20 July 1912 - Rockford Republic Newspaper
Savanna, July 20. -- The citizens, soldiers and ministers of Savanna are having a monkey and a parrot time over the next soldiers' and sailors' reunion. The committee in charge desired to have a several days carnival. This brought out a protest from the ministers, followed by a protest from G.E. Fuller, T.J. Smith, Henry Bashaw and Otho Watson, who say they consider it a disgrace to the old soldiers and the G.A.R. This was followed last evening by a letter signed by the old soldiers of Savanna. B. Holland, Frank Kearney, John Hoffman, Levi Shadle, J.N. Whistler, Thomas Holland, J.R. Robinson, and C.L. Howe, saying that it is not an insult. That Savanna has had such celebrations before in connection with their reunion, and have always set off a day and a place for the soldiers where they were not bothered with the outside exercises. They say that T.J. Smith, who wrote them that he was afraid of being crushed by the crowd, can go fishing with Ortho Watson on that day, then he will not get hurt. The argument has developed into a four cornered one, and will be won by the citizens without doubt. They furnish the money for such entertainments.

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