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Gleanings from the Clark County Herald
[Transcribed & Submitted by: Ron Cornwell and Cindy McCachern, except where noted]

Melrose: EZRA CORNWELL and Myrtle Hedges attended the lecture given at West York Wednesday night.

Will Weir & wife of Weir, spent Sunday with the latter's brother, Fred Wells of Melrose

WILLIAM MORGAN visited relatives near Clark Center Tuesday.

25 Jan 1905
Rube Wells of Lamotte Prairie was visiting Lewis Life's family Sat. He is indulging in the soap business

C. W. CORNWELL made a business trip to the county capitol Monday.
Melrose: Harry Wells is ill

C. W. CORNWELL and A. M. Trump gazed upon the Marshall sights Wednesday.


CHARLES CORNWELL was over on Mill Creek Friday buying fur.
PERCY STANFIELD, son of OTTO STANFIELD, is quite sick with pneumonia.
Iva & Anna Wells, of Wells, visited Lulu Seymour on Friday

EARL BUCKNER was exposed to the atrocities of a charivari Tuesday night and from the noise we heard it seemed they made a success of the affair.

09 Apr 1902
Mrs Fanny Wells visited Sat & Sun with her Aunt, Mrs Jacob Snyder

T. R. CORNWELL lost one of his valuable young kine Sunday. The youngster was in a lot, as was also an old stock well, which was minus a cover. As the calf came nigh to the water supply, it seems it took a plunge therein, and when it’s body was recovered, as was the old well, nothing was left to be done but to rob the calfy of it’s hide and hang out the sign at the store of “veal” for sale “kinda cheap”.

Our school is progressing nicely and we can highly congratulate the teacher ROY BUCKNER.

Grandma BUCKNER died Saturday week, the funeral being held Monday at West York, after which the remains was laid to rest at the cemetery at that place. Mrs. Buckner lived to a good old age.

CHARLES CORNWELL was a Martinsville promenade Thursday.
Frankie KING of Darwin vicinity is visiting old friends in these parts.
Raymond BELT and nephew, OTTO ACTION of Jasper County are spending a few days at home.

T. R. CORNWELL has erected a new barn on his farm.
JAMES STANFIELD , who has been visiting friends and relatives here, started on the return trip to his home in Idaho.
The members of the Melrose Church have enmasse, brought the house owned by Dr. J. W. Baker in Melrose and are remodeling it to be used as a parsonage.
Professor Wilbur Keller and OTTO CORNWELL will give a magic lantern show exposition in the city hall Saturday night. Seats on sale at P. F. Dodd’s store.

G. W. CORNWELL is remodeling his home, adding in every way to its attractive and comfortable appearance.


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