Carroll County IL

(Contributed by Larry Reynolds) - Sterling Daily Standard, August 17, 1910 - A bill asking for a divorce from Levere Easterbrook of Milledgeville, has been filed in the office of the circuit court at Morrison by Myrtle Easterbrook. Miss Easterbrook was formerly Miss Myrtle Overholser, daughter of Postmaster and Mrs. J. P. Overholser of this city. She was married about two years ago.

The Sterling Evening Gazette, August 18, 1910 - Mrs. Myrtle Easterbrook of Sterling has begun an action in the circuit court seeking to obtain a legal separation from Le Vere Easterbrook who, she alleges, she was forced to leave on December 1, 1909, by reason of ill treatment and extreme cruelty. She charges him with having a violent temper and of applying to her abusive language and alleges that on September 1, soon after the birth of their child he struck her and used vile language to her. She prays for divorce and restoration of maiden name, Miss Myrtle Overholser.

The Sterling Evening Gazette, October 10, 1910 The divorce case of Myrtle Eastabrook vs. Levere Eastabrook was heard by Judge Ramsay Saturday [10/08/1910] afternoon and a decree entered. She was granted the restoration of her maiden name, Miss Myrtle Overholser. There was no opposition to the decree and it was granted on her petition alleging cruelty and non-support. There are no children.

Divorce granted 23 November 1913

Divorce granted 25 February 1887

NOBLE, Nellie Noble - against her husband. Herbert Noble, as he did not appear she was granted a separation by the judge.
Contributed by Scrapbook Clipping Dec. 1903 handwritten date.

Frank Puterbaugh, 87, has filed action in Carroll County Circuit Court at Mt. Carroll, seeking a divorce from Roletta Puterbaugh 71, address unkonwn. Mr. Puterbaugh and the "4th" Mrs. Puterbaugh were married Feb. 23, 1939, about a year ago at Mt. Carroll by Justice Frank Schroeppel. She deserted him about a month after the marriage the bill sets forth. (Freeport Journal Standard 29 March 1940) Maiden Roletta Rappel when they applied for their marriage license. (From Alice Horner)

SALZMAN, Alice A: The case of Alice Salzman vs. A. H. Salzman for divorce was dismissed by the Judge for want of sufficient evidence, not all of the former's witnesses being there Mr. Salzman informs us he offered in advance of the suit to get a divorce himself on the grounds of desertion next June if the prosecution would dismiss the ease until that time. He again offered to grant divorce if they pay all the costs both of which propositions he says were refused, and the trial proceeded with above results favorable to Mr. Salzman.
Contributed by Karen Fyock (December 1903)

WURSTER, Barbara against Andrew Wurster for divorce was ended in court last week. Mrs. Wurster was granted the divorce which was brought on the grounds of cruelty.
Contributed by Karen Fyock (December 1903)

Selected Divorce/Separation Notices-Thomson Review 1922-1939
Contributed and Transcribed by Lori Gilbert
First Name Last Name Maiden Spouse First Name Last name Date of Thomson Review Comments
Ellen Thomas Rogendorf Unknown Thomas Mar 1922 Granted for desertion.  Husband in reform school for stealing money from his father-in-law
unknown Stratton Chester Stratton Jan 1922 divorce petition 
Ida McGinnis George McGinnis Feb 1925 in paper in Clinton, IA.  Seeking custody of daughter
Esther M Cooper Harrison W. Cooper May 1929 Husband is a non-resident of the county
Esther M Cooper Harrison W. Cooper Nov 1932 divorce petition 
Winnie Kradel Martin Kradel Nov 1929 divorce petition 
Vera R Madsen Benjamin H Madsen Nov 1929 divorce petition 
Vera R Madsen Benjamin H Madsen Mar 1930 divorce petition 
Veta Williams Lawrence Williams Feb 1931 divorce petition 
Neva McKee Ora L McKee Mar 1931 granted
Esther Cooper Albert Cooper June 1931 divorce petition 
Harold Ritenour Elverta Ritenour June 1931 hearing to annul marriage
Fern L McCallum Hugh F McCallum Nov 1931 divorce petition 
Lena M Potter Floyd Potter Nov 1931 divorce petition 
Marie L Thompson Glen H Thomson Nov 1931 divorce petition 
Florence Cahill Raymond Cahill Nov 1931 divorce petition 
Gladys Phillips Carlton Phillips Nov 1931 divorce petition 
Lucinda Gipe David M Gipe Nov 1931 separate maintenance petition 
Ruth Emmert Paul Emmertt Nov 1931 separate maintenance petition 
Mary Enz Otto Enz Jun 1932 divorce petition 
Hazel Shillito Guy Shillito Jun 1932 divorce petition 
Hazel Thompson Harry Thompson June 1932 divorce petition 
Maude L Bons Danile L Bons Jun 1932 divorce petition 
Geneveve Rasmussen William Rasmussen Jun 1932 divorce petitio.  Granted Aug 1935 -cruelty
Louise A Engleking Frank P Engleking Jun 1932 divorce petition 
Thurmon W Mowry Kathleen L Mowry Jun 1932 divorce petition 
Bertha Curtis Holman Clarence Curtis Sep 1932 Date in paper.  Alleged cruel treatment.  Asks for restraining order, the car, real estate and household goods.
Ruth Horne Walter J Horne Nov 1932 divorce petition    Walter is a non-resident of this county. Granted.
Laura Kathering Bance William George Bance Nov 1932 divorce petition   Granted.
Hazel Bowen Martin D Bowen Nov 1932 divorce petition     
Lucille Burrell Watchtel Harry pecham Burrell Nov 1932 divorce petition   
Ella M Hopkins Charles E Hopkins Nov 1932 divorce petition   Granted.
Edna Shoemaker Harry Shoemaker Nov 1932 divorce petition    
Lucille Dailey Louie Dailey Nov 1932 divorce petition     
Sarah Ellen Kruise Julius Kruise Nov 1932 divorce petition   Granted.
Dora E Shibley Gustav Shibley Nov 1932 separate maintenance petition 
Gladys Ulmer George J Ulmer Nov 1932 divorce petition 
Bonnie E Wilson Earl W Wilson Nov 1932 divorce petition   Granted.
Ada G Siedenburg Roy A Siedenburg Nov 1932 divorce petition    
Harold Homedew Thelma Homedew Nov 1932 divorce petition   
Rosemond Lamont Daniel Lamont Nov 1932 Granted
Wayne E Imel Isna F Imel Nov 1933 divorce petition   
Lulu Hoy John Hoy Nov 1933 divorce petition   Granted.
Elsie Zink Paul Zink Nov 1933 divorce petition   
Jennie Young miles Young Nov 1933 divorce petition   
Agnes Kinkaid Howard Kinkaid Nov 1933 divorce petition   
Eleanor Lahre Ray Lahre Nov 1933 divorce petition   
Dorothy L Schwartzinger George F Schwartzinger Nov 1933 divorce petition .  Granted Dec 1933.
Irene Gettemy Henry Gettemy Dec 1933 Granted. Extreme and repeated cruelty.  Husband did not contest.
Lucille Cunningham Kent Cunningham Jan 1937 Granted.
John H Dollinger Regena Dollinger Mar 1937 divorce petition  Granted for desertion. 
Dorothy L Hartman Lawrence Hartman Mar 1937 divorce petition  Granted for desertion. 
Mabel Turney Theo Turney Mar 1937 divorce petition   
Marie L McGinty Carroll McGinty Jun 1937.  Granted for desertion.  Uncontested.
Mary Bellows Albert Bellows Aug 1937 Granted.
Bertha M Pensinger George Pensinger Nov 1937 divorce petition   
William Hartman Marie Hartman Nov 1937 divorce petition   
Lillian Campbell Howard Campbell Nov 1937 separate maintenance petition 
Lottie Slick Harry Slick Nov 1937 separate maintenance petition 
Mildred Temple Orville Temple Nov 1937 divorce petition
Della M Smith Lee A Smith Nov 1937 separate maintenance petition 
Margaret Allen Frank J Allen Nov 1937 divorce petition.  Granted for desertion
Ray Douglas Frances Douglas Nov 1937 divorce petition
Mary Long Clifford Long Nov 1937 separate maintenance petition.  Divorce granted. 
Alice Blades Overholser Estel L Blades Dec 1937 Divorce Granted
Samuel Anderson Martha Anderson Dec 1937 Divorce Granted
Lee Smith Della M Smith Dec 1937 Divorce Granted
LaVerne S Chack Julius Chack Mar 1939 divorce petition. Granted for desertion.
Carrie Buck Orville Buck Mar 1939 Divorce Granted. Cruelty
Florence Basta Nick Basta Aug 1939 divorce petition -cruel and inhuman treatment, asks custody of 2 children, $40 per month support and alimony plus fees.  They were married 12/21/1929.
Annabelle Howes Charles R Howes Oct 1939 divorce petition for drunkenness and desertion.  Granted.
Dorothy L Colliflower John Colliflower Nov 1939 divorce petition for cruelty.  Granted. She has custody of minor child.
Amelia E Miller Elmer C Miller Nov 1939 separate maintenance petition.  Granted. 
Mildred L Miller Alfred Miller Nov 1939 Granted.
Ethel Hartman William Hartman Nov 1939 Granted.