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Gleanings from the Clark County Herald pertaining to Melrose, Clark County Illinois

C. W. Cornwell has purchased a stock of goods of Ben Forsythe at Walnut Prairie.

Thomas Thompson was in West Union Saturday.

About a week before Christmas, a large viper about four or five foot long was found by Ezra Cornwell. It was lying on some hazel brush sunning itself. When he attempted to kill it, the snake put up a battle but EZRA was victorious.

Charles Meeker and family and Mrs. Rachel Meeker spent Christmas day with Orlando Meeker and family.

Miss Olga Evans who is teaching school at Robinson spent her Christmas vacation with her parents.

Will Medsker, Wife and daughter Edna were Sunday guest of Will Maxwell and wife.

Misses Myrtle and Blanch Hedges of this place and Preston York and wife of Robinson were guest of Mrs. Morton Guyer and son Edward of near Hutsonville Sunday.

Miss Lena Thompson of Moonshine is visiting her cousin, the Misses Newlins of this place.

Mr. And Mrs. Chet Hix have been visiting friends in Terre Haute.

Miss Jessie Hammond of Darwin is visiting her aunt, Miss Sylvia Shaffner.

Miss Flora and Grave Newlin and Lena Thompson took dinner Sunday with Miss Ruth Baker.


Will Medsker transacted business in Marshall Monday.

Will Norris went to West Union Saturday.

Rev. Rogers will deliver a sermon here Sunday night.

Donald Medsker closed a very successful term of school at Ohio School last week. Donald is one of our boys who has made good.

Leon Dodd was in West Union Saturday.

Ross Cornwell is on the sick list.

Blanche Hedges is ill. Harry Dodd was in Martinsville Saturday.

Earnest English and wife of Hutsonville spent Saturday with relatives here.

Rev. Hix filled his appointment at Bluegrass Sunday.

Charles Barkalow and family have moved to West York.

Charles Beckwith moved on his farm southwest of town Wednesday.

Jerome Hedges of Marshall visited relatives here a part of last week.

Ralph Hix was the guest of Eschol Beckwith Sunday.

Ragan Hedges came home Sunday after spending several weeks with his sister, Mrs. Perry Green, near West York.


Charles Beckwith was in West Union Wednesday. George Baker was in Martinsville Monday. Leon Dodd went to West Union Saturday. Miss. Jessie English was shopping in Martinsville one day last week. Miss Goldia Wells spent Sunday night with her grand parents. Emery Vanfleet and Miss Glenn Brown are married. Miss Edna Medsker of Terre Haute came home Saturday for a short visit. Mrs. Ellen Nichol returned to her home in Paris Wednesday after an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. Charles Beckwith. Mrs. Henry Brown of Terre Haute is visiting her sister here. Miss. Mabel Martin spent several days last week with her sister, Mrs. Harry Dodd. Miss. Lona Hix is staying at Richard Turners near Lindsey. Roy Barkalow of West York was the guest of his sister over Sunday. Miss Celia Welsh spent Sunday with Omer Brown and wife. Eschol Beckwith spent Sunday with Ragan Hedges. Mrs. Wash Thompson visited with Mrs. Will Hasten Saturday. Oil men are still busy leasing land here. A fair test will be given this community. Four wells are to be drilled in the near future.


J. D. Drummond was in Martinsville Friday. Donald Medsker was in West Union Tuesday. Eschol Beckwith visited with Hagan Hedges Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Omer Brown were in Marshall Friday. School began here Monday with Olga Evans teaching. Mr. and Mrs. Arvel Medsker were in Martinsville Friday. Miss Golda Wells is visiting her sister Mrs. Elmer Snavely. Fred Thompson and wife were guest of Mr. And Mrs. William Medsker, Friday. We are glad to welcome Tom Drummond again as one of our Republican citizens. Mrs. F. P. Hedges and daughters Myrtle and Blanche were guest at Will Medskers Monday. Mr. And Mrs. Charles Barkalow and son, Roy, spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Omer Brown. Mrs. J. D. Drummond returned from Casey Friday after an extended visit with relatives there. M. E. Guyer and Miss. Myrtle Hedges spent Sunday with Perry Greene and wife near West York. Miss Myrtle Hedges and Miss. Edna Medsker have returned home from Terre Haute.


Rev. Rogers spent Sunday with F. G. Hedges and wife. While Emery Dodd and Ragan Hedges were experimenting with powder last week, they received some badly burned faces. Mrs. Alice Richart, Mrs. C. W. Cornwell and Mrs. Frank Hedges Jr. and son Milo Dean visited Mrs. Ola Weir last Wednesday. Carl Holler of Terre Haute visited his aunt Mrs. J. C. English last week. Golda Morgan has been visiting her grandma near Marshall for two weeks and has now returned home.

Leon Dodd was in West Union Saturday. Frank Stanfield was in Martinsville Thursday. Miss. Maud Ramsey of Casey is visiting her cousin Mrs. Grace Newlin. Miss. Ruth Hand of Hutsonville was the guest of Miss. Blanche Hedges Thursday. Isaac Hill and daughter of Allerton are visiting relatives here. Mr. Holler and family moored over in their car and were Sunday guest of John English and family. Burl Medsker and family and the Misses Medsker of West Union , Isaac Hill and daughter of Allerton and Ira Monk and wife of Indiana were guest of Will Medsker and wife Sunday

Will Medsker and Mrs. Leah Shaffner attended the funeral of Mrs. Sam Snavely in Martinsville, Sunday. Frank Hedges Sr. and Frank Hedges Jr. were in West Union Saturday. Mrs. G. W. Thompson and daughter returned from a visit with the formerís daughter, Mrs. Rex Rudicle, at Indianapolis Monday. Misses Rosalie, Rheba and Mina Stanfield of Ramsey have spent the past week with relatives here. Otho Thompson, wife and daughter Elsie spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. And Mrs. G. W. Thompson. Herschel Medsker and wife spent Saturday night and Sunday the guest of her Uncle George Guyer and family near Hutsonville. Wayne Dodd of Martinsville is the guest of his father P. F. Dodd. Leon Dodd was in West Union Saturday. Little Miss Imogene Greene of West York is visiting her grandparents, Mr. And Mrs. Frank Hedges. P.C. Hasten and Herman Pendleton are painting and repairing the school house which adds to its improvement.

School is progressing nicely with Miss. Olga Evans as teacher. Miss. Blanche Hedges has returned home after a visit with her sister Mrs. Perry Greene near West Union. Leon Dodd was in West Union Saturday. Fred McNary of Martinsville installed gasoline lights in the church here Thursday. John Abbott and wife have moved from Charleston to their property here. Charles Moore and Carroll Hart of West Union were here Sunday. Rev. A. E. Rogers took dinner with Mrs. Sarah Newlin and children Sunday. Miss Blanche Hedges spent a part of last week with Miss. Helen Crow near West Union .

Frank Hedges Jr. was in West Union Monday. P. C. Hasten is efficient manager of the Cornwell Store here. Elmer Snavely and wife spent Sunday with Orlando Meeker and wife near West Union . An eight pound boy arrived at the home of Tennis Shaffner and wife Wednesday. Miss. Edna Medsker is visiting her cousin, Mrs. Rex Rudicle in Indianapolis. Milo E. Guyer of Hutsonville was Sunday guest of Misses Myrtle and Blanche Hedges. Clacy Shaffner and wife are the proud parents of a baby boy. Mrs. Gibson and daughter Alta are visiting relatives at Walnut Prairie.

Herschel Medsker was in West Union Thursday. Charles Beckwith and wife were Sunday guest of Frank Hedges Jr., Ernest Wells and wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a son at their home. Rev. A. Rogers took Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Thompson. John and George Howerton of Chanute, Kansas, are visiting relatives and old friends here. Charles Hix and family spent Sunday with Otto StanfieldAND WIFE. Donald Medsker went to Chicago Thursday to accept a position as guard at the State Hospital. Mrs. Frank Hedges Sr. and daughters Myrtle and Blanche entertained the following guest to dinner Wednesday: Mrs. Mary Hedges, Mrs. Frank Hedges and daughters Hazel and Rita and son Milo and Miss. Edna Medsker. Clacy Thompson and wife spent Sunday with West Union relatives. Will Morgan and children visited Lon Lintonís near Auburn Sunday. Mrs. Tom Barker of Chanute, Kansas, is visiting relatives here. Oren Wells and sister Miss. Golda were host and hostess for a dinner party at their home Sunday.


Mrs. T. Shaffner is visiting her parents near Allright. Edna Medsker visited Barnet Sackrider and wife last week. Joe Cornwell and Leon Dodd made trips to West Union Saturday. Ernest English and wife have moved into the Rachael Meeker farm. Mrs. Al Howerton and children of Paris are visiting Charles Hix and family. Several people from here attended the funeral of William Morris at Darwin on Saturday. Jesse Spraker and wife and Mrs. Laura Wells spent Sunday with P. C. Hasten and family. Several from here attended the funeral of the child of William Fix at Wesley Chapel Monday.

[The Marshall Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]


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