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Blackburn Cemetery lies immediately north of Cumberland Road in Casey Twp between Casey and Martinsville. Traveling west on Cumberland, as soon as you clear the end of the bridge that crosses the creek floodplain, if you pull over and climb the steep hillside above the pavement, you ll come out into the cemetery. It is in the NW quarter of the NE quarter of Section 14 (and possibly partially in the SW quarter of the SE quarter of Section 11), T10N R11W, Casey Twp.

The cemetery has been inactive for many years.
There are probably 10-20 grave stones still in existence there, although it is hard to tell because the cemetery is overgrown with weeds. The burials appear to date from the second half of the 1800s. The cemetery is, sadly, in very poor condition, with most stones toppled and/or illegible or nearly so. A creek, Turkey Run, borders it on its northeast side and I am told that a number of years ago, part of the cemetery washed out and coffins fell into the creek.

Information on this cemetery was provided by Jeff Turner.

This is a partial transcription. 







Robert Thomas  Hillard Sep. 30, 1866 Dec. 21, 1871 Clark Co., IL   [Note: Robert was the son of James Henry Hillard (possibly Hilliard) and Julie Ann Hudlemier Hillard, and the grandson of Charles Hudlemier and Harriet Young Hudlemier. Robert's stone cannot be identified and it is possible that he never had one, that it became illegible, or that it (and his remains) fell into the bordering creek, Turkey Run, during a bank failure several years ago.]
Charles L.  Hudlemier Feb. 23, 1816, Germany Feb. 12, 1880
Clark Co., IL
  Father of Julia Ann Hudlemier Hillard (1839-1909)
[Note: The middle initial "L" was based on the gravestone inscription. Other sources have given Charles' middle name as Samuel.] 
Harriet Young  Hudlemier Dec. 25, 1817 Jan. 24, 1894
Clark Co., IL
  M/o Julia Ann Hudlemier Hillard (1839-1909). 
W/o  Charles L. Hudlemier (1816-1880)


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