Formerly Dist. No. 6 -
Woodland Twp., Carroll Co IL

The first recorded meeting of the School Trustees was held in the Woodland School House, March 8, 1855. John Wilson, President and Michael Sisler, Trustee and Clerk. January 14, 1856 an election was held and Uriah Green, Solomon Leightor and Peter Markley were elected Trustees and Michael Sisler was appointed Clerk. April 4, 1859 finds the Trustees to be John I. Eacker, President, Elijah Funk and William Sisler. George W. Eacker appears in 1860. M. B. Eacker in 1862. Aaron Smith seems to replace Elijah Funk in 1870. John Dietrick seems to replace Smith in 1874. H. H. Gordon replaces Dietrick in 1874. William SIsler seems to disappear in 1875, succeeded by E. Johnson. George I. fisher was Trustee in 1878. James Patton replaces H. H. Gordon in 1880. Robert Williamson comes on the Board in 1884. H. H. Gordon again appears in 1892. George I. Fisher is replaced by Lewis Orr and H. H. Gordon by Henry Kearnaghan. L. B. Eacker, Trustee since 1862 is replaced by J. L. Groves in 1899. James P. Beattie elected in 1900. Henry Kearnaghan is succeeded by Ben Sisler in 1903. John Miller, Sr. one of the present trustees first appears at a meeting in 1911. Lewis Orr was President from 1893 until 1913 when he was succeeded by John Miller, Sr. who has been President continuously since. Elias Smith was member from 1913 until 1927 when he was succeeded by Lawrence Stricker who has been a member until the present. Robert Williamson was a member from 1906 until 1926. Ritchie B. Williamson, the remaining present member was elected in 1933 and is still in office.

Teachers who have taught in Woodland School:
 1857  A. J. Forbes   5 months $105.00
 1858  Elhanan Fisher   6 months $210.00
 1859  H. W. Kennedy
 1860  apparently no school
 1861  E. Fisher, M. Watson
 1862  Aaron Smith, Elias Miller
 1863  Jane B. Cameron, H. W. Kennedy
 1864  Aaron Miller, Daniel Miller
 1865  James C. Meader
 1866  Aaron Smith
 1867  Aaron Smith, Reuben O'Neal
 1868  Martha A. Johnson, W. J. Libberton
 1869  W. J. Libberton
 1870  W. C. Smith, Aaron Smith, Frederick Hacket
 1871  Thomas C. Bigger, L. D. Pollock, W. C. Smith
 1872  Maria E. Kneale, T. C. Bigger
 1873  Maria E. Kneale, P. B. Libberton
 1874  Jennie M. Rinedollar, P. B. Libberton
 1875  Wm. W. Arnold, Maria Kneale, P. B. Libberton
 1876  Samuel Arnold, R. R. Watson
 1877  R. R. Watson
 1878  John Hay, Reuben Watson
 1879  Cora O'Neal, John Hay
 1880  R. N. Johnson, F. A. Bailey, John Hay
 1881  Eugene R. Moore, Cora O'Neal, R. N. Johnson, G. I. Fisher
 1882  E. R. Moore, Mary E. Smith, John Funk
 1883  Anna Peterbaugh, E. R. Moore
 1884  John Hay
 1885  Anna Puterbaugh
 1886  Hattie Hunter, John Hay
 1887 & 1888  Emma Horning, John Hay
 1889  Grace L. Smith
 1890  May Sisler, John Hay
 1891  D. B. Moyers, John Hay
 1892  John Hay
 1893  Viola Edwards
 1894  John Hay, Mary McDermott
 1895  Mary A. Durham
 1896  Allen Eisenbise, Verne Sisler
 1897  Mina Bicklehaupt
 1898  Mabel Sisler, Mina Bicklehaupt
 1899  Mabel Sisler
 1900  Mabel Sisler, Emma Motchman, Bertha Mader
 1891  Della Ross
 1902 & 1903  A.P. Sword
 1904  Emma Motchman
 1905  Laura Williamson
 1906, 1907, 1908  Nettie W. Adams
 1909 thru 1917  Clara Gordon
 1918 & 1919 Mabel Oberheim
 1920 Jessie Buckwalter
 1921 - 1923  Clara Gordon
 1924 - 1927   Mary E. McGrath
 1928  Mabel Hall Polhill
 1929  Marjorie A. Phillips
 1930 - 1931  Margaret E. Legel
 1932 - 1935  Lillian Smith
 1936 - 1938  Lucille Smith
 1939 - 1940  Margaret Jones

The years in which the teachers taught are the years their service began rather than the year in which they ended as now. Previous to 1901 there seems to have been several teachers serving during a school or even a calendar year. I find an item in the record of the School Trustees that no teacher was obtainable in the year 1860 hence the vacant date.

Prepared by Elmer E. Boyd and given to Mabel Sisler White in the late 1950's.

Contributed by Karen Fyock