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Gleanings from the Clark County Herald pertaining to Melrose, Clark County Illinois

Ruth English has the measles.

G.W. Baker baled hay last week.

Mrs. Leon Dodd has been quite sick.

J.R. Trump was in West Union Saturday.

Harry Dudley was in West Union Saturday.

P.C. Hasten was in West York Wednesday.

Lola Morgan shopped in Martinsville Saturday.

Elmer Snavely and wife were in Martinsville Saturday.

Alva Thompson of Moonshine was in these parts Wednesday.

Mrs. John McCourt of Chicago is visiting her sister, Mrs. Emma Baker.

Arthur Carpenter and wife of Allright vicinity spent Sunday with friends here.

Mr. And Mrs. Rex Rudich of Indianapolis have been visiting her parents and other relatives here.

Curtis Smith dropped dead Thursday afternoon while talking to a neighbor Fred Crumrine. He will be buried in Bailiff Cemetery on Friday.

G.W. Baker was in Marshall Saturday.

Aunt Moriah Hasten who had been sick is better now.

English Brothers have moved their sawmill into this vicinity.

J.B. Pendleton and Eschol Beckwith were in Martinsville Thursday.

Alva Thompson, wife and little son spent Sunday with P.C. Hasten and family.

J.R. Dudley and wife visited ten days at Spencer, Indiana, returning home Saturday.

Several of our citizens attended the H.A. Steinbaugh sale on the county line Saturday.

RAY CORNWELL, Ed Medsker, Leon Dodd and P.C. Hasten were in West Union Saturday.

Mrs. Sarah Newlin visited her brother Bird Thompson and family in Darwin Friday.

Mrs. J.B. Pendleton visited relatives and friends at Martinsville from Wednesday to Saturday.

P.F. Dodd has just disposed of his last yearís enormous apple crop.

CHARLES AND ORLANDO MEEKER placed some nice monuments at the graves of their parents and sisters at Medsker Cemetery and Chapel Cemetery last week.

Members of the Melrose church will give a dinner at the parsonage on Election Day for the benefit of the church.

Charles J. Howerton and bride have been visiting his parents, relatives and friends here the past few weeks. They are going to make their future home in Indiana.

G.W. Baker was in Charleston on Tuesday.

Harry Dudley was in West Union Saturday.

Eugene Baker was in Martinsville Saturday.

Carl Shaffner is building a large stock barn.

J.B. Pendleton is building a barn for Jefferson Swope.

Fred English is doing some improvement to the building on his farm.

Mrs. E. Ketchum of York sold the land she owned near here to Ed Slocum last week.

C.C. Hodges will soon build a new residence on his farm.

C.N. Barkalow is clearing quite a tract of land this year.

Will Maxwell has his saw mill on the premises.

Fred English is grinding all kinds of feed.

C. W. CORNWELL is buying and selling apples.

Mrs. G.W. Bakerís mother is visiting her.

Mrs. Sarah Newlin shopped in Martinsville Monday.

Mr. And Mrs. John Abbott were in Marshall Tuesday.

Aunt Maria Hasten has returned to her home near town.

Harry Dudley hauled freight from West Union Tuesday.

Mr. And Mrs. Elmer Snavely were in Martinsville Friday.

W.J. Morgan had the misfortune to lose his pocketbook last week.

P.C. Hasten is out on behalf of Alfred Peatís wallpaper company.

Mabel Dodd is down from Chicago visiting relatives and friends.

MRS. OTTO CORNWELL was in a run away Tuesday. The rig was demolished but no one was hurt.

We hear a shoe repair shop is to be opened in our town soon.

Harry Dudley was in West Union Monday.

Herman and Dennis Pendleton were in Martinsville Thursday.

D.A. Freeman and Harry Dudley shopped in Martinsville Saturday.

Bird Thompson and family of Darwin visited relatives here Sunday.

C. W. CORNWELL and J.R. Trump hauled loads of apples to Terre Haute last week.

Barnet Sackrider and family of McDaniel neighborhood visited relatives here Sunday.

P.C. Hasten constructed a concrete block out-building at the Fairview school last week.

Mr. And Mrs. Benedict Padgett of American vicinity visited J.E. Padgett and wife Sunday.

T.J. Francis lost about 16 head of fine sheep to dogs getting among his flock Wednesday.

Grace Newlin who had been attending school at Martinsville came home sick with measles last week.

Ed McDaniel had a run away Friday.

Leroy Drummond and Ethel Meeker were married Thursday by Esq. Meeker.

There is a move afoot to erect a building at the Medsker Cemetery near Melrose. Such a building has been long needed because of funerals on stormy days.

Emery Dodd was in West Union Saturday.

Mr. And Mrs. Elmer Snavely were in Martinsville Saturday.

Grace Newlin has been quite sick with measles.

Fred Crumrine and family spent Sunday with Elmer Snavely and wife.

School began at Melrose Wednesday with Leon Dodd wielding the birch.

OTTO CORNWELL was in Martinsville Saturday.

D.A. Freeman was in West Union Saturday.

F.G. Hasten and wive were in Martinsville Friday.

Mr. And Mrs. J.C. English were in Martinsville Saturday.

Ray Manhart of Walnut prairie hauled hay from here last week

D.A. Freeman and family spent Sunday with his sister, Alice Lambdin of Allright.

Charles and Eschol Beckwith went to Jasper county Saturday to attend the funeral of a relative.

E.E. Millis of Martinsville was in these parts Thursday in the interest of a school heater company.

We under stand the Harry Slusser will teach in the West Union high school term.

P.F. Dodd recently demolished the building which used to be an old tavern in our village, dating back to his childhood, when the stage coach was a common site on these roads. Those were the days when our little town because of a mill and several places was more than a dot on the map.

Ernest English was in Martinsville Saturday.

P.F. Dodd reroofed his store building last week.

Elizabeth Snavely has moved to her home here.

EZRA CORNWELL and Charles Meeker shopped in Martinsville Saturday.

ROSCOE CORNWELL brought a large bock of sheep from Martinsville Saturday.

J. B. Pendleton has just completed a barn for Walter Sticklett near Martinsville.

Bertha Glick and Mrs. J.O. Dudley, daughter and daughter in law of J.R. Dudley and wife came from Detroit, Michigan Monday for a weeks visit.

Will Umstott who lived in this community a few years ago died at Annapolis Friday night. Interment will be in the chapel cemetery Sunday.

OTTO STANFIELD was in Martinsville Tuesday.

ROY MEDSKER was in Martinsville Tuesday.

George Baker was in Martinsville Saturday.

RAY CORNWELL was in Annapolis on Wednesday.

J.B.Pendleton lost a valuable mare last week.

Aunt Louisa Wells has been visiting in Danville.

Ralph Cooper will teach the winter term at Melrose.

Guy Hasten hauled coal from West Union Saturday.

Alva Thompson of Moonshine visited here Sunday.

Mrs. C.W. Barkalow sprained her ankle by a fall Tuesday.

H.E. Pendleton is building a new residence for C.C. Hodges.

Leon Dodd closed a good spring term of school here Friday.

P.C. Hasten finished a barn for E. Termain near West Union Friday.

Mr. And Mrs. Jesse Spraker spent Sunday with William Medsker and family.

Mrs. Nellie Newlin of Neadmore vicinity visited relatives where Wednesday.

W.J. Morgan is laid up with an injured knee caused by his team running away.

OTTO STANFIELD was in Marshall Saturday.

Dennis Pendleton was in Martinsville Saturday.

Cotton Hedges shopped in West Union Saturday.

C. W. CORNWELL has been hauling hay to West Union.

P.E. Green and family spent Sunday with relatives here.

Mrs. Nathan Keith of Chrisman visited relatives here last week.

A.M. Trump and wife and son of Robinson are visiting his parents here.

Nick Thompson built two concrete culverts on the Union road last week.

Bruce Evans drives a new Chalmers Six.

Guy Medsker hauled wheat to West Union Tuesday.

Flora and Mayme Newlin were in Martinsville Friday.

James Mundy of Walnut Prairie was here Thursday.

Ernest English and wife shopped in Martinsville Friday.

Mr. And Mrs. Arthur Snavely of Sullivan are visiting here.

Roy Hix of West York is helping Charles Barkalow with his hay.

Charles Howerton and wife of Hutsonville visited here last week.

Ray Manhart and family of Walnut prairie visited relatives here Sunday.

Leon Dodd is building a new house.

M.C. Wells is driving a new ford.

Ernest English was in Marshall on Wednesday.

L.A. Shawler of West Union was here Saturday.

Nick Thompson is doing some work at the American School.

W.J. Morgan made a trip to the river for watermelons Saturday.

Ed McDaniel of East McDaniel vicinity was poisoned last week by eating canned stuff.

Mrs. J.E. Padgett who has been afflicted with rheumatism for some time is better.

Bruce Evans motored to Marshall Monday.

MR. AND MRS. OTTO CORNWELL spent Sunday near Moonshine.

P.C. Hasten constructed a cistern for J.H. Leasure Friday.

Frank Hedges of Allright spent a few days here last week.

J.R. Trump took a load of nice peaches to Martinsville Tuesday.

Lola Morgan met with a painful and almost serious accident Thursday while canning fruit. She cut a deep gash in the right hand severing the tendon of the middle finger.

School began here with Ralph Cooper in charge.

J.R. Dudley spent part of last week in Indiana.

Rev. Asa Rogers preached here Sunday night.

Ernest Evans and family of Casey visited here Sunday.

FRANK STANFIELD took his baby to Terre Haute Monday for medical care.

Mrs. G.W. Baker attended the funeral of a relative in Brazil, Indiana, last week.

Hershel Hager, carrier on the West York route is driving a new Buick.

OTTO CORNWELL took a load of watermelons to Martinsville Monday.

Leon Dodd began the winter term at Oak Hill Monday.

It is rumored that Ernest English has bought part of the W.J. Morgan farm in this township. We will be glad to see him among us again. Mr. Morgan will move near Auburn.

George W. Baker has a new gasoline hay press.

R.B. Ratts of Martinsville passed through here Sunday.

J.C. English is taken sick.

The Darrell Family show is billed for here the first of this week.

Anna Wilson of Council Bluff, Iowa, is visiting Mrs. J.B. Pendleton and other relatives and friends.

Mr. And Mrs. Hasten were in Martinsville Wednesday. While driving in town, their team frightened at the wagons belonging to the circus showing here, became unmanageable and but for the assistance of some of the drivers serious damage might have been done.

C. W. CORNWELL is driving a new buggy.

Mrs. Maria Hasten has been quite sick.

Fred English brought a new shredder from Marshall Monday.

Nick Thompson has been doing a bit of bride work this fall.

P.C. Hasten and J.H. Leasure finished a large barn for Otis Davison Saturday.

Mrs. Stuck, an aged lady living in the McDaniel community, died Wednesday. She was 100 years old...

Leo Umstott sold his worldly goods at public auction Friday. He will go to Detroit, Michigan, to work in the auto plant.

P.C. Hasten built a cistern Friday for Jesse Spraker.

G.W. Baker made a business trip to Martinsville Saturday.

Alex Ball came from Indiana Saturday to take charge of the Dudley store which he bought.

Joe Howe of Lindsey was in our town Wednesday.

Tom Drummond and wife are the proud parents of a son which arrived Wednesday.

Ernest Cooper just returned from Marshall, Minnesota, where he has been for the past few days.

Last Thursday a little son of Nick Thompson ran a sharp stick through his cheek and tongue and inflicted a painful wound.

Ernest English moved to the Morgan farm last Tuesday; Morgan went to Auburn and Tedge Kinderdine moved to the place vacated by Mr. English that same day.

Charles Beckwith is moving near Marshall.

Alva Thompson of Darwin was here Wednesday.

Harmon Roberts of near West York was here Friday.

Fred and Jesse English shopped in Martinsville Saturday.

Emery Dodd has moved to the George Filloon farm in Weir vicinity.

William Morgan has been hauling corn and hay from his farm here.

Ed Medsker and Ross Barkalow were in Martinsville Saturday.

Ed McDaniels had a sale last Wednesday and is moving to a farm near Marshall.

[The Marshall Herald, submitted by Ron Cornwell]


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