Carroll County Illinois

Register of Marriages filed in the County Clerk's office for the month of June, 1894
Contributed by Karen Fyock

Edward Buxton of Freedom age 23
Cora Mitchell of Freedom age 26

Charles Boyd of Washington, D. C. age 23
Addie J. Curtiss of Lanark age 22

Joseph S. Spahr of Chadwick age 34
Laura E. Story of Dallas Center, Ia. age 31

Clarence C. Calkins of Milledgeville age 28
Elizabeth L. Millard of Milledgeville age 26

Wm. S. Wallace of Henry, Ill. age 26
Elizabeth Horning of Milledgeville age 28

Alfred E. Calehan of Dubuque, Ia. age 26
Mabel Ellithorpe of Savanna age 20

Benj. F. Willet of Waddams Grove age 28
Susie Stine of Waddams Grove age 18

H. Vincent O'Shea of Mankato, Minn. age 27
Harriet F. Eastabrook of Milledgeville age 29

Gilbert Hartwig of Eagle Point age 24
Ella Ports of Elkhorn Grove age 18

For month ending Nov. 30, 1897 Carroll County, Illinois Contributed by Karen Fyock Fred P. Hanson, Savanna Lina Nies, Savanna Charles Yocum, Chadwick Etta Shore, Chadwick Gabe Sarber, Elkhorn Grove Irene Hose, Polo Loren G. Burrows, Savanna Alice Chaffee, Lanark William J. Lopp, Hanover Minnie M. Cotrell, Hanover Elmer L. Bovaugh, Mt. Carroll Magaret Habinek, Savanna Louis Schildmiller, York Alta Pape, York Cornelius Dingman, Milledgeville Margaret Hendrick Harry C. Kramer, Chadwick Emma D. Diehl, Chadwick Frank Dumpman, Brookville Anna Kimbel, Fair Haven Benjamine Griswald, Thomson Hattie Emma May Green, Thomson Jacob Gehr, Woodland Hattie May Smith, Freedom Lester C. Gray, Savanna Matilda Denny, Savanna John G. Smith, Mt. Carroll Elizabeth A. Bowman, Mt. Carroll Jacob Daniels, Shannon Anna Temple, Shannon Harry Forer, Mt. Carroll Lizzie Legel, Mt. Carroll
For month ending Dec. 31, 1897 Carroll County, Illinois - Contributed by Karen Fyock Milton McNutt, Shannon, Ill. age 24 Ida B. Lutz, Shannon age 19 John S. Kane, Mt. Carroll age 31 Annie Ring, Mt. Carroll age 23 Charles Wilt, York age 25 Hattie Potter, Thomson age 21 W. Bradford, Pleasant Valley age 55 Mary A. Lyttle, Savanna age 50 Geo. S. Gill, Edinburg age 30 Kate Ashway, Mt. Carroll age 30 T. M. Duffey, Eagle Point age 25 Olive Johnson, Milledgeville age 23 Harry Putterbaugh, Freedom age 26 Emma Miller, Lanark age 25 Thomas Powers, Woodland age 30 Cora Foole, Shullsbury, Wis. age 29 Joseph Cundiff, Savanna age 25 Katie Readfuru, Savanna age 21 Geo. Wolfensberger, Lanark age 24 Mattie C. Lynch, Lanark age 22 Milton Hostetter, Milledgeville age 37 Clara Belle Blough, Milledgeville age 21 Henry Hinkel, Fair Haven age 26 Sylvia Schriner, Salem, Il age 21 J. Douglas Iden, Savanna age 37 Martha Shelton, Savanna age 23 Henry Rodke, Savanna age 23 Mae Kerney, Savanna age 24 Morris E. Horner, Lanark age 28 Mary Hanse, Rock Creek age 32 Harvey Hepner, Brookville age 24 Rosa Rister, Rock Creek age 23 Arthur Robinson, Hanover age 28 Edith M. Sale, Washington age 21 Amos A. Burr, Thomson age 21 Minnie Taylor, Thomson age 22 J. A. Woessner, Cherry Grove age 24 Lydia Breunner, Cherry Grove age 19 John Hartman, Fair Haven age 28 Mary Bachmann, Fair Haven age 21 Thomas Holland, Savanna age 57 Minnie Saltzer, Savanna age 39 William H. Willis, Thomson age 23 Anna B. Miner age 20 Charles Cotta, Rock Creek age 26 Edith Burt, Shannon age 24 George Brick, Fair Haven age 27 Annie Pabst, Fair Haven age 19 Henry S. Johnson, Mt. Carroll age 23 Bessie C. Welch, Mt. Carroll age 22 Samuel Lichty, Lincoln, Neb. age 50 Ellen B. Gnagey, Milledgeville age 37 Reuben B. Myers was the first one to get a license in the year 1898.