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Gleanings from the Clark County Herald pertaining to Melrose, Clark County Illinois
[Transcribed & Submitted by: Ron Cornwell and Cindy McCachern, except where noted]

ROSCOE CORNWELL has been quite sick for some time, alto not dangerously so. We hope he will soon be up again.

UNCLE BILLIE REED is seriously ill.
UNCLE JESSIE STANFIELD, an old an esteemed citizen, was stricken with paralysis on Wednesday night and until Friday evening his life was despaired of. Then he rallied somewhat, but at present he is in a very critical condition.
EARL BUCKNER, one of our staunchest young farmers, anticipated changing his place of residence to Oklahoma, having sold his worldly effects at public sale on last Wednesday. We are sorry to lose our young friend and talented agriculturalist.

J. C. English and WILLIAM MORGAN are improving the appearance of their farms by erecting buildings and fences, repainting, ect.
Our people arose Monday and cut timber as material for the church which is to replace that recently burned church (Melrose). It seems all are intent on rebuilding our house of worship and the work of preparation should be forwarded by all.
OTTO CORNWELL and Miss BETSEY THOMPSON are the latest of cupidís victims. They were united in holy matrimony last Tuesday by Esq. A. G. Cowden. The event was duly ratified by the young people, who gathered enmass and made very melodious noises on cowbells, dinner bells, shotguns, anvils, and the like. We think that MR. CORNWELL should have rejoiced at escaping certain death, as he was generally foremost in raising a charivari party in honor of other victims.

CHARLES AND E. Z. CORNWELL were Martinsville promenaders Wednesday.

UNCLE BILLIE REED, who has been quite sick for some time, is much better and we hope is on the road to full recovery.
The district school election was held Saturday. JONATHAN MEDSKER was again chosen a member of the board.

T. R. CORWELL and Bruce Evans were Marshall Visitors Thursday.
F. M. Spivey, OTTO CORNWELL and Joe Wernz are going to build this fall.


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