Pottawattomies, A. I. Robison-----------Thomas
Indians of these Tribes--------------------------Thomas
	Mrs. Robt. Groharing, Ch. -----------------Thomas
    	Mr. Jas. Frost-----------------------------Thomas
       Mrs. Vada Carroll-------------------------Thomas
Peace Dancer, Phillip Colehour-------------------Mt. Carroll
Indian Children, Groop from Lanark---------------Lanark
        Mrs. Guy Puterbaugh----------------------Lanark
        Mrs. David Courts------------------------Lanark

                           Scene II

Indian Brave, C. C. Circle, Rex Hahn--------------Lanark
Indian Maiden, Marion Helsinger-------------------Lanark

                            Scene 111

Indian Messenger, Vaoghn Garr---------------------Thomson
Indian Guide, Ivan Carroll------------------------Thomson
Interpreter, Frank Bohmire------------------------Thomson
First Settlers------------------------------------Thomson
        Geo. Davison and family,   Mr. and Mrs. Hush
        Vance Davidson and family, Mr. and Mrs. John
        Aaron Pierce and family,    Mr. and Mrs. Roy
        Wm. Bundle and family     Mr. and Mrs. Bert
          Grimm ----------------------------------Thomson
Other Settlers. Men. Women and Children-----------Mt. Carroll
        Mrs. Thos. Smith. Ch. Neighborly Welfare Club
        Mrs. John Hoover--------------------------Mt. Carroll
	  Mr. Lee Irvin----------------------------Mt. Carroll
	  Roy Neuschwanger--------------------------Mt. Carroll
	  Bertha Corbett----------------------------Mt. Carroll
Settlers, Mrs. H.R. Parsons, Mrs. Nina Kenyon-----Argo-fa
Three bringing Game, Neighborly Welfare Club------Mt. Carroll

                        Episode II

                           Scene 1

Settlers - Mrs.Robt. Groharing-----------------Thomson
        Mrs. Thos. Smith, Neighborly Welfare Club  
        Mrs. Nina Kenyon, Argo-Pa Groop--------Argo-Fa
        Mrs. Nino Kenyon, Argo-Pa Group--------Argo-Fa
                           Scene II

Black Hawk and Tribe, C. C. Circle-------------Lanark
        Mrs. Guy Puterbaugh--------------------Lanark
        Mrs. David Courts ---------------------Lanark
Bob Upton  
                           Scene III
First School, Oakville Commonity, Mrs. Ford Jack
        Mrs. Paul Daggort----------------------Mt. Carroll
First Teacher, Miss Annie Towert---------------Mt. Carroll

                    EPISODE I.   1823-1828

                    OLD INDIAN TRAILS

                           Scene I

    The Indians are gathering for some of the old tribal 
	ceremonials Black Hawk, chief of the Sacs  and Keokuk, 
	chief of  the Foxes have summoned their people. Smoke 
	is blown to the four winds and the Ceremonial to the Sun 
	being enacted whena yell in the distance tells of the 
	coming of another tribe.  Are they friends or enemies?
     The Winnebagoes and Pottawattonties come and are 
received as friends.  The Peace dance is enacted in their honor.
    All join in the Harvest Ceremonial when thanks are given
to the Great Spirit for the rain and the sun which have made
the seed grow and which have brought forth a good harvest.
Indian children piay an old Indian game - Arrow Chase.
							Scene II

   An Indian brute returns frenx cbs hunt and places his prize
at the fcet of his Indian Maid.   The tribe give their approval
and the wedding followss as the old chief blesses the reeds and
gives to the maid and brave.
				            Scene III

  A mesenger comes ringing news that white men are 
approaching the village. The first white settlers come and make
camp. They are George and Vance davidson, Aaron Pierce,
William bundle, and their families.

  Other settlers and ftheir families follow and the Indian
braves slowly depart as the Stars and stripes are planted in 
Carroll County.

Prologue --------------------"THE DAYS OF THE PIONEER"

    Through thehaze of the days of Autum
    Through the snow and ice of Winter
    When the Spring bloomed in the valley,
    And the golden sun of Summer
    Made the land a wondrous garden,
    Came the brave and hardy peopie,
    Men and women, little children,
    Built the cabins and the gardens,
    In this land of the Mississippi,
    Finding a wonderful land of promise
    While the jealous eyes of the red men
    Watched them from the deep dark forest,
    Saw the land they loved pass from them;
    One last stand they made to save it,
    Black Hawk and his warners crafty,
    But undaunted was the white man,
    Brave and fearless as he met them,
    Soon the smoke of battle clearing,
    Then the pipe of peace was lighted
    From the embers of the watch fires,
    And the Indians surrendered
    To the onward march of progress,
    To the halls of education,
    Built beneath the towerign hilltops
    Where the banner of our nation
    Flung to the bieeze its glorious colors,
    And the light from the stars of Heaven
    Shone upon a peaceful people
    Pioneers of Carroll County,
    Many years ago.
						   EPISODE II
                             Scene I

     The fist white men and their families settle at Savanna.
The spiniing wheel and the loom  are put to work.    On horse
back and oraurue scgiibers, they come to the new country to
make their home. Strong hearted men and women were these
our forbears and many were the hardships of the early days.

                              SCENE II
     The Indians are on the warpath.  Black Hawk and his men
have brought terror to many settlement groups.     They attack
the  Savanna   settlement.   The  women   and children are sent
away and the men withstand the attack of the Indians and 
protect their homes.

     Bob Upton is almost captured while dressing a deer.

                            Scene III

     The war is ended and Settlers and the Indians sign a peace
pact and portions of land are allotted to the Indians for their

     The first school is started for the children of the settlers.

Postlude----------------------------------Flag of Our Country

                         MUSIC LIST
                       EPISODES I & 11

 1.  Overture.
 2.  Bugle Call.
 1.  Waltz-Prairies.
 4.  Waltz-Wild Flowers.
 5.  Indian Theme-Indian Cerrnonial.
 6.  Indian Theme-Indian Ceremonial.
 7.  Indian Theme---Indian Wedding.
 8.  March-Coming of the Settlers.
 9.  Indian Theme-Exit of Indians.
10.  America-Planting of the Flag.     
11.  Band number-Between Episodes.
12.  March-Entrance of Settlers.
13.  Indian Theme-Attack on Settlers.
14.  Band number-Between Scenes.
15.  Quiet Indian Theme-Peace Treaty.
16.  A Lively March-The First School.
17.  Patriotic March-The Flag Drill.


PROGRAM Thursday, August 30, 1923 "THE GIFT OF DEMOCRACY" Music by-----------------------------------------Lanark Band Prologues written by-----------------------Harriet M. Connell Prologue loader----------------------------------E. F. Auman Overture. Bugle Call. PRELUDE Nature groups in a Story Play tell us of the changing seasons. Prologue-----------------------------------------"Progress The days passed on and Time brought many changes, The name of Carroll was given to the land, The land of rivers, hills and prairies. Churches were built and hymns of praise and thanksgiving, Arose to God, who gave this land to His people, The fertile soil was tilled and in the days of the Autumn, With laughter and with song. Men and women and little children, Went forth with scythe and sickle to cut the grain, Gleaming golden in the sunlight. Here were love and laughter, Here were joy and sorrow, Here life and death, Here all the tragedies and comedies of life, The same as the wide world over, Life was filled with every element That makes successful living, And the people in the Autumn, Gather from each farm and hamlet, To compare the work of their hands and fruits of their vineyards, The grain from the harvest and the lowing kine from the prairie, And there was feasting, joy and dancing, For the harvest had been plenteous, And the County Fair came into being Seventy years ago. CAST OF CHARACTERS AND GROUPS In Ordcr of Their Appearance with Leaders Prologue Reader. Prelude. Nature Groups-----------------------------------------Mt. Carroll Mrs. E. N. Gsell------------------------------Mt. Carroll Mrs. Fred Leigh-------------------------------Mt. Carroll Episode 111 Scene 1 Prologue Reader, E. F. Auman--------------------------Mt. Carroll Carroll County Group, H. P. Hostetter, Walter Watson----------------------------------------Mt. Carroll First Commissioners-Luther H. Bowen, John H. Connell, Sample M. Journey, Louis i3rownmg, Garner Moffett, John Hay- Mt. Carroll. Other Officers -Clerk, Wm. B. Goss, Walter Watson; Sheriff, Hezekiah Frances, D, A. Howard; Justice John C. Owings, H. P. Hostetter; Coroner, Mason C. Taylor, H. A. Wise; Recorder, Royal Cooper, Val Boerner; Surveyors, Levi Warner, S.C. Campbell, E. C. Myers-Mt. Carroll. Groups of Settlers, Lew Weidman, Ch.------------------Center Hill Geo. Fulrath--------------------------------Center Hill Rev. Earl Edwards-----------------------------Mt. Carroll Chas. Gordon, John Randecker, Winsel McGrath Chas. Bennett, Elmer Boyd---------------------Woodland Roy Fritz, Ch.--------------------------------Freedom Mrs. Frank Vanderheyden-----------------------Freedom Mrs. Eva Royer. ch. Harvey Bolinger, Chas. Rowland, Mrs. Geo. Finifrock, June Miller, Stanley Finifrock, Lillian Garner -- Cherry Grove. Scene II The Circuit Rider, Stanley Finifrock--------------------Lanark First Religious Ceremony--------------------------Cherry Grove -------------------------------------------Center Hill -----------------------------------------Woodland Scene III Chadwick Groups and those in Scenes I & 11 C. M. Ringery, Ch.; John Humbert. Ruth Senneff, Dora Daehler, Frances Jack, Olive Spealman, J. 0. Kerch, Roscoe Dial. The Early Postman, Edward Mest. The Wedding Party: Bride. Elsie Schuhardt; Groom, Oscar Daehler; Justice J. 0. Kerch; Mother, Mrs. D. W. Plummer; Father, D. W. Plummer; Friends: Effie Spencer, Hazel Zugschwerdt, Helen Spinka. Edna Kerch, Gertrude Linker. The Banditti: Dr. E. M. Hartfield, Adam Heinze-Chadwick. Old Fiddlers Dance - Chas.Gordon, Ch.----------------Woodland John Randecker---------------Woodland Roy Fritz-------------------------Freedom Elmer Boyd------------------------Woodland Mrs. Frank Vanderheyden------------Freedom Scene IV On the Way to the Fields: Mrs. Albert Getz, Mrs. Albert Petty Mrs. Chas. Petty--Preston Prairie. Scene V Announcer, Col.Osterman:--------------------------------Shannon Carroll County Agri. Socety. and groups coming to the Fair Mrs. Fannie Osborne. Prof. C. S. Montooth, Mrs. A.S. Babb Mrs. Dora Baum, Miss Helen Hoy, Mrs. Nenah Osborne, Mrs. Vera Hoy. Sheriff. Prof. C.S. Montooth; Popcorn Boy, Vernon Osborne; Gingerbread Boy, George Wents - Shannon. Woman with Babe ------------- Attractions Prologue Reader, E.F. Auman -------------------Mt. Carroll EPISODE IV Scene I Crowd Looking for Lincoln and Douglas: Mrs. H. S. Lowman, Mr. H. S. Lowman, Bertha Coons, Geo. Jones, Dan Eckman, Mrs. Glen Wise, Prof. R.T. McGrath, Mrs. David Courts, Mrs. Opal Chisholm. Mrs. Chas. Diehl-------Lanark. Stephen A. Douglas, Geo. Morris---------------------------Lanark Abraham Lincoln, Lloyd Weed------------------------------- Scene II Crowd Escort in Wagon, 12 Farmersrs------------------------- And Lincoln & Douglas, Lloyd Weed and Geo. Morris---- Scene III Call to Arms- Messenger, Dan Eckman---------------------------- Leader, George Jones----------------------------- Men and women in above scene Men First-------------------------------------- Women of Scone II . Lanark Group-------------------------- Meesenger brings news, carries flag, Dan Eckman------------------------- Postlude Flag Group, Mrs. Earl Baum, Helen Hoy, Esther Baker -- Shannon EPISODE III 1839-1855 Scene I CARROLL COUNTY ORGAMZED The first Commissioners of Carroll County, Luther H. Bowen Sample M. Journey and Garner Moffet are holding their first meeting and they announce the appointment to the various offices: William B. Goss Hezekiah Francis John C. Owings Mason C. Taylor Royal Cooper Levi Warner Other business of importance is transacted. Many settlers are present at thc meeting. Scene II Before the churches were built in Carroll County. the Circuit Rider visited the settlements at stated intervals. A short service is held when he comes to this center and each time the permanent church home is nearer to becoming an element of real progress in Carroll County. Scene 111 The early Postman is a welcome visitor and the mail furnishes much excitement in the village. A group in search of the Justice of the Peace arrives, and a wedding follows. While everyone is enjoying the event, the Banditti make way with the horses and a chase for the bandits follows. Scene IV A Procession - "On the Way to the Fields" The Flail, the cradle, the water yoke, and many other pieces of early equipment make farming of those days quite different from today. A glimpse of the past makes us appreciate our sturdy Pioneers. We do them honor today and we show our reverence fo their strength and spirit. Scene V Note:-The Carroll County Agriculturnl Society was organized in 1853. The First County Fair under this society was held in October 1854 on the farm of Monroe Bailey, seven miles south of Mt. Carroll COUNTY FAIR "Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! The Carroll County Fair is now is Session" People are arriving, families, young people, old people, everybody. The popcorn boy and the gingerbread man are there. A progrom of special attractions is followed by the awarding of premiums. The running race is announced and all hurry to get their places. Announcer: "Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! This session of the Carroll County Fair is now adjourned." Prologue---------------------------------------The Gift of Unity Then far away on the distant horizon, Dark clouds gathered, dire and threatening, From the southland came the murmur, Of a people in rebellion, Statesmen met in great debates, Lincoln, Douglas, now at Freeport, All the nation was in turmoil. Waiting, waiting for the morrow, Until when April's smiles and shadows. Came across the waiting prairie, From ocean to ocean came the message. Rebel guns have fired on Sumter. It is war, - war until death or surrender And over Carroll County came the sound of drums, Rolling. rolling from morn till evening A call to arms and they never faltered. From the field and from the village, Father and son, the old and the youngest, Throwing away all for the love of their country, The Stars and Stripes had been torn by rebel shell They would avenge. The hands of the women, just as brave, just as loyal, In there days `very never idle, And when the boys in blue departed, proudly they carried, The flag, made by Carroll County women, Every star telling love enduring, Every stripe a prayer for safety, The thurns and fife shrilled, " Yankee Doodle And the crowd cheered God be with you," Then came the quiet and the waiting, While the news of every battle, Brought its cloud of tears and sorrow, Dead or missing, dead or missing. How they fought, our boys of Carroll, Fought to save the homes they'd builded Fought for freedom and for honor, Corinth, Vicksburg, Pittsburg Landiag, And the horror, black, of Libby. O'er the south their names are written, Written in blood on the field of battle, While at home the women, white lipped and pallid, Kept the home fires burning. Until the day when Lee surrendered, And the blue and gray united, Clasped hands beneath the starry banner, One flag, one Nation, one United People, Evermore. EPISODE IV 1858-1863 LINCOLN-DOUGLAS DEBATE (Dramatized by Bertha Courts of Lanark) Scene I A great crowd has gathered in front of the Brewster House in Freeport awaiting the coming of Lincoln and Douglas, who appear arm in arm and acknowledge the recognition accordedthem. Scene II THE DEBATE Carroll County is much in evidence with banners and applause, escorting and following Lincoln. Douglas is seen talking with a group of friends. Great excitement prevails as reporters and others get their places and the Debate is called. The Debate proceeds with many interruptions and much laughter and applause. The meeting adjourns as many shake hands with the speakers. Scene III THE CALL TO ARMS A messenger hrings the news to Carroll County. "The Call to Arms.' Men of Carroll County respond and march away under the leadership of Captain Adam Nase. The women present them with a handsome flag which they have made and Captain Nase responds giving a pledge for himself and his comrades to stand by, defend and return the flag to the fair hands from which they received it. Scene IV The women at home who have carried the burdens there and have cheered the men on the f~e~d of battle, now receive the joyful news of victory. The Gift of Democracy to Our Nation. MUSIC LIST EPISODES III & IV 1. Overture. 2. Bugle Call. 3. March or Waltz-Nature Drill. 4. March-Organization of Carroll County. 5. Sacred Theme-Entrance of Circuit Rider. 6~ An old Hymn-At the Service. 7. March-Coming of Postman. 8. Wedding March-The Bridal Party. 9. When You and I Were Young, Maggie-Just after the Wedding. 10. Virgina Reel or Turkey in the Straw-Virginia Reel. 11. Processional March-On the Way to the Fields. 12. Lively March-Coming to the Fair 13. Music for the Attractions. 14. March-For Exit. 15. Band number-Between Scenes. 16. Patriotic March-Lincoln and Douglas Debate. 17. The Girl I Left Behind Me-Exit of Troops. 18~ Tenting Tonight-Between Scenes. 19. Battle Cry of Freedom. PROGRAM Friday, August 31, 1923 2:00 P. M. "PROGRESS and PATRIOTISM" Music--------------------------------------Milledgeville Prologues written by----------------------Harriet M, Connell Prologue Reader-----------------------------R~v. E Y Knapp Overture Bugle Call Prelude A Story of the Spring by groups of Children and Young women Prologue--------------------PROGRESS AND PATRIOTISM So the children grow to manhood, and the soldiers of the 60's Now are slowly passing. moving on with weary footsteps. In the marches of the ages, And the children of their children, Shout and play along the rivers, in the woods and on meadows, Play in peace, while beyond the ocean, There is war and death and torture. Helpless people flee in terror, Even birds forsake their shelter in the woodlands. The white lilies of France turn scarlet. Hate and horror, lust and evil. A world gone mad: we gaze in wonder. `Till the call - Again the drums are rolling. In a call heard o'r the nation, And they come from every corner of the land, a wondrous army, The flower of our young manhood; Gone the blue and gray forever, Brothers all beneath one banner, We all know the story of their sacrifice and courage Of the poppy fields all gleaming, with teh row on row of crosses, Where they died, our boys, our heroes, By their sacrifice and courage, free we stand, triumphant, Bringing peace to war-wrecked nations. Bringing peace to our own firesides, Back again to fields and forest, And the children raise their voice:, Thanking God for all our blessings, Singing praises and thanksgiving, Everywhere our Nation over. CAST OF CHARACTERS AND GROUPS In Order of Their Appearance with Leaders Prologue Reader Prelude------------------------------------------Chadwick Ruth Senneff ----------------------------Chadwick Mrs. Dora Daehler------------------------Chadwick EPISODE V Scene I Girl Scouts, Mrs. Dora Daehler--------------------Chadwick Children in Singing Game--------------------------Chadwick Folk Dance Group----------------------------------Chadwick Boys in Games-------------------------------------Chadwick Ruth Senneff----------------------------Chadwick Campfire Girls, iVirs. Hary Lowman----------------Lanark The Pig Club--------------------------------------Lanark Harold Smith----------------------------Chadwick Carl Haag---------------------------------Chadwick Chas. Schreiner---------------------------Chadwick ] Scene II American Legion J. H. Mercer and Dan Eckman, Milledgeville & Lanark Earl Baum, Dr. Caikins, C. E. Hartman ---------------Shannon, Chadwick & Mt. Carroll Scene III First Farm Bureau Member First Executive Committee Meeting--------------Carroll County The Projects Parade of Improved Livestock Farm Bureau of Today-Albert Getz, Ch.; J. W. Duncan, Loomer Downing, Adam Heinze. George Lamp, D. H. Lower, C. T. Crofton. Scene IV Religious Processional. Mrs. Jennie Nipe Mt. Carroll School Episode VI Scene I Transportation from Oxcart to Automobile, Sequoia Club--------------------------------------Mt. Carroll S. J. Campbell, Blaine Peck, A. D. Poole, G. R. Bliss-----------------------------Mt. Carroll Scene II Communication, Signal Fires to Radio, Savanna Boy Scouts------------------------------------Savanna N. Fitzgerald-----------------------------Savanna Scene III Woman and her Work, Mt. Carroll Groups------------Mt. Carroll Mrs. Chas. Moore, Ch.; Ida Hartman, Mrs. Jennie Nipe, Grace Coleman, Zella Corbett, Mrs. John Connell------------------------- Scene IV Town and Country---------------------------------Milledgeville J. H. Shirk, Rev. E. 1. Knapp------------Milledgeville Mrs. Dr. Runnels, Mrs. Harry Puterbaugh--Milledgeville Mrs. Frank Livengood---------------------Milledgeville America------------------------------------------Milledgeville Democracy----------------------------------------Milledgeville Town Life----------------------------------------Milledgeville Country Life-------------------------------------Milledgeville Scene V Grand Finale The Cast of the Three Days in a Grand Processional EPISODE V. 1913-1923 Scene I The Recreation of the Boy, the Girl and the Youth is brought out in this scene, through the game, the Folk Dance, the Drill and the work of the Girl Scouts and Campfire Girls. Scene II THE WORLD WAR In honor of the work done by our boys at home and overseas and a tribute to those of our heroes who did not return from the battle field. Scene III THE FARM BUREAU AND ITS WORK The first member of the Farm Bureau in Mount Carroll is signing his membership. The first Executive Committee meeting is held. The First Projects are planned. The steady progress is shown through better crops, improved livestock and better home and farm conditions. The closing scenes shows the Farm Bureau today in its look to the Future " Forward Farm Bureau." Scene IV RELIGIOUS EDUCATION In this processional of groups interested in Religious Education, we see the maich of progress beginning with The Littlest Ones. Prologue-------------------------"A CYCLE OF GROWTH" Faster and faster turn the wheels of Time and Progress, More wonderful things each day brings forth, Wonders our fathers could never dream of. Those who came with ponderous oxen, Could they see the shining autos; From the signals on the hilltop, To the Radio broadcasting, Is the far cry of Progress, From the Trails cut through the prairie, To the broad highways of asphalt, Going onward, ever onward, building, building, farms and village, Schools and churches, fields and vineyards. Let our hertage be guarded, from those who would despoil it Let us plant, and till and harvest, Let us be our State's fair garden. Let the name of Carroll Courty be a name of pride and honor, As it echoes down the ages. One Hundred Years from Now. EPISODE VI. 1823-1923 Scene I TRANSPORTATION FEOM OXCART TO AUTOMOBILE This scene shows some of the various modes of travel during the last one hundred years, from the Oxcart to the Automobiles Scene II MODES OF SIGNALING The various modes of communication from the Signal Fires on the FlilItop to the Radio of today. Scene III WOMAN AND HER WORK The Indian woman carrying her water jug is followed by the Pioneer woman with loom and spinning wheel. Each decade gives us a glimpse of the progress which wo- man has made in her work until we see the Woman of Today whose acme of progress could only have been reached through the splendid spirit and work of her ancestors. All honor to Woman who has worked out her problems through the ages of Progress with understand, with strength and with wisdom. Scene IV TOWN AND COUNTRY We symbolize here the ideals of cooperation between Town and Country as we join hands in working out our problems of Progress. Team work" Its the steady pull together that wins! Scene V GRAND FINALE A processional of all the groups in Carroll County who have given their time and interest in making these days a success. The entire Pageant cast in costume, with officials and committee members. MUCIS LIST EPISODES V & VI 1. Overture. 2. Bugles. 3. Music for the Prelude. 4. Lively March-Girl Scouts. 5. Music for Singing Game. 6. Music for Folk Dance. 7. Music for the Wand Drill. 8. March - Game Group. Repeat 8 - Campfire Girls Repeat (8)-Pig Club. 9. Patriotic March-World War. 10. March - Farm Bureau. 11. March-Farm Bureau Today. 12. Onward, Christian Soldiers - Religious Procession 12. Band number between Episodes. 14. March---Transportation. 15. Waltz-Signal Fires to Radio. 16. Processional March-Woman and her Work 17. Patriotic March-Town and Country. 18. Star Spangled Banner. 19. Patriotic March-Grand Finale

This information came from the "Program" which will soon be donated to the Lanark Library, as soon as I get up there to deliver it to them. The booklet was contributed for our use by Betty Siedenburg

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