Carroll County
Lincoln School in Savanna
1905 to 1937

Contributed by Jim Klingler - Photo taken in 1905
(Names were written on this photo but I cropped those out to save space)
John Klinger (father of Jim) is the 4th boy from the right
Left to Right: Robert Burrows, Earl Hensley?, Dewey Lahre, Edwin Charlott, Arthur Curtis, John Owens, Elden Graham, Edward Schueller, George Funk, Rhene Law, John Klinger, Bernard White, Unknown, Arlie Hagan
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Lincoln School, Savanna 5th Grade 1911 - Contributed by Jim Klingler -
Jim believes that the girl immediately in front of the teacher (with the large bows) to be his mother, Helen Marie (Schneider) Klingler.
There are two students that have a clear indentation over their left shoulder made by something that was sharp but not sharp enough to puncture. The one is over the left shoulder of the student identified as his mother. The other indentation was over the left shoulder of the boy immediately above the word ROOM on the Class Sign, 4th boy back in that row. The boy might be his father, John Franklin Klingler - or might have been her "boyfriend" at the time.
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Contributed by Alice Horner, daughter of Florence (Downing) Horner
Lincoln School in Savanna where Florence Luella Downing taught for 3 Years 1926, 1927 & 1928

Contributed by Alice Horner, daughter of Florence (Downing) Horner
Photo on the right are the mothers of the 4th grade class, but no names were listed.
Photo on the left is the class. Names are not listed in any particular order
Willard Arnold, Gerald Griswold, Vernon Conley, Draper Bishop, William Croghan, Harold Hatfield, Jack Grant, Herbert Green,
Louis LeRal, Samuel Anderson, Jack Klinger, Jack Rogers, Edward Winston, George Allen, Lauren Truninger, Lowell Struckman, Reuben Clay, Ralph Madsen, Carl Lahre, Herbert Gifford, Franklin Anderson, Roy Hart, Bessie Klinger, Marie Ross, Hope Alden,
Ruth Cunningham, Vera Nehrkorn, Geraldine Reibel, Dorothy Lane, Lois Harvey, Wilma Christensen, Maxine Bundy, Lillian Thulien,
Lois Ritchie, Mary Raymond, Victoria Law, Luella Pankow, June Service, Laura Holman

Lincoln School in Savanna 5th Grade 12 May 1937
Photo contributed by Jim Klingler who is the 2nd boy from the left in the front row, with the overalls
Jim remembers Matt Law, Bobby Kunselman, Duane Orr, Herb Winston, Raymond Hastings & David Truninger.
The only girl's name that remembered is Marilyn Sietzberg. Miss Williamson is the teacher and perhaps the Supt. was Mr. Waldrip
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