Effie Elizabeth Maloney

Contributed by Steve Behr
November 23, 1875 - July 1, 1878
Carroll County Illinois - Crawford County Iowa
Copied by Russell E. Bidlack

Nov. 23d 1875, I am at school today. It commenced Monday. The teacher's name is Wetsel. Thursday is Thanksgiving. In the evening we expect to have a small party at our house. Mary is coming home from school tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with us and to be at the party. I hope the party will be a success. I hate a faller in a party. I should like to stay at home Thanksgiving, but I don't know as I can. We are having quite good weather for this time of the year although we have had some very cold.

Nov. 24. Are having very cold weather. John did not care so very much about going to Polo this afternoon after Mary, but hope It will be a little warmer this afternoon. Two new scholars this morning, Ella Hicks and Josephine Scoville. We have only 15 scholars today. We will not have so much fun this winter as we had last. There was a couple of boys that done just as they pleased and we had considerable to laugh at besides we had more large boys then than what we will have now. At present we have two boys 10 and 9 years old. I must lay this by and go to studying my lessons. They are not very hard, on the contrary they are very easy but awful long.

Nov. 30th. It is now the last of this month. We did not have our party. I do not know the reason. I have not written before, my pencil was so dull at first and then Thanksgiving we did not have any school and so I could not write then and yesterday it was so cold I could not walk a mile to school, so I could not go to school so I did not write. I left my pencil at home and I had to borrow one of Ettie Hiseradt. Mary came home Wednesday from school. We did not want her to come home again till Christmas and stay two weeks, but John is going to Ioway the Monday after Christmas and she will have to come home to get ready so he can go. He wants to go out and see Uncle John. I could write lots more if I was not so tired and the pencil so dull.

Nov December 1st I mean to write. It is not very handy to write December yet. I am at school as usual today. John went to Polo today to carry hogs for Charley Longston. I have not got much to write about unless I say that I have a picture for Mary's Christmas present and John is going to buy her a pair of gloves. Mother is going to get John some gold studs for the shirt - the shirt I said, I mean his shirt, Well I guess I will have to put this up for I am making so many mistakes. If I can I will write some more tomorrow.

Dec. 2d. I will now try and write a few lines while I have time. Thursday again but not much like last Thursday. We are having splendid weather now but I don't know how long it will last. Josephine Scoville today said that Will Burkholder was back and at their house. I don't see what I wrote this for unless to fill up space. I have not got much to write unless I say that I ought to be studying my Geography and grammar lesson and I had too, but I wanted to write something and I have been trying to write a page every day, but I do not know how near I will come to it. This time I guess not very near. I study Geography, spelling, grammar, reading. Arithmetic and writing and am twelve years old, not very far advanced certainly; perhaps I will be some time though. There, it's full.

Dec. 3d. The first sentence, referring to keeping boarders, is scratched out and the following inserted:, What I scratched out did not come true so 1 marked it out. As usual I have not any thing to write. There is no change in events at all. One might as well take a round ring and roll it along and try to see any change in the looks of the ring.

Wednesday. We did not keep the boarders that I spoke of or rather wrote about, they hired Henry Robinson's house and so we got well rid of then. Last night as I sat reading a story to our folks when I heard someone come upon the porch and then a knock and we not thinking of its being anyone but one of our neighbor men, said "Come in" without going to the door and opening it when in walked Sarah Husted and her son. They are our cousins and had come from Michigan to see her mother who is sick and has been for about three or four months. John had to take them down to her mother's today. I said that they were our cousins. Sallie is Ma's niece and her mother is Ma's sister. Mary is coming home Friday, perhaps I have mentioned It before.

Dec. 16. I now open this to record a few lines. I do not have much time to write in school and I could not write at recess or noon for these young heathens the scholars at Sturben would torment me half to death. Pa had a law suit or rather was going to but both parties settled yesterday. It was with Ike Alison a very great ruffin. He sued Pa but what it was about I have not space to write and I would not anyway, it is such a long story.

Thursday, Dec. 16. I will now try and write a few lines to improve in my writing for it needs it enough. John went to Sterling today and is going to get me a pair of mittens if he don't forget them and it's just my luck for these to be forgot. I have got to write something if it is not in its place it is this, that Clara Robinson, she sits in front of me, has just drawed a picture on her slate that represents a house or barn with a chimney in the middle of it and a bird, rooster or something else wonderful on top of it, with a bed. I guess it is in the part above the chimney but then she is a little girl and if it amuses her I ought not to laugh at it for I don't doubt but that when I was little I made as bad ones as that, perhaps worse.

December 20 Monday. I have not wrote in quite a while. I have not any thing to write about but will try and see what I can write. I am going to knit or crochet her a pair of wristlets for Christmas. 1 told John to get me the wool and I told him to get Berlin wool and I want Germantown wool and I am afraid that he will go before I get home from school. I am going to buy a pound of peanuts and a pound of candy for Christmas. Well I must go to solving problems and I hate them and that is the worst of it.

Dec. 21. Oh dear, John didn't get that yarn or rather they did not have any and now I can't nit those wristlets, but I know what I can get though and I am going to get it too. Lydla Calkins just said that Nellie Taylor was going to get married this afternoon at 3 o'clock to Sam Todd and I think it is the worst step in life she ever made. For he is none of the best people in the world.

Mon. Dec. 27. Christmas is past and gone. For Christmas presents I got an awful pretty pair of drab colored gloves with gauntlets and brown kid fronts, a lot of candy and peanuts. Mary got a photograph album and a lovely landscape picture. It is a scene in the Yosemite Valley, the three mountains looming up in the distance, miners' tents showing themselves through trees. And she got candy and peanuts. Andrew Robinson ate dinner at our house Christmas and Mr. Johnson Sunday.

30th. Thurs. I have not written in quite a while on account of my not having time. John started to Iowa Monday and Mama is awful afraid he can't find the way to Uncle John's. I am at home now. I am going to write at home after this, Ma and Mary are chopping apples and mince meat for mince pies. I can't think of as much to write about at home as I can at school. Well I can't write very much more for I must go to working examples. I don't believe that 1 will ever get out of them old examples. I can't do any more than half a dozen examples in a day. We did not recite in our arithmetic today or yesterday and one day this week we did not read in history and today we did not spell this forenoon. Well I guess this will do.

January 2, 1876. I do not write very regular for Saturday and Friday I forgot all about writing. We got a letter from John Friday afternoon. He had not yet reached Uncle John's. He was staying at the Bartlet house in Montour waiting for Uncle John. I have got a sore thumb so that I can't write nohow. I can hardly read it, it is wrote so poor. Yesterday there was a very severe storm in the afternoon. The wind blew awful and during the storm there was a house burned east of here. It blowed over.

Mon. 8. I want to school today. I had such a sore thumb that I could not do any more than two or three examples. It is quite late and as I have not much to write and not much time, I cannot write much. I have been working so hard this evening that I am very tired. expect quite a lot of company tomorrow. I think that I will not go to school but part of a day tomorrow. Mary is sewing on the machine, she is making a cushion for the rocking chair. Pa has not been very well today. Well, I will have to lay this by for I suppose that I ought to be at work. I have heard that the storm New Years done considerable damage. Some wind mills was blown down and besides I heard that part of Freeport was blown and burned down, but I do not know whether it is so or not. Josephine Scoville said that three of their apple trees was blown down, all, I guess that I had better lay this aside for I am getting sleepy and if I do not work I can go to bed anyhow.

Wednesday, Jan. 12. I do not write once a month. I forget every day I guess. I will take it to school. John has not come home yet. Well I don't know anything to write. I must lay this up and sweep.

Sunday January 30th. I am very sorry that I have not written before but I forgot all about writing every day, but indeed I will try after this to write more regularly. John has been home about two weeks. Be says—and I do not doubt that he had a splendid visit. Be was gone just three weeks and had ought to have had a good visit. Be saw all the folks but two cousins, Augusta and Laura. He is not at home just at present. He and Henry having gone up to Cooeyaye this evening. Sallie Husted and Virgil have gone back home some time. Her brother-in-law was so very low with consumption that she had to return home and as Aunt Apha was a great deal better so she could go home, but she was so sick once that her son Pery was sent for. He and his wife and their little boy and Mrs. Robinson and her grandchild and her daughter-in-law were all over here the other day but Pery's little boy, Jesse, was taken sick and so they had to go home sooner than they had calculated. Pa and Ma and I were down to Uncle Andrews about a week ago. Aunt Apha was a great deal better. They think that she will get well now. They did not think so some time ago. I have not been to school but two days last week. I don't like to go to school up here.

Monday. Jan. 31st. I have been to school today. John carried hogs to Polo today for Mr. Johnston and tomorrow he is going to carry hogs to Sterling for Ab Lee. I can't think of one single thing to write. I know what I have written before is awfley interesting and I suppose that the rest will be too. Charles Longston started for England today. His father is about dead I guess and he has went to see him. Well I will lay this and go to bed for I am sleepy.

April first 1876. It is April fool at last. I am very sorry but I always forget it. I ought to have lots to write but I don't know as I have. Poor little Barry H. Hicks is dead. I think he has been dead over (illegible). He was sick only five days when he died. His folks felt awful bad. John was one of the pall bearers. I went to the funeral. Clate Knox has been staying here for a long time. I almost hate him, he thinks he is so smart. Our school was out a week ago last Wednesday. John was up to school the last day. The teacher gave us all cards. Four of the scholars besides myself had to do examples, two apiece and they were all awful hard. Mine I suppose was the easiest because I was not as far along as the rest but mine was hard enough goodness knows. Today John had gone to Milledgeville to play baseball and Pa has gone to our school meeting and I would like to know who will be the director. Mary's school was out a week ago yesterday. She is not going back this summer to school. I think she is going to be examined this Monday to see if she can teach school. I got a letter from Ida Husted last week. Andrew Robinson is here now. Clate went home yesterday morning. I hope he won't come back. Well I guess I have wrote all I know so I'll close up.

April 2d. Sunday at last and a miserable day too. They say "rain first Sunday in the month, rain every Sunday" and its raining today but I don't want it to rain every Sunday though. I wish it would be good weather so that I can go to Sunday School. Clate came back this morning. I don't see what he comes for Sundays. I have nothing to write but I guess after today I will have more to write. 1 have a bad cold. I don't know but that I have whooping cough, but I think not. Tomorrow is washday. I suppose that Ma and I will have to wash alone but perhaps we will not wash till Tuesday.

Tues. April 4th. I did not write yesterday because I did not have time. Mary was to town yesterday. I do not know whether she got a certificate or not. She will not know till Thursday or Saturday. If she gets one she will then go to Linden and if she gets one there she will teach this school.

Wed. April 5. I don't know hardly how to begin as I have nothing to write. Mary is writing a letter and John is not at home. Clate went home this forenoon. I have just took some better ink, I think it will make my scratching look a little better. I haven't got one single thing to write. In five days is Mary's birthday, she will be seventeen years old. Well, I'll stop for I can't write any thing and I don't think there is any use in trying.

Thurs. Apr. 6. Today is a splendid spring day. The roads are drying up fast, perhaps we will go to Aunt Affa's tomorrow and Sunday we would like to go to Emily Ports. She has got a little girl. Emily is awful sick.

Fri. Apr. 7. We did not go to Uncle Andrews today. This afternoon Pa and Mary went to Linden this afternoon to have Mary examined. They will not be home until tomorrow night. This morning Rachel Crouch came to see me. She stayed until a few minutes ago when she went home. She lives In Genesee Grove. She is up to her grandfathers staying a while. Her and I have been playing croquet. I set the croquet set this morning after she came. It is the first time it has been set this spring, When I first began I had lots to write but I have forgot it all. Well, I must lay this aside and hunt the eggs.

Sun. Apr. 9. Mary and Pa old not come home yesterday. They did not get home till today at one o'clock. She did not jet through with her examination.

Tues, Apr. 11. Yesterday was Mary's birthday. She was seventeen. This afternoon Pa and Ma went down to Uncle Andrews to see how Aunt Affa is. They will not get back till tomorrow. Mary and I are keeping house alone.

April 12. Wednesday morning. Pa and Ma has not got back yet. Last night, yesterday and this morning it has rained but it has stoped raining now but I don't know how soon it will begin again. Last night it thundered and lightened and the wind blowed. If I have time I will write this afternoon.

Wednesday April 19th. It has been almost a week since I have wrote any. We are cleaning house and tomorrow Mary and I will have to do an awful big ironing. We have sowed twelve acres of wheat. John finished sowing it today. I wish that the house was cleaned. We have got one room up stairs and took the carpet up and put it down again. We are going to have a new striped carpet wove this summer. John has gone to town tonight. Bill's foot is lame and he can not be worked. I got my cards week ago Sunday. I have given away three now. I have got four of other folks. Our school will commence the first of May. Lizzie Harris will teach the school.

Sun. Apr. 23. I can not go to Sunday School today.

(Denison Iowa)

Tuesday, Nov. 14, 1876. It has been a long time since I wrote and a great many things has transpired since then. We do not live on the old place in Illinois anymore. Instead of that we have sold the old place to Chas. Longedon for 2400 dollars and bought a place away out west in Iowa of 240 acres for the same as we got for our place. There was not a bit of it broke nor a house nor a bit of fencing. We had a house built and moved out and are now living on it. It is in Crawford Co. & our P.O. address is Denison. The folks around here had an exhibition and exhibited to Denison in the hall. Mary was in the entertainment. It was "Ten nights in a Barroom" and she was "Mehitable Cartright." It was very nice. I was there to see it. I have been going to school for about 2 or 3 weeks. I have been absent 6 days. Our teacher is from Milledgeville, his name is Truman Campbell. I am home from school today. I haven't got any letters from the girls yet although I have written to them quite a good while ago. I think that they might write, though if they don't answer my letter I won't write to them again. We have got the carpet down in the front room and bedroom.

Wednesday Nov. 24th. I have not been to school today. Last night we had a snow storm but not a very bad one though. I was so cold that I could not go to school. I an almost to interest in my arithmetic It is farther than I ever was before. Clate has been picking corn for Inmans for a while. I have not written for quite a while because I could not find the book. We are going to have a donation at the school house Wednesday Dec. 13th. John is on the committee of arrangement. I want to go if I can, but if it is as cold as it is now I don't want to.

Saturday, Dec. 23d. I write so irregular that it is not hardly worth while to write at all. I did not go to school yesterday, in the morning we thought that it was going to blow so I did not go. John went to Denison yesterday and got a letter from Dec. and one from Hank. Hank's had $20 in it for Pa. Amelia Harris has married Pete Dull. Christmas is Monday. There won't none of us get any presents this Christmas. I feel awful over it. When I wrote before I spoke of a donation. Well, I went and had a good time too. We are going to have singing school this winter free. John and Clate have gone today. I could not go.

Dec. 24th. Sunday. It is Christmas eve but it don't seem like it though we will have vacation all this week and I think that I had ought to enjoy myself. Tom is here tonight. Will have to lay this by and get supper.

Monday, Dec. 25. Christmas. Mrs. Van Vleck, Wallie and May are here today and Mr. Swan is too. Mr. Barze was here a little while. Tom and John have gone to Denison today to get something. I haint going to say what and there is going to be something perhaps. I will tell when its over. Mary and Wallie are playing chequers and I will lay this by now, and perhaps I will write again in the afternoon .

Feb. 9th 1877. What a long time it is since I wrote before. What I spoke about before was we were going to have a dance and we did to, and we had a good time too. I have just got home from school. 1 am so excited and in such a hurry that I can't hardly write. There is a prairie fire a little ways from the house and the men folks are all gone to see it. Hope it won't do any damage. Will write again and state. Later: The fire has done no hurt. All went out, but it left its mark on the prairie.

Feb. 18. Sunday. Elliot Crouch & Vealy Souls (Sowles) have come out from Illinois right from where he did. The new settlers are going to have a reunion at our house Thursday night. Last night we was at the school house to see about it and where to have it and they decided to have it at our house. I expect that it will make lots of work but whats the difference. Elliot and Vealy came the 15th, John's birthday. He was 22 years old then.

March 30th. I ought to be ashamed not to write oftener; but I forget it. We had quite a storm last night, thunder, lightning & rain, the first bad storm I have seen in Iowa. Our school has been out over a month. John, Mary and I all got cards the last day as well as the rest of the scholars. Our school will begin again the first of May. 4 weeks and then school, I was to an exhibition Wednesday to Mr, Nesbits school, that is Mt. Pleasant School house and the week before that I was to an exhibition to Will Graham's school. That one to Nesbit's was splendid but Will's wasn't worth looking at. There was a nigger piece that spoiled the whole thing. When we was to Nesbits the Williams folks said that they would come up today, expect them at 3 this afternoon. They will stay the evening I expect. Brown has his wheat and oats sowed. Rather early to sow I should judge? We have got 7 little pigs 3 or 4 days old. We have bought a cross cow of Inman for $25. John has went to Denison today, Annise Inman went .with him too.

April 5th Thursday. 1 got a note from Annise today (she sent it over by Grant) asking me to come to Grant's birthday party Sat. I will go if it don't storm and if I am well. The men are ploughing now. Tom is helping them plow, I must stop and go to ironing.

Saturday, April 7th. I didn't go today where Annise asked me to go because it was so windy and I want to piece blocks. I have pieced one quilt this spring in about two weeks. It was a square album. Now Ma is going to cut the blocks for 2 quilts, one for her and one for me, and I am to piece them. It will take 90 blocks for both. Yesterday I pieced 15 and the night before 34.

Wednesday, April 18th. This afternoon Ma, Mame and I went down to Mrs. T, Browns. The 16th I picked some flowers and made a little bouquet. I pressed some to send back to Illinois. I think that they are I think in the place of the butter-cups of Illinois, only the butter cups are yellow and are small and these flowers are quite large and on the outside are a bluish color and on the inside are kind of white. Oh! I wish that I was in Illinois now. John is away now boring a well with that auger that he owns half of and Tom and Charley Miller is plowing now. School commences two weeks from last Monday, April 19th, Thursday. I haven't anything to write today. If I have anything to write this afternoon I will write it. Pa, Allison and Charlie Miller are surveying now. Last night John came home from boring that well. The well was $10 and some cents. I must put this up and draw some water.

Friday, April 27. School has been begun for a week. I did not go to School today because it rained like everything most this morning and it has changed to snowing. The ground is white with snow. All of the grasshoppers hatched out, most of them have been hatching for about two weeks. I have heard that they have taken Gardener's wheat and are in Simmerman's now. We have not sowed any small grain this year so there is not much danger of their taking it. I have had letters from Clara T. and Allie and Josephine and when I get some paper I want to write to them awful bad and I want to write to Millie too. I am sick and will have to stop.

Sunday evening, April 25. I did not go to Sunday school today because Annise came over just after I had got ready to go and I couldn't. Mrs. Inman, Anise, Charlie and Doc came and after Sunday School Annise and Clate came. Oh yes, Jennie came with her mother so see there was quite a house full, 13 in all. Today at Sunday School they elected Mr. Van Vleck for Supt. Mr. Selby was before. Yesterday it stormed all day but today it has cleared off. I have got a lot of little pigs.

May 2, Wednesday. Yesterday I went to Denison and sold eight pounds and a quarter of butter and got .14 cts a pound for it. I sold 5 dozen and 2 eggs and got 9 cents a dozen for them. I got a letter for Mary from Mary Jillson. Mame, John and I got Berts card. She said that it snowed in Illinois the same time it did here. It rained today some. It's cloudy now, it will rain again tonight, I expect, or tomorrow anyway. 1 am going to write a letter to Allie tomorrow if I get time in school.

May 18th, Friday. I have not written for a long time because I have not had time, We have lots of rainy weather, rains about all the tine, Wednesday Ma and I went to Denison, it began to rain just as we started from town and we went about 2 miles and stopped at a house about an hour and started again. It rained like fury and I got wet as a rat. Ma did some, not as much as I though. I sowed some verbenia seeds I guess they was, tonight. Tomorrow I want to make some beds by the windows and sow morning glories in them.

Sunday, May 20. It is raining again today. It didn't rain any yesterday so I made a flower bed and after the flowers were sowed the dog was let loose and he dug a great hole. I smoothed it as much as I could. I had the seed sown in rows and now the seeds are all over. The morning glories will be mixed in with the others. The other day John said that Verlie and Elliot were going back to Ill in the fall because the hoppers are taking their crops. John says that we will to. We haven't had any letter from Hank for a long time though we have written.

Tuesday, May 22d. While I an writing I am at school. I wanted to go home with Anise tonight but Ma said she could not spare me. I'm going to tease her tonight and see if she will let me go. I wanted to go fishing and I never went went before. Sunday night I got a letter from Idy, the second I have got from her since I was in IA. Our folks are planting corn now, George Allison is helping them. John helped them plant theirs before they began to plant our own. It looks a little rainy now, I hope that it will clear up some time. I hope it won't rain tomorrow any way.

Wednesday, May 23. This morning it rained again but it has all cleared up now. I wish that I could go home with Annise tonight. It seems to me as if it wasn't good for me to write in this in school because in Illinois at school I couldn't think of anything to write, and it is the same way here. I have got 2 examples to do and then I will be in percentage again, last winter in Stoddards I got to Allegation alternate. I study Ray's now. I would like to get through it this summer so that next winter I could begin at percentage and go on.

Thurs., May 24. It has all cleared off now and is warm and nice. I went home with Annise and staid all night with her. Ida Guyion went too, but did not stay all night. About dark her father came after her or she would have staid. Went fishing and caught nine little fish. I only caught one, but it was the first one that was caught and the biggest of all. They say that this afternoon Mrs. Nichlas and Mrs. Parkins are coming up to visit the school. I don't know whether they will or not. Mr. Connors folks have got a little girl. I did 35 examples today in percentage.

Monday, May 27. Friday 1 did not come to school. I had to stay at home to iron. Today John went to Denison. He just went home past the school house. Yesterday we went to Sunday School. Ma went too and while we were gone Mr. Cochran and Mr. Graham came to our house. Just as we started from S.S. they got to the school house. Mrs. Parkins was not to Sunday School today. Mrs. Sillas Thompson taught our class. She is a good a teacher as they have got I believe. Mr. Van Vleck bought a call bell for the S.S. and he told Mame she could take it as we have a bell in school.

Wednesday, May 29th. I did not write yesterday because I did not have time. I haven't time now, but I must take it. Friday we are going to speak and I heard that the other school was coming over too. I will hate to speak my piece, it scares me so to get up before a whole lot and speak, but I had rather speak before a whole house full that were strangers than some that I know. We have got our corn all planted and the grasshoppers are taking it too. John says so. I think that we stand in a good way to go back to Illinois.

Thursday, May 30. This forenoon it rained about as hard as I ever saw it rain. Now It looks as if it might clear up. I am to interest in my arithmetic. I want to get through it the summer and review Longitude and time and Proposition too, all before next winter so that in the winter I can begin at illegible and study in physiology or else I won't ever know anything. Annis did not come today, maybe she is mad at Mama. Annis said she wouldn't speak and Mary said she'd have to. Its clearing up nice and I hope that it will be so that the other school can come tomorrow. We have 22 scholars today.

Tuesday, June 5th. Oh, Oh, June again and we 'way out in Iowa. Well the school came over. We are going to their school Friday and Mary Palmer is coming home with Mame. Annise comes to school now. She came Friday, spoke, or read rather. Oh Yes! I got a letter from Allie Friday. Wish I had some paper and envelopes, I would write right away. Sunday we had a long horse back ride again. Annis went home with me last night. We had lots of fun. We played six games.

Thursday, June 7. Yesterday I did not come to school because I had to stay at home and work. We hare got the door yard broke up and night before last we planted string beans, squashes, pumpkins and citrons and tonight we will plant some muskmelons and watermelons. 1 don't expect that I can write again till Mon.

Tuesday, June 12. I have forgot to write before now. Tonight Mame and I are going to Mr . Inmans to stay all night. Annise just said that Mrs. Woodard folks thought she was going crazy over religion because he won't join the Church. She and Jennie are both sick. Friday we went over to the other school. It was rainy but that did not make any difference with us. I wrote a letter to Mrs. Humphrey and Hank yesterday. I will send the one to Hank by Mr. Inman tomorrow when he goes to town. It rained a little this forenoon as usual. We have 20 scholars today. Em and Mag and Adelaide and Ella Milligan and Jonny aren't coming any more. Mag has a half mile to walk and she says it makes her sick to walk so far. I must study my grammar lesson.

Wednesday, June 13. Yesterday we had the awflest hail storm that ever was I believe. It commenced with rain and then it began to hail just a little. You could hardly tell it from the rain but it increased in fury till in the school house I don't believe you could have heard a gun fired off in the room. The wind blowed to a perfect gale. The hardest of the storm last 10 or 20 minutes, I should think. It begun when we was in the spelling class and Annise throwed down her slate and as if that was the signal the scholars all jumped from the class and their seats and run. Some was in the entry but I made them come in because I thought that it might blow away. Mama was so scared that she did not know what to do hardly. We went down to Mr, Inmans and had a nice time. Mary turned a hat for Annise. It was an old frame but as good as new and Annise shaped it different. It turns down at the sides, back and front and Mame took the triming off from Mrs. Inmans hat that cost $15 and the flowers, and trimmed it so that it looked lovely. Annise will not have a new one now.

Wednesday, July 11th. It has been a very very long while since I have written. Before I kept putting it off along. I just dreaded to write someway, We had a letter about two or three weeks ago from Hank and he said that if he could get anybody to do his chores he would come out before harvest. If he does come he ought to be here before a week or two. The Fourth I went to Vail. Our folks, all but John, went to Scervin's Grove about 6 miles south of here. One Saturday we had a riging party, one a picnic and one Saturday I was to the baptising, it was a week ago last Saturday. Next Sunday I am going someplace else, I don't know where.

Friday, August 3. Tomorrow night there is preaching by Paterson and Sunday night there is preaching by the Presbyterian minister from Denison and Monday night Thorpe reads again. I want to go to that anyway. I would like to go to all, but the preaching two nights in succession and Sunday School (I should like to go to both) and the reading will keep us on the bob. Ma and Pa went to Inmans too, went about half past ten. Mary is ironing.

Sunday, August 12. Last night got a letter from Allie. Rosa Willard is married to Hiram Lowrey. Ma got a latter from Hank and what would one suppose was in it —he is married. It don't seem possible. Her name is Sarah B. Ensley. He can't come out right away but is coming out soon as he can. Mary got a latter from Lida also.

Friday, Sept. 26. Have had a concert since I wrote before and a week from Sunday night are going to have another. Tomorrow night preaching again by the same preacher. Tonight the folks practice to Browns and tomorrow my class too, but I ain't going to sing and I don't think take any part in it at all. I spoke to the other concert but I don't believe that I will to this one. Tomorrow Mary and I will go to Denison and have our pictures taken. This week was fair week, none of us went! Brown's folks went yesterday.

Wednesday, Dec. 4. My entries are not very regular but now I have begun to write. I must be more regular in future. Last Friday I got a letter from Allie. Saturday I went to Denison. About 3 weeks ago I was up to Denison and staid a week. When I as up Saturday Amy said that maybe that Ada Falkner and she would come out between Christmas and New Years and stay a while. There is a donation Thursday night. I am going. It is raining now. Tom was up today.

Friday, Dec. 7th. Went to the donation last night. Mary did not go, because Tom did not come up. He wanted her to go with us, but she wouldn't. I just had a huge time. Mr. Allison came there from Denison drunk and wanted to lick Charlie Killer, but Charlie hid away from him. A week from tonight there is going to be a party here. The Boyer folks are coming up and some of the folks from around here will be here. I would like to write a latter to Allie tonight if I can and if I do I'll have to write it with this pencil.

Dec. 26. I would have written before but it does seem as if I can't settle myself to write any more. I have e commenced to write a letter to Hank and stopped to write here. Christmas is past, I got two handsome white vases with painted flowers on them. Mame got two just like mine. Clate bought them for us. I got a pair of black cuff buttons and a very pretty book from Mrs. Parkins, all the class got books. Mame got a card case and lost it, I made it for her. John got a pair of gold cuff buttons with a set in them. Clate bought them, and a little card case that I made. Pa got a little tobacco pouch I made, wasn't put on the tree though. Ma a lamp mat and needle which I made. John and Clate have gone to Denison today. Tom is sick to Coohrans.

Jan, 25, 1878. 1 can write better now as I am going to write at school. We have not had a letter from Hank in a long, long tine. Tom is at our house now, he came up the Sunday before New Years and stayed a week or two and went back and than came up last week Thursday. Oh, I have been thinking of Illinois for the past 2 or 3 days and it seems as if I must go back, as if I could not stand it to stay away, but I don't expect that I can ever, ever go. I want to go to Mrs. Parkins tomorrow night and Ida Guyion and I go to prayer meeting.

Thursday, Jan. 24. Tonight Ida and I are going to go to Mrs. Parkins. Tomorrow night there is to be a party at Ben Buffintons. I expect to go. Last night there was to have been a dance at Inmans but they didn't have any. In the first place they intended to have it Tuesday, then they put it off till Wednesday night, and then they didn't have any.

Jan, 28, Monday. Went to Sunday School yesterday horse back. Mrs. Parkins was not there because her father is sick. Went to the party Friday night, am going to another Wednesday night, this week to Curriers. I got a letter from Allie Sunday and Mame got one from Lida and her picture, it is lovely. Looks just like her. When I got Allie's letter I had a good cry over it. It seems to me as if I must go back. There is money enough in the house now and I am going to try and let them let me go back. I will tell them that I will do everything they ask me to do and not get mad at anything.

Tuesday, Jan. 29. Wrote a letter to Clara Ferguson yesterday but haven't sent it yet. Last night we went to Wallaces, It is snowing and blowing now. If it don't stop the party will he gone up, but I don't care much anyhow, because I am sick of them. Clate is here now. John Inman has just brought some coal up to the school house, Saturday Pa and Ma went to Denison. Mame and I staid at home. Ma got us each a new dress just alike and some calico for collars and cuffs and some calico to join a bed quilt and she got Mame a bib. I have got to square root.

Wednesday, Jan. 30. Only think, tomorrow is the last of this month! How quickly it has passed. Last night it cleared off and stopped snowing, so I guess it will be a nice night for the party after all. Annise is going to a party or dance again tonight where she went a week ago tonight. Clate went to Denison today. Last night Jim W., Allen B. and Al. Bresee and George Allison were at our house.

Thursday, Jan. 31. I went to the party last night. It was only 25 min. of two when I got home. I am at school today but I feel pretty sleepy. We run horses going down but it scared me like everything. The wagon tipped up someway and I thought that it was going over. Oh, I am so sleepy that I can hardly hold my eyes upon. I have been to sleep two or three times in about 5 minutes.

Friday, Feb. 1. Oh, it's February. The winters keep getting shorter and shorter every year. It won't seem any more than a month by the time I am 20 if I live that long. Clate is going to take somebody to the party tonight from Denison. None of us knows who it is. He and Bresee are going together. They went this morning about 11 o'clock. I guess that was the time he intended to start.

Monday, Feb. 4. Went to Sunday School yesterday horseback and just as we started Cide Baker cracked his whip and we had started on a gallop before and it scared the horses so that they started and run about 3 rods and I have no saddle, nothing but a girth—went off in the end. Today noon Charlie Miller and Clate were up to the school house. School has just called and they have want home. The boys were snowballing at the mark on (illegible). I had to stop and tell Annise where the grammar and geography lessons were as she was not at school Thursday nor Friday. Annise says the reason that she was not to the party at Vans was because they wasn't wanted. I forgot to say that there was a party at Van Vlecks Friday night last, which none of Inmans attended, but Clarence and Miss Cordall (word illegible) and Hoag came down about 1 hr. or 2.

Fob. 8. I haven't been to school before this weak, only Monday. Yesterday I wrote a letter to Aunt Affa and to Hank to see why he didn't write, and sent a letter to Clara F. and Mary sent one to Lida M. I directed it after she went to school. It was written on fools-cap that she got of Erastus Brink. Pa went to Denison yesterday and got some new flat irons. Yesterday Mr. O'Connor ate dinner at our house and the day before he and Mr. Bersee and John Nehls ate dinner at our house and Bresee ate supper at our house. Tonight the new settlers meet to form a Constitution and Tuesday night the old settlers meet to do the business of their reunion. 1 expect the new settlers will hold theirs at Inmans this year.

Monday Feb. 11. Tonight Mary is going over to Van Vlecks and Tom is coming after me to the school house from the field and go to Lars. Parkins. She was to Sunday School yesterday with her necktie on that her class gave her. She don't look one bit good in it. Ma was to Mr. Allisons yesterday. There is going to be a party there this week, Friday. They are going down to Mo. the Tuesday after that. Mr. Kreider was to our house yesterday.

Monday 18 Feb. Friday there was a party to Allisons, Wallie had Carrie Barber. Ma and I went down to Van Vlecks Saturday and staid till Church and Ma went home with our folks and I want back and staid till Sunday school. There was no preaching Saturday night and hardly anyone to Sunday School because it snowed some all the morning. I want to go back to Illinois so bad that it seems to me sometimes as if I would go wild. I want to go back so bad if I could only get a place to work I would till I got money enough to go with. Oh that I only could go. Our folks know that I want to go but they don't know one quarter how bad I want to go. I can't tell how bad I want to go or I believe that they would let me go. I never wrote the history of this book, but I will now. Hank had this book, another like it and one or two slimseyer ones and I wanted it and as Henry owed me .15 cents for some thing that I had done for him or else he had borrowed the money of me, so I had him give me this book or rather I took it and a black lead pencil and told him that I wanted it and he said something but I tried to make him believe that 15 cents was all the book and pencil was worth but I always kept the book but he knew it though and that was the last of it. I wish that I had always been good to him for he always thought lots of ma, but I had ought to be good to my own folks but it seems to me that it is impossible to govern that awful temper of mine and it gets worse and worse every day. It is after recess in the afternoon now and I always wrote before right after noon, but I forgot it today.

Wednesday. Feb. 20. Night before last Mame stopped to Allisons and cut her out a wrapper. Lost night I wrote a letter to Allie. Yesterday John, Tom and Clate went to Denison. Tom came home but John and Clate staid to boxing school, and didn't get home till about 11. While we was to Allisons he came home drunk, Milfred brought us home.

Thursday. Feb. 28. Last Friday we went to the reunion. John, Tom and Mame went to the old one. We didn't have a good time at all. The folks to the old one had a splendid time. At the new one Inmans folks had control of everything and just filled their pockets with candy. Last Saturday Van Deus en and Elliot were over to our house all day. Saturday night Tom, Mame and I went over to Parkins and carried them some oysters and crackers that Tom had bought for the old folks. Yesterday Mrs. Lyons, Electa and John E. and staid all yesterday. Pa went to Denison and got 4 letters, 2 for me and 2 for Ma. Heres was from Aunt Affa and Emma Robinson. John Robinson has got his leg broken in 2 places. He and all of the family stay to Uncle Andrews. Joe Booth does John's chores and stays to Uncle Andrews. Emma has got a little boy. She says: it is 7 l/2 months old, is as fair as a lilly, has blue eyes, brown hair and weighs 25 lb, to tell the truth we call him pretty. His Papa thinks he is perfection. I would like to go down awful bad, it is about 30 or 40 miles from here. I got a letter from Allie and Clara Ferguson.

Tuesday, March 5, There was no school yesterday as there was school meeting here. Dave Simmerman was elected director. Geo. Inman, Buffinton I think that was all the ones that run. Inman got 3, Simmerman 16, Buffinton 11. Some of them want to make out that it was illegal and have another election, but they can't do it for if they can make out that it is illegal, Bidlaok will have to serve another term. Yesterday I lined a nice little box with pale blue grosgrain silk. Tonight I want to cover the outside. Tonight Mary is going home with Lida Guyion tonight and I will have to walk home.

Thursday, March 7. Our folks begun sowing wheat Tuesday. Last night they had 14 acres sowed. John rode to Denison yesterday with D. P. Brown to buy a cedar, but Brown had such a load that he couldn't bring it out and John has gone today after it. Mr. Neely came out to Denison yesterday. I sent a letter to Hank yesterday and one to Emma Robinson.

Tuesday, March 12. Last night we went to Brinks. Wallie and Carrie Barber were there and that was all there was there. John didn't go. Sunday I wrote a letter to Clara F. I haven't ans. Allie's latter yet but must tonight, Mame is going to stay all night to Brinks tonight. I am to Mensuration and into it a little ways, but I have no hopes of getting through it now this term, but want to before school commences for summer.

Monday, March 18. I hope that last night may ever be to me a joyful anniversary as the night when 1 took a decided stand for Christ. Oh, it seems but a dream to think that John, Mary and I are going to try and do better in future. John had the courage to go first Friday and Saturday nights. John went and last night Mary and I. Hoag Hull went Saturday with John and Verlie Sowles. Last night, who would you think! Why--Clayton Knox, besides Minnie Thompson, Annise Inman and Willie Bowman, I think it was him. Mr. Inman and Mrs. Inman went up to meeting last night but he said that he new that it did him hurt to come and that there were some of the prayers hurt him. Martha Crouch has a little girl, also Mrs. Tilfred Thompson. I want to try after this to do better, and if I have help from Him that never turns a deaf ear to those that ask of Him 1 will succeed.

Wednesday, March 20. Monday night John joined the church on probation, as Mame wasn't there (she was to Swans) and I didn't have the courage, I didn't join till last night. When Annise Inman, Mary, Willie Bowmen and Latan Simmerman all joined Monday night, Hoag Hull, John, Verlie Sowles, Clate, Mrs. Edna Selby joined. Tom rose for prayers last night. I hope that he will join tonight, John Inman and Latan Simmerman all rose for prayers, perhaps John I. will join tonight. I want to Mrs. Sowles after school last night and rode up with them and Parkins to Church. Today is the last day of school. Adrian Selby is here. Mary Halston went forward last night. Mr. Patterson preaches. John got a letter from George Allison Saturday night. He said they had bought 80 a. of land and were building a house. He said he liked it first rate there. Electa Lyons (Hughs little sister) is to school today also. I think that she is an awful sweet little thing, more so than Maggie Van Vleck.

Friday, April 5th. The next 3 nights after Tom rose for prayers he went forward and the 3d. night joined on probation. The first night that he went forward Tom's forgiveness and they both spoke and said that they forgave each other. Mrs. Lyons and the preacher clapped their hands and the folks sung "I'm glad salvations free'' and today Tom and Brown have gone to Denison to try and stop the lawsuit. Van went to Denison yesterday and got a lawyer to write a paper to have the people sign to have the suit stopped. Cap Crouch was here yesterday from Illinois. It seems almost like old times. We are cleaning house now.

Wednesday, April 17. School commenced Monday. I am studying physiology. Toms trial comes off this week. It has been tried and he was acquitted, but Inman brought it up again and it was thread out.

April, Thursday, 18th. Last night I got a letter from Clara F. and Mary got one from Truman and Queenie. Lida and Allie, Frank Gould and Frand Ward, Mort and Lily Teachout all went forward at Milledgeville.

Monday, Apr. 22. Yesterday we had a hard hail storm. Pa had went over to look at the wheat and was out in nearly all of it. It broke 3 window lights for us. I must tell a little incident that happened Friday. I want down to Inmans to get some peas and Debbie Milligen, Ella Brink and Annise went with me. While all of the rest of the folks was in the kitchen eating we saw the teacher's box of letter paper and we was talking about it and Annise opened it and looked in and there was a kind of partition in the cover and she looked in there and saw some paper with writing on it, and she pulled it up and read something on it and began to laugh and clap her hands and we wanted to know what it was and we all looked over and read. I think probably that it is remarks that he was making, for Annise says he told her that he liked to study anyone's character. He said something about Emma Buffinton, I don't know what the first of it was but he said that ha did not like Emma Buffinton's character very well and he said, of Miss Inman (the place -here I board) I think very little. She is large and strong and very lazy. She likes to be thought the best scholar in school and does make some effort to learn. We could not read any more for we heard them rising from the table, and Annise stuck that back in about a quarter of a second and we all sprang across the room and sat down.

Wednesday, April 24. Went to the lecture last night (the teacher gives one every Tuesday night) on intemperance. It was very good, but he did not have it committed to memory and consequently had to read it. Than after it was out, Annise had a pledge and we passed it around and got a good many to sign it. In all what we got last night and today are 31. I am going to Elliot Crouohes to stay all night tonight. Pa was to Denison this week and the report is that Wall Lake is blown to pieces and that the Sweed settlement is destroyed and lots of folks hurt badly, Maggie Bowman said today that Dow-----is all blown down.

Monday, April 29th. Martha Crouch and Elliot and Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs were to our house yesterday, and a fellow was going by to Iowa twp. to teach school and stopped in to get a drink, and stayed till the men folks came in to dinner and then started to go away but John and Pa called him back to get dinner and he staid till nearly night. He went by Saturday on a gray pony and asked the way to Iowa township while Minnie Thompson was there. Elliot Crouch spoke in prayer meeting Saturday night to Perkinses, Tom was leader. Next Sunday night it is to be at Elliot's house. John is leader.

Thursday, May 2. I had to stay at hone yesterday because it rained. Mary and Ma went over to Elliot's day before yesterday, and got the quilt frames and now she is quilting her broad axe.

Monday, May 6th. 1 went over to Mrs. Parkins Saturday to get Trim... and yesterday I went to Sunday School, and she asked me home with her and went down to prayer-meeting with them and then came back and stayed all night there. The next meeting is going to be to McLeods. Hoag Hull is leader. There were 22 in all to meeting last night. Lyons and Mrs. S. were there. She and Electa have new summer hats. Oh ! I got a letter from Mrs. Crouch Saturday. Oh ! I do want to go back so bad.

Wednesday, May 8. I guess that I will go down to Jacobs tonight. She was over to our house Monday and wanted me to come tonight. Ma told me this morning that I hadn't better go tonight and go today noon and get some plants that I was going to get, and I went and they weren't at home. I hope that Ma won't care. If I thought she would I would go. Oh, I don't know what to do!

Monday, May 13th. Saturday we had quite a heavy snow storm for about 20 minutes. The snowing was very fast and looked like feathers. But Sunday morning came off bright and warm and the sun shone. Mary has got a very bad cough. Pa went to Denison. I hope he will get me a letter. I did not go to prayer meeting last night. Next Sunday night it is to Homer Bakers. He is leader.

Tuesday, May 14. I guess that both of the Mrs. Browns are coming up to our house today to quilt. Pa went to Denison again today. I got a letter or rather a postal card from Allie yesterday. She thought that I owed her a letter but I don't though. There are 31 scholars here today, it averages about 30. Mr. Brockelsbys little girl died yesterday and was buried yesterday. She had spasms.

Friday, May 17. Mr. Hawk the supt. was to visit the school yesterday, and the Director Simmerman was to school today. It has been raining for 2 or 3 days, a little every day. Pa went up to Denison Monday and while he was coming home he met a fellow that wanted him to take the agency of the National Wire Fence Company and Pa took it and signed 2 agreement papers, one for Iowa twp, the other for East Boyer, and when he got home John said that he knew that Pa had been cheated and come to, he had signed the agreement papers and it was worded so that each paper was a note for $100 and he went up Tuesday and had the fellow arrested. Came home at noon and went back, staid all night, came home Wednesday and went back again yesterday and staid all night. Clate took him up and will have to go after him today. They had one suit before. Justice Gardner and Pa beat him and last night it was to be tried before Justice Bond. Pa's lawyers are Shaw Van and Nicholson and I don't know but the Tabors too. "Toogoods" lawyer is Conner. Clate got him a new suit of clothes, in all cost $18.75, his clothes cost $18.00.

Monday, May 20. It doesn't seem possible that May is so near gone. Well, Pa had that trial before Gardener and got beat. Mr. Bresee were at our house yesterday afternoon, they were at Sunday School with Lyons'a folks. It rained yesterday in class meeting real hard. Quite a good many out yesterday. Must write to Allie tomorrow.

May 23, Oh it seams as if I must go back to Illinois. I want to cry out, it almost makes me crazy. When I sit and think I do want to go so bad.

May, Friday, 24. We have got just half way through our physiology. Dear old journal!. It is nearly 3 years since I commenced you and have neglected you so at times. I will always keep you though. Mrs. Gardener has got a little boy, it their 4th child.

Monday, May 27. Lilly started to school today. Was to Sunday school meeting and prayer meeting yesterday. 35 scholars to school today.

Monday, June 3. Martha Thompson is not expected to live. Indeed I don't know as she is even living now. She was a little better this morning but still unconscious. She went home Thursday and was taken sick that night.

June 10th, Monday. Martha died last Friday afternoon and was buried yesterday, Mr. Sage from Denison preached the sermon. His text was "which is far better." On her way to the school house Mrs. Milligan was thrown off of the wagon and it run over her but it is thought that she is not badly hurt. We had examinations Friday. I stood 88 0/0

May ?? June Friday, 14. Clate went down to (long time after) I forgot what I wae going to write, I guess I had to stop writing. Oh, I have thought of it, he was going down to Shelby County to get a homestead, Well there wasn't any.

June 24. Poor little Annise Inman was married last Saturday; that was day before yesterday. She was to Sunday School yesterday and was in our class. She hadn't thought of being married till in the morning and they had an awful fuss, and they went up to Denison and got married. She got a new hat, shawl and veil after she went to Denison.

Monday, July 1. School is out day after tomorrow, and then my poor little diary, we will have to part! Not but what I will keep you in my possession though. It has been 2 years, 7 months and 9 days since I commenced this. I wish that you was twice as large. There has been many, many changes since I commenced this, We have moved from the dear old home of my birth which I expect that I can never see again. I thought that if I could not go back the next fall, but I am just as anxious to go now almost two yrs. from then as I was last fall. Finished Monday afternoon, July 1, 1878,