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Gleanings from the Clark County Herald pertaining to Melrose, Clark County Illinois

Rev. Minick will preach here next Sunday. Elder Rupp preached at the Bethel Church last Sunday. Ed Medcalf and James Pulver are both done husking corn. J. R. Trump began a three months school here last Monday. Col. Bailey will look after the condition of the highways again this year. C. M. Meeker says he would like to sell his Orange Township land at last years assessment. George Bartlett would take no boot between himself and the oldest man in the township. He has a girl friend.

Jasper Meeker has a cow to trade. Malt Wells has taken down his flag of truce. A. J. Darnell of Vermillion County visiting his farm west of town yesterday. Mrs. Catherine Trump and her grandson Louie have been in Ohio for the last two weeks. Marion Dehl, from Johnson Twp, was here one day this week looking after the winter school. Col. Bailey has had a force of men on the roads for several days. Rev. Minnick preached at the Bethel last Sunday in the forenoon and Aunt Jane Gire, of the Friends persuasion preached at 3 pm. There are few, if any, better places to buy farm machinery than Melrose. In the last two weeks there have been sold from here ten cultivators, four corn planters, besides wagons, plows and other farming utensils. J. M. Meeker who has been suffering with consumption for several months, died last Sunday. He was buried at Wesley Chapel Cemetery on Monday. Funeral services by Rev. Ewers. Mr. Meeker moved here from Ohio in 1840 and has lived here ever since. He was one of the old settlers. In his younger days he studied medicine but never practiced.

Frank Miller was in town Wednesday. Al Rowe and family went to Casey last Sunday. Rev. Rupp will preach at the Bethel tomorrow. Levi Wells is visiting his sister, Mrs. Dr. Wilkin. C.B. Rook visited Terre Haute the first of the week. P. F. Dodd is introducing a new fangled corn planter. James Thompson is making his annual sheep shearing tour. J. H. Edwards and his sister, Mrs. Doctor Baker, spent Sunday in this vicinity. Mrs. Emma Rowe and Mrs. Jones, of Martinsville, visited here last Tuesday. Mrs. John Perine has been confined to her bed two weeks with lung trouble. Thomas Handy post is making preparations to have appropriate exercises on declaration day.

J. D. Wells has sold a part of his farm to Wm Rockwell.
L. D. McClure has had some repairing done on his dwelling.
Jonathan Dart, of Delaware County, Ohio, is visiting in this vicinity.
Giles Miller and Charles Gideon are building a neat little barn for the former.
Wm Acker, of Dakota, is here to spend the winter with relatives and friends.
Wm Handy, Esq. Gard, Charles Hodges and Mose Thompson have each a new house about completed.
Mrs Angle Beaman, who has been visiting friends here for some time, returned to her home in Nebraska last week.
We are glad to learn that Mort Wilson has his pension increased and also received some thing substantial in the way of back pay.
If some of our church going young ladies were to exercise the same amount of energy in the acquisition of knowledge that they do in chewing gum, they would add largely to their social power.
Milt Mills, our efficient schoolteacher, is giving general satisfaction. The attendance is quite good, but would be better if some of the boys were not obliged to stay at home and train their oxen and others to go hunting.

[The Clark County Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]


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