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Gleanings from the Clark County Herald pertaining to Melrose, Clark County Illinois

FEB 8, 1900
Uncle Sampson Stanfield is no better.

Ed Miller of Terre Haute is visiting George Barnes.

D.M. James of Union was a business visitor here last week.

Rev. Gowdy of Martinsville is holding a revival at Wesley Chapel.

Robert Hedges was hobnobbing with old chums in West Union last Friday.

Dan Grubb is going to move to York to engage in the poultry business.

Wells Brothers have moved their saw mill on J.D. Wells land north of town.

Louie Trump went to Marshall to get a new top for his buggy to protect her from the storm.

Uncle Jack Newlin was in town last week riding his wheel, much to the amusement of the boys.

James Bowden and wife of Crawford County are visiting the latter's parents Mr. and Mrs. William Reed.

Our burg was well represented at the county seat last week. Among those who made the trip: P.F. Dodd, A.G. Cowden, Fred Wells and J.R. Trump.

Our literary meets tri-weekly. Officers were elected last Friday night as follows: President, T.R. Cornwell; vice president, J.H. Edwards; secretary, William Cooper.

Hurd Murphy sold all his worldly effects at public sale last Saturday.

S.D. Cooper of South Carolina was busy all day Saturday explaining all about the shooting of Goebel and also the way Billy Bryan was going to carry the New England states.

FEB 22, 1900
Oliver Meeker is studying English and Jesse thinks him an apt pupil.

Rev. Johns of Annapolis, pastor of the U.B. Church, is building a revival at Union Chapel.

Last Tuesday night the young people gathered at Mrs. Belts, it being Raymond's birthday and had a taffy pulling.

Miss Leona, daughter of J.W. Fowler, who has been rusticating with relatives in Middletown, Indiana, returned home Friday.

Our Sunday school is still alive. It is one of the kind that lives and thrives all winter thanks to Mose Thompson and J.R. Trump.

Lias Baker, who has been attending college at Westfield, is spending vacation as a guest of his uncle George Ward. George has bought a farm near Mt Vernon and intends to move at once.

T.R. Cornwell, president of the literary, says the man who writes the Herald has less sense than a mule. Go ahead and study the crescent tongue and stop slandering the mule.

William Cornwell has purchased the blacksmith shop of George Barnes. Mr. Cornwell comes well recommended both as a gentleman and a first class workman. Mr. Barnes intends to move to his farm.

Guy Hasten, who recently quit the Illinois Central as operator, has turn rustic, bought a farm and intends to plant 70 acres broomcorn for use in the broom shop.

Jim Howerton will some start to work in Chrisman.

Robert Weir is making preparations to erect a new house.

Carrie Stuck of Hindsboro is visiting friends and relatives here.

H.J. Colvin and family are making preparations to move to Arcola.

Prof. Lowery of Casey gave a lecture at the school house Wednesday night concerning uniformity of school books.

MARCH 8, 1900
Jasper Meeker is improving.

Mrs. Susan Winset is no better.

Miss Gertie Maring of York is organizing a class in music here.

C.N. Hodges and wife looked at the sights in Martinsville Friday.

William Cornwell of Hazleton, whom we mentioned as buying George Barnes out, failed to connect but bought the house recently occupied by Hurd Murphy.

MARCH 15, 1900
Eck Gard was in town Monday.

Mrs. Jesse Stanfield is on the sick list.

Dan Grubb was in west York Wednesday buying poultry.

Othie Thompson is convalescing from a severe attack of Pneumonia.

F.G. Hasten is keeping company with the grip. He is reported better.

Levi Stanfield and wife o Martinsville are visiting relatives in this place.

Guy Hasten, who has been visiting in Mattoon, returned home last week.

Frank Hedges Jr. is going to work for William Cornwell in the exchange this summer.

Carrie Stuck of Hindsboro who has been visiting relatives here is returning home.

J.R. Trump has the contract for erecting a large hay barn for J.D. Wells this spring. A chunk of propriety sees to of hit J.D.

Grandpa Vick is reported better.

Little Billie Cornwell is running an exchange here.

There have been several arrests in Orange Township for chicken stealing.

Lee Stanfield and wife of Martinsville were rusticating in these parts last week.

A letter for Rev. Beltz was read last week. It was written mid-ocean.

Charles Snavely one of our enterprising young men has secured profitable employment for the summer near Kansas.

F.G. Hasten has recently invented and patented a machine which will fill a long felt need. It is an automatic broom corn harvester.

MARCH 22, 1900
Othie Thompson is still improving but is not able to be out.

P.F. Dodd visited West Union and other eastern parts last week.

Miss Myrt Hedge visited her sister Mrs. Bob Blankenbeker last week.

Chester Hix of Weir visited his father in law Sunday.

Miss Pearl Secrist who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. Snyder, returned home Sunday.

We notice the boys all congregating at Sam White's Sunday. What is the attraction boys?

Robert hedges was a West Union visitor Saturday.

Recently a horse stepped on David Filloon's foot and the doctors fear they will have to amputate one of the toes.

B.C. Hasten and wife of York spent Sunday with the latter parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Fowler.

Jasper Meeker is reported a little better.

Miss Rilla Robinson visited Myrt Hedges Sunday.

P.F. Dodd was a business caller at Martinsville Tuesday.

Harry and Perry Wells and Al Thompson visited Martinsville Saturday.

Miss Grace Hodges who attended college at Westfield is vacationing at home.

Robert Weir's residence is nearing completion.

John Wells sold all his worldly effects at public sale Saturday and intends on moving to Colorado to take charge of a sheep ranch he recently purchased. John is a very energetic young man. We are sorry to see him go.

James Howerton who is working near Redmon was here Sunday as the guest of Miss Lizzie Wells.

There were two parties last week. One was at W.W. BUCKNER'S and the other at John Secrist's. All present report a good time.

Christ Cornwell of Hardingburg is visiting relatives in this vicinity. He thinks he is in a far better county than this but we notice that he likes to come back to home sweet home.

Rev. Charles Ishler of Martinsville preached here Sunday and Sunday night.

Fred Wells goes to Minnesota in a few days. Fred thinks there are other places besides this.

APRIL 25, 1900
Frank Hedges was a business caller in York Saturday.

Dan Grubb transacted business in West York Saturday.

Miss Gertie Maring of York is visiting her Aunt Mrs. Belts.

Mr. and Mrs. Perry Wells were shopping in Martinsville Saturday.

John Miller left for Chicago Tuesday working on the drainage canal.

Guy Hasten returned in safety last week from his visit to Mattoon.

Ed Henbest of Marshall was in this vicinity Monday looking after his farm.

A Mrs. King and Miss Walker from Chicago have rented the glass front and are going into the poultry business.

Joe Hedges is going to Terre Haute to work.

Saturday night we notice Al Thompson treating the boys to cigars. On investigation we learned he has become school director.

Lt. John H. Edwards has moved to his farm two miles North of York.

Rev. Beltz who recently returned from a three months tour of the old world gave a lecture here.

Mr. Rollins of Terre Haute has rented Jake King's property and intends going into business.

MAY 10, 1900
Miss Lizzie Greenlee is visiting friends in Martinsville.

William Cornwell our hustling miller was a Marshall visitor Sunday.

Charles Cornwell visited West Union and other eastern points Friday.

P.F. Dodd left for Peoria Sunday, as a delegate to the Republican State Convention.

Harry Wells leaves for Oklahoma in a few days. Harry said Melrose is too slow for him.

J.D.Wells barn is nearing completion. This is one of the largest barns in this section of the country.

T.R. Cornwell who has been confined to his bed for some time with stomach trouble is able to be out.

Wash Thompson is hauling the lumber for a new dwelling house which he intends building in the near future.

MAY 17, 1900
John English is building a new summer kitchen.

P.F. Dodd returned home from Peoria Thursday.

J.D. Wells transacted business in Martinsville Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hodges were shopping in Martinsville Tuesday.

Alan Grub a son in law of J. Rollins intends moving to Missouri in a few days.

David Gray has bought a new buggy.

T.R. Cornwell offers three pounds of candy for the name of ye correspondent. Give us the candy, Reck, and we will tell you.

Mrs. Emma Dodd is going to open a correspondence school in the old Rook building in the near future.

Jim Sheaply says he doesn't think the frost last week hurt the fruit any.

Harry Wells and Guy Hasten left for Oklahoma Monday. Harry has a position running a threshing machine and Guy is going back on the railroad.

MAY 31, 1900
Jasper Meeker is very low.

Charles Snearly who works near Chrisman is home for a visit.

Al Thompson had a very valuable horse hurt by a barb wire fence.

Otto Stanfield's little boy who was poisoned last week is reported better.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Trump visited relatives at Sullivan, Indiana, over Sunday.

J.H. Edwards and wife of York spent Sunday with relatives here.

George Bailey, a former Melrose boy, wheeled in to see old friends last week.

William and Levi Stanfield of Martinsville visited their father last Sunday.

Miss Josie Miller of York came up on her wheels to visit Mrs. Belt last week.

Dan Miller and wife of Martinsville rusticated with Mose Thompson on Sunday.

Mr. English and wife of Marshall spent Sunday with John C. English and family.

Rev. J.A. Beltz preached a very patriotic sermon Sunday to a full house.

John Secrist and family are going to move to Ohio, their former home.

JUNE 14, 1900
James Rollins, wife and daughter, were on our streets Sunday.

Henderson Hedden moved into the house vacated by Mr. Secrist, last Wednesday.

Mr. Secrist and family started for Ohio last Wednesday.

Oscar Edwards, who is farming near York, spent the latter part of last week at home.

Mrs. Belts and son Roscoe miss Gertrude Maring spent Saturday night and Sunday in York

Aunt Harriet Rogers of Westfield is visiting her many old friends and relatives in this vicinity.

Daniel Grubb and Sam White and wife went to Terre Haute Sunday with a load of iron and rags.

C.B. Rook, wife and daughter of West York, spent Sunday with Mrs. Rook's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wells.

Mrs. Kate Murphy received quite a valuable present through the mail Thursday.

John Murphy and Mrs. Lillie Prevo and little son of York spent Sunday night with the latter's mother, Mrs. Jonathan Medsker.

Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Hasten entertained a number of their friends last Saturday evening.

Grandma Myers, who has been making her home with Mrs. Kate Murphy the past few months, moved into the upper story of the Orphan Home last week.

Mrs. George Barnes and Sister Mrs. Greenlee started on a visit to the country Sunday afternoon but were scarcely out of town when their horse became sick. They abandoned the vehicle beside of the road.

JUNE 28, 1900
Fred Thompson has purchased a new buggy.

Jack Fowler of York was here looking after his farm last Saturday.

J.C. Crouch of Annapolis was seen on our streets Monday afternoon.

Miss Lottie Snavely and Sophia Hasten spent night in the country.

Mrs. Belt and her niece Miss Gertrude Maring spent Sunday in York with the latter's parents.

Oscar Edwards, who has been farming on the river, came up Sunday to spend a few days at home.

Miss Ethel Baker, who has been attending school at Champaign, is visiting her Aunt Mrs. Sarah Bartlett.

George Barnes has purchased a race horse of Oregon stock which he intends to take to the Martinsville fair.

Orlando Meeker and family, who were visiting at his mother's Sunday evening, had to return by Darien because the creek was high.

JULY 19, 1900
Henry Grubb is learning to ride a bicycle.

John Fix and partner passed through our town Sunday going to their threshing machine.

JULY 26, 1900
Carrie Stuck of Hindsboro is visiting friends here.

Robert Hedge visited the fairer sex of west Union Sunday evening.

Perry Booth of Martinsville was a business caller in our village Friday.

Oliver Meeker has left off the study of English and now is seeking Grace.

Mrs. Blankenbeker of Terre Haute is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs . . . . Joe Hedges.

We all think Guy Hasten would get tired of greens, for it is getting late in the season for them.

B.C. Hasten of York was on our streets Sunday.

When using one of the smaller boys for a football last Friday, Charles Cornwell broke one of his toes. Better put your shoes on next time Charlie.

Last Saturday while James Rollins was absent from home someone destroyed his garden and potato patch, pulling up all the plants. Whoever did this should be taught a lesson.

There was a pleasant surprise on Miss Maring one evening last week, it being her 19th birthday.

AUGUST 2, 1900
Ross Belt visited friends in West York Saturday.

Grandpa Barnes is on the sick list but is reported better.

William and Sophia Hasten were West York callers Friday.

James Phillippi passed through town with his threshing outfit Friday.

Percy Hasten and Willie Barnes went to York on their bikes Saturday.

J.H. Edwards of York did some transfer business in our city last week.

Mrs. George Barnes and Mrs. Belt were visitors at the county capitol Saturday.

George Ward who has been farming near Mt Vernon, came home Saturday.

S.R. Duncan of Arcola and I.W. Sain of Casey were the guest of F.G. Hasten Sunday.

Dan Grubb, William Smith, Bob Hedges and Guy Hasten were sight seeing in York Thursday. What is the attraction, boys?

Our village was the scene of another bloody conflict Friday. We long to see the time when this place will cease to be dueling grounds for all the toughs in the county.

AUGUST 15, 1900
Miss Lizzie Greenlee visited at William Shaffners on Sunday.

Mrs. F.G. and Master Percy Hasten were York callers Saturday.

Ira Thompson intends leaving for the far north in the near future.

William Stanfield of Martinsville visited his parents near this place Sunday.

J.H. and Oscar Edwards are going down on the sand in a few days to cut broom corn.

George Barnes, Oscar Edwards, Dan Grubb and Wes Acton were York visitors Thursday.

Guy Hasten who has been cutting broom corn near York came home Saturday night.

SEPT 20, 1900
P.F. Dodd was an Effingham visitor Friday.

F.G. Hasten transacted business in west Union Friday.

Charles Hodge and wife visited friends in Annapolis Sunday.

Oscar Edwards of the lower Wabash Sundayed with the home folks.

Guy Hasten has purchased a new buggy and is making regular trips to York.

Mrs. Hayes of Elmwood, Nebraska, is visiting her Aunt Mrs., Daniel Trump, of this place.

Robert Hedges, who has been working on the Wabash for some time, is once more with us.

James Howerton, who has been working near Redman, came down Saturday for a few days visit with his parents.

Honorable Fenton Booth of Marshall was on our streets Sunday.

John Clark, our next circuit clerk, was on the streets last week.

Jasper Meeker, who has been sick for some time is reported worse.

Ira Thompson, who has been working near Hindsboro, came home Friday.

Our village was the scene of a burglary last Thursday and as the parties are known, we suppose there will be some more courting.

The grand jury found indictments against and warrants have been issued for several of our young men for gambling. If they will break this thing up, it will be a good thing as Melrose has grown to be a hotbed for such things.

OCTOBER 4, 1900
Roy Wells has a new buggy.

Oscar Edwards was a Marshall visitor Saturday.

Frank Barnes of west York was in our town Friday.

Several of our residence attended the Martinsville fair last week.

Dan Grubb came home Wednesday from a few days sojourn to Terre Haute.

S.F. Maring sold his worldly goods at public auction last Thursday.

Some time ago David Grubb sold his farm south of town to Bruce Evans and on Wednesday he moved to Martinsville. Uncle Dave was one of our oldest and best citizens and we are sorry to see him go.

Neil Barkalow is building a new dwelling house.

John English has the lumber hauled for a house that he intends to build before winter.

Wash Thompson has his house almost done and William Shaffner has built an addition to his large barn

Last Wednesday, S.S. Snavely received a message that Charley, his son who is working near Kansas had fallen off a barn he was helping to roof and was dangerously hurt.

OCTOBER 11, 1900
Louis Trump was a Martinsville visitor Sunday.

Otto Stanfield transacted business in West York Thursday.

Bob Weir has the malaria fever and is reported to be very low.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wells were shopping in west York Thursday.

Louis Hedden has moved into the property formerly occupied by George Ward.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gard of Martinsville visited relatives in this vicinity Wednesday.

Miss Myrt Hedges who has been visiting relates in Terre Haute came home last Friday.

William Cornwell who has been working near Paris made a flying trip to these parts Friday.

Charles Snavely, who we mentioned last week as being hurt, is once more able to be on the street.

Little Jimmy Howerton has secured the position of errand boy for the Melrose Heat, Light and Power Company.

NOVEMBER 22, 1900
Rob Weir is very low with malaria fever.

Mr. and Mrs. William Hasten were Martinsville callers Thursday.

Mrs. George Barnes transacted business in Martinsville Saturday.

EZRA Cornwell and RAYMOND BELT were in Martinsville Friday.

Little Frankie Hedges, who has been working near Redmon, is once more on our streets.

Bob Hedges has taken a contract of clearing 90 acres of timber for Joseph Wells.

NOVEMBER 29, 1900
S.D. Cooper was a York visitor Tuesday

Mrs. Rilda Hatton of Arcola is visiting friends in this vicinity.

Miss Grace Hodge who is reported very low with typhoid fever is reported better.

Last Tuesday Mrs. Mel Beamer fell down the stairs breaking her nose and her breast bone. She is in critical condition.

DECEMBER 20, 1900
Aunt Hester Stanfield is on the sick list.

Miss Lizzie Wells was a York caller Thursday.

Miss Flossie Hastings of York is visiting relatives and friends in these parts.

Charles Cornwell is clerking at his father's store. He recently graduated from the Stringtown University.

Bill Smith is our champion corn husker, as he claims to of husk 200 bushel in 10 hours.

Bob Hedges has a fine young horse that is sick and our local veterinarians seem unable to agree as to the disease. He thinks the horse was poisoned but we trust this was wrong as we can not believe we have anyone in this community who is this mean.

Last Thursday there was a wood chopping at J.E. Padgett's and about and about 15 big loads of wood were cut. The next day the same crowd visited Bill Hasten and did the same thing for him and a short time later they treated Uncle Jesse Stanfield the same way.

DECEMBER 27, 1900
J.H. Edwards was sightseeing in Marshall Friday.

Alex Gard transacted business in Marshall Friday.

Dan Brown was in Martinsville Friday doing his Christmas Shopping.

George Barnes, F.G. Hasten and John English were in Terre Haute last week.

Mrs. Rachel Jones of Martinsville visited friends in this vicinity last week.

Woodford Mills, who has been attending college in Westfield, is at home spending his vacation.

We are pleased to note that Aunt Hester Stanfield, who has been quite sick for the past week is recovering.

Last Friday our jovial school master treated the school to candy and oranges.

We noticed several of the residence of West York, West Union, Annapolis and Martinsville in our suburbs. Melrose has grown to be the metropolis of this section and people are finding out where to go for bargains.

[Transcribed & Submitted by: Ron Cornwell and Cindy McCachern]


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