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Gleanings from the Clark County Herald pertaining to Melrose, Clark County Illinois

Roy Wells and Joseph Hedges were in Marshall Saturday.
Miss Blanche Hedges was the guest of Mrs. Edna Medsker Tuesday.
Several from here attended the funeral of Mrs. Rachel Meeker at Wesley Chapel Tuesday.
Miss Olga Evans, Leon Dodd and Ova Stanfield are attending the teachers institute at Marshall this week.
Miss Blanche Hedges spent Friday with Miss Golda Wells.
Miss Myrtle Hedges spent over Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Perry Green, near West York.
Miss Leona Hix is visiting her sister near Oilfield.
Donald Medsker spent Sunday in West York the guest of Roy Barkalow.


Ragan Hedges went to Marshall on Friday.
Chet Hix went to West Union on Saturday.
Chet Hix and wife visited friends at Moonshine on Sunday.
Miss Blanche Hedges is spending the week in Martinsville.
Ray Cornwell, wife and daughter went to Marshall Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Moreland of Ohio at visiting relatives here.
Chet Hix and Charles Cornwell were shopping in Marshall last Wednesday.
C. W. Cornwell and F. Hedges were guest of Mrs. William Weir Sunday.
Several from here attended the funeral of Mrs. John Maring at St Paul Saturday.
School commenced Sept 2 with Bruce Evans as teacher.
John Meeker of Terre Haute is visiting his daughter here.
Barnett Sackrider and wife visited Will Sackrider Sunday.
Alva Wells and wife and daughter visited Mrs. Susan Canady Sunday.
Mrs. Julia Sackrider and Miss Iva Wells visited Wade Evans Tuesday.


Mr. And Mrs. C. W. Cornwell and Ray Cornwell saw the circus at Marshall Monday.
Misses Blanche Hedges and Edna Medsker spent last week in Martinsville and attended the fair.
Rev. Guyer and wife of Quaker Lane spent Sunday with P. C. Hasten and wife. Mr. Guyer delivered an excellent sermon here Sunday.
Miss. Edna Medsker entertained her Sunday school class at her home on Sunday. Rev. Downey and wife and Miss. Sylvia Shaffner were also guest.
Ragan Hedges spent Saturday and Sunday in Martinsville, the guest of Wayne Dodd.
Ernest Wells and wife were the guest of her mother Ann Bartlett, Sunday.
Emery Dodd spent part of last week with his brother Wayne of Martinsville.
Leon Dodd began school at Cottonwood Monday.
Rev. Hix filled his appointment at Bluegrass Sunday.


Frank Hedges Jr. was in West Union Friday.
Eschol Beckwith went to Martinsville Wednesday.
Will Morris went to Marshall on Saturday.
Mrs. Sarah Newlin and children were in Neadmore with relatives Sunday.
Charles Beckwith and wife spent Sunday with J. Dix and family.
Clacy Thompson is visiting his sister in Indianapolis this week.
Mrs. Chet Hix and son Ralph and Miss Sylvia Shaffner Sundayed with Barney Hammond near Darwin.
Miss Edna Medsker and Miss Golda Wells spent Sunday with Miss Amy Trump.


Rev. Hix returned Friday from Decatur.
Sylvia Shaffner shopped in West Union Saturday.
Blanche Hedges spent Sunday with Edna Medsker.
Elmer Snavely and wife visited at John Wells’s home Sunday.
Otto Cornwell and wife spent Sunday with relatives near Neadmore.
Ernest Wells and wife spent Sunday in West York, the guest of Mrs. Margaret Rook.
Myrtle Hedges spent the latter part of last week with friends in Marshall and attended the horse show.
Milo E. Guyer and Miss Myrtle Hedges were guest of friends in Walnut Prairie and West Union on Sunday.
There will be preaching here Sunday morning and Rev. A. Rogers of Martinsville will deliver the sermon.


Charles Beckwith was in West Union Saturday.
Otho Thompson was in Martinsville Wednesday.
Ernest English is at the state fair in Springfield.
Ed Medsker and wife went to Marshall Thursday.
Miss. Mabel Martin is visiting her sister Mrs. Harry Dodd.
Will Medsker transacted business in Marshall last Wednesday.
Donald Medsker attended teachers meeting in West Union Saturday.
Burl Medsker and family of West Union visited Ed Crumrine
Hershel Medsker and wife spent Sunday with relatives in West Union.
Miss. Edna Medsker spent last week with relatives in Crawford County.
Byron Hasten and wife of Terre Haute are visiting Mrs. Will Hasten here.
Chet Hix and wife and Omer Brown took Sunday dinner at George Shaffner.
Harve Thompson and family of Lindsey visited at the home of Moses Thompson.
Will Morgan and sons Thomas and Otto were guest of relatives near Marshall Sunday.
Will Meeker entertained Rev. A. Rogers, Robert Weir and wife for dinner Sunday.
The East McDaniel ball team played Walnut Prairie on Sunday with East McDaniel winning.


William Morgan went to Martinsville on Wednesday.
Carl Cornwell of Kansas is visiting relatives here.
Joseph Hedges spent last week in Terre Haute.
Ernest English and Miss. Amy Trump spent Sunday near Lawrenceville.
Curt Smith and wife were Sunday guest of their daughter Mrs. Lindsey Blankenbeker of Orange.
Otto Cornwell and wife spent Sunday with her parents, Firmin Thompson and wife near Neadmore.
Miss. Amy Trump and Miss. Flora Newlin spent Saturday at Moonshine.
Roscoe Belt, a U.S. Navy boy, in here visiting relatives, this place being his former home.
George Guyer and family of Quaker Lane and Clint Canaday and family of West Union were Sunday guest of Herschel Medsker and wife.
Clacy Thompson has returned from Indianapolis where she visited her sister.
Charles Meeker and family and Rachel Meeker spent Sunday at Orlando Meeker's.
Eschol Beckwith was in West Union Saturday.
Rev. Downey has returned from Decatur and he will move to Versailles, IL, soon.
Sam Morgan and family of Auburn spent Sunday at William Morgan’s.
Al Howerton and wife of Paris are here visiting relatives.
Chet Hix and wife attended the funeral of Sarah Hix at Hatton Wednesday.


William Morgan hauled coal from West Union Wednesday.
Ed Montgomery and family of Martinsville were guest Sunday of Mrs. Wash Thompson.
Herschel Medsker went to West Union Wednesday.
Mrs. Perry Green and daughter Imogene of West York spent last week with her parents Mr. And Mrs. Frank Hedges.
Al Howerton and wife returned to their home in Paris after a visit with relates here.
Mrs. Will Medsker was a guest of her sister Mrs. Anna Bartlett Thursday.
Mrs. Sarah Newlin and daughters and Otto Cornwell and wife attended a surprise dinner at Otto Cornwell’s near Neadmore on Sunday.
Milo E. Guyer, Myrtle Hedges and Perry Green and wife were Sunday guest of Ed Crumrine and wife.
Hobert and Paul Wilson spent Sunday with Eschol Beckwith.


Harry Dodd and wife spent Monday in Martinsville.
Leah Shaffner was a Sunday guest of Elmer Snavely and wife.
Mrs. Carl Mundy of West Union visited here Sunday.
Frank Hedges and wife visited in West Union Saturday.
Arvel Medsker and Miss Maud Hix were quietly married at the home of Will Medsker Sunday evening.


Percy Hasten and wife shopped in Martinsville Monday.
C. W. Cornwell transacted business in West Union Saturday.
Leah Shaffner spent Sunday with relatives in Martinsville.
Will Morgan and son and Joseph Hedges went to Marshall Friday.
Jonathan Dix and family spent Sunday with Charles Beckwith.
Alfonzo Macey and family of Orange visited James Padgett Sunday.
Hattie Medsker of West Union spent last week here.
Otho Thompson and wife spent Sunday with Albert Wernz and wife.
George Shaffner and wife and daughter spent Sunday with Frank Standfield in Martinsville Thursday.
James Bowden and wife of Charleston are visiting relatives here.


C. W. Cornwell was in Marshall Friday.
Harry Dodd returned home from up North last week.
Mrs. Kate Murphy was in Marshall Friday.
Frank Standfield and sons were in Martinsville Thursday.
Garnet Smith spent last week with his foster grandparents Charles Beckwith and wife.
Otto Cornwell was in Martinsville Tuesday.
Sarah Newlin dined on Sunday with her sister Mrs. Otto Cornwell
Will Stanfield and family of Martinsville are visiting friends here.


Ralph Hix went to West Union Saturday.
Leon Dodd was in West Union Saturday
Frank Standfield went to Martinsville Saturday.
William Medsker and daughter Edna were in Martinsville Friday.
Ernest English and sister Jessie were in Marshall Wednesday.
Louie Hedges of Marshall spent last week here.
Orlando Meeker and family spent Sunday with Elmer Snavely and wife.
Mrs. George Baker and Mrs. Emma Baker were Tuesday guest at the house of Sarah Newlin.
M. E. Guyer and Myrtle Hedges attended the funeral of Henry Guyer near Hutsonville Sunday.
Will Stanfield, wife and children returned to their home in Martinsville Saturday after a visit here.


Jacob Kannamacher will move his saw mill to these parts soon.
Ernest English and Amy Trump were married last Wednesday evening by Rev. William Chamlis. They are moving to Hutsonville.
Mr. And Mrs. Will Medsker entertained relatives from Martinsville on Sunday.
F. G. Hasten and mother, Maria Hasten, were in West Union Wednesday.

[The Marshall Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]


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