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Hillard Mystery Woman
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My name is Jeff Turner and I live in Champaign, IL. Many of my maternal ancestors lived in Clark County in the 1800s.

Recently a distant cousin brought me three old photographs she found in the collection of her aunt. The cousin and her aunt are descended from the Hillard family of Clark County. The cousin hoped I could possibly identify the people in the pictures.

As it turns out, one of the photos she brought was the same couple, different pose, of an old photo from my own family collection. My grandmother had always said that picture was of "Grandpa and Grandma Hudlemier." (They were actually my grandmother's great grandparents.) I have no way to know whether my grandmother was correct about who these people were. In any event, I am attaching a copy of that photo ("HudlemiersNew-Copy.jpg"). If you could post it on the Clark Genealogy Trails website with the information that it is reportedly Charles Hudlemier (b. Germany 1816, d. Clark Co. 1880) and Harriet Young Hudlemier (b. Maryland 1817, d. Clark Co. 1894) for potential identification/confirmation by persons browsing the site, that would be wonderful.

Similarly, my cousin also brought the other two pictures that I've attached, named "HillardMysteryCouple.jpg" and "HillardMysteryWoman.jpg," that would be tremendous. I have no idea who these pictures are. They could be members of the Hillard family of Clark County, or they could be someone from the old aunt's husband's family (and therefore not a Hillard and of no relation to me). I have no way to know, and the only way I can think of to try to find out is to post these on your site and see if any of your readers know

If anyone can identfy anyone in these photos please email me


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