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Gleanings from the Clark County Herald pertaining to Melrose, Clark County Illinois

Mrs. William Hasten has been on the sick list.

Bruce Evans is erecting a fine new barn.

George Barnes and Otto Stanfield were in Martinsville Friday

P. F. Dodd purchased a couple of colts of Mel Beamer this week.

Jim Drake and George Barnes made a business call to Marshall this week.

Melvin Beamer and William Medsker transacted business in Martinsville Saturday.

Golda Wells spent Saturday night and Sunday with her sister Mrs. Elmer Snavely of Orange.

We understand that an old resident Uncle Jake King died some two weeks ago at the home of his son in Kansas.

Harry Smith and Bertha Long were married Monday evening at the home of A.G. Cowden.

MAY 22, 1907
Dave Cline was a business caller here Monday morning.

J.V. Canady of Holyoke, Colorado, was seen on the streets Friday.

Zack Medsker and wife and children are seriously ill with the measles.

Otho Thompson of West Union purchased a cultivator of P. F. Dodd last week.

Emery Vanfleet and Lyman Freeman of Jackson were in or village Saturday night.

Mabel Thompson attended Paris Fair last Tuesday.

Everybody is preparing to take in the Martinsville fair.

Pleasant and Patience Cooper visited Edna Medsker Sunday.

Cressie and Ross Barkalow spent Sunday with Mabel and Otho Thompson.

Maude Bartlett of Ohio vicinity is visiting her cousin, Edna Medsker, this week.

Fred Thompson and wife and Mrs. W. H. Cross spent Sunday with William Medsker and Family.

Mabel Dodd of Hoopeston who has been visiting her parents P. F. Dodd and wife returned home Monday. Mabel has a good position as a stenographer.

L. C. Snavely and Sam Snavely of Martinsville visited their brother S. S. Snavely and family Sunday.

[Transcribed & Submitted by: Ron Cornwell and Cindy McCachern]

Oscar Edwards is at home on a visit from Pontiac.

C. W. Cornwell and wife spent Sunday at W.B. Hastings.

Milo Baker visited Purl Nichols at Fairbanks, Indiana, part of last week.

Floe Hastings of Terre Haute spent Sunday with her grandparents.

Rev. D.H. Rupp will begin his meeting at Cooper Chapel this week.

Mrs. Arthur Meeker of Kentucky is visiting her grandparents, W.B. Hastings and wife.

Wheeler Cornwell of Kansas has returned home after an extended visit with relatives here.

Mrs. Mary McKee of Caney, Kansas, visited from Tuesday to Friday with S.S. Snavely and family.

Misses Lottie and Alice Snavely returned home Tuesday after a visit with their brothers in Sullivan, Indiana.

R.E. Stratton and wife of White Oak spent from Wednesday to Friday with his sister, Mrs. S.S. Snavely.

Axiom Spivey was at West York Monday.

Ross Buckner was on our streets Saturday.

Percy Hasten spent Sunday with Charles Howerton.

Everett and Alva Bowden spent Sunday with Oren Wells.

Charlie Beckwith and Harry Dodd were at Martinsville Saturday.

Will Ogle, Purl and Otto Nichols have been hauling corn for P. F. Dodd?

Fred Thompson purchased a couple colts of Elmer Snavely last week.

Edna Medsker and Mattie Huffington spent Sunday with Maggie Drummond.

C.W. Cornwell and wife entertained the young folks of this vicinity at a masquerade party Saturday night.
[The Clark County Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]

Mrs. E.M. Baker is on the sick list.

Minnie Barkalow was in town Monday.

Elias Baker was at West York Friday.

Mrs. J. R. Trump has been sick the past week.

Glenie and Ollie Thompson were in town Monday.

Dollie Snavely spent Sunday with Goldia Wells.

Ellis Ratts and wife visited Axom Spivey Friday.

Fred Crumrin and Harry Smith were at Marshall Saturday.

Mrs. Snavely and Mrs. Rupp visited Mrs. Sam White Thursday.

Henry Spivey of Hutsonville spent Sunday with his father, Axom Spivey.

Joe Newlin and family visited relatives near Kickapoo Saturday night.

B. C. Hastings of Terre Haute visited his parents W. B. Hastings and wife last week.

Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Rupp visited Aunt Rachel Jones. She is seriously ill at her nephews Henry Hix.

Alice, oldest daughter of Mitch Gard, died last Sunday night and was buried at the Ohio Cemetery Tuesday.

Mrs. C.B. Rook of West York is at the bedside of her cousin, Clark A. Howerton, who is very low with typhoid fever.

Harry Baker visited his brother Milo Sunday and went to visit his uncle and Aunt John Evans and wife, Sunday evening.
[The Clark County Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]

Mrs. J.R. Trump is improving.

Clara Leonard is visiting Callie Spivey.

Elmer Snavely was in West York, Sunday.

Golda Wells Sundayed with Edna Medsker.

Mrs. Kate Murphy sundayed with Mrs. D.H. Rupp.

Clark A Howerton is still very low with typhoid fever.

Charles Hix and family spent Sunday with Henry Hix and family.

Lamont Bartlett of near Union spent Sunday with Rev. Rupp and wife.

Mrs. T. R. Cornwell and son Ray spent Sunday with C.W. Cornwell and wife.

Frank Stanfield and family Sundayed with his parents, Jesse Stanfield.

Mrs. S.S. Snavely spent Sunday with her daughter-in –law, Mrs. Elmer Snavely, who is sick.

Perry Drake, Minnie Barkalow, Muriel McNary and Golda Wells spent Friday with Lottie and Alice Snavely.
[The Clark County Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]

Ed Medsker has a new telephone.

Ernest Spivey is working near Hutsonville.

Edna Medsker spent Sunday with Goldie Wells.

Ross Buckner and mother were in town Monday. Dodd brothers have established a sugar camp on raccoon.

Percy Hasten attended the last day of school at #6.

Harry Milburn is going to move on Mr. Brown’s farm.

Jackson Leonard moved on Charles Meeker place Monday.

Minnie Barkalow is suffering from a severe attack of grip.

Charles Davis and Zack Medsker were in Martinsville Wednesday.

English brothers have purchased a half interest in a threshing machine.

Lottie Snavely is staying with her brother Elmer and wife of Orange.

Jacob Kannamacker of Anderson has moved his saw mill on Otto Stanfield’s farm.

John Wells and family spent Thursday with Elmer Snavely and wife of Orange.

We notice that Ernest Wells does not make his weekly trips to Ohio vicinity.

Maud McNary spent Monday and Tuesday with friends and relatives in this vicinity.

Rev. Rupp filled his appointment at Wabash Bethel and Cooper Chapel Sunday and Sunday night.

Mrs. Nora Pyles who has been visiting her parents Axiom Spivey and wife the last week, left Monday for Colorado.
[The Clark County Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]

Mrs. Elmer Snavely is improving.

Frank Stanfield and Joe Cornell have been hauling hay.

Alva Wells is thinking of learning the harness making trade soon.

George Barnes and wife spent Sunday with Bud Freeman and wife.

Milo Baker will begin work for Ford and Otho Thompson the first of April.

Charles Hix and wife spent Sunday with Uncle Jesse Stanfield and wife.

Mattie Huffington of Allright has applied for the summer school here.

Joe Hedges spent from Tuesday until Thursday with relatives with Marshall.

G.W. Thompson and wife spent Sunday with their son Ford and wife in West Union.

Charles Cornwell and wife spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Cornwell and family.

Percy Hasten, Charles Howerton, Rosa and Myrtie Pendleton visited the oil well on Ada Upshot’s Sunday.

Elmer Snavely, Ray Cornwell, Mrs. Rachel Meeker and Roe Welch were added to the Melrose-Orange telephone line.

Mrs. Lizzie Hanley of Columbus, Ohio, is visiting her nieces, Mrs. Frank Hedges and Mrs. C.W. Cornwell.
[The Clark County Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]

P. F. Dodd lost a valuable horse last Wednesday night.

The new telephones were installed on the Melrose and Orange line Friday.

Mrs. Verna Trump of Indianapolis visited the family of J. R. Trump last week.

Amy Trump went to Indianapolis Tuesday to visit her brother Arthur and wife.

Harry Crumrin who has been working at the asylum at Jacksonville is at home for a two week vacation.
[The Clark County Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]

Minnie Barkalow has the measles.

S.S. Snavely went to St Louis Tuesday.

Alec Craig and wife passed thru our burg Sunday.

Mrs. Zack Medsker died Monday and was buried on Tuesday.

Elmer Snavely and Ray Cornwell both have sick horses.

Axom Spivey was a business caller in West Union Monday.

Mrs. Sam White died Saturday and was buried Sunday at the Ohio Cemetery.

Mrs. Elizabeth Cornwell is going to keep her daughters children as was her dying request.

The Swift Bros. show is in town this week.

The Stewart children were here last week, it seems as Melrose is quite an attraction for shows.
[The Clark County Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]

Gracie Newlin has a very sore foot.

Lottie Snavely was at West York Tuesday.

John Carpenter was trading here Saturday.

Mrs. P. F. Dodd was a Martinsville visitor Monday.

Rev. Rupp filled his appointment at Wabash Sunday.

Oddest Richart of Cherry Point is visiting relatives here.

F.G Hasten and wife Sundayed with his parents, William Hasten and wife.

Arthur Snavely of Sullivan spent from Sunday until Tuesday with home folks.

Uncle Joe Wells and wife and Elmer Snavely and wife spent Sunday with John Welsh and family.

Ford Thompson and wife and Dessie Colvin of West Union spent Sunday with G. W. Thompson and family.

Ross Cornwell returned home from Marshall last week where he has been working. He was through our burg Saturday breaking a new colt.
[The Clark County Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]

Tennis Shaffner has a new buggy.

Mrs. Joseph Wells has been quite sick.

Milo Baker is working on the tank farm.

Elmer Snavely is the possessor of a new buggy.

Mrs. Ethel Tharp of Darwin is visiting her mother, Minerva Morris.

Bryon Hastings and family of Terre Haute are visiting relatives here.

Jesse Spraker and wife sundayed with Will Medsker and wife.

F. G. Hasten and son Perry were Martinsville visitors.

Myrtie Pendleton spent Sunday night with her sister, Mrs. P. C. Hasten.

Mabel Thompson and Edna Medsker spent Monday with Pleasant Cooper.

Charles Cornwell is running a chicken picking establishment at West Union.

Lee Stanfield and family spent Sunday with his father Jesse Stanfield.

Axom Spivey and family visited J. L. Roberts of York Tuesday who is very ill.

Mrs. Leah Shaffner and Edna Medsker spent Sunday with G. W. Thompson and family.

Harry, Fred and Reno Crumrin spent Sunday with home folks. They are working on the tank farm.

Harry Smith and wife and Frank Stanfiled and family Sundayed with Chester Hix and family.

Mrs. Mag Rook and daughter Jessie and Mrs. Brooks of West York have been visiting Joseph Wells and wife.

Ford Thompson, wife and daughter Ruby and Dessie Colvin of West Union spent Sunday with Elmer Snavely and wife.

Frank Hasten and wife, Bryon Hasten and family and Perry Hasten and wife Sundayed with William Hasten and wife.

Clarence Evans is having a new house built.

G. W. Thompson and brother Al and Robert Weir are doing well.

J. C. English baled hay for J. N. Phillippi last week.

Myrtie Pendleton who has been quite sick is improving.

Dan Brown of hall vicinity is laid up with rheumatism.

Massa Bob Hedges of Marshall is visiting at home.

E. M. Baker and wife saw the show at Marshall last week.

G. W. Thompson will build a fine residence for Clarence Evans soon.

Mrs. Mary Medsker lost two valuable horses by lightening Sunday night.

Elder D. H. Rupp filled the appointment at Melrose Sunday and Sunday night.

Mrs. Nila Smith and son Homer of Weir spent Sunday with F. G. Hasten and family.

J. R. Trump and wife and E. L. Trump and wife spent Sunday on Lamont Prairie.

Otto Cornwell and Joe Newlin finished the harvesting of sixty acres of fine timothy last week.
[The Clark County Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]

S. S. Snavely went to St Louis Monday.

D. H. Rupp was in Martinsville Thursday.

Alex Craig and wife spent Sunday with William Medsker.

F. M. Buckner and brother Charlie were in town Monday.

Lee Stanfield and wife were at Marshall Saturday.

Percy Hasten has been hauling material to erect a new house.

F. G. Hasten and wife were Martinsville callers Saturday.

Mrs. Mary Little of Terre Haute is visiting her cousin Mrs., P. F. Dodd.

George Baker and wife of Terre Haute are visiting her brother Elias and wife.

Mabel Thompson and Mrs. Ford Thompson were Marshall visitors Wednesday.

George Stratton of Casey visited S. S. Snavely and family Saturday night and Sunday.

F. G. Hasten and wife and P. C. Hasten and wife visited Elias Baker and wife Sunday.

Elias Baker and wife and George Baker and wife spent Monday with Mrs. Ella Hunter and family.

Little Janice Trump of Ohio has come to make her home with her father Charles Trump.

George Hurst and wife of Marshall spent Saturday night and Sunday with P. F. Dodd and family.

Mrs. Frank Hedges Jr. spent part of last week with her brother, Fred Wells and family in Marshall.

Mrs. J. M. Richart returned to her home in Cherry Point last week after spending a few weeks visiting with relatives.

Mrs. D. H. Rupp and Lottie and Alice Snavely spent last Tuesday with T. J. Snavely and wife of near West Union.

Mrs. C. T. Ishler, Mrs. Nellie Schumaker and Ida Snavely of Martinsville visited relatives here Wednesday and Thursday.

Harry Crumrin left last week for Springfield to attend the state fair.

Charles Rupp of Golconda, Nevada, who has been visiting relatives in this vicinity left Saturday.

P.F. Dodd was in Marshall Friday.

Rama Gayhart has returned from Cairo.

Myrtle Hedges is progressing nicely with her school.

Axom Spivey and wife were in Martinsville Saturday.

Axom Spivey was in Sullivan a couple days ago.

Roy Bartlett and family have moved to Ed Medskers farm.

J. W. Vanfleet was seen on our streets Sunday evening.

Aunt Hester Stanfield is visiting the family of Charles Hix.

Rev. D. H. Rupp filled his appointment at Wabash Sunday.

Percy Medsker made a business trip to Martinsville Thursday.

Effa Craig of Ohio is staying with her aunt Mollie Medsker.

Blanche Hodge is staying with her aunt, Mrs. Ed Gard of Robinson.

Will Maxwell and wife were the guest of Mollie Medsker Sunday.

Jimmy Thompson of Martinsville was in our burg part of last week.

Charles Cornwell who has been staying in West Union spent Sunday with home folks.

Rev. D. H. Rupp and wife were at Terre Haute Friday and spent the day with J. Meyers and wife. We are sorry to learn that our old friend Melvin Beamer starts for California Tuesday where he will make his future home.

C. H. Snavely and wife of Sullivan, In, who have been visiting his parents S. S. Snavely and wife for a week returned home Tuesday.

We understand that Lee Stanfield and family will leave us and move to Greenup the last of this week and that Fred Wells and family of Marshall will move to the place vacated by Lee.
[The Clark County Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]


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