Carroll County
Mt. Carroll Seminary
Later became Shimer College
Contributed by John Sharp

The Mt. Carroll Seminary opens its 25th year under the same Principal, Sept. 13, 1877, with the same corps of teachers as of the past several years, including Musical Director and Principal of Vocal Department, though the last named may decide to spend a few weeks of the fall term, in Boston for the benefit to be had from the superior musical advantages to be enjoyed there.

The department will be amply provided for by the five remaining teachers of music and the temporary absence will in no way effect the interest of any pupil.

While no boast is made of this being a "cheap school," not desiring such an appellation, the truly economical in so far as it gives a full equivalent for the money received.

The Preparatory, Collegiate, Normal, Klocution, Art and Music departments are all equally well sustained and each truly first - class.

The popularity of the Normal Department is shown in the fact that nearly thirty of the students of the school year closing June, 1877, are already engaged in teaching.

N.B. - To aid in elevating the standard of teachers, tuition will be given to one teacher from each township in Carroll county, and one from each other county in Illinois.

Tuition Free to daughters of soldiers who lost their lives in U.S. service. A discount of one-third from all expense to daughters of clergymen. Pecuniary aid given worthy young women needing it to prepare for usefulness. Credit given to patrons known to be responsible.

Carroll County Herald - August 31, 1877

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