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Tomlinson Cemetery is located 6 tenths of a mile north of the Cleone crossroads, to the right, about a half a mile down into the woods. It is heavily overgrown with full-sized trees and can easily be missed. The headstones are very well preserved. This is due, no doubt, to the protection given them by the forest. The latest date Larry could find at this cemetery was in 1929, and from appearances, that was the last time any maintenance was done at the graveyard. This is a full transcription of this cemetery, done by Larry Wells.. He didn't find any headstones that were difficult to read, but there have been some buried stones.
Transcribed & Submitted by: Larry Wells

Last Name

First, Middle, Maiden



Age on Stone

Other Info

Carothers Richard 1850 1880    
Carothers Sarah J. 1855  1927    
Carothers Sophronia E. 1873  1880    
Carothers Family Stone No Dates      
Fry Addison   30 Dec 1870 ae 62 years  
Fry Elizabeth w/o Addison   03 Dec 1862 ae 53y 9m 12d  
Hale Annie (Carothers) 1875  1914    
Prise Agnes Linn w/o Walter 26 Jun 1902 22 Sep 1929    
Tomlinson Anna   14 Dec 1870 ae 64y 7m 11d  
Tomlinson Infant d/o T.K. & R.   22 Oct 1858 ae 7 days  
Tomlinson John   15 Jul 1857 ae 48y 3m 0d  
Tomlinson John A. s/o T.K. & R.   04 Sep 1866 ae 6y 8m 15d  
Tomlinson John W. Jr.   01 Feb 1852 ae 20 years  
Tomlinson Martha (Warner) his wife 1854  1922    
Tomlinson Martha w/o O. Z. 05 Jan 1884 19 May 1917   'Sweet Peace'
Tomlinson Orlando Z. s/o T.K. & R.   21 Sep 1862 ae 10m 4d  
Tomlinson T. K.   02 Sep 1866 ae 34y 6m 1d  
Tomlinson Thomas s/o T.K. & R.   06 Oct 1866 ae 1y 10m 15d  
Tomlinson Zedekeah 1840  1922    [Note the two spellings of Zedekeah/Zedekiah (same person)]
Tomlinson Zedekiah no dates   Corp Co K 34th Ill Inf   [Note the two spellings of Zedekeah/Zedekiah (same person)]
Warner Ellen C. d/o R. & N.   09 Sep 1862 ae 11y 6m  
Warner Ira E. s/o R. & N.   10 Sep 1862 ae 5y 1d  
Warner Mary E.   27 Jan 1869 ae 1y 6d  
Warner Reuben   21 Dec 1861 ae 42y 3m 8d [Note: It is said that Reuben Warner served (and died) in the Civil War but no documentation of this has been found]


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