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Gleanings from the Clark County Herald pertaining to Melrose, Clark County Illinois

Thinking a few jottings might be interesting to your readers, I write you a few. Quite a refreshing rain visited this part of the moral heritage, last Tuesday, making all nature look verdan . Most all the corn is planted in this locality, but is coming up very slowly, owning to the long dry spell. There is talk of several new buildings being erected in this little burg this summer. J. R. Trump and wife, of Orange were in town Friday on business. J. R. is canvassing for a New York nursery firm, and is having splendid success. L. D. McClure visited York and West York last Monday. He reports West York a bonnie town. Sol Handy is teaching our summer term of school, and is giving entire satisfaction. The board would do well to secure him for the winter school. There was quite an interesting trial before Esq. Evans, last Thursday, a couple of young bloods being the defendants. Esq. Cowden made a very able plea in their defense and they were acquitted. Miss Katie Prevo, of York, is visiting her friend, Mrs. Rook. Miss Katie is one of those estimable young ladies who bring sunshine where ever they come. Dr. J. W. Baker, one of the devoted disciples of Esculapius, is now among us, and, with the best of pills, cures the many ills. Robert Hedges, of Martinsville, (formerly of this place) is again among old friends here. It's reviving to see him again. Mrs. Will Hedges, of Marvin, made a flying visit here last week. The new roller mill being put in by Rowe and Wells will be in running order by July 15. The mill will have a capacity of 100 barrels per day--just double the capacity of the one that was here.

The late rains have improved the appearance of the oats crop very much, and with favorable weather and from now on many pieces will make a fair crop. The Baptist people from the South part of the township held their children's day entertainment last Sunday. The attendance was quite large and the exercises good. The summer school at this place closed last Friday with appropriate exercises. The teacher, Mr. Sol Handy, gave entire satisfaction. The directors have employed Willie Medsker for the coming winter school. Rev. Jones, of Darien, filled the pulpit here last Sabbath. F. G. Hasten has rented the sawmill of Dodd and Hasten, and Byron will run the engine for Rowe and Wells. Messrs. Berket and Orr, of Hutsonville, were here last Monday, talking up mill interest with mill men. They intend soon to move their mill from Hutsonville to some point in Indiana. J. D. Wells lost two of his best cows this week. Their death is suppose to of been caused by eating too much clover. J. H. Edwards carries his nose in a sling the effect of coming in contact with a refractory cow. The cherry crop is unusually large this year and cherries are selling at 20 cents per gallon. William Acker is spending a few weeks with his many friends in this vicinity. He has been down in Mississippi where he bought a large tract of land, and is on his way to South Dakota to dispose of some land he has there, with a view to locating in the South. W. F. Filson, the indomitable book agent of Paris, Illinois, was in the vicinity last week, cracking jokes and making money as usual. Miss Moreland, of Bourbon, Indiana, is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. R. Trump. The machinery for the new mill is nearly all received and is being put into position as fast as possible by about a half dozen workmen. Horse doctors, insurance agents, donation solicitors, book and tree agents, and aspirants for the office of postmaster and pathmasters have been making it quite lively for the citizens of this vicinity for the past several weeks. Messrs. S. and L. Suavely were in the village last week, looking after their respective interests. Quoit pitching is the standard amusement of the leisure loving part of the male population now. Last Saturday they were pitching in the street, when one of the boys carelessly threw a shoe against a passing buggy, for which he was promptly arrested and taken before Esq. Hasten, but the prosecuting witness failing to put in an appearance at the appointed time, the prisoner was discharged. G. H. Rowe, of Martinsville, has moved into the John Rowe property. M. Miller and L. Curtis were here Thursday from Martinsville after lumber for Rowe Brothers, Dodd and Hasten having a contract to saw a considerable bill for them. It is currently reported that one of the astute, newly elected J. P.'s of Orange Twp was called upon to perform a marriage ceremony the other day. He requested the contracting parties to stand and raise their right hands, when he began as follows: "Do you each and all of you solemnly swear--o thunder! That ain't right".

Johny Ryan, traveling salesman for Stern, Myer and Company, of Cincinnati, was here on business last Thursday. Mrs. J. R. Trump's parents, from Burton, Indiana, are visiting her. Dr. J. W. Baker has built a new barn and otherwise improved his premises. C. B. Rook has rerooted his storeroom. Mr. Reynolds and wife, of Chicago, are here visiting relatives and trying the country rusk. Ferris and Frank Booth have gone North to seek employment. Otto Stanfield took in the show at Martinsville. W. A. Baker, of Hatton, and Al Manhart, of Marshall, were rusticating in these parts last week. They made a good showing at Nimrods judging from the amount of game they bagged. The new roller mill at this place is doing a thriving business with Rowe and Wells at the helm. They run almost night and day now making a grade of flour that far excels any other that has been on the market here. A patent medicine man has been sneaking around here, trying to steal Dr. Bakers negative for an "after taking".
J. R. Trump is building a residence in the Southern part of the county for Mat Wells. Another happy wedding is on the tapis. Just you wait. It is yet to be seen just when the nuptials will be solemnized. I am anxiously waiting to chronicle the affair. Rufus Mcloney now sports a new road cart and has something to trade. E. A. Snyder, of West Union, was here on a pleasure trip last week. The Farmers Alliance attempted to form a society here, but failed through the negligence of "California Joe Wells".


Ferris Booth has concluded to locate in Martinsville for the winter. P. F. Dodd went to Terre Haute Thursday and returned Friday. Mr. Montgomery, of Marshall, was here lasted week and assisted the Melrose boys in a match game of baseball. A new U. B. preacher has located in our town and it is said he will soon begin a series of meetings. There has been no Sunday School here this summer, but we have had preaching occasionally. A couple of self styled gentlemen having a difficulty, agree to settle it according to London Prize Ring Rules and repaired to the East end of town to try their pugilistic proficiency. No great amount of corporeal damage was visible. Ed Dering, formerly of this place, but now of Vermillion County, made a business trip here last week. Al Medsker and the Bartlett boys have finished hulling clover. A team belonging to Robert Elliott ran away Friday and were caught three miles from town. But little damage was done. Rob Hedges, of Martinsville, visited numerous friends here last week. A sewing machine agent was here last week, looking after some that are in arrears. Rob Blankenbeker, of Orange, makes frequent visits to town. Rumor has it that he is smiling on one of our fair daughters. A Mr Harris, of Lafayette, Indiana, has located among us. He is a carpenter by trade, but is going to try agricultural pursuits. It is about time a move should be made toward building a new schoolhouse, as the old one has been reroofed and half-soled so often that it is useless extravagance to waste any more money on it. A small tax for building purposes should be levied each year and the burden would rest so lightly on the people that they would not feel it.


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