Carroll Co IL

In 1869, in the April 6 edition of the Mirror contained the names of the boys and girls of that day who were attending the Mt. Carroll schools, when the examination, now called commencement, was held. The teachers were:

Room 1 -- Miss L. Batholemew
Room 2 -- Miss M. Luffkin
Room 3 -- Miss Mary McCoy, Miss Jessie Slye
Room 4 -- Miss Hattie O'Neal, Miss Della Beardsley
Room 5 -- Prof. Thomson, principal, Miss M. L. Hathaway, assistant West Carroll -- Miss Hattie Irvine. Room 5 would now have been high school. There are still a good many of the boys and girls of that day in and around Mt. Carroll. How many remember those times?

(Page 342 of the "History Of Carroll County, Illinois" published by Kett in 1878 states. The present fine brick Union school building was erected in 1866, at a cost of $16,000, and goes on to list the same room numbers and name the teachers for each. None were the same in 1878 as they were in 1869. I have questions I cannot answer about the logistics of this schooling as it is described. There is no mention of any 1-room rural schools and you'll notice the classroom size listed below is huge, so these may have been all of the children in Carroll County at the time. It's hard for me to believe that the parents of each child transported that child by horseback or wagon each day to school and back, but there is no specific information about how all these children were taught by only one teacher in one room at a school that was as much as 20 miles each way from some of the children's homes. Please refer any information you have to Christine Walters )

Room 1
Anderson, Wilbert Anderson, Willard Akins, Jacob Allan, Martin
Allan, C. Akeley, Jesse Bradley, Alice Bradley H.
Berkley, Maria Bates, Flora Beeler, Eddie Bohn, Ira
Bondy, Rosetta Buck, Willie Coleman, John Coleman, George
Coleman, John Coleman, Laura Clark, Jennie Christian, Ida
Christian, Lena Cole, Flavie Christian, W. Christian, H.
Downs, Flora Downs, Lucretia Downs, Willie Donze, Freddie
Engler, Aggie Fisher, Gracie Fisher, Howard Feezer, Dean
Forbes, Julia Griffith, F. Griffith, C. Geldmacher, J.
Gedlmacher, L. Hoover, Willie Horning, Charlie Johnson, Lizzie
Jenkins, Laura Johnson,Henry Kelm, Willie King, Ettie
Kratz, Elias McClure, Lydia Myers, Hannah Nelson, M.
Nelson, A. Nelson, Hiram O'Brien, D. O'Brien, Kate
Odgers, George Otis, Claude Pierce, George Phillips, Charlie
Phillips, C. Page, Minnie Page, Minnie Pratt, Willie
Patterson, A. Palmer, Aaron Palmer, Edgar Rosenstock, K.
Routh, Fanny Routh, Stephen Rank, Harvey Rank, Courtney
Sandison, E. Sandison, A. Sandison, R. Swartz, Lizzie
Strauss, L. Soule, Fannie Shoemaker, J. Strong, Frank
Stiteley, Frank Sneider, Charlie Shutler, H. Smith, Ida
Sager, John Shaffer, Ed Vandagrift, F. Vandagrift, K.
White, Sarah Wood, Laura Winelander, J. Wood, Perry
Winters, E. White, Alvy . .

Room 2
Anderson, H. Akins, A. Akins, Fran Blake, Ella
Bitner, Clayton Bitner, Harry Bradley, Clayton Bradley, Clarence
Beeler, Bertie Berkley, C. Bohn, Will Benzle, C.
Bailey, Elme Bruce, B. Bentley, E. Bentley, Belle
Clemence, E. Clevidence, A. Christian, Eddie Christian, Belle
Christian, E. Christian, Lizzie Colehour, Ida Deitrick, L.
Deitrick, J. Eymer, F. Feezer, Lewis Fisher, A.
Fisher, C. Forbes, C. Geldmacher, A. Hunter, I.
Hunter, Belle Hewet, S. Holman, C. Horning, F.
Horning, H. Highbarger, N. Horner, J. Horner, R.
Hastings, A. Hoffman, M. Hoffman, S. Irvine, Harry
Johnson, Sarah Keim, Dayton Klassy, J. King, H.
Katz, W. Livingston, M. Ludwick, A. Miles, J.
Moore, E. Myers, D. Myers, Jennie Myers, L.
Munson, A. Nelson, A. Ovelman, L. Otis, Martin
O'Brien, Will Odgers, C. Puffenberger, J. Puterbaugh, A.
Phillips, John Roland, Clara Roland, Millard Routh, Mary
Rapp, Lizzie Rosenstock, S. Shirk, Nellie Shirk, Harry
Stowell, Charles Snyder, C. Shilling, A. Smith, George
Smith, A. Shoemaker, L. Shoemaker, I. Simmons, W.
Sheldon, M. Strong, Della Sager, Ida Sisler, R.
Schamel, C. Sutton, A. Tomkins, S. Winelander, J.
Womer, M. Winters, M. Watson, John .

Room 3
Ackerman, Samuel Ackerman, Daniel Armour, Preston Bondy, D.
Bensel, Robert Bohn, George Brotherton, Ella Bates, Sumner
Bates, Edmund Bates, Edna Bohn, Ida Bogue, William
Bliss, John Buck, Mary Beeler, M.A. Bailey, Florence
Bailey, Ada Breyman, Emily Berkeley, Mary Chrismas, M.
Colehour, H. Clevidence, D. Cole, Sarah Clark, Mena
Dunz, Katie Embick, Clara Engler, Clara Ely, Anna
Fisher, Hervey Fitch, Nettie Greer, Charles Graham, Nellie
Geldmacher, C. Hastings, W. Hallet, R. Hallet, M.
Hostetter, Irvine Hines, James Highberger, Eva Harbell, Lena
Irvine, James Irvine, Ada Jenkins, John Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Roscoe Kinney, Melvin Katz, Caroline Ludwig, John
McClay, Joseph Moore, Warren Moore, Sophia Myers, Emma
Mumma, Jennie Marshall, H. McClure, Mary Miller, John
Martin, Ohio Nelson, Jennie Nycum, Willie Nase, Frankie
O'Brien, Albert Pulley, John Phillips, Joseph Phillips, George
Puffenberger, W. Padgett, Louisa Probst, Clarence Probst, Luther
Patten, Royal Rapp, Fred Rea, Howard Renner, Samuel
Rosenstock, S. Rosenstock, C. Rinedollar, A. Routh, Maggie
Sager, Alice Smith, Hattie Stiteley, Katie Snider, C.
Shoemaker, DeWitt Strauss, J. Sisler, John Thomas, Eli
Vandagrift, B. Vandagrift, Katie Watson, Sarah Winters, George
Wood, James Weidman, Laura Weisman, Henry .

Room 4
Abbott, Martha Abbott, William Beardsley, Lee Blake, George
Blake, Hattie Bohn, Kate Bradley, Lillie Bird, Willie
Bosse, Susanna Beaver, Charles Bliss, Martha Berkley, Tom
Berkley, Myra Cole, Helen Colehour, Mattie Engler, Ellen
Eiser, Alice French, Nellie Forbes, Emma Feezer, Calvin
Hallet, Frank Hollinger, Lizzie Johnson, Mason Johnson, Charles
Livingston, Clara Livingston, Niles Miller, James Miller, Clara
McClay, John McClay, James McClay Jacob McClay, Lizzie
Nycum, John Nelson, Mahala Puterbaugh, Mary Phillips, Mary
Padgett, Mary Patten, John Page, Willie Patterson, Freemont
Pully, George Pully, Emma Page, Ella Rinedollar, Jane
Rowley, Alice Rowley, Samuel Sheldon, Henry Sheldon, Edward
Stuart, Annie Sager, Laura Sager, Albert Sage, Harry
Stiteley, Scott Smith, Susan Sisler, Mary Shore, Lavina
Rickert, Mary Rosensotck, Sarah Rosenstock, William Tomkins, Mollie
Thomas,Sarah Tomlinson, Lillie Wood, Frank Wood, Lottie
Warfield, Sarah

Room 5
Armogost, A. Arnold, W. Beardsley, George Beardsley, Ada
Bailey, Ethie Beeler, William Beeler, Frank Blonger, Louis
Belding, M. Campbell, George Campbell, R.H. Cole, Burnham
Cole, Luella Claypool, B. Chambers, M. Cameron, J.
Craig, Adam Dresbach, Tom Davis, R.R. Doty, J.
Eiser,David English, E. English, T. Embick, L.
Frazer, T.H. Frazier, Katie Frisbie, Frank Finlayson, D.W.
Fisher, Willie Fisher, Eddie Fisher, Clara Ferrin, H.
Forbes, Louisa Gotschell, George Green, A.M. Gunn, John
Gunn, Hugh Hall, J.S. Hollinger, George Harris, Irena
Howe, M. Hill, Susie Henderson, Ina Hallett, R.B.
Hallett, Charles Hallett, William Hallett, Walter Highberger, Lizzie
Hooker, Abbie Irvine, Mary Jewell, P.M. Jacobs, Mr.
Kinney, A. Ludwick, M.L. Livingston, H. Livingston, N.
Livingston, W. Liberton, Peter Liberton, J. Masters, W.
Miller, Frank Metcalf, Henry Mumma, Callie Mills, Gracie
Mills, Stephen Martin, Alice Martin, Omega Moore, Isabel
Moore, William Nelson, Maggie Nelson, V.S. Nycum, Mary
O'Brien, A. O'Brien, M. Pennabaker, Em Parkinson, George
Page, E. Rea, Ella Raupp, Reuben Rinedollar, George
Sager, Emma Sager, Henry Seymour, Lillie Seymour, Imogene
Smith, William Shores, J. Stiteley, W. Tomlinson, Emma
Thomas, S. Thomas, George Tomkins, L. Tomlinson, E.L.
Watson, Reuben White, James White, J.A. Williams, Frank

Neither absent nor tardy during the entire term

Ackerman, Alice Adista, Akins Beardsley, Lee Beardsley, George
Blake, George Bates, Edna Breyman, Emily Clevidence, John
Clark, Mena Dumbolton, Alice Engler, Clara English, Edward
Fisher, Gracie Frazier, Katie Fisher, Willie Forbes, Emma
Gunn, John Hallett, Millard Hallett, Frank Hallett, Charlie
Hallett, William Johnson, Henry Liberton, Richard Liberton, Peter
Mills, Gracie Mills, Stephen McClay, John McLaughlin, Ella
Nelson, Martha Page, Minnie Phillips, Charlie Phillips, George
Phillips, Joseph Patterson, Fremont Patton, Minnie Rinedollar, John
Stiteley, Frank Stiteley, Katie Gunn, John Shores, Jamison
Thomas, Sarah Thomas, Stephen Tipton, Willie Tipton, George
Warfield, Minnie

Transcribed and contributed to Genealogy Trails by Alice Horner, from the Saturday August 26, 1933, edition of the Mirror-Democrat newspaper, published in Mt. Carroll, Illinois. Apparently it replicated a column that was in the April 6, 1869 edition of the Mirror Newspaper of Mt. Carroll.