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Illinois Mystery Number 1
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Could you keep your eyes peeled for a cemetery listing on one of my relatives who disappeared from the face of the earth between 1877 and 1893? Lucinda (Hicks) Wright lived in Jasper county up by the border of Clark and at one time lived in Westfield. The woman is not buried in Jasper nor Coles that I've been able to find, so I'm thinking her hubby either buried her out back in some cornfield or crossed the county line and put her in Clark. Any help is appreciated.

Illinois Mystery Number 2

I have been searching for any newspaper article regarding Patrick McDermott, husband of Anna (nee Doherty). They were married in 1885 and resided in Rock Island, Rock Island, IL for about 15 years.

From my research, I have learned that he shot and killed Anna's brother Daniel, fled and was never heard from again. I believe this to have taken place about late 1889 or early 1900. The reason for that assumption is that Anna (great grandmother) turns up in the 1900 Census with son Joseph and daughter Lucy Marie (grandmother), living with her youngest sister in Andalusia. She states that the children had attended school in Andalusia for "six months".

As I recall, the census was taken in June or so, and that leads me to the conclusion that the aforementioned event probably took place in late 1889.

Does anyone have access to newspaper records for the time period? Any help much appreciated as I live in Maine and am not planning a research trip to Illinois for a year or so yet :-). Many thanks to all for your time.

Illinois Mystery Number 3

I appreciate your page on Unsolved Illinois Mysteries. Great idea!  

I have been unable to find parents or any direct ancestors of Jacob Clements (my GGrandfather) b c1826 IL. Jacob Clements (sometimes shown Clemens) 1st married Margaret Farris 10/10/1851, Jackson Co, IL. 1860 census Jackson Co, IL-Vergennes TWP, shows Jacob & Margaret (b 1831 IL) with 3 children, Minerva, Firmetta, & Mary Susanna. Evidently Margaret died shortly thereafter, probably during childbirth of a son George W Clements b 1861, Jackson Co, IL. Jacob then married Nancy M (Stevens) Summers 6/6/1863, a widow of George W Summers who was killed in the civil war. The Summers had two children, William Lawrence Summers b MO 1856 & Rachel Elizabeth Summers b IL 1859. 1870 IL census shows Jacob & Nancy with 5 children living in Jackson Co. They remained in the Jackson Co IL area until about 1878/79 when they moved to Reynolds Co, MO with 6 children Mary Susanna, Delilah, Florence, Isaac, Theodore & Jacob Jr as recorded on 1880 MO Census. Jacob & Nancy remained in Reynolds & Iron Co, MO until death, both being buried in Barton Cemetery, Reynolds Co, MO.

The only info I have on Jacob's parents are that his Mother was b IL & his Fathers given name may have been John. I am beginning to think Jacob arrived by UFO. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jerry Clements

Illinois Mystery Number 4

Here's one for your mystery page. The ONLY record I have for this man is in Madison Co, but he may have gotten around...

Looking for Louis Schwettman/n, probably born before 1840 somewhere in Germany; immigrated to US by 1860. On 3 December 1860 he and Marie "Charlotte" Westerhold applied for a marriage license in Madison County. County says the license was never returned (or maybe it's misfiled?) Two known children: Charles H., born 23 Aug 1862 in Madison Co, and Lena, born 31 Dec 1868 in Madison Co. I haven't found Louis in any census index. In the 1890's, Charlotte (a widow) and her married children moved to Los Angeles, CA. If anyone could suggest where Louis came from, or what happened to him, I'd be very greatful.

Marsha L. Ensminger
searching for Westerhold/t/z in the US and ?

Illinois Mystery Number 5

Below is information about my great great grandfather's death that I have gleaned from the newspaper article:

From the Belleville, IL, newspaper, 1903:

The lifeless body of Anton Haisler, a well-known citizen of Belleville, was found lying near the Southern Railroad tracks about one mile this side of New Baden Tuesday afternoon, by a crew of section men who had been notified that the body of a man was seen lying near the company's right-of-way by a conductor of an East-bound train. The body was horribly mutilated and could not be recognized by any of the section men.

The corpse was immediately removed to New Baden, from where a telephone message was sent to the Coroner of Clinton County. When the Clinton County Coroner learned that the man had met his death in St. Clair County, he notified Deputy Coroner McCullough of this city, who ordered the Southern Railroad Company to remove the body to this city.

The Gundlach & Co. ambulance was sent to the junction to get the body and to remove it to the repository at the company's establishment.

Peter Gaerdner, the embalmer of the firm, who went to the junction to get the body, recognized the remains as those of Anton Haisler, who was the father-in-law of his sister. Mr. Gaerdner immediately notified the family of the deceased of what had happened.

In what manner the man met his death is unknown.

Haisler left his home in this city last Monday to go to Highland to visit a brother. Whether he started to walk to the place or whether he boarded a Southern train will perhaps never be learned.

When the man was killed is not known. It is thought that he was walking along the tracks and that he was struck by a passing train. No report, however, was made by any of the train crews that a man had been struck by a train.

The entire back part of the head was crushed in, splitting the skull to the forehead. The man's brains were knocked out and were strewn all over the spot where he was found.

It is thought that the man met instant death.

From the position of the body, which was lying quite a distance from the track, he must have been struck with great force and hurled up into the air.

Haisler was for many years employed by the Star Brewery Company as a driver. Some weeks ago he was laid off and since then had been despondent. Monday morning, however, Hubert Hartmann of the brewery told him to come back to work on Wednesday. He seemed glad of the opportunity to take up his accustomed work again.

Deputy Coroner McCullough held an inquest on Wednesday morning and a verdict of death from a wound in the head sustained in a manner unknown to the jury was returned. The only witness at the inquest was George Schuyler, the engineer, who brought the remains to this city, and relatives of the deceased.

Anton, who was born in Millstadt and later moved to Belleville, left a wife, 4 sons, 2 daughters, 2 brothers and 1 sister.

That is it, Larry, you can use what you want. My dad, who passed away in June, said that there was always the feeling by the family that he was murdered by persons unknown and for no apparent reason but, of course, they couldn't prove it. I think the article does sort of suggest a possible suicide but I think the family discounted that from the very beginning.

If you can assist in this search, please send what information you have to me and I will post it here along with your name so you can take credit for helping someone.

Solved Illinois Mystery Number 6

Cora Fasig married Noah Tharp 10-6-1901 in Cumberland Co, Ill.
He was born 12-10-1871 Hazel Dell, Cumberland CO, Ill. The son of Jacob& Mary Jane Randolph Tharp.
Noah died 1-15-1915. WHERE IS HE BURIED?
I have searched all cemetery readings of Cumberland and Clark Co, Ill. But have not found him.
Living descendants state that they have a picture of his stone, but they don't recall the name of the cemetery.
Submitted by
Phyllis Watson Snider, Danville, Ill.

Noah Tharp is buried in Harmony Cemetery, Harmony, IL.1
He is in the same row with Samuel, Nancy, Jacob L., Mary J., Hazel Tharp.
He is next to Hazel Tharp according to the information I have.
The headstone reads Noah Tharp 1872-1915.

Thanks to Joyce J. (Tharp) Huston


1 This is the Harmony Cemetery, Licking Twp., Crawford Co., IL [L. K. Ortman]

Solved Illinois Mystery Number 7

Mary E. Fasig born 1848 Clark Co, Ill. D/o Christian Fasig
Married Richard Buckner 1-13-1873 Cumberland Co, Ill.
He was the son of
Jesse William Buckner & Isabel Miller WHEN & WHERE DID HE DIE?
Richard died July 25, 1932, in Temple, TX, per my source. Burial: Temple, at Hillcreast Cemetery

They had a son Jesse Grant Buckner born 6-22-1882 Clark Co, Ill. He married Golda Greger and moved about. Missouri, Texas, etc. WHEN & WHERE DID THEY DIE?

Grant, as he preferred to be called, died in February 1964 per the SSDI online. Golda, per the same, died June 1974 in IN. Sorry I can't be more helpful here yet; come visit my homepage though and see a photo or two of Golda and her brothers!

Thanks to Susan M. Buckner, who's responses are in Maroon above.

Illinois Mystery Number 8

Kathryn Fasig married Jesse Bowman 5-31-1915 Cumberland Co, Ill.

He was the son of Charles M. Bowman and Maggie Reese.

He was born Sept, 1894 in Jasper Co, Ill. Jesse and Kathryn, with their small daughter moved to Casper, Wyoming.

Kathryn divorced Jess after he "took off" in 1924. WHEN & WHERE DID HE DIE?

Illinois Mystery Number 9

Submitted By: Barb Hubbard

Looking for ANY information as to what happened to Rachel STIPE GANT. Her last child, Eva, was born in Casey, Clark Co, IL on 12/25/1870. The family moved to Republic County, Kansas in early 1871, but we're not sure if Rachel went with the family. Rachel left the family and was never heard from again. We're trying to figure out when she left and where she went.

Her husband was Harvey John GANT, children were: Albiney, Calvin, Caroline, Benjamin, Charles Harvey, Laua and Eva. Thank You

Illinois Mystery Number 10

Submitted By: Barbara Guyton Ziegenmeyer

I have been searching for the burial place of my great- grandfather, and my great-great-grandfather. My Davee family moved to Jasper and Cumberland County Illinois from Morgan County, Indiana about 1838.

My Great-great grandfather was Benjamin Davee a farmer/minister. He lived in Greenup, Cumberland until he died, which was after the 1880 census. My great-grandfather was his son Gabriel Davee, he was born and died in Illinois.

Most of the Davee ancestors are buried in Aten Cemetery. Not Benjamin or Gabriel though, Benjamin's wives are there but not Benjamin or his son Gabriel.

Where are they??? I have searched the records I can find, but can not find them. I need help.

Illinois Mystery Number 11

Submitted By :Lorraine Leslie Besmer

I have an unsolved Illinois mystery that I hope someone can shed some light on.

My great-great grandfather, Alonzo Lewis (Louis) Baker, was supposedly born in New York or Vermont on Oct 22, 1838. I cannot find any trace of him before he married Lydia Ann Ives in Kendall County, IL on either December 24, 1854 or December 24, 1856. These dates both show up on the marriage index. They had 4 children, Adelia Ann Feb 13, 1856; Emma J. (or Emily), May 13, 1858; Warren J., April 18, 1860 and William Henry, December 22, 1863.

Lydia Ann died September 11, 1870 near Sumner, Iowa, and was buried in the Wilson Grove Cemetery near Sumner IA. The family story says that Alonzo left the day of her funeral in a buggy and never returned. The Ives family raised the children. In the 1870 census it shows their daughter, Adelia Ann Baker was with the Enos Ives family in Kane County, Illinois on July 1, 1870. In December of 1870, Enos H. Ives died and was buried in the Wilson Grove Cemetery, Sumner Iowa.

The Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763-1900 lists more marriages for Alonzo Baker. There must have been more than one Alonzo Baker as a marriage to Martha J. Mathena is listed in Union County IL on April 1 1869, This is before Lydia died. Was Alonzo a bigamist? Was this a cousin or another relative?

Other marriages for Alonzo Baker in IL are: Ara L. Williams in Sangamon County August 28, 1879; (Mrs.) Mary E. Newton in Kane County, IL on June 23, 1881; Samanthia Beaty in Macoupin county July 4, 1882; Louisa Walters in Kane County, November 27, 1884; Grace Mendenall in Jefferson County January 1, 1896; Dora Hudson, Edgar County, April 5, 1897(this was after my Alonzo's death, so there had to have been more than one Maybe this was a son).

Alonzo Baker died February 26, 1897 and is buried at Fowler (Fox) Grove Cemetery in Kane County, IL. Are any of his wives buried at that cemetery? Where are they buried? Do I have a whole bunch more relatives from Alonzo Baker's later marriages?

What I would like to know is who really raised the children by Lydia Ann Ives as her father, Enos died within a few months of Lydia. Why are they both buried in Iowa?

Where did the children and Enos Ives' widow live after his death? If they lived in Kane County, why did they never see their father again? I would think that if he lived in the same county, he would have known that their grandfather had died shortly after Lydia. Adelia Ann Baker was married to James Barton Cornell on Sept 17, 1872 at Fredericksburg, Iowa. She died in Carlock, Gregory County, SD and was buried at Newcastle, Nebraska.

Did Alonzo have more children? Did he raise any of them?

Added to this mystery is the one of Enos H. Ives. He is listed in the 1842 tax list for Kendall County. He had two land records recorded in Kendall County. In the 1850 census for Little Rock, Oct 16, 1850, entry 92/92 it lists Enos Ives, age 50, farmer born NY; Amy, age 34, born NY; Philena, 20, born NY; Lydia, 14, born IL; Harvey, 10, born IL and a Harvey Jewett, age 12, born IL. There is also a Lucina C. Ives, daughter of Enos and S. (Sylvia Johnson?) Ives who died Dec. 24, 1848. She is buried in the Hubbell Cemetery, Kendall County, IL.

Where is S. Ives buried? Is Amy another daughter or a wife of Enos? Philena is listed as marrying Perry Green Tripp in Kendall County on November 9, 1851. (Another website shows her as Mary "Philena" Ives Tripp.) Sylvia Alvira Ives is listed as marrying Lathrop Hubbel March 1, 1843 then on Sept 15, 1880 is a listing for Elvira (Hubbel) Ives marrying Enos Briggs . The 1850 census for town of Little Rock on October 16, 1850 entry 86/86 shows Alvira Hubbell age 26, Lousia Hubbell age 6, Lathrop Hubbell age 4. Alvira Ives age 24 is also shown on the 1850 census of Oswega township, Kendall county on Sept. 30, 1850 in household 23/23 Almon B. Ives age 34 & Sarah age 35. Almon B. Ives was a brother to Enos Ives.

The Statewide marriage index shows Enos H. Ives married Mary M. Winchester 11/18/1865 in DeKalb county IL. So if the Baker children lived with his widow, she was not their natural grandmother. Why would she have raised them if their father was in the area?

Where did Amy Ives and Harvey Ives end up? Did either marry? Where are they buried?

As you can you, there are a lot of unanswered questions! If you have answers to any of them, please contact me. Put Baker-Ives as the subject of a direct email.

Illinois Mystery Number 12

Submitted By: Mary

Patrick Murray came to America from Dublin Ireland around 1845 with his wife, Margaret and five year old son, Patrick. I found them in the 1860 Federal Census in Lanona Twp, Winnebago County, Illinois with another son Thomas age 13. (Patrick at that time was 17). Their parents were age 42. At that point Patrick and Margaret just disappeared. The sons moved on to Iowa and California, in the 1870's. Did they have UFO's back then?

Actually the theory is that Patrick and Margaret might have gone back to Ireland as the boys were now adults and they themselves were in their 50's, but I have not found a trace.

Thanks to people like you who allow us to communicate in a way that would not otherwise be possible.

Illinois Mystery Number 13

Submitted By: Angela (WRIGHT) Turnpaugh

In 1905, William R Wright (my great grandfather) married Bessie Gordon, in Charleston, Coles co. In 1910 they had a son John William.

In about 1912 or 1913 William was arrested for the rape of Perl McMahon. His wife took the child and left for St Louis. He served 3 years in prison for the rape, then married his victim in 1915.

Perl is my great grandmother. They then had a child (Bonnie Perl) in 1917, a son Glenn Riley Elston (my grandfather) in 1922, another son (living) in 1926, and another son in 1929. My great uncle (the one born in 1926) has his birth certificate which lists him as the 4th birth for his mother...was there a pregnancy as a result of the rape? Perl was only 13 or 14 at the time of the rape (17 when they married). If so, where is the baby?? If not, was there a baby between 1922 and 1926?

We have not had any success in obtaining my grandfathers birth certificate yet to find out what his said. All of the above children were born in Coles County. Another mystery with this couple...Were William and Bessie ever divorced? Would it have been in Coles County?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated not only for my genealogy research, but because my great uncle has terminal cancer and would like to know the answers before he passes. Thank you,

Illinois Mystery Number 14

 I would like to add a mystery to this listing. This is a wonderful place for those of us who have tried and tried to find our missing family tree relatives and have come up against massive brick walls. Here goes:

I am researching the
Maring family history, trying to construct my family tree for my mom, and have discovered that it seems that
information on this family has just vanished. My grandfather was
Clarence Maring. He allegedly was born in or around 1888 to an Ellen Maring whose father is supposed to be Aaron Maring which lived in or around Marshall or Martinsville, IL. (Clark County area) I have been unable to find any info on him or the family between the years of 1800 thru 1950. There were other Maring's living in the area and some of the names I have came across are Albert Maring, Ernest Maring, Freda Maring, Fred Maring, Mary Ann (Jones) Maring, Andrew Maring, John Maring, Eleanor or Ellen Maring. I believe that they came from Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and or New Jersey. Some of the spellings of their name may be Maring, Marring, Mering, Merring, Mearing, etc. If anyone has any information at all, I would love to hear from them. I have been working on this family history for 6 years and have finally admitted that perhaps there is some mystery behind why I cannot find or no one will give any information about this family. You may contact me at Thank you so very much.

Pat Hanson

Illinois Mystery # 15

Doran's of Clark County

James Doran arrived in Clark County about 1840 and married Jane Hardway, daughter of Andrew Hardway, pioneer settler of Orange Township,  on Oct. 19, 1844.  He may have worked on or traveled with the Hardway family by the National Road from VA and OH. He may have also been connected with the Fitch or Dodd families in and around Franklin, Fayette, Licking & Madison Cos., OH.  Family legends say that he came from a family of linen merchants of Belfast, Dublin or Cork, IRELAND but had stowed away on a cattle boat to America about 1815 or 1820.  He is also said to have later returned to Ireland in order to try to collect on an inheritance.  His father may have been named William.  Some of the family may have owned linen mills.

His origin has been a brickwall in the family for decades. I seek information from anyone who has knowledge of any mention of the family origin in IRELAND, or any information on his life and locations before his marriage to Jane Hardway.

Please contact Kevin at

Illinois Mystery # 16 

I am looking for Benjamin Santford Clements.  He had a land patient in Edgar County, IL on September 20, 1838.  He also had a land patient on January 4, 1851.  Could he have been going back and forth between Pendleton County , KY with his family. 

    1. What state did he come and how early was he in the state? 
    2. Was he there before the land patient?   

I’m looking for a Benjamin Clements from Pendleton County , Kentucky married to a Delia Cordelia Race.  My Benjamin had two children in IL the rest were born in Kentucky .  His wife was her children, but no husband during the 1850 Grant County, KY Census.   

Maybe you can help me with this a bit.   

Thank so much, 

Cathi Gross (bad email addy)

Illinois Mystery # 17 

I have looked in all surrounding counties in SE IL; Jasper, Lawrence, Crawford Clark St Clair, Richland, no luck. My mom`s grt grandmother Mazilla Russell,Mitchell lived in Crawford co. IL from 1869-? she lived in Oblong twp. with her fam. and her husband  Cyrus Mitchell, he was in the census of 1900 in Richland co, Olney twp with his youngest son (my ggrt) Geo. Washington Mitchell and wife Mary Francis (Fanny) they moved to Coles co., IL Mattoon twp., 1903 he died aug.1906 and buried in the Dodge Grove cemt. there. So is Geo and Fanny and her dau (my grt) Josephine and her dau Cleo (Cleopatra Loretta Stump, Arthur) and my mom Katherina (Kate) Arthur, Davis, and so is my dad Floyd Earl Davis Sr. (from Flat Rock, IL, Crawford co.) But Mazilla isn`t I know they last head count was done in 1885 and she was alive but not in 1900 in Oblong nothing found thru the archives in Charleston, IL and Springfield, IL. I and 3 other cousins are looking for her death info.

My name is Rosetta Davis, JANES,

Illinois Mystery # 18 

I am looking for all info I can of parents of and death and burial of my ggrt Grandparents.
Edmund Davis b. 1824 probably Frankfort area in Ky moved to IL ? married may 1844 Jasper co. his name misspelled as Edward but census from 1850-1870 Crawford co., IL.1870 & 1880 Lawrence co., IL says Edmund, died may 1881 found no proof info given to me by 2nd cousin.  Both his parents (unknown) were born in Ky also according to cousin but my gramma says not only lived there until IL property was ready for the 4 brothers and fam. to move onto their land. Edmund married Lucinda Gilmore /Gilemere spelled on marriage book. b. 1827 in Ind. Both her parents were born in Ky (not sure of either.) But they more likely knew the Davis fam along with the Price fam (Samuel and Mary(Kent)Price) also from Frankfort, Ky, their son's wife was born there.)   I haven't found either Edmund's fam. or Lucinda`s fam. in IL or Frankfort, Ky. I don't know when or where Lucinda died and or buried. She might have remarried being she was still young  she was abt. 54 when  Edmund died. in may 1881, their dau Laura J. Davis married Harvey Nuttal Baldwin in July 1881 in Bond twp. I have been doing research the old fashion ways by reg. mail and no luck.       

Thank you.

Illinois Mystery # 19 

I Am looking for the parents of Timothy H. Reed
Timothy was born abt. 1846 in Illinois the last I found was 1900 he lived in Johnson, Clark.
He died around 1927 or 28
 Also I am looking for Timothy's son Frank E. Reed's war info in WWI

Illinois Mystery # 20


I am researching my husband’s family from Clark Co, Illinois.  On August 22, 1850 Beverly Vaughn (1798-?) married Fanny Miner (abt1811-?).  I believe Beverly Vaughn to be the son of John and Nancy Callicott Vaughn of Hawkins Co, Tennessee.  Fanny had originally been married to Thomas Miner in Knox Co, Indiana on March 11, 1828. I believe Fanny may be the daughter of Thomas and Margaret Taylor Chambers who lived in Melrose Township, Clark Co, Illinois.  Beverly and Fanny’s son, Phillip Alexander Vaughn, was born April 15, 1851.  Neither Beverly nor Fanny can be found in any records after that date.  Although we cannot prove Fanny’s ancestry, we find Philip A. Vaughn as a nine-year-old child in the home of the Chambers son, Philip, in Edgar County, Illinois in 1860.  Also found in the same domicile was Margaret Chambers listed as a 73 year old born in Indiana.   The Chambers originally lived in Knox Co, Indiana and moved to Illinois in the 1830’s.  The only other record relating to this family is the 1870 Vigo Co census where we find Phillip Alexander Vaughn living in the same domicile with Abram Miner.  Abram/Abner was listed in the 1850 Clark Co census as Abram Vons born Indiana in the home of Beverly ‘Vons’. 

Phillip Alexander Vaughn is well documented and lived his entire life in the Clark and Edgar Counties of Illinois, and Vigo County, Indiana.  Any and all information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact CAROL ADAMS

Illinois Mystery # 21

Follin, Fasig, Edman

Elizabeth Fasig married Brewer Thomas Follin Jr. 11 September 1864 in Cumberland Co, Ill.
He was born 28 April 1844 in Morrow County or Licking County, Ohio. The son of Brewer Follin and Susanna Ewers.
Thomas (Brewer Thomas Follin) died 4 March 1868.. WHERE IS HE BURIED?
I have searched all cemetery readings of Coles County and Clark County Ill. But have not found him.
Elizabeth remarried Joseph Edman (a.k.a. Samuel P. Edman) in Coles County, Illinois on the 15th of April 1879.  I would appreciate any help that I can get


Thomas Fallon was born 4-28-1844-Ohio
died 4-3-1877 in New Chicago, Neosho Co KS
Found obit in Martinsville Express Newspaper clipping in the Genealoy Society Library-Marshall.
Buried in Leanna Cemetery-Chanute,Neosho Co, KS.
Thomas Follin, of the State of Kansas, and son -in-law of William Fasig, of our city, died on last Thursday night, close to New Chicago, Neosha County, Kans. of pneumonia. Samuel Fasig has some intention of going out to that place to assist the widow in settling up the estate, and bring her to this place to reside.
Submitted by Phyllis Watson Snider


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