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Cemeteries in Champaign County, IL
Source: GNIS

Abandoned Cemeteries

Feature Name



Other Information

Adkins Graveyard     - Abandoned -
Somer Twp, Section 21 on land once owned by Lewis Adkins
Bailey Memorial Cemetery 395944N 0881627W  
Barnett Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Beckman Cemetery 401538N 0880555W  
Beekman Cemetery 402128N 0882008W  
Bethlehem Cemetery 401251N 0881559W  
Bliss Cemetery 400144N 0880239W  
Bryan Cemetery 401058N 0882328W  
Burris Cemetery     - Abandoned -
Section 30, in Ogden. Land of Isaac Burris
Calvary Cemetery 400041N 0880817W  
Chenoweth Cemetery 402141N 0875650W  
Clements Cemetery 400841N 0880944W  4 miles north-east of Urbana
Craw Cemetery 395901N 0882128W  
East Bend Cemetery 402117N 0882003W  
East Lawn Cemetery 400716N 0881203W  
Eden Cemetery 401903N 0880917W  
Elmwood Cemetery 401907N 0880952W  
Fisher Cemetery 401202N 0882014W  
Grandview Memorial Gardens 400948N 0881850W  
Harvey Cemetery 400717N 0881156W  
Harwood Chapel Cemetery 402312N 0880119W  
Heater Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Cemetery on Henry B. Hill Farm     - Abandoned -
Hitz Family Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery 401846N 0880642W  
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Homer Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery 400215N 0875659W  
Huffman Cemetery 402326N 0880259W  
Huls Cemetery 401710N 0880226W  
Huls Cemetery 401032N 0880402W  
Huss Cemetery 400336N 0880614W  
Immaculate Conception Cemetery 395524N 0880725W  
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery 395610N 0880033W  
Iverdale Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Jersey Cemetery 401442N 0881826W  
Jessee Cemetery 395337N 0881150W  
Knife-Stout Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Kopman Cemetery 401334N 0880007W  
Leal Park Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Lincoln Cemetery 400743N 0881305W  
Locust Grove Cemetery 400013N 0880946W  
Loeffler Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Lost Grove Cemetery 395943N 0875943W  
Ludlow Cemetery 402212N 0880844W  
Lynn Grove Cemetery 395806N 0880649W  
Mahomet Cemetery 401136N 0882408W  
Maplewood Cemetery 401958N 0880855W  
Mennonite Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Miller Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Mt Hope Cemetery [400150N] [0880347W] Urbana Twp
Mount Hope Cemetery [400557N] [0881355W]  Sidney Twp
Mount Hope Cemetery [402301N] [882507W]  Brown Twp
Mount Hope Cemetery     St. Joseph Twp
Mount Olive Cemetery 400652N 0880722W  
Naylor Cemetery 401837N 0882310W  
O'Bryan Cemetery 395307N 0882153W  
Old Adkins Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Old Cloys Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Old Frame Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Old Huss Cemetery 400332N 0880441W  
Old Jewish Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Old Rinehart Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Old Somers Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Old Tolono Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Patterson Cemetery 400526N 0880137W  
Patton Cemetery 402255N 0875616W  
Peabody Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Pesotum Cemetery 395445N 0881610W  
Peters Cemetery 400434N 0880129W  
Phillippe Cemetery 401321N 0882126W  
Porter-Dwan Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Prairieview Cemetery 400316N 0881740W  
Rhinehart's Grave Yard     - Abandoned - located in Section 34 on land once owned by Matthias Rhinehart
Rice Cemetery 395404N 0882254W  
Riverside Cemetery 401202N 0882341W  
Rock Cemetery 395448N 0882140W  
Roselawn Cemetery 400552N 0881358W  
Rudicil Place Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Sadorus Cemetery 395717N 0882134W  
Saint Boniface Cemetery 400228N 0882303W  
Saint Elizabeth Cemetery 401333N 0881244W  
Saint John Cemetery 395520N 0880017W  
Saint John Lutheran Cemetery 401133N 0875742W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 395801N 0882501W  
Saint Lawrence Cemetery 401757N 0875633W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 400533N 0881438W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 395850N 0881525W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 395428N 0881343W  
Saint Patrick Cemetery 395851N 0881525W  
Seymour Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 400838N 0882724W  
Shiloh Cemetery 401537N 0882353W  
Stearns Cemetery 400942N 0875842W  
Tomlinson Cemetery 402122N 0875638W  
Welles Cemetery 401715N 0875807W  
Willowbrook Cemetery 401822N 0882047W  
Woodlawn Cemetery 400753N 0881251W  
Yearsley Cemetery 401015N 0880933W  

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