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Gleanings from the Clark County Herald pertaining to Melrose, Clark County Illinois
[Transcribed & Submitted by: Ron Cornwell and Cindy McCachern, except where noted]

JANUARY 3, 1901
Arthur Trump visited relatives in Sullivan, Indiana, last week.

Squire Cowden transacted official business in the south part of the county Saturday.

Mrs. Ed Jennings went to Allerton Friday to attend the funeral of her sister, Mrs. Zellers.

Last Monday night there was a social at the home of Mrs. Belt in the south part of the city. About twenty young people were present.

Last Friday evening Aunt Mariah Hasten fell and sprained her left shoulder.

Last Monday evening occurred the wedding of Guy Hasten of this place and Mrs. Maud Fowler of York. They were married at the home of By Hasten in York.

Jack Newlin has sold his farm and intends on moving to Jefferson County in the near future.

JANUARY 31, 1901
F.G. Hasten transacted business in West York Saturday.

P.F. Dodd was sight seeing in the windy city last week.

Mrs. Lavina Roe of Newman is visiting in these parts.

Miss Lizzie Greenlee is making a prolonged visit with friends in Anderson.

Jack Newlin sold his worldly effects at public auction Monday.

Mrs., George Barnes with Pearlie and Willie visited relatives in Brazil, Indiana, and last week.

Fred Grant, our worthy tax collector will call on most of our citizens in a short time.

Ernest Evans who is learning telegraphy at Marshall was visiting his father Iredell Evans last week.

J.M. Wells who has been staying at the solders home in Danville is home visiting relatives and friends.

Rev. Charles Ishler is holding a series of revival meetings at this place.

Miss Mabel Dodd entertained a number of her friends Thursday evening.

Wesley Hammond while returning from church Tuesday had a bad run away. His team got scared and over turned the buggy throwing him and his wife out. They escaped with bruises.

FEBRUARY 7, 1901
Lottie Snavely spent Sunday with Mabel Thompson.

W.M. McNary was a Martinsville visitor Saturday.

B.C. Hasten was seen promenading our streets Saturday.

Perry Wells has moved his saw mill on Will Shafner's land.

Uncle Billy Hasten made a trip to West York Monday.

Miss Jessie and Ernest English were shopping in Annapolis Friday.

Axom Spivey and wife visited their daughter, Mrs. Jack Leonard, near Annapolis Friday.

Will Medsker is preparing to build a house in the near future.

Mell Beamer is erecting a large barn.

FEBRUARY 14, 1901
Oscar Edwards transacted business in Casey Tuesday.

Kate Murphy visited her sister Mrs. Myers of Annapolis Tuesday.

Lou Trump has a new span of high stepping bays.

Mrs. Lena Roe , who has been visiting in this vicinity, departed for Ridgefarm Monday.

FEBRUARY 21, 1901
Uncle Jesse Stanfield is among the sick.

J.C. English was in west York Thursday.

Mrs. Kate Murphy has moved into J.W. Bakers house in town.

Dr. J.W. Baker and Mose Thompson are suffering from grip.

Mrs. Melvin Beamer who fell down the stairs recently was able to be out Sunday.

John Beaman and his son, M.N. Beaman, of Robinson attended the funeral of Mrs. Enoch Meeker Sunday.

Edna Sneed of Weir, Maud Rogers of Blue grass, Oscar Ormiston and Arthur Lindley of Hutsonville took part in the central examination here Saturday.

J.B. Sheaply is dangerously ill with stomach trouble.

Charles Cornwell has added a very useful ornament to his store in the shape of a clock. It tells the time, the day of the month and the changes of the moon, but always stops when his best girl comes in.

Again we are compelled to chronicle the death of two of our old friends, Uncle David Ellington and Grandma Meeker. Mr. Ellington died at the home of his daughter Friday and was buried in the Melrose cemetery Saturday. He was a man honored and respected by all. Mrs. Enoch Meeker died at the home of her son-in-law Saturday after a short illness, aged 88 years. She was born in the state of New York. When young she moved with her parents to Ohio and later to Peoria, this state, and from there to the old meeker farm near this place. She was twice married. Four years ago she fell and dislocated her shoulder, causing her great suffering. In early life she joined M.E. Church and was a faithful worker. She died as she lived, with a faith beyond the grave.

MARCH 7, 1901
Grandpa Hasten is ill.

Raymond Belt is on the sick list.

Zack Medsker's baby is quite sick.

Maud Hasten visited York relatives Wednesday.

Frank Hasten is attending court this week.

Andy Ramsey has moved on a farm near Neadmore.

Little Oddest Richart is visiting Anderson friends.

Oscar Edwards transacted business in York Saturday.

Ezra Cornwell was sight seeing in Marshall Thursday.

Louis and Arthur Trump attended meeting at the Hall Sunday

There is something very attractive at T.R. Cornwell's for Lottie Snavely.

Joe Newlin of Weir will move on the Ramsey farm.

Lantie Underwood has moved into Joseph Well's property.

George Morgan of Auburn has moved on the Henbest farm which he recently purchased.

Fred Wells spent several days last week in Peoria.

Mort Richart has moved his sawmill on T.R. Cornwell's land. Grant Dart, the agent reports business flourishing.

MARCH 28, 1901
Miss Lizzie Wells is better.

Orlando Meeker is in a critical condition with appendicitis.

George Barnes our hustling smith has purchased Mrs. Belt's property. She goes to Jasper County where she has purchased a farm.

Mrs. Adam Spivey is very low with typhoid fever.

Otto Stanfield, our gold democrat, has the material on the ground to erect a new residence.

Our school board has made a wise choice in securing the services of Bruce Evans to teach our summer school. Mr. Evans is an up to date teacher.

Uncle David Filloon is not expected to last long.

MAY 2, 1901
Roscoe Buckner is on the sick list.

John and Louis Alexander are breaking colts this spring.

Perry Well has moved his mill on Joe Well's land west of town.

William Smith and Fred Wells were sight seeing in Martinsville.

Richard Alexander returned home last Friday from Missouri where he had been looking after his land.

Roy and Ross Buckner saw “Wicked London” in Marshall Saturday night.
[Clark County Herald]

Miss Lena Buckner is now wearing a Pan America Exposition medal.
Ellsworth Lowry took dinner at Rev. F. M. Buckner Sunday. They had excellent music in the afternoon.
[Clark County Herald]

Charles Cornwell and Fred Wells attended M. W. A. Lodge at Lindsey Saturday night.

Iredell Evans, the jolly old veteran and many other farmers from hereabouts attended the farmers institute last week. All speak in glowing terms of the work.

On Saturday night as EZRA CORNWELL and Miss Myrtle Hedges were returning from church at Wesley Chapel in a buggy the horse became frightened and ran away. The buggy was over turned, throwing the occupants out. Ezra escaped with a few slight bruises but Miss Hedges was rendered unconscious for a time. However, she was able to be taken home Sunday. The buggy was a complete wreck and the horse was still running at last account.
[Clark County Herald]

T. R. CORNWELL has erected a fine residence on his farm. It is of modern design, with all the latest improvements including steam heat.
[Clark County Herald]


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