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Gleanings from the Clark County Herald pertaining to Melrose, Clark County Illinois

MARCH 2, 1910
Jackson Leonard has moved on the Cannady farm.

Edna Medsker spent Sunday with her cousin, Golda Wells.

Otto Madsker and wife are the proud parents of a baby girl.

Frank Hedges made a business trip to Martinsville Friday for P.F. Dodd.

It is rumored that Guy Payne has resigned his position as Phoenix Insurance Agent.

Ford Thompson visited home folks over Sunday.

Minnie Barkalow has been employed to teach the summer term of school at Fairview.

Rev. W.R. Johnson failed to fill his regular commitment here Sunday because of bad roads.

Henry Brown returned Saturday. He and his wife will go to housekeeping in the Joseph Wells property.

There was a pie and pound supper given at the home of Frank Stanfield Thursday evening.

Harry Baker and Clasie Thompson have returned from Terre Haute where they have been attending Brown Business College.

Edna Maring closed a successful term of school at Cottonwood Wednesday.

MARCH 9, 1910
John Reece closed the term of school Friday.

Mrs Charles Cornwell was shopping in Martinsville Monday.

Elmer Snavely and wife visited John Wells and family Friday.

P.C. Hasten has been employed to teach the summer term of school.

Prayer meeting at Melrose every Wednesday night.

William Medsker and wife spent Tuesday night with G.W. Thompson and family.

Miss Mabel Thompson and Edna Medsker spent Sunday with Charles Barkslow and family.

Don Medsker, Harry and Leon Dodd took the teacher's examination at Marshall Saturday.

APRIL 20, 1910
Mrs. Fred Thompson is sick.

Ollie Thompson is staying with Mrs. P.F. Dodd.

Orvil Hedges of Terre Haute spent Sunday at Frank Hedges.

Will Norris returned home from Terre Haute one day last week.

Glen Shipe of Marshall and William Medsker were in Annapolis Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ivan Pyles of West Union is staying at Axiom Spivey's and attending school at Melrose during the summer.

JUNE 22, 1910
Charles Hix and wife are the proud parents of a baby girl.

Glenn Thompson is staying with her aunt Dora Medsker.

Oddest Richart returned to her home in Chrisman Thursday.

Myrtle and Blanche Hedges are visiting friends in Marshall this week.

William Shaffner, G.W. Thompson and William Medsker went to Urbana last Friday.

Mrs. Fred Crumrine visited her mother, Mrs. S.S. Snavely Saturday and Sunday.

Friday being Edna Medskers nineteenth birthday, about forty of her friends gathered at her home to celebrate.

Glenn and Ollie Thompson entertained the Wednesday club at supper Wednesday evening. Those present: Misses Mabel Thompson, Edna Medsker, Golda Wells, Alice Snavely, Oddest Richart, Callie Spivey and Blanche Hedges.

JULY 13, 1910
Harry Dodd went to West Union Saturday.

Mrs. Etta Maring is staying with Mrs. Milo Baker.

Eschol Beckwith was the guest of Ragan Hedges.

Charles Beckwith and wife spent Sunday with Bert Smith and wife.

Elmer Snavely and wife visited John Wells and family Wednesday.

Ernest Spivey spent over Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Axiom Spivey.

Quite a number gathered at the home of Will Medsker, to celebrate Mrs. Leah Shaffner's birthday.

Mrs. Robert Blankenbeker and little sons, Ned and Max, spent Tuesday of last week with her mother Mrs., Joseph Hedges.

Miss Goldia Wells entertained the club Wednesday afternoon.

JULY 20, 1910
Alice Snavely spent Sunday with Fairy Gard.

Ford Thompson went to Yuma, Arizona, Monday.

Blanch Hedges is staying with her sister, Mrs. Percy green.

Mabel Thompson spent Sunday with her cousin Edna Medsker.

Mell Hix and Eva Cornwell were shopping in Martinsville Monday.

Golda Wells spent Sunday with her grandmother, Mrs. Joseph Wells.

Mrs. C.E. Thompson and daughter Ollie visited Dora Medsker and family Friday.

P.F. Dodd and wife were business callers in Terre Haute Monday.

Mrs. Etta Mullen spent Friday with her brother John Maring and wife.

Mrs. Chester Hix and Mrs. C.W. Cornwell were in Martinsville Wednesday.

Ford Thompson and daughter Ruby spent Wednesday with Ben Crow and family.

Miss Alice Snavely and Barnet Sackrider spent Sunday with Miss Fairy Gard of Ohio vicinity.

Miss Golda Wells and brother Oren spent Sunday with their grandparents Joseph Wells and wife.

Mrs. Jackson Leonard and children spent Friday and Saturday with her parents, Axiom Spivey and wife.

Marion Spivey of near Hutsonville is staying with his brother Axiom Spivey and helping him put up hay.

Mrs. Leah Shaffner spent part of last week with her daughter Mrs. Jefferson Bartlett.

AUGUST 17, 1910
Mrs. F.G. Hasten was sick last week.

C.E. Thompson is blacksmithing in our village.

Clarence Thompson is running a gasoline baler.

C.W. Cornwell and Joseph Hedges were in West Union Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Perry Green of Quaker Lane visiting relatives here Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Crumrine of West Union spent Sunday with E.S. Snavely.

Miss Myrtle Pentleton and P.C. Hasten went to Robinson Tuesday to attend teachers institute there.

Barnet Sackrider and Miss Alice Snavely were married in Terre Haute Wednesday.

Will Pyle and wife are visiting Axiom Spivey and wife.

AUGUST 24, 1910
Obel and Nobel Canada and families of Holyoke, Colorado, are visiting relatives south of town.

Roe Welsh has been hauling oat to Robinson.

Milo Baker was in Casey Friday.

J.R. Trump was in Martinsville last Saturday.

C.W. Cornwell and N.C. Baker were in southern Illinois Friday buying a carload of apples.

Barnet Sackrider and John Lindley passed through here Saturday.

J.B. Pendleton has been building a barn for James Crow near Annapolis.

Otto Cornwell and family, Sarah Newlin and children and Grant dart and wife visited in Orange Township Sunday.

AUGUST 31, 1910
Cressie Barkalow went to Mattoon Friday.

Mrs. Sophia Meeker is visiting her grandmother Mrs. William Hastings.

Fred Thompson and wife spent Sunday with Elmer Snavely and wife.

Myrtle Hedges spent Saturday and Sunday with her sister Mrs. Perry Green.

Mrs. Eva Cornwell is visiting her sister, Mrs. Alice Richart near Chrisman.

Will Stanfield and family of Martinsville spent Sunday with Frank Stanfield and family.

Edna Medsker, Sylvia and Cassia Shaffner spent Sunday with Mabel and Cassie Thompson.

NOVEMBER 23, 1910
C.E. Thompson and family moved to Marshall, Wednesday.

Mrs. Charles Ishler, Nellie Shoemaker and Ida Snavely of Martinsville spent part of last week with Mrs. G.O. Thompson and Mrs. William Medsker.

J.D. Mills spent last week in Marshall.

Dora Medsker and family spent Sunday with Will Medsker and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Barnet Sackrider and Mrs. S.S. Snavely spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Crumrine at west Union.

[Transcribed & Submitted by: Ron Cornwell and Cindy McCachern]


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