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Contributed by Diane Peters

John and Margaret (Harr) Fulrath
1802 - 1888 / 1800 - 1872

1. George Fulrath 1828-1915 m Margaret Seipel 1838-1919
2. John P. Fulrath 1830-1918 m Catherine Meister 1837-1904
3. Margaret Fulrath m Bartholomew Bower
4. Adam Fulrath 1838 - 1920 m Hanna W. Smith 1846 - 1913
5. George Henry Fulrath 1841 - 1916 m Irene A. Irwin 1854-1946

Descendants of George Fulrath line
Front: Steve Golden, Erin Golden, Lexi Golden, Will Golden, Millie Moltman (oldest descendent present), Linda Soderholm & Jill Bess
Middle: MaryAnn Frederick, Susan Petty, Georgia Petty, Tim Golden
Back: Joy Kruse, Brian Kruse, Ralph Soderholm

Descendants of the John P. Fulrath line
Front: Zach Fulrath, Alex Fulrath, Diane Peters, Kathy Fulrath
2nd Row: Shirley Hoyer, Mary Fulrath, Lois Wyckhuys , Lana Nugent, John Peters, Alice VanOrden
3rd Row: Colin Fulrath, Mittzi Fulrath & Ella Fulrath, Dennis Fulrath, Susan Fulrath, Max Fulrath
4th Row: Jim Hoyer, Aaron Fulrath, Andy Fulrath, Shelley Shelton

Descendants of the Adam Fulrath Line
Left to Right Front: Seth Hill, Connie Leininger, Mary Beth Nelson, Jonette Clark
2nd Row: Jean Harstick, Joan Hill, Joanna Brunk, Dora Wilcke, Gerald Wildke, Dave Clark
Back Row John Harstick, Gracie Healey, Irene Fulrath, Ensign Leininger, Adam Fulrath
Some not included in this photo

July 2008
After more than 100 years, the descendents of John Fulrath (1802 – 1888) & Margaret Harr (1800 – 1872), who came from Darmstadt, Germany in 1850, eventually settling in Carroll County, IL, gathered at the Old Mill Park in Savanna, Illinois, Saturday, July 19, 2008. It was a wonderful opportunity for family to discover their past and connect for the future. Family came from as far away as New York and California to take part in the two-day event.

The 26 family members that arrived early gathered Friday evening at Hillside Stables Restaurant and Inn, in Sabula, IA, for a truly wonderful meal, introductions and the sharing of family history and pictures. For the majority, it was a first time meeting.

On Saturday, over 60 family members gathered at the Old Mill Park. Personalized nametags with family lineage facilitated family connections and allowed for more time to discover the diverse lives of individuals today. A number of copies of a 535-page Fulrath Family History & Genealogy was available for the family to peruse as well as purchase. The book was researched and written by mary Diane Fulrath Miller Peters of Fremont, MI. Each family received a folder containing a CD of the above-mentioned book, a Fulrath Family pen, an abbreviated version of the Fulrath Family Genealogy in print form, and every person received a Fulrath mug. The family enjoyed a marvelous catered meal provided by Donna Geerts of Northside Country Inn, in Morrison, IL. Family pictures were taken as well as video coverage, which will eventually be made available to family members.

The family decided to gather again in July 2010 and then will gather every 5 years thereafter. The reunion was a huge success and more importantly family re-connected.


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