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Carroll County Families
Contributed by Karla Moore
Some featured family names of Woodruff, Valentine, Ransom
Original Documents, Old Time Valentines and much more.

Colehour & Various Spellings
By Bill Colehour

Dodd Family
Hosted by Pat Schultz

Downing - Bickelhaupt - Preston Families
Ancestors and Family of Alice Horner

Dresbach Family in Carroll County
Created by Michael Lockett

Gehlsen, Dierks and other Connections
Ancestors and Family of Jerry & Barbara (Gehlsen) Nugent

Helle Family
(and others) - presented by Sharon Bearce

Hofstetter Family
From the Hershey Family Tree by Judith Hart

Horner Family Website
Presented by Alice Horner
"The Horner Family of Carroll County, Illinois (And Nearly Everyone Else)"

Smith - Roehrig

Ancestors of Sherrie (Smith) Roehrig

Ancestors of Diane Gale Matthiesen

Carroll Co Families "too many to list"
Family website of Steve Schack


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