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Gleanings from the Clark County Herald pertaining to Melrose, Clark County Illinois
[Transcribed & Submitted by: Ron Cornwell except where noted]


MRS. AXOIM SPIVEY has been very sick.
C.W. CORNWELL was in Allright Saturday.
OTTO CORNWELL and wife visited in Kickapoo vicinity Sunday.

AXEM SPIVEY and family spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Jackson Leonard.
Ed Crumrin, CHARLIE CORNWELL and William Smith attended the burial of Perry Cox, Sunday.
HENRY SPIVEY moved part of his household goods to Hutsonville last week where they will make their future home.

ROY BUCKNER transacted business in Melrose Thursday.
MRS. T. R. CORNWELL and son EZRA were transacting business in Marshall Thursday.
Mrs. Nichols and family of Liberty vicinity have moved on the CHARLES MEEKER farm near this place.
OLIVER GRAHAM of Melrose and Ethel Coffin of York were united in marriage at Esq. Cowden’s Sunday.

CHARLES CORNWELL was in Martinsville Thursday.
ROSS CORNWELL went to Falmouth Friday and stayed over Sunday.
Ottis Richart, Pearl Barnes and Leta Edwards Sundayed with Miss Bertha Long.
MRS. OTTO CORNWELL and Mrs. Joe Newlin were shopping in Martinsville Saturday.
Mr. And Mrs. Will Pyles visited AXIM SPIVEY’S Sunday of last week and Mrs. Pyle’s sister, Miss Callie Spivey, returned with them.
CHARLES CORNWELL and Ed Crumrin went to Terre Haute Friday to purchase goods as they both contemplate huckstering this summer.

AXEM SPIVEY and William Smith transacted business in Martinsville Saturday.
Dollie Snavely and ODDEST RICHART spent Sunday evening with Pearl Barnes.
CHARLES CORNWELL and Ed Crumrin went to Terre Haute Friday to get another load of goods for their huckster wagons.

CHARLES CORNWELL was a Marshall visitor Friday.
BILL MORRIS and family of Darwin moved here last week.
Mort Richart and DAVID CORNWELL were Marshall Visitors Thursday.
EVA CORNWELL and Mrs. Mort Richart spent Sunday with William Weir.
MR. AND MRS. AXIM SPIVEY visited the Bradbury Cemetery at West York Saturday.

Charlie Beckwith and family visited C.W. CORNWELL and wife Sunday.
Frank Hedges Jr. and family were the guest of Mort Richart Sunday.
C.W. CORNWELL and Willie Barnes were in Martinsville Thursday night.
Charlie Beckwith and family Sundayed with CHARLIE CORNWELL and wife.
MISS. ODDEST RICHART spent Tuesday with her Aunt, Mrs. Lizzie Hedges of Orange.
Mrs. S. S. Snavely and daughter Dollie and ODDEST RICHART were in Martinsville Thursday.
John Wells and WASH CORNWELL were the school directors elected Saturday, John Wells for new term and WASH CORNWELL to fill vacancy.

ZACK MEDSKER and family Sundayed with his father, Jonathan Medsker.
OTTO CORNWELL and wife were the guest of Joe Newlin and family Sunday.
UNCLE JACOB KING has returned home from Missouri. He says there is no place like old Melrose.
William Pyles and wife of Union and Jackson Leonard and family of Orange were the guest of AXEM SPIVEY Sunday.

MARION SPIVEY and wife of West York visited relatives in this vicinity Thursday.
AXIM SPIVEY was in Martinsville Friday.
John Wells and wife spent Sunday with MORT RICHART.
WILLIAM MORRIS returned from Darwin last week where he has been visiting.
ROSS CORNWELL and Arthur Snavely made a business trip to West York Friday.

OTTO CORNWELL and wife spent Sunday with Joe Newlin and family.

ROY BUCKNER, Harry Taylor, Letta Drake, Mae Prevo and Mexa Adams of west Union spent Sunday with P. F. Dodd family.
Miss Oddest Richart is visiting her uncle John Poorman of Walnut Prairie.

OTTO CORNWELL was in Martinsville Wednesday.

RAYMOND BELT and wife of Newton are visiting here.

C. W. CORNWELL was in West Union Saturday.
GEORGE REED of Wyoming is visiting relatives here.
RAYMOND BELT and wife, Roy Beckwith and sister Carrie returned to their home in Falmouth Thursday.
MRS. C. W. CORNWELL and Mrs. Mort Richart and daughter ODDEST spent Sunday at John Poorman’s at Walnut Prairie.

Mrs. Frank Hedges and MRS. C. W. CORNWELL spent Sunday with Fred Wells and family at Marvin.
MISS ODDEST RICHART, who has been visiting relatives in Walnut Prairie for the last two weeks, returned home Saturday.

ROY BUCKNER was seen on our streets Monday.
FORD THOMPSON, wife and baby of West Union spent Sunday here.
ALVA HURST of Marshall spent Sunday and Monday with P. F. Dodd and family.
When MR. AND MRS. C. W. CORNWELL and Mr. And Mrs. George Barnes were leaving Terre Haute Wednesday, their horses became frightened and ran away. They hit a street car track, the buggy turned over and Mrs. Barnes and MRS. CORNWELL were thrown out on the street. Mrs. Barnes struck her head on a large square post and cutting several gashes in it. She also hurt her ankle pretty badly. She was unconscious for a great while.

C.W. CORNWELL and Charlie Hix were Martinsville Callers Thursday afternoon.
WILL STANFIELD and wife of Martinsville spent Sunday with his brother ova and also called on several of his old friends.

MISS ODDEST RICHART spent last week with her aunt Mrs. Hedges of Orange.
MRS. C.W. CORNWELL spent Sunday with her sister Mrs. Frank Hedges of Orange.
FORD THOMPSON, wife and daughter RUBY spent Saturday night and Sunday with William Medskers.

MRS. C. W. CORNWELL and Mr. And Mrs. Mort Richart were Marshall Visitors Saturday.

Jackson Leonard and family visited AXEM SPIVEY Sunday.
CHARLIE MEDSKER and family spent Sunday with William Medsker.

C. W. CORNWELL and wife took Sunday dinner with MRS. T. R. CORNWELL Sunday.

WILLIAM CORNWELL is erecting a new house on his farm near this place.
William Medsker and family spent Sunday at FORD THOMPSON’S near Union.


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