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Gleanings from the Clark County Herald pertaining to Melrose, Clark County Illinois

JANUARY 6, 1897
Robert Hedges returned home to spend the holidays with his parents.
J. E. Padget of this place was a visitor to Martinsville Sunday.
Pros Leseure was a prospector in this burg last week.
Iredell Evans and wife of Oak Hill were in the village Wednesday.
Miss Josie Miller of York visited friends here Thursday.
Gie Hasten of Arcola is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. B. Hasten of this place.
J. M. Wells transacted business at West Union Tuesday.
Mr. Smith, father-in-law of John Secrist of Northern Illinois is visiting Mr. Secrist here.
Mr. Kinworthy, representing the hardware firm of Finkbiner and Dunweg of Terre Haute interviewed merchants here Friday.
Byron C. Hasten has recovered from his late illness and is now able to be around.
Miss Mamie Howerton and little sister are very low with typhoid fever with slight hope of her sister's recovery.
Ralph Snavely and Miss Rose Greenly spent Christmas at Maxville and Terre Haute.
Rev. F. M. Buckner having just closed a series of meetings in Jasper County returned home and lent a helping hand in the revival at Potters Hall.
Miss Sophia Hasten and sister Florence entertained their young friends one evening last week, it being the formers birthday.
John Day Wells had an old time shooting match for turkeys on New Years day and an all around good time for the boys.
In consequences of the warm weather our merchants have ceased to buy what in Melrose is called the Jake or cottontails hence our nimrods are out of employment.

Dora Medsker of Martinsville is moving to the White place
Alex Medsker has sold his interest in the sawmill to Harley Robinson.
Miss. Ida Wilson of Morning Glory is visiting her sister Mrs. Dr. Baker.
Henry Colvin of Douglas County has bought the Baker place and moved to the village Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wells of this place visited their daughter Mrs. C.B. Rook of West York Sunday.
Robert Blankenbeker and wife of Orange were visiting Mrs. Blankenbekers parents Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Hedges.
John Taggart of Walnut Prairie was in the village Saturday bringing a load of household effects for Mrs. Colvin.
Dr. J. W. Baker has moved to his farm in Orange Township. His absence from among us will only be for a short time as he contemplates building in this village in the near future.

Rev. Conrad graced the pulpit here Sunday.
J. L. Wells is at the county capitol this week as a grand juror.
Orlando Meeker and family Sundayed at his motherís in Orange Township.
J. G. Crouch entertained friends from the village of York Sunday.
J. F. Fowler and his wife were the guest of Burrel Bryant and family last week.
Roscoe Belt a boy of 10 or 12 years of age received a caress over the left optic by a brickbat thrown by Bill Barnes, a young Corbett of this place.
[The Clark County Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]

APRIL 28, 1897
Mrs. Iredell Evans was in the village shopping Saturday.

Miss Bertha Wells is teaching school at Liberty this summer.

Miss Hattie Gard of Ernst called on friends here Saturday.

Lee Buckner has returned from the west looking hale and hearty.

Mrs. Belt is preparing to erect a new fence around his premises.

Otis Dix from Middletown, Indiana, is here visiting his uncle, J. T. Fowler

Lindsey Smith accompanied by his mother from Darien passed through town Sunday.

Remus Hall from Palestine formerly of this place was on our streets Sunday.

B. B. Tarman and Henry Wood of Orange Township transacted business in this hamlet one day last week.

The democrats advertised for a convention here last Saturday to select seven delegates to attend the county convention at Marshall May 1. S. D. Cooper appeared as committeeman and was greeted by one devoted democratic brother, James Thompson who was willing to go into the caucus with Doug. The portly anatomy of William Cornwell finally appeared on the scene but he positively declined to act as a delegate.

JUNE 30, 1897
Mr. Hedges is on the sick list.

P. F. Dodd has sold twenty mowers and six binders so far this season.

Lizzie and John Henley of Martinsville are visiting friends and relatives at this place.

Little Jimmie Thompson was seriously hurt Sunday morning by falling out of a wagon. We hope the results will not prove fatal.

Some rumors of a railroad coming here are circulating.

JULY 7, 1897
Frank Hedges is improving slowly.

Will Stanfield is learning to play croquet.

Have you heard the latest news! R. Cornwell has scrubbed his store.

Ed Miller and Miss Lizzie Greenley made a flying trip to Terre Haute last week.

Dan Wolfe's Fourth of July celebration was very suddenly changed to sorrow on account of losing a horse. Dan went to Martinsville Saturday. After staying some time, he decided to drive to Casey. When within two miles to Casey his horse made a sudden leap and fell dead.

JULY 21, 1897
Mrs. Sue Hasten and son, Percy, of Arcola are visiting relatives here.

Mrs. J. E. Padgett who has been sick for some time has been recovering slowly.

A patent medicine man was on our streets Friday advertising stump water.

George Barnes and wife enjoyed ice cream with a few of their friends Saturday evening.

Dr. Weir of West York was called here Saturday to see William Belt who is in critical condition.

Perry Wells is the happy father of a bright baby girl of standard weight. Valuation $100, 000 then some.

B. C. Hastenings was spirited away to Mount Moriah Sunday and is smiling on one of Mariah's fair daughters.

Miss Leona Fowler of this place is visiting her uncle James Dix at Middletown, Indiana. Hence our young bloods have red eyes but none from wine.

AUG 17, 1897
Dr. J. W. Baker of Orange has improved his property by building some new porches.

Miss Lizzie Hanley of Martinsville is visiting with her sister Mrs. J. C. Crouch.

T. Barker has sold his farm to Dora Medsker and thinks of moving to Kansas this fall.

Ed Griffith of marshal accompanied by his best girl was in this vicinity Sunday.

Ed Greenville of Macksville, Indiana, visited his sister Mrs. Mollie Barnes of this village Sunday.

Will Stanfield still makes his nocturnal visits to our village, Joes Fork having lost all charm for him of late?

Wade Evans of Wells returned Friday from attending the Clark County normal , having taken a full course.

Mrs. Mary Poorman, nee Wilson, of Kansas arrived here Friday and will visit relatives and friends.

George Wait has accepted an agency for a New York Nursery firm. George will doubtless make a hustling agent.

Mrs. Daniel Prust of Walnut Prairie and Mrs. Lizzie Baker of Hatton, Nora Edwards mother and sister visited here Sunday.

OCT 6, 1897
Joseph Hodges Jr. took in the Wild West show at Terre Haute.

George Barnes and family visited friends at Terre Haute recently.

W. H. Aucker of Aberdeen, Mississippi, is here visiting relatives and friends.

Mrs., J. C. Howerton who has been dangerously ill is reported much better.

Miss Lora Smith of this place is visiting her aunt at Martinsville for a few weeks.

Mrs. Dr. Baker of Orange spent Sunday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Morton Wilson of this township.

Our school is progressing nicely under the management of J. C. Crouch who is one of Clark Counties best teachers.

George Wait and Company, sons of toil, who have been amputating broom corn in the neighborhood of Hindsboro, have returned.

The writer visited York recently and was shown through the canning factory at that place. The factory is running with a small force at present. The drought has cut shot the tomato and other vegetables to such an extent they couldn't run full force.

NOV 24, 1897

DEC 9, 1897
A new shoe shop is in our village.
George Barnes has built an addition to his hardware store.
Will Stanfield has again come out of the rocks
Mrs. Lizzie Wernz and husband of Indiana visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jackson at this place Sunday.


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