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as published in the Clark County Newspapers

These are usually notices of estate settlements after someone's death and were required by law to be posted in the newspaper. If someone is listed here, there is probably an estate settlement case on file in the courthouse for that person. Estate settlements usually name the heirs and can be good sources of information. They can also be quite expensive to get copies of.

Listed here are Administrator's Notices, In Chancery to Divorce Notices, and Bills to Foreclose Notices.


Settlement and Land Sale Notices

Date Published

Estate of ....


Feb. 21, 1845

The Republican (Coles County)

To James, Jonathan, Stephen, William W. Zadoc, Nancy E. Lydia M. Lewis and Elizabeth Ingram, William B. Graham and Margaret Ann his wife and John D?berry and Deborah his wfie, Widow and heirs at law of Zadoc Ingram, deceased

Hathaway Linton

(Notice to Sell Land)

Feb. 21, 1845

The Republican (Coles County)

Nineveh Shaw

Albert and Gilead Shaw


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