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Gleanings from the Clark County Herald pertaining to Melrose, Clark County Illinois


Rev. Conrad filled the pulpit here Sunday morning and evening.
S. S. Snavley has a new bicycle. S.S. is a flyer.
Robert Jackson run his saw mill last week.
B. C. Hastin and Oscar Edwards made a business trip to Robinson last week.
L. M. Jones of Martinsville has the contract for repainting Dodd and Company merry go round. Mr. J. is said to be an expert painter.
Dr. Baker is building a new house on his farm in Orange Township.
John M. Ryan, traveling salesman for Abe Block and Company of Cincinnati was here last week.
Quite a sensational trial was had at Marvin last week by parties from here in regard to the pound masters neglect of duty. The pound master was acquitted however.
P. F. Dodd, the statesman from this township, attended the Senatorial convention at Neoga, as a delegate.
Uncle Jake King and George Wait have a supply of horses and it is rumored that they have the contract for supplying the deficient tails for the dummy stock on the merry-go-round.
Harry W. Drake, of Hatton, candidate for Circuit Clerk, was interviewing Republicans of this township last week. There is a growing sentiment in his favor in this township.

Rev. Ed Combs, who has been attending Garrett Biblical Institute at Evanston, is at home on vacation.
An effort is being made to raise a fund to place an iron fence around the Dolson Chapel Cemetery. The Blue Grass
Cemetery is now being fenced with iron.
Mart Garver is building a new barn.
Miss Nellie Coons has the Green Moss School for the coming winter term.
James Nidiffer has been appointed pound master for this township.
Ed Duzan and wife were out a few miles South of Charleston the latter part of last week visiting relatives.
John M. Coons, of Auburn, was here last Thursday. His mother, Judy Coons, accompanied him home for a short stay.
Aunt Sallie Hurst of Marshall has been with relatives for several days.
There will be a Sunday school convention in the M.E. Church in Clarksville the fourth Sunday in June.

The health of this community at present is remarkably good. The wheat crop in this locality is almost an entire failure. William Cornwell Jr of Sedalia, Missouri, is here visiting relatives and seeing old friends, after an absence of 8 years.

James Dix, of Prairieton, Indiana, is visiting his brother-in-law, J. T. Fowler, of this village. Dr Baker and family Sundayed at his old home in Darwin Township and enjoyed some of the country rusks. P. F. Dodd was at the county capitol Thursday attending supervisor meeting. H. Ryan, a carpenter from this vicinity, is building a new church at Hatton.

The merry-go-round was set in motion last Saturday evening to the delight of the younger folks and the older folks as well. Bud Freeman of Anderson has become a frequent visitor in this neck of the woods lately and rumor says there is some attraction for Bud in these parts. He is smiling on one of Melrose's fair daughters. The current vacuum in our social circles seems supplied since the return of Ralph Snavely. If obsequious devotion to the gentler sex counts for anything as a specific for celibacy, certainly Ralph's matrimonial election is a certainty.

Fred Thompson, of Clarksdale, Mississippi, is here visiting relatives and friends. He will visit Chicago and take in the sights of the windy city before returning home. L. M. Jones, of Martinsville, finished painting the swing here last week. Mr. J. is an expert painter and for proficiency and artistic skill he is out of sight. John Jackson while working at the sawmill here last week was caught in a pulley and thrown through the cab into a dust pit. It was miraculous that he escaped death, but aside several severe bruises he was not seriously hurt.

Guy Hasten, of Arcola, is here visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. B. Hasten.

Uncle Joe Hedges bought a farm near the village last week.

School was resumed, at this place Monday, the 7th instructor with Mr. McClelland as teacher.

Word comes from Charles Trump, Fruitdale, Alabama, that he is well pleased with the country and thinks of making that Utopian climate his future home.

Hurd Murphy has erected a neat little building to be used as a receptacle for flour and meal and is prepared to exchange the same for wheat and corn.

Robert Hedges, of Hutsonville vicinity, was circulating among friends here Sunday.

S.D. Cooper, the turgid free silver champion of South Carolina notoriety, was in the village Saturday.

Mrs. Lizzie Baker and little son, Warren, visited relatives here Friday.

Since the 15th instruction, the prairie has been resounding with the noise of fire-arms, as the State law governing the killing of the juicy prairie chicken expired on the above date and the male portion of this community were anxious for the sport.

R. C. Hasten, Oscar Edwards and Dr. Baker started on a tour of observation through Coles, Douglas and other Northern counties to be gone several days.

B. C. Hasten makes semi-monthly visits to Johnson Township.

P. F. Dodd spent last week in the county capital attending supervisor court.

Hasten and Edwards have harvested their broom corn. They have a fair crop, except for the loss by cinch bugs.

Mrs. John Wells, of this place, was last week at the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. C.B. Rook of West York, who is dangerously ill.

William Belts, of this village, is making preparations to erect a new dwelling on East Main Street in a short time. Mr. Belts is an old soldier, having lost a limb in the service of his country and is now suffering from a paralytic stroke.

Andy Hunter was here last week hunting for votes, but the voters of this township are bent on Woods.

Dora Medsker and wife attended church here Sunday.

Charles B. McNary, of Martinsville, perambulated our streets Saturday.

R. C. Hasten and Lee Stanfield have gone to husk corn.

James Prevo, of West Union, passed through the metropolis Sunday.

William Belt's new home is ready for occupancy and is a neat little structure.

John Wetzel and wife, of Pittsburg, Pa, accompanied by Effie Baker, of Hatton, were visiting Dr. Baker and wife Sunday.

John S. Frakes and R. E. McKain, tow enthusiastic Republicans of Liberty Dist were in the village Sunday.

Miss Minnie Smith and her escort from West Union passed through the village Sunday enroute for her home in Orange Township.

Charles G. Hollenbeck, of Hatton, was here last week looking after the Darwin Township campaign banners designed by Dr. Baker for the big rally at Marshall Tuesday.

Melrose is refulgent just now with Republication campaign banners-a product of the artistic skill of one of our gifted artists.

The team belonging to W. R. B. Hasten took fright at the saw mill Wednesday and ran through the streets at a lively rate until they struck a post in front of Frank Smith's residence, where they broke loose from the wagon. One of the horses was seriously hurt.

The Popocrats of this township formed a delegation of horsemen aided by the Orange Township drum corps and attended the Popocrats rally at York Saturday. The orator for the day was Jim Graham of Marshall. They were compelled to have balloon ascension to draw a crowd.

A Popocrat stump orator of a very inferior grade and still smaller caliber from some where calling himself Ulrey, harangued our people Thursday evening. The crowd that greeted him was small, three-fourths being Republicans. His statements were false and badly connected.

Another happy couple has launched their life boat on the matrimonial frog pond. Perry Wells becoming tired of single blessedness married Miss Mallory.

John Heimer has built a new barn.

A new monument has been placed on the grave of John Martin Coons in Dolson Chapel Cemetery.

John and Mike Schwartz, Will Hurst, Mack Reed and others saw candidate Bryan at Paris last Friday.

Mrs. Charles Burnsides is sick with typhoid fever.

Sam Reeley’s residence with all of its contents were consumed by fire on the afternoon of Sunday the 18th.

Allen Hurst, formerly a Dolson Boy, who has for some time been working in the foundry at Paris, has accepted a position in a factory at Arthur, IL, at a salary of thirty-four dollars per month and is boarded free.

Jim Lions, traveling salesman for Bement, Rea and Company, interviewed merchants here Thursday.

P. F. Dodd was in the county capitol last week.

B. F. Hastings returned from Arcola Sunday.

S. D. Cooper, the champion of democracy, was in the burg last week.

T. R. CORNWELL visited the thriving village of West York last Thursday.

Miss Bertha Wells entertained her young friends last week by giving them a party. A very enjoyable evening was spent.

Charles Meeker and wife and sons, Oliver and Jasper, are basking in the South this winter.

J. R. Trump, of Orange, started for Alabama Monday, we were informed.

Dr. Baker has his new house west of town tastefully painted. Dock Browning of Martinsville did the work.

L. K. Moorland, of Indiana, brother-in-law of J. R. Trump, starts for Southern climate overland in a short time.

A few invited guests assembled at the home of Dr. Baker on Thanksgiving and paid their respects to a big fat turkey.

Miss Sarah Bartlett who is teaching school at the Block this winter and her mother spent thanksgiving in the village.

Will Crumrine, full of enterprise, has built for himself a neat cozy residence.

It seems as though a building boom has struck us, P. F. Dodd having erected a new chicken house, also a new smoke house and Frank Smith has almost completed a new barn on T. R. Cornwell's farm.

[Transcribed & Submitted by: Ron Cornwell and Cindy McCachern]


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