1929-30 Mt. Carroll School Report
Carroll Co IL

Grade School - Dist No. 58

O.P. Miles, President Term expires 1930
Wm. E. Nipe, Secretary Term expires 1931
Robert Hansen Term expires 1932
E.L. Kneale Term experies 1932
Earl R. Wachtel Term expires 1930
B.L. Peck Term expires 1931 CURRICULUM

Ninth Grade:
Agriculture, Algebra, Ancient History, Domestic Science, English, General Science, Latin, Manager Training, Music

Tenth Grade:
Agriculture, Civics, Domestic Arts, Domestic Science, Economics, English,History, Latin, Music, Physiography, Plain Geometry, World History, Business Law, Manager Training, Botany

Eleveth Grade:
Advanced Algebra, Agriculture, Bookkeeping, Chemistry, Civics, Commercial Arithmetic, Economics, ENglish, French, Home Economics, Latin, Music, Physiography, Solid Geometery, Stenography, Typing, World History, Business Law, Manager Training.

Twelfth Grade:
American History, Chemistry, Civics, Bookkeeping, Commercial Arithmetic, Economics, English, French, Home Economics, Music, Physics, Stenography, Typing, Latin,Manager Training, Mechanical Drawing.

The districts outside of the high school districts are compelled to pay the tuition of all students without any cost directly to the parents of such students, provided they live in non-high school districts.

Children from the country grade districts are required to pay tuition to enter our city schools. The tuition is $18.00 each semester.

SENIORS: Thelma Hartman, Questa Phillips, Mary Schaut
JUNIORS: Helen Campbell
SOPHOMORES: Harriet Owen, Gladys Weidman
FRESHMEN: Eugene Grove, Grace Hoffman, Ralph Weidman


SENIORS: Kenneth Ditsworth, Lucille Gray, Margaret Neuschwanger, Esther Schmaling, Margaret F. Smith.

JUNIORS: Kenneth Nielson, Louise Rose

SOPHOMORES; Eileen Bashaw, Charles Johnson, Florence Larsen, Vivian Petty

FRESHMEN: Mary Evans, Robert GIllespie, Ronald Hoover, Esther Metz, Paul Myers, Henry Sorenson


SENIORS: Glen Neis, Erma Petty, Mary Turnbaugh, Margaret Weber

JUNIORS: Florence Engleking, Mary Eshelman, Evelyn Gillogly, Luella Libberton, Helen Schmidt, Harold Stiles, Home Switzer,

SOPHOMORES: Ruby Fritz, Gladys Keim

FRESMEN: Harry Hall, Erma Schreinere, Alma Williamson



Dorothy Asay Lucille M. Gray Erma Petty
Mildred Blom Thelma hartman Questa phillips
Elmer Brock Charles Holman Arthur Robbe
Diana Campbell Heber Hostetter Marcella Robbe
John Coleman Gerald Kensinger Harold Rogers
Ruth E. Cripe Blaine McGinty Mary Shaut
Glenn Daggert Mildred Mershon Esther Schmaling
Oliver Davis Kenneth Metz Joe Shamel
Kenneth Ditsworth Kenneth Myers Robert Sisler
Arthur Doty Glenn Neis Margaret F. Smith
Clara Frederick Arleen Neuswanger Mary Turnbaugh
Ruth Gifford Margaret Neuswanger Margaret Weber
Williard Nycum Kenneth Williamson

Lyle Ashby Virginia Gsell Donald Richter
Lucille Bashaw Harry Hartman Glen Rose
Francis Boyd Paul Hensal Louise Rose
Helen Campbell Vaughn Hungerford Helen Schmidt
Elizabeth Crouse Woodrow Johnston Freddie Slick
Lucille Emmert Orlou Kearnaghan Margaret A. Smith
Florence Engleking Kenneth Law Mildred Smith
Mary Eshelman LaVelle Libberton Harold Stiles
Heustis Frank Luella Libberton Homer Switzer
Margaret Fritz Doris L. Merritt Doris Webb
Arthur Fulrath Walter D. Miller Keith Wilkinson
Evelyn Gillogly Kenneth L. Nielson Wallace Williams
Richard Petty

George Adams Boyce Hall Wayne Poffenberger
Harold Arb Frances Hoffman Mayme Randecker
Eileen Bashaw Joe Hartman Katherine Rogers
Randall Bloyer Laurence Irwin Dorothy M. Sack
Byron Blythe Charles Johnson Ronald Sack
Leroy Boyd Gladys Keim Lucille Schmidt
Harry Bradbury Florence Larson Florence Schneider
Clarence Buchenau Sam Law Frances Schneider
Herbert O. Christian Ned Moore Alvin Seiple
Rusell E. Derrer Robert Myers Paul A. Smith
Preston Downing Lloyd Nielson Janice Welch
Ruby Fritz Harriet Owen Gladys Weidman
George Grove Armand Palmer Richard Williamson
Ada Guenzler Vivian Petty
Wayne Phillips/TD>

Richard Altensey Ronald Hoover Glen Smith
Zella Altensey Lillian Lantz Paul M. Smith
Mildred Bowers Clarence Libberton Henry Sorenson
Robert Bowman Esther Metz Emma Stein
Marian Buck Paul Myers Clarence Switzer
Sam Campbell Charles Pease Lowell Teeter
Myrtle Curboy Herbert Richter Wilbur Traum
Mary Evans Arnold Roberts Evelyn Uppenberg
Robert Gillespie Lee Rogers Clayton Ver Deaux
Eugene Grove Erma Schreiner Ralph Weidman
Harry Hall William Schaunt Alma Williamson
Grace Hoffman Pauline Slick
Donald Smith

President - Gerald Kensinger
Vice President - Diana Campbell
Secretary-Treasurer - Mary Turnbaugh
Counsellor - Helen M. Callahan
Class Play - "The Boomer" by Howard Reed

Diana Campbell John Coleman
Thelma Hartman Charles Holman
Mildred Mershon Gerald Kensinger
Questa Phillips Kenneth Myers
Mary Schaut Arthur Robbe
Mary Turnbaugh Joseph Shamel

Prsident - Helen Campbell
Vice President - Lucille Emmert
Secretary-Treasurer - Virginia Gsell
Counsellor - Margaret J. Buebler
Class Play - "High Flyers" by Mrs. Mamie Harris Mobley

Louise Rose
Fred Slick
Doris Merritt
Richard Petty
Margaret Fritz
Donald Richter
Evelyn Gillogly
Walter Miller
Florence Engleking
Harry Hartman
Luella Libberton
Francis Boyd
Mary Eshelman
Orlou Kearnaghan
Virginia Gsell

President - Charles Johnson
Vice President - Leroy Boyd
Secretary-Treasurer - Gladys Weidman
Counselor - Katherine Laws

President - Paul Myers
Vice President - Eugene Grove
Secretary-Treasurer - Erma Schreiner
Counsellor - F. E. Crain

President - Questa phillips
Vice President - Marcella Robbe
Secretary - Treasurer - Ruby Fritz

President - Evelyn Gillogly
Vice President - Walter Miller
Secretary-Treasurer - Marcella Robbe

September 1st - March 13th

September 18:
Questa Phillips - Bronze Pin - Underwood Typewriter 41 words per minute

November 6th:
Mary Schaut - Bronze Pin - Underwood Typewriter 40 words per minute

November 27th
Margaret Weber - Bronze Pin - Underwood Typewriter 41 words per minute
Thelma Hartman - Bronze Pin - Underwood 42 wpm
Mary Schaut - Bronze Accuracy Emblem - Underwood 43 wpm
Mary Turnbaugh - Certificate - Underwood 38 wpm

February 4th:
Thelma Hartman - Silver Pin - Royal Typewriter 42 wpm

February 12th:
Mary Schaut - Silver Pin - Royal 47 wpm
Margaret Weber - Silver Pin - Royal 42wpm
Evelyn Gillogly - Certificate - Royal 33 wpm
Margaret F. Smith - Certificate - Royal 32 wpm
Ruth Cripe - Certificate - Royal 37 wpm
Lucille Gray - Certificate - Royal 33 wpm

February 20th:
Lucille Gray - Certificate - Underwood - 34wpm

March 14th:
Florence Engleking - Certificate - Underwood 32wpm
Mary Turnbaugh - Bronce Pin - Underwood 42 wpm

P.F. Grove - Principal - Univ. of IL A.B. & A.M.
Helen M. Callahan - English - Univ. of Col. & COlumbia Univ. A.B.
Zella Corbett - Math - Univ. of Chicago Ph.B.
Bertha Corbett - Home Ec. - Univ of Chicago - Ph.B
F. Edna Barr - Com'l. - Normal Univ. - Com.Dipl'a
Katherine Laws - Music - Monmouth Col. & Cons. of Music - B.A.
Margaret J. Buehler - Secy - N.W. Univ. & Univ. of IL B.A.
H.B. Walker - Coach - Monmouth Col. - B.S.
F.E. Crain - Man. Tr. General Science - W.I.S.T. Col. B. of Ed.
W.G. Warnock - Physics & Agric. Iowa State B.S.
Coleman Miles - Bank - Warren Mil. Col.

Mildred R. Hall - 1st - W.I.S.T. Col. Diploma
Harriet Hammond - 2nd - N.I.S.T. Col. & Frances Shimmer
Hazel D. Stober - 3rd - Frances Shimer & N.I.S.T. Col. & Univ. of Minn.
Vaida L. Palmer - 4th - N.I.S.T. Col. Diploma
Alice M. Coleman - 5th - N.I.S.T. Col.
Dorothy L. Slick - 6th - Frances Shimer & N.I.S.T. Col. Diploma
Berneta M. Adams - 7th - Frances Shimer Diploma
Jeannett Nichols - 8th - I.S.N. Univ. Diploma

Coleman Miles - grade pupils in the band.
Katherine Laws - grade music
F.E. Crain - Manual training 7th and 8th
Mrs. Jennie Nipe - Bible in the grades

Transcribed by Christine Walters for Genealogy Trails contributed by Betty Siedenburg