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The following gentlemen were selected by the board of supervisors to serve as Grand Jurors at the April term, 1876, of Clark County Court:

Anderson Twp -- Thomas Craig, Jr.
Auburn Twp -- Willis W. Gilbert
Dolson Twp -- J. Garner and W. W. Cole
Douglas Twp -- Milton Murphy
Darwin Twp -- L. B. Anderson
Cumberland Twp -- J. Brooks and H. Sherman
Johnson Twp -- W. W. Willison
Marshall Twp -- M. R. Chenoweth and B. Martin
Melrose Twp -- William Miller
Martinsville Twp -- B. L. Barr and S. A. Fasig
Orange Twp -- Frank Fitch
Parker Twp -- J. J. Houghton
Wabash Twp -- S. Casteel, Robert Taylor and Joseph Rhodes
Westfield Twp -- Squire R. Drake and P. D. Judson
York Twp -- Robert Williamson

Special Telegram to The Inter-Ocean.
Teree Haute, Ind. March 23.—Clark County Ill. is loud in renunciation of  great crime committed within its borders, particulars of which are given in a special to the Express of this city. A man named John Cotttrell some time last fall married a widow Melrose, who had two children, both boys, aged 7 and 10 respectively. Ever since the marriage the stepfather has behaved toward the children in the most brutal manner; frequently driving them away from home in the dead of night, when they usually took refuse with some of the neighbors, and compelling them to go without shoes on their feet, and really without clothing upon their backs, A few nights ago he got one of his freaks on and drove them out. They were almost without clothing and started for their uncle's, in Crawford County. When ten miles below their home, in Clark
County, the younger of the two boys gave out. His brother succeeded in getting him upon a piece of ground free from snow and ice, and, leaving him went on to the house of a gentleman by the name of James Hand. where he was taken in. His stepfather had been in the habit of beating him and his brother whenever they told anything of his mistreatment, and it was some time before he would consent to tell of his own and his brother's suffering. About this time a Mr. Sackrider came up, having found the younger brother dead where the elder had left him. An inquest was held, and the jury, retained a verdict that the child came to his death through the brutal treatment of his stepfather. With difficulty the community was restrained from lynching the stepfather, who is under arrest
Date: Thursday, March 30, 1876  Paper: Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL)  Volume: V  Issue: 5  Page: 5 

Two Sets of Delegates Selected to Clark County to the Judicial Convention
Marshall, Ill. April 21-Special Telegram—The Clark County  Democrats had a monkey and parrot time to-day in their contention to select delegates to the judicial contention of the Second District The contest began over the chairmanship, and was renewed when the committee to select delegates reported. Objections were made to one of these by members of the opposite factionand a regular pandemonium was inaugurated, during which the foulest epithets were branded. Finally the objecting faction withdrew. They selected delegates but they claim this evening that they will not contest for seats in the convention.  The regular conTention selected Isaiah Hall, E.W. Child, Robert Hurst, Newton Tibbs, H. B. Lee, and Charles F. Briscoe as delegates. The seceders selected W. G. Delashmutt, Charles F. Briscoe, L.A. Wrencekelly, William Hanidy, W.B. Schotfield, and Simon Best. This factional fight is caused by the postoffice war in Marshall.
Date: Saturday, April 22, 1893  Paper: Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL)  Volume: XXII  Issue: 29  Page: 3 

Better Depot Wanted. Citizens of Westfied Clark County, Call upon the State
Springfield, Ill., Dec 23.—Special Telegram.—Thursday, Jan. 4, the railroad and warehouse commission will make an inspection of the depot, transportation, and
tract facilities at Westfield, Clark County, the board notifying the Chicago and Ohio River Railway Company to that effect today. This inspection is made at the united request of the citizens of that town, who have filed voluminous complaints against the company. The local paper there prints the facts that the depot is not fit for passengers to step into, unfit for the employes to work in, and is a matter for immediate attention by the State Board of Health, and if the company will not do anything suit will be instituted against the company's charter.
Date: Saturday, December 30, 1893  Paper: Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL)  Volume: XXII  Issue: 279  Section: Part 1  Page: 4 

Witnesses Go to Clark County.
Several Springfield people went to Clark County last night to appear in the Clements case which will be on trial there today. J. A. Clements was arrested here several weeks ago by a Clark county official, charged with obtaining goods by false pretenses. It is alleged that he represented himself to be a merchant and bought several consignments of goods for which he refused to pay. The following were subpoenaed as witnessed: Lee Capps, Isaac Feltenstein, Wilbur Morris, Joseph Doocey, Sam Morris, Charles Frietag and VV. L. Hodde. Charles G. Wineteer will be the attorney for the defense.
Date: Wednesday, March 23, 1898  Paper: Daily Illinois State Journal (Springfield, IL)   Page: 5 

WHEREAS the following letter has been received by me from the Jailor of Clark County State of Illinois to wit Marshall, Clarke County July 10, 1338.
This is to notify you that JOSEPH EVANS, who was committed to the jail of this county for the murder of Daniel Lacy, broke jail and made his escape on the second of July instant.' Evans is a well made, good looking man, about thirty-five years of age, five feet eleven inches high, curly hair, dark fresh complexion, low and quick spoken, appearance rather bashful, very fond of spirituous liquors.
NOW, therefore, I, Joseph Duncan, Governor of the State of Illinois, do hereby offer Two Hundred Dollars Reward for the apprehension and delivery of the said John Evans, to the custody of the Jailor of Clark County
Given under my hand and seal Wis 21st July, 1838
Date: Saturday, September 1, 1838  Paper: Illinois Weekly State Journal (Springfield, IL)  Page: 3


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