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Gleanings from the Clark County Herald pertaining to Melrose, Clark County Illinois
[Transcribed & Submitted by: Ron Cornwell except where noted]

C. W. CORNWELL was a business caller at Martinsville Friday.
FRANK KING of Terre Haute is visiting his parents at this place.
LEE STANFIELD of Marshall is visiting friends and relatives of this place.
Charles Beckwith took a load of iron to Martinsville for AXOM SPIVEY Wednesday.
John Lindley and Barnet Sackrider of Annapolis attended the party at CORNWELL’S Saturday night.

F.M. BUCKNER was on our streets Saturday.
ROSCOE MORRIS of Darwin is visiting his father at this place.
Mort Richart and AXEM SPIVEY butchered for P. F. Dodd Friday.
C. W. CORNWELL and wife Sundayed with his mother, MRS. ELIZABETH CORNWELL.
A few from this place attended the dance at FRANK STANFIELD’S Wednesday night.
Jackson Leonard and family of Orange spent Saturday night and Sunday with AXEM SPIVEY.
ROSS CORNWELL had the misfortune Wednesday night to lose a wheel and part of the axle off his buggy.
We are about to lose one of our landmarks as Frank Hasten’s have bought an old building close to CHARLIE CORNWELL’S STORE and is tearing it down. One by one they are going.

Mrs. Kate Murphy is visiting MRS. ELIZABETH CORNWELL.
MRS. WILLIAM CORNWELL and Mrs. Curtis Smith are on the sick list.
BIRD THOMPSON and wife of Neadmore spent part of last week with his sister, MRS. OTTO CORNWELL.

EDNA BUCKNER of Palestine and Merl Cox of Robinson came up on the afternoon train Saturday and spent the evening with MRS. HARRIET BUCKNER.

CHARLIE CORNWELL purchased Roy Well’s horses Saturday.
CHARLIE CORNWELL and Barney Hammond were in Martinsville Friday.

C. W. CORNWELL and wife spent Sunday with the former’s mother, MRS. ELIZABETH CORNWELL.

MRS. C. W. CORNWELL Sundayed with her sister, Mrs. Frank Hedges Jr.
C. W. CORNWELL and Harry Dodd were in West York Saturday on business.
Mrs. Frank Hedges helped MRS. C. W. CORNWELL cook for boarders Tuesday.
B.D. Evans and wife and BERT GRAHAM were seen on our streets Friday.

WILLIAM MORRIS moved into the Joe Wells property Monday.
C. W. CORNWELL and wife spent Sunday with Mrs. T. R. Cornwell.
ROSS CORNWELL and Purl Nichols made their usual trip Sunday evening.
Our road boss, AXUM SPIVEY has a large force of hands on the highway this week.
Mrs. George Barnes and daughter Pearl, MRS. C. W. CORNWELL and Lottie Snavely called on Mrs. D. H. Rupp Sunday evening.

AXUM SPIVEY AND DAUGHTER Callie were at Martinsville Friday.
LEE STANFIELD, the champion chicken picker, has been picking chickens for

Mrs. Will Pyles of Las Animas, Colorado, is visiting her parents, AXIM SPIVEY and wife.
AXIM SPIVEY and daughter Callie spent last week near Hutsonville visiting HENRY SPIVEY and family.
George Barnes and wife, C.W. CORNWELL and wife, Chester Hix and wife and LEE STANFIELD and family Saturday night and Sunday at the river.

C.W. CORNWELL and wife spent dinner with MRS. LIZZIE CORNWELL Sunday.

ERNEST SPIVEY was at West Union Saturday.
LEE STANFIELD and daughter Rosa were at Martinsville Saturday.

ERNEST SPIVEY was in Martinsville Sunday.
JAKE KING and wife of Darwin are visiting the family of BILL MORRIS.
ODDEST RICHART of Cherry Point is visiting relatives and friends here.

EZRA CORNWELL and Ernest Wells were at West York Sunday evening.

OTTO STANFIELD and wife were in Martinsville Monday.
C.W. CORNWELL was transacting business in Martinsville Monday.
FRANK STANFIELD is moving the house that he purchased of Roy Wells to the place that he bought of WILL CORNWELL south of town.

Rev. Rupp and wife took dinner with F.M. BUCKNER and wife Sunday.
Joe Newlin and family and Bud Thompson and wife spent Sunday with OTTO CORNWELL and wife.

Jim Thompson has sold his residence to CHARLIE CORNWELL for $300.
MRS. C.W. CORNWELL left Wednesday for Cherry Point where she will visit her sister, Mrs. J. M. Richart.

The church has bought a stove of Roy Wells.
CHARLES CORNWELL shipped dressed poultry Saturday.
CHARLES CORNWELL is about to lose a valuable horse to distemper.


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